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Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1484] [The lyf of our lady].
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1534?] Here foloweth the churle and the byrde.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1477-1478] The hors. the shepe [and] the ghoos.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [1510?] Here begynneth the chorle and the byrde.
Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? / [ca. 1565] The churle and the byrde.
Lydiat, Thomas, 1572-1646. / [A.D. 1621 i.e. 1622] Numerus aureus melioribus lapillis insignitus factusque gemmeus è thesauro anni magni, siue solis & lunæ periodi octodesexcentenari cum non antiquãa ratione calendarij: restauratore Thoma Lydyat. Editus ad rectiáus informandum iudicia & satisfaciendam de siderijs eorum, qui nouitium annum & calendarium Gregorianum nimis admirantur, ipsumque in cæteris orbis Christiani provinciis, præsertim veráo in florentissimis regnis Magnæ Britanniæ, admitti impense cupiunt.
Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. / [1673] Reading and spelling English made easie. Wherein all the words of our English Bible are set down in an alphabetical order and divided into their distinct syllables. Together with the grounds of the English tongue laid in verse, wherein are couch't many moral precepts. By the help whereof, with Gods blessing, little children, and others of ordinary capacities, may in few months be enabled exactly to read and spell the whole Bible. By Tho. Lye, philanglus.
Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. / [1660] The king of terrors metamorphosis. Or, Death transform'd into sleep.: A sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Nicoll, daughter to that worthy, eminently pious, and charitable citizen of London, Mr. John Walter deceased, and late wife of Mr. William Nicoll of London draper. By Thomas Lye rector of Alhal. Lumbard-street, London.
Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. / [Printed in the year 1662] The fixed saint held forth in a farwell sermon preached at All-Hallowes-Lumbard-street August the 17. 1662 By Mr. Thomas Lye.
Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. / [1681] Death the sweetest sleep, or, a sermon preach't on the funeral of Mr. William Hiett, late citizen of London by Tho. Lye ...
Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. / [1674] The assemblies shorter catechism drawn out into distinct propositions, and proved by plain and pertinent texts of Scripture at large with short rules of direction for masters of families, how to use this book to the best advantage / by Thomas Lye ...
Lyford, Edward. / [1655] Sepher Milaytzath HaShemoth or, The true interpretation and etymologie of Christian names,: composed in two books; the first, of mens names; the second, of womens names; with so plain derivations of each name, whether Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriack, Greek, or Latin, &c. that any ordinary capacity may understand them. Together with two alphabetical tables, containing all their interpretations. / By Edward Lyford, philo[he]bræus.
Lyford, William, 1598-1653. / [1655] The plain mans senses exercised to discern both good and evil, or, A discovery of the errors, heresies, and blasphemies of these times and the toleration of them, as they are collected and testified against by the ministers of London, in their testimony to the truth of Jesus Christ / by William Lyford ...
Lyford, William, 1598-1653. / [1655] Principle[s] of faith & good conscience digested into a catecheticall form: together with an appendix: 1. Unfolding the termes of practicall divinity. 2. Shewing some markes of Gods children. 3. Some generall rules and principles of holy life. By W. Lyford, Batchelour of Divinity, and minister of Gods Word at Sherborne in Dorsetshire.
Lyford, William, 1598-1653. / [1654] Three sermons preached at Sherborne in Dorsetshire by William Lyford ... being his last sermons ...
Lyford, William, 1598-1653. / [1654] The matching of the magistrates authority and the Christians true liberty in matters if religion wherein is clearly stated, how farre the magistrate may impose or restrain in matters of faith and worship, and how far forth the Christian may challenge freedome and exemption : in a sermon preached at the Assizes at Dorchester, Jul. 17. 1651. / by William Lyford ...
Lyford, William, 1598-1653. / [1652] An apologie for our publick ministerie and infant-baptism written som years ago for private satisfaction of som dissenting brethren and upon request enlarged and published for the same ends / by William Lyford.
Lygon, Richard. / [1654] Severall circircumstances [sic] to prove that Mris Jane Berkeley and Sr VVilliam Killigrew have combined together to defraud me of an estate left unto me by Henry Killigrew Esq; for payment of his debts, for which I lye now in prison.
Lykosthenes, Konrad, 1518-1561. / [Anno Domini 1581] The doome warning all men to the iudgemente wherein are contayned for the most parte all the straunge prodigies hapned in the worlde, with diuers secrete figures of reuelations tending to mannes stayed conuersion towardes God: in maner of a generall chronicle, gathered out of sundrie approued authors by St. Batman professor in diuinite.
Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. / [1584] Campaspe, played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on newyeares day at night, by her Maiesites children, and the children of Paules.
Lynam, Margaret, d. 1697. / [1659] For the Parliament sitting at Westminster
Lynde, Humphrey, Sir. / [1628] Via tuta the safe vvay. Leading all Christians, by the testimonies, and confessions of our best learned aduersaries, to the true, ancient, and catholique faith, now professed in the Church of England. By Humfrey Lynde Knight.
