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Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1682] A sermon preached before the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-hall Chappel on July the 16th, 1682 by Richard Kidder.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1671] The young man's duty A discourse shewing the necessity of seeking the Lord betimes; as also the danger and unreasonableness in trusting to a late, or death-bed repentance. Designed especially for young persons, before they are debauched by evil company, and evil habits. By Rich. Kidder M.A.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1694] A sermon upon the resurrection preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen, at St. Bride's Church, on Monday in Easter-week, April 9, 1694 / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1692] A sermon preached before the lords spiritual and temporal in the Abey-Church at Westminster, the 30th of January, 1691/2 by ... Richard Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1687] A second dialogue between a new Catholick convert and a Protestant shewing why he cannot believe the doctrine of transubstantiation, though he do firmly believe the doctrine of the Trinity.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1693] A sermon preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall, March 12, 1692, being the second Sunday in Lent by Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1686] A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. William Allen, August 17, 1686 by Richard Kidder ...
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1690] Reflections on a French Testament printed at Bordeaux, an. Dom. MDCLXXXVI pretended to be translated out of the Latin into French by the divines of Louvain / by Richard Kidder ...
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1684] Convivium cœleste a plain and familiar discourse concerning the Lords Supper, shewing at once the nature of that sacrament : as also the right way of preparing our selves for the receiving of it : in which are also considered those exceptions which men usually bring to excuse their not partaking of it.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1690] The Protestants letter concerning the re-union of the two religions to the Assembly of the clergy of France, held at Paris, May, 1685 humbly offered to the consideration of all Protestants in England, as an expedient for reconciling the great differences in religion now among them.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [MDCXCIV 1694] Of fasting : a sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, on May 23, MDCXCIV, being a day of publick humiliation / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells ; published by Her Majesties special command.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1698] The life of the Reverend Anthony Horneck, D.D., late preacher at the Savoy by Richard Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1687] The judgment of private discretion in matters of religion defended in a sermon on I Thessal. v. 21, preached at St. Pauls Covent-Garden, Feb. xxiii, 1686 [ie. 1687] / by Richard Kidder.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1690] The duty of the rich, in a sermon preached before the Lord mayor, and Court of Alderman and citizens of London at S. Sepulchres Church, on Easter-Tuesday, April 22d. 1690 by Richard Kidder ...
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [MDCLXXXIV 1684] A demonstration of the Messias. Part I in which the truth of the Christian religion is proved, especially against the Jews / by Richard Kidder.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1694] A commentary on the five books of Moses with a dissertation concerning the author or writer of the said books, and a general argument of each of them / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells ; in two volumes.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1680] The Christian sufferer supported, or, A discourse concerning the grounds of Christian fortitude shewing at once that the sufferings of good men are not inconsistent with God's special providence : as also the several supports which our religion affords them under their sufferings, and particularly against the fear of a violent death / by Richard Kidder ...
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1676] Charity directed, or, The way to give alms to the greatest advantage in a letter to a friend / written by Richard Kidder.
Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. / [1693] The charge of Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, to the clergy of his diocese at his primary visitation begun at Axebridge, June 2, 1692
Kiffin, William, 1616-1701. / [1681] A sober discourse of right to church-communion wherein is proved by Scripture, the example of the primitive times, and the practice of all that have prosessed the Christian religion, that no unbaptized person may be regularly admitted to the Lords Supper / by W. Kiffin ...
Kiffin, William, 1616-1701. / [1642] Certaine observations vpon Hosea the second the 7. & 8. verses. As they were delivered at a friends house who had broken his legg, for which meeting the author was committed to the White-Lyon by Sir Thomas Mallet late judge of assize for the county where he remaineth prisioner of Iesvs Christ. By William Kiffin.
Kiffin, William, 1616-1701. / [Printed and published for publike information in the yeere 1645] A briefe remonstrance of the reasons and grounds of those people commonly called Anabaptists, for their seperation, &c. Or certaine queries concerning their faith and practice, propounded by Mr. Robert Poole; answered and resolved by William Kiffin.
Kightley, Edward. / [Printed, November the 4. 1642] A full and true relation of the great battle fought between the Kings army, and His Excellency, the Earle of Essex, upon the 23. of October last past (being the same day twelve-moneth that the rebellion broke out in Ireland:): sent in a letter from Captain Edward Kightley, now in the army, to his friend Mr. Charles Lathum in Lumbard-street London. Wherein may bee clearely seene what reason the cavaliers have to give thankes for the victory which they had over the Parliaments forces.
