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Hyatt, James, fl. 1625. / [1625] The preachers president, or, The master and scholler in a sermon preached at a synode holden by the Right Reuerend Father in God, Iohn, Lord Bishop of Chester, at Wigan in Lancashire, the 21 of Aprill, 1625 / by Iames Hyatt B. of D. and preachers of Gods Word at Liuer-poole.
Hyde, Henry, Sir, 1605 or 6-1651. / [MDCL. 1650, i.e. 1651] A true copy of Sir Henry Hide's speech on the scaffold, immediately before his execution before the Exchange, on the 4th of March, 1650.: Taken in short-hand from his mouth, by John Hinde.
Hyde, Henry, Sir, 1605 or 6-1651. / [1651] The speech and confession, of Sr Henry Hide (embassador for the King of Scotland, to the emperour of Turkie) at the place of execution, against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, on the day the 4 of March, 1651. with the manner of his deportment on the scaffold; his kissing of the ax and block, his prayer; and oration to the people, touching his master the King; as also the manner how he was first taken in Turkie, by the English marchants, and sent prisoner to the Parliament, in the London-Dragon. With the charge exhibited against him at his tryal.
Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564. / [1581] Two common places taken out of Andreas Hyperius, a learned diuine, whereof, in the one, he sheweth the force that the sonne, moone and starres haue ouer men, &c. In the other, whether the deuils haue bene the shewers of magicall artes, &c. Translated into English by R.V.
Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564. / [1588?] A speciall treatise of Gods prouidence and of comforts against all kinde of crosses and calamities to be drawne from the same. With an exposition of the 107. Psalme. Heerunto is added an appendix of certaine sermons & questions, (conteining sweet & comfortable doctrine) as they were vttered and disputed ad clerum in Cambridge. By P. Baro D. in Diui. Englished by I.L. vicar of Wethers-fielde.
Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564. / [Anno. M.D. LXXII. 1572] The regiment of the pouertie. Compiled by a learned diuine of our time D. Andreas Hyperius. And now seruing very fitly for the present state of this realme. Translated into Englishe by H.T. minister.
Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564. / [1577] The practise of preaching, otherwise called the Pathway to the pulpet conteyning an excellent method how to frame diuine sermons, & to interpret the holy Scriptures according to the capacitie of the vulgar people. First written in Latin by the learned pastor of Christes Church, D. Andreas Hyperius: and now lately (to the profit of the same Church) Englished by Iohn Ludham, vicar of Wethersfeld. 1577.
Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564. / [1579] The course of Christianitie: or, As touching the dayly reading and meditation of the holy Scriptures very requisite and necessary for all Christians of what estate or condition soeuer: tvvo bookes. Translated out of Latine into English, by Iohn Ludham vicar of Wethersfeld. 1579.
Hyword, Abel. / [1643] A famous victory obtained before the city of Exeter, on Sunday Ianuary 1. by Captaine Pym, against Sir Ralph Hopton, and the Cornish cavaliers: where after foure houres fight, he obtained a glorious victory, and slew above a thousand of the cavaliers, and tooke 38. prisoners, and 7. pieces of ordnance, with the losse of a hundred men at the most. Being the copie of a letter, sent from Lievetenant Hyword, to his worthy friend, inhabiting in the Citie of London. Bearing date January 2. 1643.