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Llanvædonon, William, of P.H.C. / [1655] A brief exposition upon the second Psalme.: Wherein wee have that time modestly pointed at, (by the favourable direction of that significant then in the 5th v.) in which the father will in wrath to the (professing, refined) rulers of the world set his Sonne on Sion. And a description of the work the Son then performeth, both by his spirit, and his mysticall body. With usefull observations thereupon. Tending to clear up the scope of the whole Psalme. With application to our times. / By William Llanvædonon of P.H.C.
Llewelin, David, 1640 or 41-1685. / [1678] A sermon preach'd at the assizes at Northampton, August 13, 1677 at the request of John Norton, Esq. High-Sheriff of that county / by David Llewelin.
Lloyd, David, 1635-1692. / [1663] Never faile, or, That sure way of thriving under all revolutions in an eminent instance from 1639 to 1661.
Lloyd, Jenkin, b. 1623 or 4. / [1658] Christ's valedictions: or sacred observations on the last words of our savior delivered on the crosse.: By Jenkin Lloyd, minister of the gospel, and rector of Llandissil in Cardigan shire
Lloyd, John, 1638-1687. / [1671] A good help for weak memories, or, The contents of every chapter in the Bible in alphabetical dysticks being very profitable for such as desire to repeat books or find out divers places in the Scripture, especially in the historical books : whereunto is added the order of times wherein the prophesies and New Testament were penned : and a chronology from Adam to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian : with other Scriptural passages made easie to be remembred.
Lloyd, John, Presbyter of the Church of North-Mimmes. / [M. DC. LX. 1660] A treatise of the episcopacy, liturgies, and ecclesiastical ceremonies of the primitive times and of the mutations which happened to them in the succeeding ages gathered out of the works of the ancient fathers and doctors of the church / by John Lloyd, B.D., presbyter of the church of North-Mimmes in Hertfordshire.
Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610. / [1604] The practice of policy written by Lodowike Lloyd ...
Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610. / [1610] The order, solemnitie, and pompe, of the feastes, sacrifices, vowes, games, and triumphes: vsed vpon the natiuities of emperours, kinkes [sic], princes, dukes, popes, and consuls: with the custome, order, and manner of their inaugurations, coronations, and annoynting. With a briefe rehearsall of the funerall solemnities at some emperours, kings, and princes burials.
Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610. / [1653] The marrow of history, or, The pilgrimmage of kings and princes truly representing the variety of dangers inhaerent to their crowns, and the lamentable deaths which many of them, and some of the best of them, have undergone : collected, not onely out of the best modern histories, but from all those which have been most famous in the Latine, Greek, or in the Hebrew tongue : shewing, not onely the tragedies of princes at their deaths, but their exploits and sayings in their lives, and by what virtues some of them have flourished in the height of honour, and overcome by what affections, others of them have sunk into the depth of all calamities : a work most delightfull for knowledge, and as profitable for example / collected by Lodowick Lloyd ... ; and corrected and revived by R.C. ...
Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610. / [1607] Linceus spectacles. Written by Lodowicke Lloid Esquire
Lloyd, M., Captain. / [1646] The King found at Southvvell,: and the Oxford gigg playd, and sung at VVitney VVakes: vvith the masque shevved before divers courtiers, and cavaliers, that went thither from Oxford, and severall ketches and songs at the said vvakes. Presented to the Duke of Yorke. / By Mr. Loyd, studient of Christ Church in Oxford, and a captaine of that garison.
Lloyd, Owen. / [1662] The panther-prophesy, or, A premonition to all people of sad calamities and miseries like to befal these islands to which is added, an astrological discourse concerning that strange apparition of an army of horse seen in Wales near Mountgomery, December the 20th 1661.
Lloyd, Richard, Sir, 1634-1686. / [1680?] The case of the merchants concerned in the loss of the ship Virgin, (taken in May 1673. by the Spaniards in the West-Indies) as it was briefly stated and presented to his Majesty / by Sir Richard Lloyd,and Sir Thomas Exton, ; being authorized so to do by his Majesties Order in Councel of the 24th. of July 1677.
Lloyd, William, 1627-1717. / [1698] A sermon preach'd at the funeral of the Right Reverend Father in God, John late Lord Bishop of Chester. At the Guildhall Chappel, London, on Thursday the 12th of December, 1672. By William Lloyd, D.D. Dean of Bangor, and one of his Majesty's chaplains in ordinary.
Lloyd, William, 1627-1717. / [1681] Seasonable advice to all Protestant people of England heartily recommended by a lover of his countrey.
Lloyd, William, 1627-1717. / [1674] A reasonable defence of the Seasonable discourse, shewing the necessity of maintaining the established religion in opposition to popery, or, A reply to a treatise called, A full answer and confutation of a scandalous pamphlet, &c.
Lluelyn, Martin, 1616-1682. / [1660] To the Kings most excellent Majesty.:
Lluelyn, Martin, 1616-1682. / [1645] A satyr, occasioned by the author's survey of a scandalous pamphlet intituled, The king's cabanet opened.:
Lluelyn, Martin, 1616-1682. / [1660] An elegie on the death of the most illustrious prince, Henry Duke of Glocester.: By Martin LLuelyn Dr in Ph. sworn phy: to His Majesty: principall of S. M. Hall Oxon. and fellow of the Coll. of Phy. Lond.
Llwyd, Morgan, 1619-1659. / [1657] Gwyddor vchod.
Llwyd, Morgan, 1619-1659. / [1653 ] Dirgelwch i rai iw ddeall ac i eraill iw watwar, sef, Tri aderyn yn ymdiddan yr Eryr, a'r Golomen, a'r Gigfran. Neu, Arwydd i annerch y Cymru. : Yn y flwydden mil a chwechant a thair ar ddêc a deugain, cyn dyfod, 666.
Llwyd, Morgan, 1619-1659. / [1657] Cyfarwyddid ir Cymru. A ysgrifenwyd yn 1655.