Kilborne, Patrick. / [1678/9] The execution of Mr. Rob. Foulks, late minister of Stanton-Lacy in Shropshire with some account of his most penitent behaviour, confession, last speech &c.
Kilborne, Patrick. / [1642] Exceeding welcome news from Ireland being a copie of a letter sent from Dundalke to Mr. Dudley Norton, Esquire, inhabitant at Nanptwich and now resident in London : wherein is declared in what condition the Kingdome of Ireland is at this present : with true information what victories have been obtained against the rebels in several parts of that kingdome by the Earle of Ormond ... : with others ...
Kilburne, William. / [1659] Dangerous errors in several late printed Bibles to the great scandal, and corruption of sound and true religion / discovered by William Kilburne ...
Kilby, Richard, d. 1617. / [1618. And are to be sold in London by Matthevv Lavv in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Foxe] Hallelu-iah: praise yee the Lord, for the vnburthening of a loaden conscience By his grace is Iesus Christ vouchsafed vnto the worst sinner of all the whole world.
Kilby, Richard, d. 1617. / [1608] The burthen of a loaden conscience: or the miserie of sinne set forth by the confession of a miserable sinner.
Kilbye, Richard, 1560 or 61-1620. / [1613] A sermon preached in Saint Maries Church in Oxford March 26. 1612. at the funerall of Thomas Holland, Doctor of the Chaire in Divinitie, and Rector of the Exceter College, by Richard Kilbie Doctor of Divinity, Rector of Lincolne College.
Killam, Margaret, d. 1672. / [1656 i.e. 1655] A warning from the Lord to the teachers & people of Plimovth.: With a few queries to the parish teachers of this nation, that have great sums of money for teaching the people. / From them which are scornfully called Qvakers, but witness the teaching of Christ.
Killcop, Thomas. / [1651] The unlimited authority of Christs disciples cleared: or the present church and ministery vindicated. Or Christs disciples authority for the practice of his commands is unlimitted. Being a brief answer to a book intituled (A sober Word to a serious people.) There the writer saith, Christ gave his commissions not to disciples as disciples, but to apostles. But here is by Scripture proved, that the authority & commissions, given to disciples, (as disciples considered) are of a far larger extent, then the authority of commissions given to apostles. Written by Thomas Kilcop.
Killcop, Thomas. / [printed in the year, 1660] The path-way to justification,: plainly proving I. What it is to be justified. II. That justification is by the faith of Jesus, and not by the works of the law. III. They only are justified that believe in Christ. IV. What it is to believe into Jesus Christ. V. The difference between the law of faith and the law of works, also the difference between the work of faith, and the works of the law is plainly stated. VI. Many objections answered. Written by Thomas Killcop.
Killcop, Thomas. / [Printed, 1642] A short treatise of baptisme.: Wherein is declared that only Christs disciples or beleevers are to be baptised. And that the baptising of infants hath no footing in the word of God, but is a meere tradition, received from our forefathers.
Killcop, Thomas. / [1646] Seekers supplied, or Three and forty non-church queries by Scripture answered.: Penned and publish't for the vindication of Christs commands, and edification and confirmation of his people. / By Thomas Killcop, servant to Christ Iesus, the King of Kings.
Killcop, Thomas. / [In the year 1648] Ancient and durable gospel. Concerning the time of the perfect and totall subduing, washing away, remitting, blotting out, and pardoning, believers sins : and believers being justified, adopted, married to Christ; and presented by Christ spotlesse. Shewing, that though these things were in purpose before the world was, in prophesie, and promise, before Christ dyed; purchased just then; and applyed by faith when we believe. Yet the said purpose is not executed; the said prophesies are not accomplisht; nor promises fulfilled; the things purchased are not effected, nor by us fully enjoyed, till Christs second comming : at which time the saints that sleep shall arise : and scattered Israel shall be gathered. / Written by Thomas Kilcop. In two books; the one iu [sic] an orderly sermon-method : the other by way of answer to a book intituled. Justification by Christ alone : a good title, were the book but sutable.
Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700. / [1695] A book of new epigrams by the same hand that translated Martial.
Killigrew, Thomas, 1612-1683. / [1641] The prisoners and Claracilla Two tragæ-comedies. As they were presented at the Phœnix in Drury-Lane, by her Mties. servants. Written by Tho. Killigrew, Gent.
Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695. / [1690?] To the King and Queens Most Excellent Majesties, the Lords spiritual and temporal, and to the Knights, citizens, and burgesses assembled in Parliament an humble proposal shewing how this nation may be vast gainers by all sums of mony given to the Crown without lessening the prerogative..
Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695. / [1671] To shew the countreys consent for the drayning of Lindesy Levell.
Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695. / [1661] The late Earl of Lindsey his title by which himself, and his participants, do claim 24000. acres of land in the fennes in Lincoln-shire; and concerning which a bill hath pass'd the House of Lords, and is now with the Commons, impowring Sir Henry Heron and Sir William Killigrew to perfect their undertakings; the which, if it hath not been according to the particulars contained in this paper, the countenance of any member of this House is in no sort desired hereunto.
Killingworth, Edmund., b. 1671 or 2. / [1697] A poem on the peace happily concluded between England, Spain, Holland and France, at Reswick, 1697. By Edmund Killingworth, B.A. and fellow of New College in Oxford.
Killiray, Matthew. / [1673] A new book containing sundry set-forms of [p]rayers, thanksgivings and graces [c]omposed chiefly for the benefit of children and youth : [bu]t may be useful to all such as are destitute of better helps, to further them in their godly practices.
Killiray, Matthew. / [1675] Ten sermons: preached by that eminent divine, Matthew Killiray, B.D. ... ; to which are added excellent set forms of prayer and graces for children.
Killiray, Matthew. / [1673] The pathway to saving knowledge, or, A description of true wisdom seting [sic] forth the great worth and incomparable excellency thereof : with directions how a man may attain to the same, and of foolish and ignorant, become wise and prudent, even wise to salvation.
Killiray, Matthew. / [1665] The godly mans gain; and the wicked mans woe; or, Good news from Heaven for the righteous Plainly shewing the wonderful manifestation of the love of God to their souls, their blessed and happy condition, both in this life and that which is to come. Likewise, the dreadful condition of the wicked, their danger by reason of sin, because of the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against the workers of iniquity. Lastly, some seasonalble warnings, and perswasions, for poor sinners to prepare for judgement, that they may be able to stand in the evil day, and avoid those visible tokens of Gods fury, and their eternal ruine in flames of fire, prepared for the wicked, who delight to make void the law of God. By Matthew Killiray.
Killiray, Matthew. / [1673] Every man's duty, and the godly man's practice, or, Exhortations to love God drawn from the consideration of his great goodness towards us, and the many mercies, favours, and benefits, which we daily receive at his hands, which may stir up every one to the greatest measure of thankfulness, and perswade us all to live unto Gods glory : very profitable for these times wherein iniquity doth abound, and the love of many waketh cold.
Kilvert, Richard, d. 1649. / [Printed in the yeare, 1641] A reply to a most untrue relation made and set forth in print by certaine vintners,: in excuse of their wine project.
Kilvert, Richard, d. 1649. / [1644] A discourse of a true English-man, free from selfe-interest, concerning the interest England hath in the Siege of Graveling.:
Kimberley, Jonathan, 1650 or 51-1720. / [1683] Of obedience for conscience-sake a sermon preach'd at the assizes held at Warwick, August the 7th, 1683 / by Jonathan Kimberley ...
Kimedoncius, Jacobus, d. 1596. / [1598] Of the redemption of mankind three bookes wherein the controuersie of the vniuersalitie of redemption and grace by Christ, and of his death for all men, is largely handled. Hereunto is annexed a treatise of Gods predestination in one booke. Written in Latin by Iacob Kimedoncius D. and professor of Diuinitie at Heidelberge, and translated into English by Hugh Ince preacher of the word of God.
Kinde Kit of Kingstone. / [1620] VVestward for smelts. Or, the vvater-mans fare of mad-merry vvestern wenches whose tongues albeit like bell-clappers, they neuer leaue ringing, yet their tales are svveet, and will much content you. VVriten by Kinde Kit of Kingstone.
