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No body in the city. / [1679] A letter from No Body in the city, to No Body in the countrey published at the importunity of No Body.
No person of quality. / [1698] Æsop at Tunbridge. Or, A few select fables in verse. By No person of quality:
Nobbes, Robert, 1652-1706? / [1682] The compleat troller, or, The art of trolling with a description of all the utensils, instruments, tackling, and materials requisite thereto, with rules and directions how to use them : as also a brief account of most of the principal rivers in England / by a lover of the sport.
Noble hand. / [1643] A full declaration of all particulers concerning the march of the forces under Collonell Fiennes to Bristoll, and their carriage upon their enemies approach.: As also a relation of the late bloody abominable conspiracy against the city of Bristoll, as appeareth by the examination of the parties, discovering their plot and intention. Together with sundry letters annexed. With the certaine information, touching the death of Will: Kendall a trooper of Collonel Essex, who was shot by the said Collonel. From a Noble hand.
Noble souldier. / [1689] The noble souldier's answer to Mr. Walker's speech, in London-Derry, before the last fight
Noble, Charles, Gent. / [1659] A moderate answer to certain immoderate quæries laid down in a printed paper, entituled, A brief relation,: containing an abreviation of the arguments urged by the late Protector against the government of this nation by a King, &c. To convince men of the danger and inconveniencie thereof. Published for the good and information of Parliament, Army and people. By Charles Noble Gent. an honorer of his present Highness and Parliament, and a great lover of his country.
Noble, Charles, Gent. / [1659] The inexpediency of the expedient, or, An answer to a printed paper, entituled An expedient for preventing any difference between His Highness and the Parliament, about the recognition, the negative voice, the militia wherein is discovered the pernitious asp that is hid under some pretended flowers, which may offend and sting some weak judgments, and may cause a swelling, and a rankling tumor in the commonwealth : set out to undeceive the good people of these nations, who by an over-hasty credulity may be misled thereby, and brought into strange musings, and perhaps murmurings (if no worse) concerning the present, most perfect, and most firmly established government / by Charles Noble ...
Noble, Edward. / [1661] Godly adversity far better than wicked prosperity, or, The rage of the wicked, should not hinder the race of the Godly being a few comfortable reasons or encouragements against the fear and terrour of man : very seasonable & sutable [sic] for the consideration of God's people in this day of tryal, to fortifie them against all troubles and oppositions whatsoever : together with a heavenly discourse concerning the saints in their kingdom, wherein is discovered the excellency of the kingdom itself, and the wonderful glory and happiness of the saints in their heavenly habitation / by Edward Noble ...
Noble-man of this kingdome. / [printed in the yeare, 1648] A letter from a noble-man of this kingdome, (now in armes for his King and countrey) to the Lord Say, seriously inviting him to his allegeance.:
Noddel, Daniel. / [printed in the year 1654] To the Parliament of the Commonvvealth of England, and every individual member thereof. The great complaint and declaration of about 1200. free-holders and commoners, within the mannor of Epworth, in the Isle of Axholm, and county of Lincoln, setting forth the plot and design of Mr. John Gibbon, and his fellow-projectors, to gain a posession of the said free-holders ancient inheritance, in their commonable grounds there, contrary to law. Humbly presented, and desired to be perused.
Noddel, Daniel. / [1653] To the Parliament of the Commonvvealth of England, and every individual member thereof. The declaration of Daniel Noddel solicitor for the freeholders and commoners within the mannor of Epworth, in the Isle of Axholm, in number about 1200 besides new erected cottages, on the behalf of himself and all the said commoners: discovering the plot and design of Master John Gibbon and his fellow-projectors to gain a posession of the said freeholders ancient inheritance in their commonable grounds there, contrary to law.
Non-swearing parson. / [in the year of peace 1697] A satyr upon the French king written by a Non-swearing parson ...
Norcott, John, d. 1676. / [1694. ] Bedydd gwedi i amlygu yn eglir ag yn fyddlon, yn ol gair Duw. Ymha un y gosodir allan y gogoneddus batrwn o'n Bendigedig Jachawdwr Jesu, Patrwn yr hôll Gredadwy yn ei ymmostyngiad i fedydd ynghyda siampalau miloedd o'r rhai a fedyddiwyd yn ôl iddynt gredu. / By John Norcott ...
