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Habermann, Johann, 1516-1590. / [1610] The princes prayers. The first and second part. Contayning Christian and zealous meditations for euery day in the weeke, morning and euening
Hacket, John, 1592-1670. / [1693] Scrinia reserata a memorial offer'd to the great deservings of John Williams, D. D., who some time held the places of Ld Keeper of the Great Seal of England, Ld Bishop of Lincoln, and Ld Archbishop of York : containing a series of the most remarkable occurences and transactions of his life, in relation both to church and state / written by John Hacket ...
Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621. / [1607] Tvvo fruitful sermons, needfull for these times whereof the one may be called, A mariage present; the other, A sickemans glasse. Compiled by Roger Hacket, Doctor in Diuinitie.
Haggar, Henry. / [1654] The order of causes.: Of [brace] Gods fore-knowledge, election, and predestination. And of mans salvation or damnation. Laid down so clearly, and proved so plainly by the scriptures, that even the meanest capacity amongst rational men may understand it, to their great satisfaction. As also, whether Christ died for all, or not for all: with the causes and effects that may follow or not follow, seriously considered, meekly controverted, and plainly proved by the scriptures of truth; to the great satisfaction of all rational people fearing God. By Henry Haggar, a servant of Christ, and of the congregations of his saints.
Haines, Richard, 1633-1685. / [in the year 1677] The prevention of poverty; or, New proposals humbly offered, for enriching the nation advancing His Majesties revenue and great advantage both of the city of London and country, by encrease of trade from our own manufactures, setting all poor people at work, preventing unnecessary law-suits, restraining the insolencies of bayliffs, extortions of goalers, promoting the relief of distressed prisoners, and suppression of beggars, vagrants, &c.
Haines, Richard, 1633-1685. / [1680] Haines his appeal to the general assembly of Dependent Baptists convened in London, from most parts of the nation, the third day of Jnne [sic]; 1680.
Haines, Richard, 1633-1685. / [1679] A method of government for such publick working alms-houses as may be erected in every county for bringing all idle hands to industry As the best known expedient for restoring and advancing the woollen manufacture. Humbly offered to the Kings most Excellent Majesty and both Houses of Parliament. By R. Haines with allowance.
Haines, Richard, 1633-1685. / [1681] England's weal & prosperity proposed, or, Reasons for erecting publick vvork-houses in every county for the speedy promoting of industry and the woollen manufactory, shewing how the wealth of the nation may be encreased, many hundred thousand pounds per annum, and also that many thousand persons may be so reformed, to their own and the whole kingdoms present and future wealth and glory, that there may no more be a beggar bred up in the nation : humbly offered to the consideration of the great wisdom of the nation, and presented to the Honourable House of Commons / by R. Haines ; to which is added a model of government for such works houses prepared by the same author, and printed in the year (79) ; intended to have been presented to the last Parliament, pursuant to a breviate of proposals for the promoting of industry, and speedy restoring the woollen manufactory, by him formerly published.
Hakewill, William, 1574-1655. / [An. Dom. 1641] The libertie of the subject: against the pretended power of impositions. Maintained by an argument in Parliament an?. 7?. Jacobi Regis. / By William Hakevvil of Lincolns Inne Esq.
Hale, Charles, Mr. / [printed April 5. 1700] A second advertisement relating to the mill'd-lead-sheathing upon the Rising Eagle.
Hale, Charles, Mr. / [printed March 26th. 1694] A proposition demonstrated· That mill'd-lead is a better covering for churches, houses, &c. more durable, and above 20 per cent. cheaper than cast-lead; supposing that 16s. and this but 13s.6d. a hundred.
Hale, Charles, Mr. / [printed 16 May, 1698] The antelope's evidence; or, An experimental and ocular demonstration of the goodness and excellency of mill'd-lead-sheathing, above that of wood. Wherein is also prov'd, that it is much cheaper at 14d. a foot, the rate publish'd, than wood-sheathing, if it were reckon'd but at 7d. a foot. The lead being consider'd only to last no longer than an ordinary wood-sheathing, tho' 'tis evident it would outlast many of the best that were ever put on.
Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676. / [1700?] Some necessary and important considerations, (to be consider'd of by all sorts of people): Taken out of (that late worthy and renowned judge) Sr Matthew Hale's account of The good steward. By J.P.
Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676. / [1697] Some necessary and important considerations (to be consider'd of by all sorts of people). Taken out of (that late worthy and renowned judge) Sir. Matthew Hale's writings: and therein his own experience of the inward, and invisible guidance of the spirit of God.
Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676. / [1676] Contemplations moral and divine The second part.
Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676. / [1700] Contemplations, moral and divine. The third part
Hales, Edward, Sir, 1575 or 6-1654. / [1641. i.e. 1642] Two speeches spoken in Parliament, by Sir Edward Hales, and Sir William Wroth: on the twentieth day of Januarie, 1641.: Concerning a letter sent from his Majestie to the House of Commons, and read in the same that day.
Hales, John, 1584-1656. / [Printed in the yeare, 1646] Of the blasphemie against the Holy-Ghost.
Hales, John, 1584-1656. / [1700] A tract concerning schism and schismaticks wherein is briefly discovered the original causes of all schism / by the ever-memorable Mr. John Hales ...
Halifax, Charles Montagu, Earl of, 1661-1715. / [1690] An epistle to the Right Honourable Charles, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, Lord Chamberlain of His Majesties houshold [sic]
Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695. / [re-printed, anno Dom. 1681] A seasonable addresse to both Houses of Parliament, concerning the succession the fears of popery, and arbitrary government. By a true Protestant and hearty lover of his countrey.
Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695. / [1687] A letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence
Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695. / [1688] A letter from a clergy-man in the city, to his friend in the country: containing his reasons for not reading the Declaration.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1625] The vvorks of Ioseph Hall Doctor in Diuinitie, and Deane of Worcester With a table newly added to the whole worke.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1623] Contemplations vpon the historie of the old Testament. The seuenth volume. In two bookes. By Ios. Hall D.D.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1620] Contemplations, the fifth volume. By Ios. Hall D. of D.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1640] Episcopacie by divine right. Asserted, by Jos. Hall, B. of Exon
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1608] Epistles, the first volume: conteining two decads. / By Ioseph Hall.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1622] A sermon preached before his majestie at his court of Thebalds, on Sunday, Sept. 15. 1622 In the ordinary course of attendance. By Ios. Hall D.D.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [M.DC.XLI. 1641] A sermon preach't to his Maiesty, at the court of White-hall. Aug.8. / By Jos. B. of Exon.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1650] The Revelation unrevealed concerning the thousand-yeares reigne of the saints with Christ upon earth. Laying forth the weak grounds, and strange consequences of that plausible, and too-much received opinion. By an unfained lover of truth, peace, order, and just moderation.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1650] A peace-making iurie, or, Twelve moderate propositions, tending to the reconciling of the present differences about church-combinations betweixt the Presbyterian and independent / by Philalethirenaus Junior, anno 1650.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [MDCXXXIII. 1633] A plaine and familiar explication (by way of paraphrase) of all the hard texts of the whole divine Scripture of the Old and Nevv Testament. By Ios. Exon
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1660] A modest offer of some meet considerations tendered to the learned prolocutor, and the rest of the Assembly of Divines, met at Westminster,: 1644. Concerning a form of church-government. By Jos. Hall, D.D. late Bishop of Norwich.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [1606] Meditations and vowes, diuine and morall: a third century. By Ioseph Hall.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [MDCXLII. 1642] A letter lately sent by a reverend bishop from the Tovver, to a private friend: and by him thought fit to be published.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [168-?] Fanatick moderation, exemplified in Bishop Hall's Hard measure, as it was written by himself. To which is annex'd, a specimen of the unparralell'd behaviour of the sectaries, towards some others of that sacred order. As likewise, a general bill of mortality of the clergy of the City of London, who were defunct, by reason of the contagious breath of the pretended reformers of that city, from the year 1641, to the year 1647.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. / [Anno 1608] Epistles, the second volume: conteining two decads. By Ioseph Hall
Hall, William, 1675-1748. / [1694] The King against Reginald Tucker. The case of William Hall Esq upon a writ of error to reverse the judgment of the Court of King's-Bench for the reversing the attainder of the defendant Tucker.
Hallowes, John. / [1642] Nevv and true nevves from Ireland: relating these particulars following. 1 The meeting of 6. or 700 abbots, monks, fryars and priests, in the west part of Ireland, at least three weeks, with fasts and prayers three days in a week after their popish manner. 2 Another meeting at Westmeath, for the plotting of the confusion of the Protestants in that kingdome. 3 Their divelish plot against Dublin and divers other places. 4 The great overthrow to 600 English neare Tredath, by the mistake of the word of command. 5 Severall overthrows given to the rebels by Sir Charles Coote. 6 How Sir Henry Titchbourne slew 1000 of the rebels, tooke some great commanders, and at least 30000 pound in mony, jewels and plate. VVith divers other particulars to the honour of the English, the downfall of the rebels, and glory of our nation. Incouraging all brave spirits to performe the like service, for the honor of their King and countrey.