Kinderslie, Robert. / [1652] The martial horse, or, Power of a court-martial being the general charge of Robert Kinderslie, gent. against Stevens, and others, 1651 / by Tho. Elslyot.
King, Benjamin, b. 1611 or 12. / [1640] The marriage of the lambe. Or a treatise concerning the spirituall espousing of Christ, to a beleeving soule, wherein the subject is fully handled in the nature of it, in the effects, priviledges, symptomes, with the comforts that arise to a beleever from this relation, wherein also the excellencie of Christ, and many other spirituall truths flowing from the subject are by way discovered. By Benjamin King, minister of Gods Word at Flamsteed in Hartford-shire.
King, Daniel, preacher near Coventry. / [1650] A way to sion sought out, and found, for believers to walke in. Or, A treatise consisting of three parts. In the first part is proved, 1. That God hath had a people on earth, ever since the comming of Christ in the flesh, throughout the darkest times of popery, which he hath owned as saints, and as his Church. 2. That these saints have power to reassume and take up as their right, any ordinance of Christ, which they have beene deprived of by the violence and tyranny of the man of sin. Wherein it is cleared up by scriptures, and arguments grounded upon scripture, who of right may administer ordinances, and amongst the rest the ordinance of baptisme with water. The 2. part containeth a full and large answer to 13. exceptions against the practice of baptizing believers, wherein the former particulars are more fully cleared up. The 3. part proveth that outward ordinances, and amongst the rest the ordinance of baptisme is to continue in the church, and this truth cleared up from intricate turnings & windings, clouds & mists that make the way doubtful & dark. / By Daniel King, preacher of the Word neere Coventry.
King, Daniel, preacher near Coventry. / [1651] A discovery of some troublesome thoughts. Wherewith many godly precious souls are burthened, and extreamly pressed: that like a canker eats out all their comforts, and keeps their souls under continuall fears and distractions. Together with a compound of some Scripture and experimentall cordials, for the refreshing of those who are sick of such a disease; and through the blessing of God, may prove medicinall, to the cure of some, and the comforting of others. By Daniel King, preacher of the Word.
King, Edward, of Marton, Lincolnshire. / [Printed. 1647] A discovery of the arbitrary, tyrannicall, and illegall actions of some of the committee of the county of Lincoln,: occasioned by a charge given to the grand jury at the Quarter Sessions of the peace held at Folkingham in the county aforesaid, upon the 5 of Octob. 1646. / By Edvvard King, of Marton in the county aforesaid Esquire, Justice of the Peace for that part of the county: wherein is set forth the exorbitancy of the said committee men, who transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, and broak the solemn vow, League and covenant; with severall warrants under their hands for the cleer and evident proof of the same.
King, Gregory, 1648-1712. / [1684] The order of the installation of Prince George of Denmark, Charles Duke of Somerset, and George Duke of Northvmberland, knights and companions of the most noble Order of the Garter in the royal chappel of St. George at Windsor, April the 8th, 1684.
King, Gregory, 1648-1712. / [1685] The order of the installation of Henry Duke of Norfolk, Henry Earl of Peterborow, and Laurence Earl of Rochester Knights and Companions of the most noble Order of the Garter, in the royal chappel of St. George at Windsor, July 22, 1685
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [1627] Tvvo sermons preached at VVhite-hall in Lent, March 3. 1625· and Februarie 20. 1626. By Henry King, D.D. one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [1662] A sermon preached at the funeral of the R' Reverend Father in God, Bryan, Lord Bp. of Winchester, at the Abby Church in Westminster, April 24, 1662 by Henry, L. Bp. of Chichester.
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [1628] An exposition vpon the Lords prayer Deliuered in certaine sermons, in the cathedrall church of S. Paul. By Henry King Archdeacon of Colchester, and residentiary of the same church.
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [Printed in the yeare, M.DC.XL.IX. 1649] A deep groane, fetch'd at the funerall of that incomparable and glorious monarch, Charles the First, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, &c.: On whose sacred person was acted that execrable, horrid & prodigious murther, by a trayterous crew and bloudy combination at Westminster, January the 30. 1648. / Written by D.H.K.
King, Henry, 1592-1669. / [1700] Ben. Johnson's poems, elegies, paradoxes, and sonnets
King, Humphrey. / [1613] An halfe-penny-worth of vvit, in a penny-worth of paper. Or, The hermites tale.
