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Nye, John, d. 1688. / [1654] Mr Sadler re-examined, or, His disguise discovered.: Shewing, the grosse mistakes and most notorious falshoods in his dealing with the Commissioners for Approbation of Publike Preachers in his Inquisitio Anglicana. : Wherein also a brief and true account is given of their righteous proceedings with him and those that come before them. / By one who has been a constant eye and ear-witnesse of all their proceedings, though now in no relation to them.
Nye, Nathaniel, b. 1624. / [1645] A prognostication for the year 1645 wherein is contained a description of the foure quarters of the year : and also are described the constellations and stars, not onely pleasant but profitable : calculated for the meridian of Brumicham / by Nath. Nye ...
Nye, Nathaniel, b. 1624. / [1647] The art of gunnery. Wherein is described the true way to make all sorts of gunpowder, guu-match [sic], the art of shooting in great and small ordnance: excellent ways to take heights, depths, distances, accessible, or inaccessible, either single or divers distances at one operation: to draw the map or plot of any city, town, castle, or other fortified place. To make divers sorts of artificiall fire-works, both for war and recreation, also to cure all such wounds that are curable, which may chance to happen by gunpowder or fire-works. This treatise is composed for the help of all such gunners and others, that have charge of artillery, and are not well versed in arithmetick and geometry : all the rules and directions in this book, being framed both with and without the help of arithmetick. By Nathanael Nye mathematician, master gunner of the city of Worcester.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1661. i.e. 1660] A sermon preached to the Honorable citizens of London, September 29. 1659.: being the day of the election of their Lord Major. Wherein is distinctly shewed, I. The usefulness of a powerful ministry to the civil governor. II. Integrity when in conflict is most amiable and in its highest glory. III. What virtues are desireable in a good magistrate. By Philip Nye a servant of Jesus Christ in his gospel.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1683] The lawfulnes of the oath of supremacy, and power of the King in ecclesiastical affairs with Queen Elizabeth's admonition, declaring the sence and interpretation of it, confirmed by an act of Parliament, in the 5th year of her reign : together with a vindication of dissenters, proving, that their particular congregations are not inconsistent with the King's supremacy in ecclesiastical affairs : with some account of the nature, constitution, and power of the ecclesiastical courts / by P. Nye ... ; in the epistle to the reader is inserted King James's vindication and explication of the oath of allegiance.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1683] The lavvfulnes of hearing the publick ministers of the Church of England proved, by Mr. Philip Nye and Mr. John Robinson, two eminent Congregational divines. Together with the judgment of Dr. Goodwin, Dr. Owen, and other independents, as well ancient as modern, concerning forms of prayer, parish-churches, and communion with them: and the judgment of other nonconformists about kneeling at the sacrament.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1687] The king's authority in dispensing with ecclesiastical laws, asserted and vindicated by the late Reverend Philip Nye ...
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1644] An exhortation to the taking of the Solemne league and covenant for reformation and defence of religion, the hononr [sic] and happinesse of the king, and the peace and safety of the three kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1677] A case of great and present use whether we may lawfully hear the now conforming ministers who are re-ordained and have renounced the Covenant and some of them supposed to be scandalous in their lives considered and affirmatively resolved / by a late eminent Congregational divine.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [MDCLXXXVII 1687] A discourse of ecclesiastical lawes and supremacy of the kings of England, in dispensing with the penalties thereof by Mr. Philip Nye.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1646] The excellency and lawfulnesse of the Solemne league and covenant.: Set forth in a speech, or exhortation made by Mr. Phillip Nye to the Honorable House of Commons and reverend assembly of ministers at their taking the said Solemne league and covenant.
Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. / [1660] Beames of former light,: discovering how evil it is to impose doubtfull and disputable formes or practises, upon ministers: especially under the penalty of ejection for non-conformity unto the same. As also something about catechizing.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year, 1692] The Trinitarian scheme of religion, concerning almighty God and mankind considered both before and after the (pretended) fall : with notes thereoupon, which notes contain also the unitarian scheme.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1700] The system of grace, and free-will as 'tis held in the Catholick Church, and the Church of England; proposed, and vindicated. In a visitation sermon. By Stephen Nye.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year MDCXCIII 1693] Reflections on two discourses concerning the divinity of our Saviour, written by Monsieur Lamoth in French, and done into English written to J.S.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year, M.DC.XCI 1691] Observations on the four letters of Dr. John Wallis concerning the Trinity and the Creed of Athanasius
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1691?] A letter of resolution concerning the doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [M.DCC. 1700] An historical account, and defence [sic], of the canon of the New Testament. In answer to Amyntor.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [MDCXCVII 1697] The agreement of the Unitarians with the Catholick Church being also a full answer to the infamations of Mr. Edwards and the needless exceptions of my Lords the Bishops of Chichester, Worcester and Sarum, and of Monsieur De Luzancy.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1691] Doctor Wallis's letter touching the doctrine of the blessed Trinity answer'd by his friend.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [Printed in the Year, 1692] An accurate examination of the principal texts usually alledged for the divinity of our Saviour and for the satisfaction by him made to the justice of God, for the sins of men : occasioned by a book of Mr. L. Milbourn, called Mysteries (in religion) vindicated.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [1698] An account of Mr. Firmin's religion, and of the present state of the Unitarian controversy
Nyndge, Edward, b. 1543 or 4. / [1615] A true and fearefull vexation of one Alexander Nyndge being most horribly tormented with the deuill, from the 20. day of Ianuary, to the 23. of Iuly. At Lyering well in Suffocke: with his prayer afer his deliuerance. Written by his owne brother Edvvard Nyndge Master of Arts, with the names of the witnesses that were at his vexation.