Norcott, John, d. 1676. / [1694] Baptism discovered plainly & faithfully according to the word of God. Wherein is set forth the glorious pattern of our blessed saviour Jesus Christ, the pattern of all believers in his subjection to baptism. Together, with the example of thousands who were baptized after they believed. By John Norcott, late servant of Jesus Christ, and of his church. The third edition, corrected by Will. Kiffin, and Rich. Claridge. With an appendix by another hand.
Norcroft, John. / [Oct. 10. 1642] Exceeding ioyfull nevves from his Excelence the Earle of Essex: declaring the true manner of his Excellencies proceedings iu [sic] his march towards Shrewsbury. Also manifesting how the Lord Pawlet was taken prisner by his Excelence at Bridge-north being the true coppy of a letter sent from Bridgenorth to Master Dudly Norton Esquire, inhabiting in Grays-inn-lane, dated Oct. 5th.
Norden, John, 1548-1625? / [1625?] A table shewing the distances betweene all the cities and shire townes of England, that are comprehended in the same inuented and performed by Iohn Norden.
Norden, John, 1548-1625? / [1593] Speculum Britanniae. The first parte an historicall, & chorographicall discription of Middlesex. Wherin are also alphabeticallie sett downe, the names of the cyties, townes, parishes hamletes, howses of name &c. direction spedelie to finde anie place desired in the mappe & the distance betwene place and place without compasses. Cum priuilegio. By the trauaile and vew of Iohn Norden. Anno 1593
Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701. / [1700] The proceedings upon the bill of divorce between His Grace the Duke of Norfolk and the Lady Mary Mordant
Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701. / [1695] The Earl Marshal's order for going into second mourning Norfolk and Marshall.
Norman, John, 1622-1669. / [1657] Family-governors perswaded to family-godliness, or, The masters charge opened, and humbly offered, to all governors of families by John Norman ...
Norman, John, 1622-1669. / [1658] Christ's commission-officer: or, The preachers patent cleared, and the peoples plea considered.: In a sermon preached before (and now presented to) the associated ministers of Christ, in the county of Sommerset, at the late solemn ordination at Sommerton in said county, June, 9. 1658. By John Norman ...
Norman, John, 1622-1669. / [1673] Cases of conscience practically resolved: By the Reverend and learned John Norman, late minister of Bridgwater.
Norris, Edward, 1584-1659. / [1636] A treatise, maintaining that temporall blessings are to bee sought and asked with submission to the will of God. Wherein is confuted the presumptious way of absolute praying for temporals, in the particulars, broached, and defended by Mr. Rice Boye, in a late pamphlet, intituled The importunate beggar. As also a discovery of the late dangerous errours of Mr. Iohn Traske, and most of his strange assertions. Both necessary to be knowne of all for the avoiding of the like errours, and continuing in the truth. By Edw: Norice.
Norris, Edward, 1584-1659. / [1638] The nevv Gospel, not the true Gospel. Or, A discovery of the life and death, doctrin, and doings of Mr. Iohn Traske, and the effects of all, in his followers. Wherein a mysterie of iniquity is briefly disclosed, a seducer unmasked, and all warned to beware of imposters. As also a confutation of the uncomfortable error, of Mr. Boye, concerning the plague, out of Psal. 91. By Edvv. Norice.
Norris, James, fl. 1682-1684. / [1684] The accomplish'd lady, or, Deserving gentlewoman being vindication of innocent and harmless females from the aspersions of malicious men : wherein are contained many eminent examples of the constancy, chastity, prudence, policy, valour, learning, &c. wherein they have not only equal'd but excell'd many of the contrary sex.
Norris, John, 1657-1711. / [1694] Spiritual counsel, or, The father's advice to his children
Norris, John, 1657-1711. / [1684] Poems and discourses occasionally written by John Norris ...