King, Josiah. / [1698] Mr. Blount's oracles of reason examined and answered in nine sections in which his many heterodox opinions are refuted, the Holy Scriptures and revealed religion are asserted against deism & atheism / by Josiah King ...
King, Manasseth. / [Printed in the Year 1693] A new and useful catechism;: very necessary and teachable both for children and young Christians. : Wherein is contained by way of question and answer a brief discovery ... / by Manasseth King.
King, Robert, d. 1557. / [1552] A funerall sermon that was prepared to haue b[i]ne preached, by Robert King doctour in diuinit[y] for a cert[e]in honourable lady then almoste deade, but afterward recouered, to who[m] in writing this sermon was giuen, that she being[e] alyue, mighte read[e] what should haue b[i]ne preached at her death: howbeit now[e] God hath done his will vpon her and hath called her (I doubt not) to himselfe. But now it is here set forth[e] as it was deliuered to her then be[i]nge al[i]ue:
Kingsman, Dr. / [1689] A friendly debate between Dr. Kingsman, a dissatisfied clergy-man, and Gratianus Trimmer, a neighbour minister concerning the late thanksgiving-day, the Prince's desent [sic] into England, the nobility and gentries joining with him, the acts of the honourable convention, the nature of our English government, the secret league with France, the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, &c. : with some considerations on Bishop Sanderson and Dr. Falkner about monarchy, oaths, &c. ... / by a minister of the Church of England.
Kingsmill, Andrew, 1538-1569. / [Anno. 1574] A vievve of mans estate wherein the great mercie of God in mans free iustification by Christ, is very comfortably declared. By Andrewe Kingesmill. Diuided into chapters in such sorte as may best serue for the commoditie of the reader. Wherevnto is annexed a godly aduise giuen by the author touching mariage. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Kingsmill, Andrew, 1538-1569. / [Anno 1577] A most excellent and comfortable treatise, for all such as are any maner of way either troubled in minde or afflicted in bodie, made by Andrew Kingesmyl Gentleman, sometime fellowe of Alsolne Colledge in Oxforde. Whereunto is adioyned a verie godly and learned exhortation to suffer patiently al afflictions for the gospel of Christ Iesus. And also a conference betwixt a godly learned Christian [and] an afflicted conscie[n]ce: wherein, by the holy Scriptures the sleights of Satan are made manifest, and ouerthrowen: with a godly prayer thereunto annexed
Kingsmill, Thomas. / [1631] The drunkards vvarning. A sermon preached at Canterbury in the Cathedral Church of Christ. By Thomas Kingsmill Mr. of Arts, and preacher of the Word at Hyth, one of the Cinque-ports, in the county of Kent.
Kingsmill, Thomas. / [1602] A complaint against securitie in these perillous times: vvritten by M. Tho. Kingsmill, sometime fellow of Magdalen College in Oxford: and lately her Maiesties publicke professour of the Hebrew tongue, in the same Vniuersitie
Kingsnorth, Richard, d. 1677. / [1657] The true tything of the gospel-ministers, or, An answer to an national teacher that sueth an elder of a church for tythes proving that tythes are not to be enforst upon members of true churches ... / by Richard Kingsnoth.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1683] Vivat Rex a sermon preached before the Right Worshipful the Mayor, aldermen, council and citizens of Bristol : upon the discovery of the late treasonable phanatick plot : at St. James's Church, July 25, 1683 being Sunday in the Fair-week / by R. Kingston ...
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1699] Tyranny detected and the late revolution justify'd by the law of God, the law of nature, and the practice of all nations being a history of the late King James's reign and a discovery of his arts and actions for introducing popery and arbitrary power ... : wherein all the arguments against the revolution are fairly propounded and candidly answer'd ... / by Ric. Kingston.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1698] A true history of the several designs and conspiracies against His Majesties sacred person and government as they were continually carry'd on from 1688 till 1697 containing matters extracted from original papers, depositions of the witnesses, and authentick records, as appears by the references to the appendix, wherein they are digested : published with no other design then to acquaint the English nation that notwithstanding the present posture of affairs our enemies are still so many, restless and designing, that all imaginable care ought to be taken for the defense and safety of His Majesty and his three kingdoms / by R.K.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1665] Pillulæ pestilentiales, or, A spiritual receipt for cure of the plague delivered in a sermon preach'd in St. Paul's Church London, in the mid'st of our late sore visitation / by Rich. Kingston ...