Lynde, Humphrey, Sir. / [1630] Via devia: the by-vvay: mis-leading the weake and vnstable into dangerous paths of error, by colourable shewes of apocryphall scriptures, vnwritten traditions, doubtfull Fathers, ambiguous councells, and pretended catholike Church. Discouered by Humfrey Lynde, Knight.
Lynde, Humphrey, Sir. / [1638] A case for the spectacles, or, A defence of Via tuta, the safe way, by Sir Humphrey Lynde Knight, in answer to a book written by I.R. called, A paire of spectacles, together with a treatise intituled, Stricturæ in Lyndomastygem, by way of supplement to the Knights answer, where he left off, prevented by death. And, a sermon preached at his funerall, at Cobham, Iune 14th 1636. By Daniel Featley, D.D.
Lynde, Humphrey, Sir. / [1660] The ancient doctrine of the Church of England maintained in its primitive purity. Containing a justification of the XXXIX. articles of the Church of England, against papists and schismaticks: The similitude and harmony betwixt the Romane Catholick, and the heretick, with a discovery of their abuses of the fathers, in the first XVI ages, and the many heresies introduced by the Roman Church. Together with a vindication of the antiquity and universality of the ancient Protestant faith. Written long since by that eminent and learned divine Daniel Featly D.D. Seasonable for these times.
Lynford, Thomas, 1650-1724. / [1698] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor, the aldermen and governours of the several hospitals of the city of London, at St. Bridgets Church, on Wednesday in Easter week, 1698 being one of the anniversary spittle-sermons / by Tho. Lynford ...
Lynford, Thomas, 1650-1724. / [1691] A sermon concerning the worship of God in private preached before the Queen at White-Hall, June 7th, 1691 by Tho. Lynford ...
Lynne, Walter. / [1548?] The beginning and endynge of all popery, or popishe kyngedome.
Lyon, John, fl. 1608-1622. / [Anno Dom. 1622] Teares for the neuer sufficientlie bewailed death of the late right honourable and most worthie of all honourable titles, Alexander Earle of Dumfermeling, Lord Fyuie, and Vrquhart late Lord Chancellar of Scotland.
Lyon, John, professor of mathematics. / [1659] The exchequer gallon vindicated to be the true and only standard gallon of England Against the unjust calumnies in a pamphlet, entituled, The cry of the oppressed, by reason of false measures. Written in behalf of the Commonwealth. Wherein is manifested, that the brewers are not forced to sell by one measure, and pay excise by another, as they pretend they are. But their vessels are gauged by that only standard gallon which is commanded to be used throughout the nation by Acts of Parliament in force, made by this and many precedent Parliaments; which gallon by those Acts is also appointed to be and remain for a standard in the Treasury or Exchequer for ever; to the end no deceit might be used by variety of measures in this nation. By John Lyon, Professor of Mathematicks, and a well-wisher of publique good.
Lysimachus, Irenaeus. / [1645] Bellamius enervatus: or, A full answer to a book entitled A plea for the commonalty of London.: Which is as the authour Mr. Bellamy cals it; a vindication of their rights (which have been long withholden from them) in the choyce of sundry city officers. As also a iustification of the powerent the Court of Common-Counsell in the making of acts, or by-laws, for the good and profit of the citizens, notwithstanding the negative voyces of the Lord Major, and aldermen. / Refuted by Irenæus Lysimachus:.
Lyster, John, fl. 1588. / [1588] A rule how to bring vp children. A treatise wherein is declared, how the father apposeth his sonne in the holy Scripture, whereby all parents may be taught a rule how to bring vp their children, briefelie collected into a short volume.
Lytcott, George, Sir. / [1675] To my posterity, 1675. (Anno ætatis quadrigesimo secundo.) Not to ... to any bod[y] ... [pub]lickly. I know the booksellers shops abound with numerous volumes upon all subjects, therefore it's vanity in any body in this age to attempt by his writings to treat the world with novelty ...
Lyte, Henry, 1529?-1607. / [Anno. Domini. 1588] The light of Britayne. A recorde of the honorable originall & antiquitie of Britaine:
Lytler, Richard. / [1662] The reformed Presbyterian, humbly offering to the consideration of all pious and peaceable spirits several arguments for obedience to the act for unifromity, as the way to vnity and endeavouring to demonstrate by clear inferences from the sacred scriptures, the writings of some of the ancients, or several old pastors of the reformed churches abroad, and of the most eminent old non-conformists amongst ourselves : as Mr. Josias Nichols, Mr. Paul Baines, and other learned divines : as for Mr. Perkins, Mr. Iohn Randal, and Mr. Rob. Bolton, that there is nothing required by the act for vniformity that is forbidden by the law of God / by Rich. Lytler ...