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Lucan, 39-65. / [1600] Lucans first booke translated line for line, by Chr. Marlovv.
Lucaris, Cyril, 1572-1638. / [1629] The confession of faith, of the most reverend father in God Cyrill, Patriarch of Constantinople. Written at Constantinople, 1629. ... = Confessio fidei, reverendissimi domini Cyrilli, 1629. Patriarchæ Constantinopolitani, scripta Constantinopoli
Lucas of Shenfield, John Lucas, Baron, 1606-1671. / [1670 i.e. 1671] My Lord Lucas his speech in the House of Peers, Feb. the 22. 1670/1 upon the reading of the subsidy bill the second time, in the presence of His Majesty.
Lucas, John, 1624 or 5-1703. / [1696] The exceeding abundant grace of God displayed in the conversion of William Gymer a penitent malefactor and murderer, who was executed on the Castle-Hill in Norwich, Sept. 4. 1696. Written by John Lucas minister of the Gospel.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1693] The righteous man's support a sermon preach'd before Her Majesty, on Wednesday June 14th, 1693 bieng [sic] the day of the monthly fast / by R. Lucas ...
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1686] A sermon preacht at the funeral of Mr. Thomas Lamb July 23, 1686 by Richard Lucas ...
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [MDCXCVI 1696] Religious perfection: or, A third part of the enquiry after happiness. By the author of Practical Christianity.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1697] Reformation, or, The duty of magistrate and people a sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen in the parish church of St. Lawrence-Jewry on the feast of St. Michael, 1697 at the election of the Lord Mayor for the year ensuing / by Richard Lucas ...
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1677] Practical Christianity, or, An account of the holinesse which the Gospel enjoyns with the motives to it and the remedies it proposes against temptations, with a prayer concluding each distinct head.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1692] The plain man's guide to heaven containing his duty 1. Towards God. II. Towards his neighbour. With proper prayers, meditations, and ejaculations, designed chiefly for the countryman, trades-man, labourer, and such like.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1694] The incomprehensibleness of God in a sermon preached before Their Majesties at White-Hall, Decemb. 31 1693 / by Richard Lucas ...
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1690] Humane life: or, A second part of the enquiry after happiness. By the author of Practical Christianity.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1685] An enquiry after happiness. Vol. 1 by the author of The practical Christianity.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1685] The duty of servants containing first, their preparation for, and choice of a service, secondly, their duty in service : together with prayers suited to each duty : to this is added A discourse of the Sacrament suited peculiarly to servants / by the author of Practical Christianity.
Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715. / [1692] The Christian race a sermon preach'd before the Queen at Kensington on Sunday the 31th of July, 1692 / by Richard Lucas ...
Lucas, Thomas, Sir, d. 1649. / [1641. i.e. 1642] Admirable good newes againe from Ireland. Or, the copie of a letter written from Sir Thomas Lucas, one of the commanders of our army in Ireland, to a worthy member of the House of Parliament here in England, bearing date, Fbruary [sic], 24. 1641.: Wherein is a relation of two great overthrowes which was given to the rebels by the English and Scottish forces: the one before Tredarth within the province of Munster, February 23. 1641. The other gtreat [sic] victorie was obtained by the English and Scots under the command of the Earle of Dungarvin and Generall Lesley, and others, in the province of Corke, where 5000 rebels were slaine, 100 taken prisoners and executed. With the estate of Ireland at this present. Published by authority.
Luce, Richard, Presbyter of the Church of England. / [1673] Christian liberty not to be abused, or, Antient and primitive truth correcting some modern, or new abuses, of that which is so much pleaded for, and so little understood, viz. Christian liberty in a sermon preached in the church of Bridport within the county of Dorset, on Sunday the forenoon, being November 3. 1672 ... / by Rich. Luce ...
Lucian, of Samosata. / [1634] Certaine select dialogues of Lucian together with his true historie, translated from the Greeke into English by Mr Francis Hickes. Whereunto is added the life of Lucian gathered out of his owne writings, with briefe notes and illustrations upon each dialogue and booke, by T.H. Mr of Arts of Christ-Church in Oxford.