Norris, John, Sir, 1547?-1597. / [1594] Newes from Brest. A diurnal of al that Sir Iohn Norreis hath doone since his last ariuall in Britaine : also of the taking in of the forte by Croyzon, and the names of such captaines gentlemen and others that were slaine and hurte in this seruice. 1594.
Norris, Richard. / [1685] The manner of finding of the true sum of the infinite secants of an arch, by an infinite series which being found and compared with the sum of the secants found, by adding of the secants of whole minutes ... do plainly demonstrate that Mr. Edward Wright's nautical planisphere is not a true projection of the sphere / by Richard Norris, mariner.
Norris, Sylvester, 1572-1630. / [M. DC. XXI 1621] An appendix to the antidote conteyning a catalogue of the visible and perpetuall succession of the Catholique professours of the Roman Church, by whom the doctrine now taught vnder Pope Gregory the XV hath beene in all ages, and countreyes, since Christ, constantly & vniformely maintayned : togeather with a counter-catalogue discouering the interruption of hereticall sectes, amongst whome the chiefe Protestant articles, and their authours, haue beene in diuers ages, vpon sundry occasions, contradicted, and condemned, by the watchmen of the true church / by S.N. Doctour of Diuinity.
Nortcliffe, Counsellor. / [1653] An argument in defence of the right of patrons to advousons.: And incidently of the right of tythes in generall. As it was delivered to the committee for tythes, on Wednesday the 14 of September 1653 and taken exactly by one that hath skill in tachygraphy or the art of short-writing
North, Dudley North, Baron, 1602-1677. / [1682] Light in the way to Paradise with other occasionals / by Dvdley the 2d late Ld. North.
North, Dudley North, Baron, 1602-1677. / [1666?] A letter of the Lord North touching Thirlow School. For Sir Henry North.
North, John. / [1654] A true looking-glass for all the oppressed free-born people of England wherein they may behold and see how to chuse the next and all future Parliaments if ever they intend to be free indeed : with a catalogue and character of the enemies of their liberty and freedom that so they may be avoided / by John North.
North, John, 1645-1683. / [1671] A sermon preached before the King at New Market, October 8, 1671 by John North.
Northampton (England) / [1595] The seuerall rates and taxations for vvages made and set foorth by the iustices of peace, for the towne of Higham Ferrers, in the countie of Northampton
Northampton (England) / [1566] The seuerall rates and taxations for wages made and set forth by the iustices of peace, of the countye of Northampton.
Northampton, Henry Howard, Earl of, 1540-1614. / [1583] A defensatiue against the poyson of supposed prophesies not hitherto confuted by the penne of any man, which being grounded, eyther vppon the warrant and authority of olde paynted bookes, expositions of dreames, oracles, reuelations, inuocations of damned spirites, iudicialles of astrologie, or any other kinde of pretended knowledge whatsoeuer, de futuris contingentibus: haue beene causes of great disorder in the common wealth, cheefly among the simple and vnlearned people: very needefull to be published at this time, considering the late offence which grew by most palpable and grosse errours in astrology.
Northampton, Spencer Compton, Earl of, 1601-1643. / [1642] Articles of impeachment exhibited in Parliament, against Spencer Earle of Northamp William Earle of Devonsh. Henry Earle of Dover, Henry Earle of Monmouth, Robert Lord Rich, Charles Lord Howard Charlton, Charles L. Grey of Ruthen Thomas Lord Coventry, Arthur Lord Chapell, &c.: For severall high crimes and misdemeanors. Whereunto is annexed, the grounds of the proceedings of the Parliament from the beginning to this present, with the hinderances of their proceedings and causes of these distractions. Together with the severall meanes which they have used to prevent intestine warre, and to hinder the malignant designes of the enemies of the peace of the kingdome. Likewise ordered to be printed. Jo. Browne Cler. Parl.
Northleigh, John, 1657-1705. / [1685] The triumph of our monarchy, over the plots and principles of our rebels and republicans being remarks on their most eminent libels / by John Northleigh ...
Northleigh, John, 1657-1705. / [1688] Parliamentum pacificum, or, The happy union of King & people in an healing Parliament heartily wish't for, and humbly recommended / by a true Protestant and no dissenter.
