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Isaac, Israel. / [in the Year 1682] Christ Jesus the true Messiah delineated in three oeconomies agreed on all sides / by Israel Isaac, formerly a Jew, but now a Christian.
Isaacson, Henry, 1581-1654. / [1642] A treaty of pacification.: Or Conditions of peace between God and man. / By H.I.
Isaacson, Henry, 1581-1654. / [1648] Divine contemplations, necessary for these times. By H.I.
Isaacson, Henry, 1581-1654. / [1647] The summe & substance of Christian religion set downe in a catechisticall way, by H.I.
Isack, J. / [Febr. the 2d. 1644] A famous victory obtained, by Sir William Brewerton. Sir Thomas Fairfax. Sir William Fairfax.: In a pitcht battle against the Lord Byron, (chief commander of the kings forces) at the raising of the siedge of Namptwitch. Together, with a list of all the commanders that were slain and taken in the said fight. Also, in what estate the towne of Namptwitch now is, and the miserable condition of the enemies forces in those parts. Printed according to order.
Isham, Z. (Zacheus), 1651-1705. / [1700] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable Lord-Mayor, the Aldermen, and governours of the hospitals of London, at St. Bridget's Church, on Wednesday in Easter week, MDCC by Z. Isham ...
Isham, Z. (Zacheus), 1651-1705. / [1695] A sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend John Scott, D.D., late rector of S. Giles in the Fields, March 15, 1694/5 by Z. Isham ...
Isham, Z. (Zacheus), 1651-1705. / [1697] A sermon preach'd at the anniversary meeting of the sons of clergy-men in the church of S. Mary-Le-Bow, on Thursday, Decemb. 3, 1696 by Z. Isham ...
Ismåa‘åil, Sultan of Morocco, d. 1727. / [1682] A letter sent by the Emperor of Morocco and King of Fez to His Majesty of Great Britain, and delivered by his embassador in January, 1681
Ismåa‘åil, Sultan of Morocco, d. 1727. / [1680] A letter from the King of Morocco to His Majesty the King of England, Charles I for the reducing of Sally, Argiers &c., the first of which was taken by the assistance of the English forces, with an account of the execution of the pyrats and the number of Christian captives sent to His Majesty.
Ismåa‘åil, Sultan of Morocco, d. 1727. / [1682] The King of Morocco's letter by his ambassador to the King of England
Isocrates. / [1580] A perfite looking glasse for all estates most excellently and eloquently set forth by the famous and learned oratour Isocrates, as contained in three orations of morall instructions, written by the authour himselfe at the first in the Greeke tongue, of late yeeres translated into Lataine by that learned clearke Hieronimus Wolfius. And nowe Englished to the behalfe of the reader, with sundrie examples and pithy sentences both of princes and philosophers gathered and collected out of diuers writers, coted in the margent approbating the authors intent, no lesse delectable then profitable.
Isocrates. / [1624] Archidamus, or, The councell of warre. Being 2000. yeares old, and written by Isocrates the couragious orator, translated by a Tho: Barnes.
Isocrates. / [ca. 1550] The doctrinal of princes made by the noble oratour Isocrates, [and] translated out of Greke in to Englishe by syr Thomas Eliot knight
Isselt, Michael von, d. 1597. / [1614] A relation of all matters passed especially in France and the Low-Countries, touching the causes of the warre now in Cleueland. Together with such occurrences of note as have happened in Spaine, Italie, England, Germany, Hungarie and Transyluania, since March last to this present, 1614. Translated according to the originall of Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus.