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Karl Ludwig, Elector Palatine, 1617-1680. / [M. DC. XXXVII 1637] A protestation of the most high and mighty Prince Charles Lodowicke, Count Palatine of the Rhine, archidapifer, and prince elector of the sacred empire, Duke of Bavaria, &c. translated out of the High-Dutch ...
Karl Ludwig, Elector Palatine, 1617-1680. / [1657] A manifesto of the most Serene Prince Charles Lodwick Count Palatin of the Rhin, and Vicar of the Holy Empire,: containing his ancient and patromoniall right to the sayd vicarship within the circles of the Rhin, Suabland, and the Franconian territories. VVerein ther [sic] are divers reflections upon the Aurea Bulla and the fundamentall lawes of the Empire.
Karl Ludwig, Elector Palatine, 1617-1680. / [M.DC.XXXVII. 1637] The manifest of the most illustrious, and soveraigne prince, Charles Lodovvick, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Prince Electour of the sacred Empire: Duke of Bavaria, &c. Concerning the right of his succession both in the princedome, lands, and estates of the Palatinate: as also in the dignity, voice, session, and function of the electorship-Palatine thereunto annexed. Translated, anno. M.DC.XXXVII.
Kaye, Stephen. / [MDCLXXXVI 1686] Eisoptrontoy Christianismoy, or, A discourse touching the excellency and usefulness of the Christian religion both in its principles and practices : chiefly design'd by the author for the benefit of his parishioners / by Stephen Kaye ...
Kaye, William. / [1647] Satisfaction for all such as oppose reformation in a confutation of twelve practices of popery proved to be condemned by Christ and his apostles : with an answer also made to Mr. Oddy's objections which he wrote against the Covenant : to which is also added a true character of the Covenant / written by W. Kaye.
Kaye, William. / [1657] A tripartite remonstrance also An united profession of faithfulness concerning religion and the conscionable subjection to the supreme of the nations / written by William Kaye, minister at Stokosley ...
Kaye, William. / [1658] The reformation, in which is reconciliation with God and his people or, I. Subjection to the state remonstrated: viz. That all that receive protection ought to yield subjection to this present power; (the old Protestants doctrine) opposite to that of the fift [sic] monarchy, &c. II. Church-government reformed: shewing, that the church should be governed by Scripture, bishops, presbyters, pastors, all unitedly subordained under the supreme-magistrate. III. Faith, in which all should be baptized is cleared: or, a catchism [sic] unveiling the Apostles Creed, with annotations; in which faith, ordinances and government are professed as in the primitive times, in opposition to all errors and heresies.
Kaye, William. / [1654] A plain ansvver to the eighteen quaeries of John Whitehead, commonly called Quaker in which the hidden mysteries of infallible spirit, voice of Christ, the anointing, perfection, and how Christ is the light of all the world, &c. : as also the singing of Davids Psalms, receiving of tithes, and that ministers may be called masters, and stand praying in the synagogues, &c. is fully discovered / written by William Kays, minister of the Gospel at Stokesly, he being required to make answer thereunto, and being willing to confesse our Christian reformed Protestant religion now so much questioned and opposed.
Kaye, William. / [1658] God's gracious presence with His Highness Richard Lord Protector of Great Brittain and Ireland, &c. With the means to retain the same, whereby church-government, with tolleration, or no tolleration of conscience, is remonstrated.
Kaye, William. / [Printed in the year, 1655] A free, plain, and just way concerning communion and excommunication, at, or from the Lords table.: With a Christian account concerning the same. With answers to the objections to the contrary. In which is shewed, that the Church to day hath no more power to excommunicate from the Lords table, then it had yesterday power to separate from the altar, unto which sinners were exhorted by the church to go; whereby they might (as they are required at the Lords table) perfect their praises and repentance. And that the pretended differences in baptism, are no just ground of separation. / Written by William Kaye, with Christians approbation, with submission to the general oversight.
Kaye, William. / [1655] The doctrine of our martyres remembred, concerning the Supper of the Lord: as it hath been partly published, in the opening and application of Luk. 22.19,20. Most humbly presented to the serious and seasonable considerations of the most orthodox and sincere Christians that mourn for, or that are stirred up, or called to be repairers of the breaches. In which, 1. A just, plain, and free way to the Lord's table, is so discovered, that all saints with the weakest of believers; notwithstanding any pretended distinguishing opinion, ought unitedly to communicate: proved by several reasons. 2. The profession in which all that communicate ought to acknowledge and therein to be united. 3. The greatness of the duty, and goodness of God, in ordaining and commanding of it. And how all Christian magistrates, ministers, and people, have zealously promoted the same, with some particular hymnes sung by Christians after they received. 4. A declaration, setting forth the evils, and judgements of God, in the undue observation, causeless separation and contempt thereof, and of the necessity of church-government, as a blessed means to remedy, &c. is also added for further information. / By VV. Kaye Minister of the G. at S. ...
Kaye, William. / [1653] Baptism without bason. Or, Plain Scripture-proof against infant-baptism,: I. By way of answer to Mr. Baxter's arguments, and to the exercitations of Mr. Sidenham, teacher to a church a[t] Newcastle, concerning infants baptism: for which that their pretended consequences are from concessions not to be granted, and from Scriptures as mistaken, and absolutely wrested, is clearly discovered. With II. Several questions and answers, positively holding out the minde of Christ in baptizing of believers onely; and that the magistrates may be induced more and more to encourage the preaching thereof in publike. III. A declaration written to the election of grace, who for want of information are of contrary judgment. Written by William Kaye, minister of the Gospel at Stokesley.
Kayll, Robert. / [1615] The trades increase