Northleigh, John, 1657-1705. / [1682] The parallel, or, The new specious association an old rebellious covenant closing with a disparity between a true patriot and a factious associator.
Northleigh, John, 1657-1705. / [1688] Natural allegiance, and a national protection, truly stated, being a full answer to Dr. G. Burnett's vindication of himself
Northumberland, Algernon Percy, Earl of, 1602-1668. / [March 11. 1644. i.e. 1645] Three speeches delivered in the Guild-hall, London, on Tuesday the fourth of March, By the Earl of Northumberland, the Lord Lowden, and Sir Henry Vane junior. Concerning the treaty at Uxbridge; wherein is shewed the candor of the Houses of Parliament, and the unreasonablenesse of the Kings Commissioners; in urging that the militia might be put into the hands of such as have taken arms against the Parliament. Iustifying the cessation in Ireland, and no promise would be given that there should be no further peace made with them. Our propositions for religion rejected. Also, what course is now to be taken. Licensed, and printed according to order.
Northumberland, Algernon Percy, Earl of, 1602-1668. / [1648] An excellent speech spoken by the Right Honourable Algernon Piercy Earle of Northumberland, to the Kings most Excelent Majesty, on Satterday last, concerning His Royall person, and this distracted Kingdom.: And His Majesties gracious answer thereunto (in presence of the Dukes, Earles, Lords, and gentlemen appointed for the treaty) touching a generall pardon to all his subjects. Also, the most excelent, divine, and heavenly prayer of the Kings most Excellent Majesty, and his commissioners, on Sunday last for a blessing upon the treaty, composed, and made by derections and dictations from his Majesty, likewise, good newes from the treaty, their proceedings on Munday last, and His Majesties message to the Scots touching their engaging against England. Signed, Charles R.
Northumberland, John Dudley, Duke of, 1502-1553. / [Anno. 1553] The saying of Iohn late Duke of Northumberlande vppon the scaffolde, at the tyme of his execution The. xxii. of Auguste.
Norton, Andrew, Mr. / [1641] The last good newes from Ireland. Or, The copy of a letter sent from one Mr. Andrew Norton in Dublin, to Sir Andrew Norton of Namptwich in Cheshire and a Member of the House of Commons March 5th. 1641. Being a relation of another victory obtained by the Lord of Corkes and Sir Symon Harcourts forces neere Dublin, against the rebels, under the command of the Earle of Osmond, Captaine Butler, and Captaine Atkinson, lately revolted to the rebels, where 2000. of them were slaine, and 200 brought prisoners into Dublin. March 6th. 1641.
Norton, George, d. 1699. / [1699] The true confession of Mr. George Norton concerning the murther of Mr. Harris the dancing-master, on the 11th of June last. Taken out of his own papers, delivered by him to Mrs. Mary Edwards, before he took the fatal draught of poyson, on the 8th of August, of which he died the next following day, which was appointed for his execution at Tyburn.
Norton, Humphrey, fl. 1655-1659. / [1659] To all people that speakes of an outvvard baptisme; dippers, sprinklers, and others. Also the errors answered, holden forth by Thomas Larkham, called by the world a minister, at VVe[x]ford he was then with a reproofe to the offenders; and also some queries to all people to be read within that yee may all know that, that which may bee knowne of God is manifest within; Rom: 1: 19... From a friend to all that breath after jesus; known to the world by the name Humphry Norton; though amongst the scorners called a Qvaker.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1664] Three choice and profitable sermons upon severall texts of Scripture viz. Jer. 30. 17, John 14. 3, Heb. 8. 5 : the first of them being the last sermon which he preached at the court of election at Boston, the second was the last which he preached on the Lords-Day, the third was the last which he preached on his weekly-lecture-day : wherein (beside many other excellent and seasonable truths) is shewed, the Lords soveraignty over, and care for his church and people, in order to both their militant and triumphant condition, and their fidelity and good affection towards himself / by that reverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Norton ...