Lucian, of Samosata. / [1700?] Lucian's Charon: or, A survey of the follies of mankind Translated from the Greek. With notes, and a prefatory dialogue in vindication of translations.
Lucian, of Samosata. / [1530?] [Necromantia. A dialog of the poete Lucyan.].
Lucy, William, 1594-1677. / [1673] A second part of Observations, censures, and confutations of divers errours in Mr. Hobbs his Leviathan beginning at the seventeenth chapter of that book. / By William Lucy, Bishop of S. David's.
Ludgater, Robert, d. 1695. The Presbyter's antidote choaking himself. Or Stephen Scandrett confuting himself in his erroneous bundle of confusion and absurdities, still'd, An antidote against Quakerism being a brief collection of some of his errors, blasphemies, and self-contradictions. Together with some interlineary notes upon them.
Ludlow Redivivus. / [1698] Aesop at Amsterdam, balancing the Aesops at Tunbridg, Bathe, Whitehal, &c. by Ludlow Redivivus.
Ludlow, Edmund, 1617?-1692. / [1699] Memoirs of Lieutenant General Ludlow. The third and last part with a collection of original papers serving to confirm and illustrate many important passages of this and the preceding volumes : to which is added, a table to the whole work.
Ludlow, Edmund, 1617?-1692. / [MDCXCVIII. 1698] Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Esq; Lieutenant General of the Horse, Commander in Chief of the forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 3, 1640. In two volumes. Vol. 2.
Ludlow, Edmund, fl. 1691-1692. / [1692] A letter from General Ludlow to Dr. Hollingworth ... defending his former letter to Sir E.S. [i.e. Edward Seymour] which compared the tyranny of the first four years of King Charles the Martyr, with the tyranny of the four years of the late abdicated king, and vindicating the Parliament which began in Novemb. 1640 : occasioned by the lies and scandals of many bad men of this age.
Ludolf, Heinrich Wilhelm, 1655-1710. / [printed anno Dom. M D CXCI 1691] Meditations upon retirement from the world. Occasioned by a discourse with a gentleman, who begun to see the vanity of worldly enjoyments, whereof he had had a very great share, and thought it necessary by despising of them, to secure the interest of his soul, while there was any time left.
Ludolf, Hiob, 1624-1704. / [1682] A new history of Ethiopia being a full and accurate description of the kingdom of Abessinia, vulgarly, though erroneously called the empire of Prester John : in four books ... : illustrated with copper plates / by ... Job Ludolphus ... ; made English, by J.P., Gent.
Ludovici, C. (Christian), 1660-1728. / [1692?] A letter from the most ingenious Mr. Lodowick Rhode-Island, Febr. 1, 1691-2.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1599] A spiritual doctrine conteining a rule to liue vvel, vvith diuers praiers and meditations. Abridged by the Reuerend Father Levvis de Granada of the holie order of preachers. And deuided into sixe treatises, as is to be seene after the prefaces. Nevvlie translated out of Spanish into English.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [Anno Domini. M.D.LXXXII. 1582] Of prayer, and meditation. Wherein are conteined fovvertien deuoute meditations for the seuen daies of the weeke, bothe for the morninges, and eueninges. And in them is treyted of the consideration of the principall holie mysteries of our faithe. Written firste in the Spanishe tongue by the famous religious father. F. Lewis de Granada, prouinciall of the holie order of preachers in the prouince of Portugall.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [Anno Domini. 1599] A memoriall of a Christian life Wherin are treated al such things, as appertaine vnto a Christian to do from the beginning of his co[n]uersion, vntil the end of his perfection. Deuided into seauen treatises: the particulars whereof are noted in the page following. Written first in the Spanish tongue, by the famous religious father, F. Lewis de Granada, Prouinciall of the holy order of preachers, in the prouince of Portugall.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [Printed in the year. 1699] A memorial of a Christian life Containing the three last treatises relating to the exercises of devotion, and the love of God. Written in Spanish by the R.F. Lewis de Granada, Provincial of the Holy Order of St. Dominick, in the province of Portugal. Translated by C.J.S. The second volume.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1598] The conversion of a sinner: faithfully translated out of Italian, by M.K.
Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588. / [1688] A memorial of a Christian life compendiously containing all, that a soul, newly converted to God, ought to do, that it may attain to the perfection, after which it ought to aspire : divided into seven books / written in Spanish by the R.F. Lewis de Granada ... ; translated anew into English; the first part, containing the first part, containing the four first books, which concern the doctrine.
Luke, John, 1633 or 4-1702. / [1664] A sermon preached before the Right Worshipfull Company of the Levant Merchants at St. Olav's Hart-Street, Thursday Decemb. 15, 1664 by John Luke ...
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1694] Remedy against trouble in a discourse on John XIV, 1 : wherein something is also briefly attempted for clearing the nature of faith, of justification, of the covenant of grace, assurance, the witness, seal and earnest of the spirit, and preparation for conversion, or the necessity of holiness / by H. Lukin.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1659] The practice of godlines: or brief rules directing Christians how to keep their hearts in a constant holy frame, and how to order their conversation aright. With an addition concerning self-examination, and the nature of faith. / By Henry Lukin minister of the gospel.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1660] The life of faith. Wherein is shewed the general use of faith in all the passages of a Christians life. Together with a discourse of right judgment on Joh.7.24. By H. Lukin.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1674] The interest of the spirit in prayer. By H. Lukin.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1696] The good and faithful servant set forth in a sermon preached at Hatfield Broad-Oake in Essex, August 2. the day before the funeral of Mr. John Warren, sometime minister of the gospel there. Now published with some small additions, and a brief account of his life and character. By Henry Lukin.
Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. / [1665] The chief interest of man, or, A discourse of religion, clearly demonstrating the equity of the precepts of the Gospel, and how much the due observance thereof doth conduce to the happiness and well-being as well of humane societies as of particular persons by H. Lukin.
Lumley, Pain. / [printed in the year, 1661] Good nevvs: or, Wine and oyle poured into the wounds of sinning and distressed Jacob. In some meditations in Isa. 27. 6, 7, 8, & 9, verses. Directing to the cause wherefore and the end for which the present affliction is come upon him. Hinting at the means by which his deliverance will be wrought. And comforting him against the extremity of affliction, come and coming upon him. By Pain Lumle a Welch christian.
Luna, Juan de, b. ca. 1585. / [1622] The pursuit of the historie of Lazarillo de Tormez. Gathered out of the ancient chronicles of Toledo. By Iean de luna, a Castilian. And now done into English, and set forth by the same author.
Luna, Miguel de, 16th/17th cent. / [1627] Almansor the learned and victorious king that conquered Spaine. His life and death published by Robert Ashley, out of the librarie of the Uniuersitie of Oxford.
Lund, Niels. / [1660?] Regi serenissimo & potentissimo Carlo secundo regi magnæ Britanniæ, Galliæ & Hiberniæ, &c. : dundecimo imperii anno, mense Maio, Regnum ingresso / acclamat Nicolaus Lundius ...
