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Ibbitson, Robert. / [1647] Charitable constructions of the designe of the trustees usually sitting at Sadlers-Hall.: For brevity sake set downe in questions and answers. And written and published to prevent the sinne of rash judging. By a well-wisher to the work.
Ibeson, James. / [1652] To the supream authority, the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England.: A second remonstrance of James Ibeson. Humbly presented on the behalfe of the oppressed inhabitants of the West Riding in the county of Yorke, as appears by a certificate under the hands of above two thousand persons, concerning the intollerable burden and abuses committed by the farmers and officers of excise. With a proposall to the state, for the advancement of their benefit, in case the people may be eased.
İbrahim, Sultan of the Turks, 1615-1648. / [1645] The Great Turkes letter,: sent vnto the Prince of Transilvania. Containing many impious, and unheard of blasphemies, against our saviour Christ, and fearefull threatnings against all Christendome. Translated out of the French copy printed at Paris. And re-printed here according to order.