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1654] The orthodox evangelist. Or A treatise wherein many great evangelical truths (not a few whereof are much opposed and eclipsed in this perillous hour of the passion of the Gospel) are briefly discussed, cleared, and confirmed:: as a further help, for the begeting, and establishing of the faith which is in Jesus. As also the state of the blessed, where; of the condition of their souls from the instant of their dissolution: and of their persons after their resurrection. By John Norton, teacher of the church at Ipswich in New England.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1683] The character of an honest man, whether styled Whig or Tory, and his opposite the knave together with some short reflections on some passages in a late pamphlet called, The character of a popish successor, and considerations thereupon / by a lover of truth and peace.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1643] The miseries of vvar.: By a Lover of truth and peace: and by him dedicated to all that are such.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1669] An humble apology for non-conformists with modest and serious reflections on the Friendly debate and the continuation thereof / by a lover of truth and peace.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1659] The heart of N-England rent at the blasphemies of the present generation. Or A brief tractate, concerning the doctrine of the Quakers,: demonstrating the destructive nature thereof, to religion, the churches, and the state, with consideration of the remedy against it. : Occasional satisfaction to objections, and confirmation of the contrary trueth. / By John Norton ...
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1653] A discussion of that great point in divinity, the sufferings of Christ;: and the question about his righteousnesse active, passive : and the imputation thereof. Being an answer to a dialogue intituled The meritorious price of redemption, justification, &c. / By John Norton teacher of the church at Ipswich in New-England. Who was appointed to draw up this answer by the generall court.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1680] Catechistical guide to sinners, and to such converts that are babes in Christ wherein all the necessary points of religion are methodically proposed in Scripture-language, abundantly confirmed by the Holy Scriptures, and in some places concisely expounded : in the whole, all controversies are warily shunn'd, so that all true Christians, of what persuasion soever, may (if they need the help of others) use this catechism for their children, or others that are under their power and card / written upon request, by a lover of truth and peace.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1468 i.e. 1648] A brief and excellent treatise containing the doctrine of godliness, or living unto God.: Wherein the body of divinity is substantially proposed, and methodically digested, by way of question and answer. And, wherein sundry difficult points, much controverted in these times, are briefly and solidly determined, by that reverend and learned divine, Mr. John Norton, teacher of the church of God at Ipswich in New-England. Feb. 4. 1647. Imprimatur Joseph Caryl.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1642] An Ansvver to a late scvrrilovs and scandalovs pamphlet, entituled, The Downfall of old Common councill men
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1658] Abel being dead yet speaketh; or, The life & death of that deservedly famous man of God, Mr John Cotton,: late teacher of the church of Christ, at Boston in New-England. By John Norton, teacher of the same church.
Norton, Ralph, fl. 1645. / [Sept. 25. 1645] A letter concerning the storming and delivering up of the castle of the Devises: unto Lieutenant Generall Cromwell, for the service of the King and Parliament. Sent to Mr. Samuel Bedford, Scout-master Generall to the Committee of Both Kingdoms. Read in the House of Commons, and commanded to be printed, by William Lenthall Esq; Speaker to the said House.
Norton, Richard, 1614 or 15-1691. / [1643 i.e. 1644] Good newes from Portsmouth,: declaring how Colonell Richard Norton governour of Southhampton, met with my Lord Craford and Colonell Ennis regiments, routed them, killed one captaine and captain-lieutenant, besides common souldiers, and took many prisoners, with the losse of onely two men. Sent in a letter to his Excellency (from the said Colonell) and published by his command, for the better satisfaction of such as desire to heare the truth. Jan. 8. 1643. It is his Excellencies pleasure that this letter be forthwith printed. John Baldwin Secretary to his Excellency.