Lunsford, Thomas, aSir, 1610?-1653? / [Printed in the yeare, 1647] An ansvver to a letter written from Cambridge to Sir Thomas Lunsford, Knight, and Baronet, prisoner in the Tower of London.:
Lunsford, Thomas, Sir, 1610?-1653? / [1641] Collonel Lvnsford his petition to the honourable assemblie of the knights, citisens, and burgesses in this present Parliament, now going under bail by favour of the honourable House of Commons also the humble petition of the maior, iurates, and committee of the town and port of Dover, in the County of Kent, presented to ... the House of Commons, Feb. 15, 1641.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [M DC LII. 1652] The two main questions resolved how 1 the ministers 2 the impropriators shall be maintained satisfied if tythes be put down. Often petitioned for, by several counties, and propounded and debated at a meeting not far from London, by divers eminent personages of this Common-wealth, and sundry freeholders, and others, attending on them. By D. Lupton, servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospel.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1652] The tythe-takers cart overthrown: or, The downfall of tythes. Proved that they are not to be payd now, either to the appropriate or impropriate parsons or persons. Pen'd for the general satisfaction and easement of all the people of England. By D. Lupton, servant of Christ Jesus in the work of the Gospel.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1655] The quacking mountebanck or The Jesuite turn'd Quaker.: In a witty and full discovery of their production and rise, their language, doctrine, discipline, policy, presumption, ignorance, prophanes, dissimulation, envy, uncharitablenes, with their behaviours, gestures, aimes and ends. All punctually handled and proved, to give our country men timely notice to avoid their snares and subtile delusions, ... / By one who was an eye and ear witnesse of their words and gestures in their new hired great Tavern Chappell, or the Great Mouth within Aldersgate.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [ca. 1640] Solitarinesse improved, in occasionall meditations upon several subjects. By D.L.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1676] A most exact and accurate map of the whole world: or The orb terrestrial described in four plain maps (viz.) Asia, Europe, Africa, America. Containing all the known and most remarkable capes, ports, bayes, and isles, rocks, rivers, towns, and cities; together with their scituation, commodities, history, customes, government; and a new and exact geography, especially their longitudes and latitudes, in alphabetical order, and fitted to all capacities. A work, as well useful as delightful, for all schollars, merchants, mariners, and all such as desire to know forreign parts, and is very helpful for the ready finding out any place mentioned in large maps. By D.L. M.A.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1653] Englands command on the seas, or, The English seas guarded.: Wherein is proved that as the Venetians, Portugals, Spaniards, French, Danes, Polands, Turks, the Duke of Tuscany, and the popes of Rome have dominion on their seas; so the Common-wealth of England hath on our seas. : Wherein the Dutch unjust procuration and prosecution of war against England is also described.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676. / [1652] The freedom of preaching or Spiritual gifts defended: proving that all men endowed with gifts and abilities may teach and preach the Word of God. By D. Lupton, servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospel.
Lushington, Thomas, 1590-1661. / [1659] The Resurrection rescued from the souldiers calumnies,: in two sermons preached at St. Maries in Oxon. / By Robert Jones D.D.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1685] A word in season:: being the commentary of Dr. Martin Luther, on three selected Psalms: viz. the CXXIVth, CXXVth, and CXXIXth. With his commentary on some part of the fourth and fifth chapters of the First Epistle of St. Peter. Being of special use for the present times.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [Anno MDXXXVIII. 1538] A very excelle[n]t [and] swete exposition vpon the XXII. [sic] Psalme of Dauid called in Latine Dominus regit me, &c. Translated out of hye Almayne into Englyshe by Myles Couerdale.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [Anno 1579] A treatise, touching the libertie of a Christian. Written in Latin by Doctor Martine Luther. And translated into English by Iames Bell.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1578] Special and chosen sermons of D. Martin Luther collected out of his writings and preachings for the necessary instruction and edification of such, as hunger and seeke after the perfect knowledge and inestimable glorie which is in Christ Iesu, to the comfort and saluation of their soules. Englished by VV.G.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [Anno. 1548] A ryght notable sermon, made by Doctor Martyn Luther, vppon the twenteth chapter of Iohan, of absolution and the true vse of the keyes full of great co[m]forte. In the which also it is intreated of the mynysters of the Church, and of scolemaisters, what is dewe vnto them. Ande of the hardnes and softenes of the harte of manne.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1578] A right comfortable treatise containing fourteene pointes of consolation for them that labor and are laden: VVritten by D. Martin Luther to Prince Friderik Duke of Saxonie, he being sore sicke, thereby to comfort him in the time of his great distresse. Englished by W. Gace.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1632] [A methodicall preface prefixed before the epistle to the Romanes ...] Made by the right reuerend father in and faithfull seruant of Christ Iesus, Martin Luther ...