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1700] A modest answer to Captain Smith's immodest memoirs of secret service and his remarks upon the D. of S---'s letter to the House of Lords , humbly dedicated to the Right Honourable, the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled by Ric. Kingston.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1700] Impudence, lying and forgery, detected and chastiz'd in a rejoinder to a reply written by that infamous town-poet, Tom. Brown, and father'd by Matt. Smith ... / by Ric. Kingston.
Kingston, Richard, b. 1635? / [1682] The cause & cure of offences in a discourse on Matth. 18:7 / by R. Kingston ...
Kinnaston, Francis, Sir, 1587-1642. / [1635] Corona Minervæ. Or A masque presented before Prince Charles His Highnesse, the Duke of Yorke his brother, and the Lady Mary his sister, the 27th of February, at the Colledge of the Museum Minervæ.
Kirby, Richard, b. 1649. / [1683] Vates astrologicus, or, England's astrological prophet, fortelling what is likely to befall Great-Britain and Ireland, particularly the great and famous city of London as also France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sicily, Apalia, Bohemia, Turkey, and indeed all Europe, but more especially the see of Rome, for twenty years together, beginning March 10, 1683, and ending March 10, 1702 : likewise astrological judgments of the effects of that famous triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, being thrice repeated in that regal sign Leo, the great dignities of the Sun and Jupiter : also some remarks upon the eclipses, and more especially upon that great and famous visible eclipse of the sun, July 2, 1684 : with twenty years predictions from some of the most eminent mutual aspects of the planets, and eclipses of the luminaries, and annual revolutions of the sun : here are also many hieroglyphicks representing the future state and changes of the world : to which is added a treatise of the pestilence, both for the prevention and cure thereof / by Richard Kirby.
Kirby, Richard, b. 1649. / [1684] A diurnal speculum, for the year of our Lord God, 1684 Being the bissextile, or leap-year, with annual and Mon[thly] predictions & progn[o]stications astrologically handled. (Written and design'd for the press in Aug, 1683. but its publication prevented by the printers t[e]merity.) Wherein was fore-told, in D[e]cemb. 1683. the late and unheard of frost; with the events that may probably and suddenly ensue thereon. By Richard Kirkby, student in astrology and physick.
Kirby, Richard, b. 1649. / [1690] Catastrophe Galliæ, & Hiberniæ restitutio an impartial judgement, denoting the reduction of Ireland. This revolution, 90. ending March the 10th 1691. Also the conquering of proud Lewis, and abasing France. By Their present Majesties William and Mary, King and Queen of England, Defenders of the Faith, &c. Prophetically deduced from the characters of heaven. Also the planets attributes, according to the doctrine of Hermes. With a philosophical discourse of the four elements, and powerful influences of the heavenly bodies. Likewise, a modest defence of prophecy, demonstrated from the ten sybils, and of their wonderful prophecies of our Blessed Saviour, long before his birth. To which is added, Scutica Gadburiana, or, a whip for that scorpion Gadbury. By Richard Kirby, philo astrologus & medicus.
Kirk, Edmund, d. 1684. / [1684] The sufferers legacy to surviving sinners[;] or, Edmund Kirk's dying advice to young men: vvrote by his own hand in Newgate, and delivered to his friend with a desire the same might be published, on Friday the 11th of June, 1684. Being the day on which he was executed at Tyburn, for murthering his wife.
Kirke, Percy, 1646?-1691. / [1689] A particular account from Collonel Kirke of the state of London-Derry and Iniskilling
Kirke, Percy, 1646?-1691. / [Anno Dom. 1689] Major General Kirk's letter to his Grace the Duke of Hamilton,: dated from the Isle of Inch, August the 15. 1689.
Kirke, Thomas, 1650-1706. / [1679] A modern account of Scotland being an exact description of the country, and a true character of the people and their manners / written from thence by an English gentleman.
Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680. / [1673] The unlucky citizen experimentally described in the various misfortunes of an unlucky Londoner calculated for the meridian of this city but may serve by way of advice to all the cominalty of England, but more perticularly to parents and children, masters and servants, husbands and wives : intermixed with severall choice novels : stored with variety of [brace] examples and advice, president and precept : illustrated with pictures fitted to the severall stories.
Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680. / [1671] A true, perfect, and exact catalogue of all the comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, pastorals, masques and interludes, that were ever yet printed and published, till this present year 1671 all which you may either buy or sell, at the shop of Francis Kirkman, in Thames-Street, over against the Custom House, London.
Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680. / [1661] A true, perfect, and exact catalogue of all the comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, pastorals, masques and interludes, that were ever yet printed and published, till this present year 1661 all which you may either buy or sell at the several shops of Nath. Brook at the Angel in Cornhil, Francis Kirkman at the John Fletchers Head, on the back-side of St. Clements, Tho. Johnson at the Golden Key in St. Pauls Churchyard, and Henry Marsh at the Princes Arms in Chancery-lane near Fleetstreet. 1661.
Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680. / [1661] The Presbyterian lash.: Or, Noctroff's maid whipt. A tragy-comedy. As it was lately acted in the great roome at the Pye Tavern at Algate. By Noctroffe the priest, and severall his parishoners at the eating of a chine of beefe. The first part.
Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680. / [1673] The counterfeit lady unveiled. Being a full account of the birth, life, most remarkable actions, and untimely death of Mary Carleton, known by the name of the German Princess.
Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1708. / [1692] The true interest of families, or, Directions how parents may be happy in their children, and children in their parents to which is annexed a discourse about the right way of improving our time / by a divine of the Church of England ; with a preface by A. Horneck.
Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1708. / [1693] Advice to children by James Kirkwood ...
Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1709. / [1699] An overture for founding & maintaining of bibliothecks in every paroch throughout this kingdom: humbly offered to the consideration of this present assembly:
Kirkwood, James, fl. 1698. / [1690?] A short information of the plea betwixt the town council of Lithgow, and Mr. James Kirkwood school-master there, whereof a more full account may perhaps come out hereafter.
Kirkwood, James, fl. 1698. / [1698] Mr. Kirkwood's plea before the Kirk, and civil judicatures of Scotland. Divided into five parts.
Kirle, Robert. / [1643] A coppy of a letter writ from Serjeant Major Kirle, to a friend in Windsor.:
Kitchener, Nathanael, d. 1620. / [1616] The vvorlds assises. Or A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the tenth day of Iuly 1614. being the Sunday before the end of Trinity terme. By Nathanael Kitchener, student in diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word at Grauenhurst in Bedfordshire:
Kitchin, John. / [1651] Jurisdictions: or, The lawful authority of courts leet, courts baron, court of marshallseys, court of pypowder, and ancient demesne : together with the most necessary learning of tenures, and all their incidents, of essoynes, imparlance, view; of all manner of pleadings, of contracts, of the nature of all sorts of actions, of maintenance; of diverse other things, very profitable for all students of innes of court and chancery : and a most perfect directory for all stewards of any the sayd courts. / Heretofore writ in French by the methodically learned, John Kitchin of Grays-Inne, Esq; and now most exactly rendred to more ample advantage in the English tongue; with a demonstrative table, pointing out all matter of consequence, throughout the whole work. Whereunto is added the authentick formes of all manner of writs, with their severall returnes in English, very usefull for all men in this Common-wealth, as they be now used.
Kitchin, John. / [1660] The grand statute: or The law of death unalterable;: opened and applied in a sermon preached May 11. 1660. At the funerals of that pious, useful, and much lamented gent. Mr. John Cope in the parish-church of St. Mary-Bothaw London. By John Kitchin, M.A. minister of St. Mary-Abchurch London.
Kittermaster, Thomas. / [October 20. 1642] A wonderfull deliverance or Gods abundant mercy in preserving from the cavaliers the towne of Draiton in the county of Hereford.: Declaring how many troopes of the cavaliers came against the said towne, with an intent to have plundered it and put the inhabitants to the sword, men, women, and children. Also manifesting how they were happily discovered by a scout of our draggooners, who gave an allarum to severall troopes of horse and foot, which where quartered in the adioyning villages, by whose assistance the towne was preserved, and a wonderfull victory obtained over the cavaliers. Being the true coppie of a letter sent from Mr. Tho. Kittermaster of Hereford, to Mr. William Knowles in Holborne, dated Octob. 14. 1642.