Norton, Robert. / [1615?] A table of boorde and timber measure, more perfect then euer hath beene made shewing also the roote betweene 4 and 31 from quarter to quarter / calculated by R.N.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1624] Of the art of great artillery, viz. The explanation of the most excellent and necessary definitions, and questions, pronounced and propounded, by that rare souldier and mathematician, Thomas Digges Esquire and by him published, in his Stratiaticos, and Pantometria, concerning great ordinance, and his theorems thereupon. Together, vvith certaine expositions, and answers thereunto adioyned: written by Robert Norton gunner. And by him dedicated, to the worshipfull Iohn Reinolds Esquire, master gunner of England.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1604] A mathematicall apendix,[sic] containing many propositions and conclusions mathematicall: with necessary obseruations both for mariners at sea, and for cherographers and surueyors of land; together with an easie perspectiue mechanicall way, to deline at sunne dyalls vpon any wall or plane giuen, be it direct, inclyning, declyning, or reclyning, for the horizon, or meridian, in any region or place of knovvne latitude. With other things pleasant and profitable for the weale publick, not heretofore extant in our vulgar: partly collected out of foreigne moderne writers, and partlie inuented and practised by the author. Written by R.N. Gent.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1628] The gunners dialogue. VVith the Art of great artillery. By Robert Norton, enginier. and gunner.
Norton, Robert, d. 1635. / [1628] The gunner shevving the vvhole practise of artillerie: vvith all the appurtenances therevnto belonging. Together with the making of extra-ordinary artificiall fireworkes, as well for pleasure and triumphes, as for warre and seruice. VVritten by Robert Norton, one of his Maiesties gunners and enginiers.
Norvell, Robert. / [1561] The meroure of an Chrstiane [sic], composed ... by Robert Norvell ...
Norwich, George Goring, Earl of, 1583?-1663. / [1648] The Lord Gorings message to the Lord Generall, concerning the surrendring of the town of Colchester, with all the ordnance, armes, and ammunition.: And the severall attempts of Generall Hastings, and Sir Charles Lucas to escape away with their horse. Together with a list of the officers and souldiers that were slain and taken prisoners, viz. slain 3. collonels. 2 lieut. collonels. 3. majors. 200. officers and souldiers. Taken prisoners 16. captains, lieutenants, ensignes, and other officers. 500. common souldiers.
Norwich, George Goring, Earl of, 1583?-1663. / [1648] The Earl of Norwich, Lord Capel, & Sir Charls Lucas, their peremptory answer, in refusing to surrender Colchester, upon the Lord Generalls conditions.: With his Excellencies summons, and articles offered them. Also his repyl to the enemies last answer. And all the summons, articles, letters, and answers between his excellencie, and the enemie, in Kent and Essex. Published by speciall command, and for generall satisfaction to the kingdome.
Norwood, Anthony. / [1652] New errors made palpable by an old light, or a cheap and easie method to cure the dissentions of the time by a septuagint of conclusions,: composed and experimented by Anthony Norwood, Esquire.
Norwood, Anthony. / [1654] A clear optick discovering to the eye of reason;: that regality is not inconsistent with the ends That episcopacy and presbytery are of the essence That independency is incorporated into the body That levelling is allowable in the constituting [brace] of government. And that the recusants are hugely mistaken in the constitution of their Roman hierarchy. Roughly set out in an humble addresse to the Parliament of England. / By Anthony Norwood, a cordial votary for the peace of the nation.
Norwood, Cornelius. / [1694] Divine eloquence, or, An essay upon the tropes and figures contained in the Holy Scriptures and reduced under the proper titles & rhetorick also several texts of Scripture which fall in with the figures are briefly interpreted, especially those which seem to favour the papist or the Socinian.
Norwood, Matthew. / [1678] The seaman's companion being a plain guide to the understanding of arithmetick, geometry, trigonometry, navigation, and astronomy. Applied chiefly to navigation: and furnished with a table of meridional parts, to every third minute: with excellent and easie ways of keeping a reckoning at sea, never in print before. Also, a catalogue of the longitude and latitude of the principal places in the world with other useful things. The third edition corrected and amended. By Matthew Norwood, mariner.