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [An. 1578] A prophesie out of the nienth chapter of Esaie of the kingdome of Christe. with a frutefull and godlye exposition of D. Martin Luther: wherein is most excellently intreated of the conquest of Christe and of al his members, ouer sinne, death, and Satan, and of sundry other things most comfortable to be red, and no lesse necessary to be knovvne.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1594?] A methodicall preface prefixed before the Epistle of S. Paule to the Romanes very necessary and profitable for the better vnderstandyng of it / made by the right reuerend father and faythfull seruant of Christ Iesus, Martin Luther ; nowe newly translated out of Latin into English, by W.W. ...
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1643] Martin Luther's declaration to his countrimen. First published in Dutch by himself, and translated by Sleidan, a most faithfull historian in his fifth book of commentaries, and truly from him into English: by a constant friend to the peace and truth of the Gospel. Prœjudicium prœcipitium.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1535?] Here after ensueth a propre treatyse of good workes.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1548?] A frutfull sermon of the moost euangelicall wryter M. Luther, made of the angelles vpo[n] the. xviii. chapi. of Mathew translated out of laten in to Englyshe.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1543] The last wil and last confession of martyn luthers faith co[n]cerming [sic] the [principal articles of religion which are in controuersy, which he wil defend & mai[n]teine vntil his death, agaynst the pope and the gates of hell drawe[n] furth by him at the request of the princes of germany which haue reformed theier [sic] churches after the gospel, to be offred vp at the next general councel in all their names & now published before that all the world may haue an euydent testimony of his faith if it shal fortune him to dye before there be any such cou[n]cel, tra[n]slated out of latyn beware of the pope & of his false prophetes and bissopes for thei wil come in shepys clothing and in angels facys but yet inwardly thei are ravening wolnys [sic].
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1575] A commentarie of M. Doctor Martin Luther vpon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians first collected and gathered vvord by vvord out of his preaching, and novv out of Latine faithfully translated into English for the vnlearned. Wherein is set forth most excellently the glorious riches of Gods grace ...
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [Anno. M.D.xlviij. 1548] A frutefull and godly exposition and declaracion of the kyngdom of Christ and of the christen lybertye, made vpo[n] the wordes of the prophete Jeremye in the xxij. chapter, with an exposycyon of the viij. Psalme, intreatyng of the same matter, by the famous clerke Doctor Martyn Luther, whereunto is annexed A godly sermon, of Doctor Urbanus Regius, vpon the ix. Chapyter of Mathewe of the woman that had an issew of blood & of the rulers daughter, newly translated oute of hyghe Almayne.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [An. 1573] An exposition of Salomons booke called Ecclesiastes or the preacher. Seene and allowed.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [In the yeare of oure Lorde God. M.D.Xlviij. 1548] The chiefe and pryncypall articles of the Christen faythe to holde againste the Pope, and al papistes, and the gates of hell, with other thre very profitable and necessary bokes the names or tyttels, whereof are conteyne in the leafe next followynge. Made by Doctor Marten Luther. To the reader. In thys boke shal you fynde Christian reader the ryght probation of the righte olde catholyke Churche, and of the newe false Churche, whereby eyther of them is to be knowen. Reade and iudge.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1534] A boke made by a certayne great clerke, agaynst the newe idole, and olde deuyll whiche of late tyme, in Misnia shulde haue ben canonysed for a saynt.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1642] An abstract of a commentarie by Dr. Martyn Luther, u[pon] the Galathians. Wherein the difference betweene the law, the gospell, and the strength of faith is declared. Whereunto is added divine and morall Latine sentences, taken out of the fathers, and other authors, which are cited i[n the] margent of the Practise of piety, but not E[ng]lished there; which for their excellency, and benefit of those who understand not Latine, are here translated.:
Lutton, Edward, 1637 or 8-1713. / [M.DC.LXXV. 1675] The funerall-sermon of Mr. Miles Pinckeney alias Thomas Carre confessour to the English canonesses regulars of the holly Order of S. Augustin established in Paris. / Preached to the sayd religious at his solemn funeralls by his successour E.L.
Luxembourg, François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de, 1628-1695. / [1693] A letter from the Duke of Luxembourg to the French King giving a full account of the late battle in Flanders: translated from the French copy.