Norwood, Richard, 1590?-1675. / [1646] Considerations tending to remove the present differences, and to settle vnity, peace, and piety for the present and future.: Written from the Sommer Islands by R. Norvvood. And sent over to further the reconciliation of his native country.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1652] Proposals for propagation of the gospel, offered to the Parliament:: by Capt. Robert Norvvod.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1653] A pathway unto England's perfect settlement; and its centre and foundation of rest and peace,: discovered by Capt. Robert Norwood. In this discourse you have cleared and proved, I. What government in its true and proper nature is; and the common errour thereof rectified. ... VI. That the laws, ordinances, &c. of our forefathers, are the onely rulers and governours of the English nation; ... VII. That neither parliaments, or any other, have any right, power, or authority to change, alter, suppress, or suspend the same; ... And in the conclusion, the nature of contracts, and the governments thereupon, made manifest and cleared.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [Printed in the year 1651] A declaration or testimony given by Captain Robert Norwood under his hand,: (the which was by him publickly read at a meeting in Ab-church before Mr. Sidrack Simpson together with many others;) April 21. 1651. Together with several his answers and desires, proposed to them for satisfaction after his excommunication; worthy the most serious consideration of all: now brought to publick view for clearing of truth, discovering of error, and his own vindication in reference to many unjust and untrue aspersions cast upon him.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1652] A brief discourse: made by Capt. Robert Norwood on Wednesday last, the 28 of January, 1651. in the Upper-Bench-Court at Westminster: with some arguments by him then given, in defence of himself, and prosecution of his writ of errour by him brought upon an indictment found and adjudged against him upon the act against blasphemy, at the sessions in the Old-Bayly, London, in August last. Some small addition, by way of illustration, is made, to what was then delivered; but nothing as to the substance of the matter. He is to appear again in the same court on Wednesday next in the morning, being the 3 of February; where also one M. Tany, who was joyned in the same indictment and judgement, having not yet made his defence, is to appear, and make his defence also. The arguments may deserve some consideration: the strength and weight of them I submit to the judgement of all, and the whole matter to the inspection of the sage and judicious.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1653] An additional discourse relating unto a treatise lately published by Capt. Robert Norwood, intituled. A pathway unto Englands perfect settlement.: Many things therein are more fully opened, several doubts and objections answered; a brief account given of the ancient laws, customs, and constitutions of this nation, before and since the conquest, so called. With something concerning the Jewish civil constitutions. With a brief answer to Mr. John Spittlehouse, in his book bearing the title, the first addresses to his Excellencie, &c.
Norwood, Thomas. / [1642] A copy of a letter sent from a gentleman of quality dwelling in Banbury, to Mr. Jennings of Fan-Church street in London.: Being a true relation of the fight betwixt his Majesties souldiers and his Excellence the Earle of Essex his forces, on Munday the 24 of Oct. beginning at eight of the clock in the morning, which newes was brought by one Cripps a post, and averred to be true. Whereunto is adjoyned two orders from the Lords and Commons, first for ordering of Houses for Courts of Guard, and posts, barres and chaines be forthwith erected. Secondly, that all people in London and Westminster, and the liberties thereof doe forbeare their tradings and ordinary imployment. Iohn Brownc [sic] Cler. Parliamentorum.
Nostradamus, 1503-1566. / [1685] The true prophecies or prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, physician to Henry II, Francis II, and Charles IX, kings of France and one of the best astronomers that ever were a work full of curiosity and learning / translated and commented by Theophilvs de Garencieres ...
Nostradamus, 1503-1566. / [1559] An excellent tretise, shevving suche perillous, and contagious infirmities, as shall insue. 1559. and .1566. vvith the signes, causes, accidentes, and curatio, for the health of such as inhabit the. 7.8. and. 9. climat. compiled by Maister Michael Nostrodamus, Doctor in Phisicke, and translated into Englysh at the desire of Laurentius Philotus, Tyl.
Nostradamus, 1503-1566. / [MDCXC 1690] A collection of twenty-three prophecies and predictions of the famous Michael Nostrodamvs, the learned astrologer of France, as they concern and point at these times together with their explanations foretelling many strange and wonderful things about to happen in England, France, and Ireland : but more particularly the success of our arms in the later revolution and what we may farther expect with the miseries threatning the kingdom of France before the year one thousand six hundred ninety-one be over ...
Nott, Joseph, d. 1699. / [Printed in the year 1693] Holy scripture-work is better than the work of the corrupt reasoning of fallen man: By Jos. Nott.
Nottingham, Charles Howard, Earl of, ca. 1536-1624. / [1599] By the Lord Generall. Whereas it hath pleased the Queenes Maiestie for necessary defence of her Highnesse realme against forreine inuitation, to cause sundry troupes of horse and footemen to be leuied out of diuers adioyning counties, ..., We Charles Earle of Notingham, Baron Haward of Effingham, ... doe by this our proclamation straightly charge and commaund, ...
Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682. / [1680] The speech of the Lord High Steward, in Westminster Hall, at the time of his pronouncing the judgment of the House of Peers against the Lord Viscount Stafford, the seventh of December, 1680
Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682. / [1680] The speech of the Lord High Steward in Westminster Hall at the time of his pronouncing the judgment of the House of Peers, against the Lord Viscount Stafford, the seventh of December, 1680
Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682. / [1672] The Lord Chancellors speech in the Exchequer to Baron Thurland at the taking of his oath, 24 Jan., 1672/3
Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682. / [1678] Law, or a Discourse therof in four books. Written in French by Sir Hen. Finch Kt. His Majesties Serjeant at Law. And done into English by the same author
Nourse, Peter, 1663-1723. / [1698] A sermon preached at the publick commencement at Cambridge Sunday in the forenoon, July iii, 1698 / by Peter Nourse ...
Nourse, Timothy, d. 1699. / [1691] A discourse of natural and reveal'd religion in several essays, or, The light of nature a guide to divine truth.
Nourse, Timothy, d. 1699. / [1686] A discourse upon the nature and faculties of man in several essayes with some considerations of humane life / by Tim. Nourse ...
Nourse, Timothy, d. 1699. / [1700] Campania fœlix, or, A discourse of the benefits and improvements of husbandry containing directions for all manner of tillage, pasturage, and plantation : as also for the making of cyder and perry : with some considerations upon I. Justices of the peace and inferior officers, II. On inns and alehouses, III. On servants and labourers, IV. On the poor : to which are added two essays : I. Of a country-house, II. Of the fuel of London / by Tim. Nourse, gent.
Novell, John. / [1662] The seditious principle viz. that the supreme power is inherent in the people, and that perpetually as in the proper subject (upon which the late lawlesse actings against the King were grounded, and from which the long thraldom and misery of the three nations did ensue) : examined and confuted / by John Novell...
Nowell, Samuel, 1634-1688. / [1678] Abraham in arms, or, The first religious general with his army engaging in a war for which he had wisely prepared and by which not only an eminent victory was obtained, but a blessing gained also / delivered in an artillery-election-sermon, June 3, 1678, by S. N.
Noy, Arthur. / [1675?] The antivenereal apozem. A pleasant liquor, which in thirty days (without any other assistance) perfectly cures the most inveterate pox in any age, sex or constitution, by an easie familiar operation that puts the patient to no manner of trouble or inconveniency, but an exact regulation of diet.
Noy, William, 1577-1634. / [1651] The compleat lawyer, or, A treatise concerning [brace] tenures and estates in lands of inheritance for life and for yeares of chattels, reall and personall, and how any of them may be conveyed in a legall forme, by fine, recovery, deed or word, as the case shall require / per Guliel. Noy ...
Noyes, James, 1608-1656. / [1647. i.e. 1646] The temple measured: or, A brief survey of the temple mystical, which is the instituted church of Christ.: Wherein are solidly and modestly discussed, most of the material questions touching the constitution and government of the visible church militant here on earth. Together with the solution of all sorts of objections which are usually framed against the model and platform of ecclesiastical polity, which is here asserted and maintained. In particular here are debated, the points of so much controversie, touching the unity of the church, the members of the church, the form of the church, and church covenant, the power of the church, the officers of the church, and their power in church-government, the power of magistrates about the church, and some church acts, as admission of members, and other things set down in the table before the book. / By James Noyes teacher of the church at Newbery in New England.
Noyes, Nicholas, 1647-1717. / [1698] New-Englands duty and interest to be an habitation of justice and mountain of holiness containing doctrine, caution, & comfort : with something relating to the restaurations, reformations, and benedictions promised to the church and world in the latter dayes : with grounds of hope, that America in general & New-England in particular may may have a part therein : preached to the General Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, at the anniversary election, May 25, 1698 / by Nicholas Noyes ...