Hallywell, Henry, d. 1703? / [1692] The excellency of moral vertue, from the serious exhortation of St. Paul to the practice of it in several discourses upon Phil. 4. 8. : to which is added, A discourse of sincerity, from John i. 47 / by Henry Hallywell ...
Hallywell, Henry, d. 1703? / [1668] Deus justificatus, or, The divine goodness vindicated and cleared against the assertors of absolute and inconditionate reprobation together with some reflections on a late discourse of Mr. Parkers, concerning the divine dominion and goodness.
Hamilton, Alexander, of Kinkel, fl. 1695. / [1690] Unto His Grace, His Majesties High Commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament. The petition of Alexander Hamiltoun of Kinkel.
Hamilton, Alexander, of Kinkel, fl. 1695. / [1695] To His Grace His Majesties High Commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament; the petition of Alexander Hamiltoun of Kinkel.
Hamilton, Andrew, d. 1691. / [1690] A true relation of the actions of the Inniskilling-men from their first taking up of arms in December, 1688, for the defence of the Protestant religion, and their lives and liberties / written by Andrew Hamilton ...
Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamilton, Duchess of, 1619 or 20-1659. / [1651] To the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, the humble petition of Elizabeth Dutchesse (dowager) of Hamilton, and her foure orphan daughters.
Hamilton, Frederick, Sir, fl. 1645. / [Printed, anno Dom. 1645] The information of Sir Frederick Hammilton, Knight, and Colonell, given to the Committee of Both Kingdoms,: concerning Sir William Cole, Knight, and Colonell; with the scandalous answer of the said Sir William Cole, Knight; together with the replication of Sir Frederick Hammilton, in answer to the said scandalous and recriminating pamphlet of Sir William Cole. With divers letters and depositions, for the cleering of the said Sir Frederick Hammilton, from the severall scandals and aspersions in the said answer of Sir William Cole.
Hamilton, James Douglas, Duke of, 1658-1712. / [Printed in the year 1689] A speech made by the Right Honourable the Earl of Arran, to the Scots nobility and gentry: met together at the council chamber in White-hall, on the eight of January 1689, about an address to His Highness the Prince of Orange, to take upon him the government of the kingdom of Scotland.
Hamilton, James Douglas, Duke of, 1658-1712. / [1689] A speech made by the right honourable the Earl of Arran, to the Scotch nobility and gentry, met together at the council chamber in White-Hall, on the eighth of January 1688, about an address to His Highness the Prince of Orange, to take upon him the government of the kingdom of Scotland.
Hamilton, James Hamilton, Duke of, 1606-1649. / [Anno 1638] Whereas some have given out that by the Act of Councell, which explaineth the Confession of Faith lately commanded to be sworn by his Majestie, to be understood of the Confession of Faith, as it was then professed and received ...
Hamilton, James Hamilton, Duke of, 1606-1649. / [1648] The declaration of James Duke of Hammiltoun and Chastellerhault, Marquesse of Cliddisdale, &c. Lord Generall and Commander in Chief of all the Scots forces by sea and land.
Hamilton, Patrick, 1504?-1528. / [1531?] [Paitrikes places]
Hamilton, Robert, Sir, 1650-1701. / [1679] For the right noble and potent Prince Iames, Duke of Bucclengh [sic] and Monmouth, general of His Majesties forces now in Scotland the humble supplication of the non-conformists in the west, and other parts of the kingdom, now in arms in their own name, and in the name of all the rest of those who adhere unto us in this Church and kingdom of Scotland.
Hammat, John, b. 1657 or 8. / [1685] A burning and a shining light a sermon preached at the funeral of the late reverend Mr. James Wrexham, minister at Haversham in the county of Bucks / by John Hammat.
Hammon, George. / [in the year, 1660] Truth and innocency, prevailing against error and insolency:: wherein is examined and discovered these following particulars. I. Whether Baptism be sprinkling or dipping. II. Whether the subject to be baptised, be infants or believers. III. Whether the punishment of original sin, be the first or second death. IV. Whether man be in an immortal estate before the resurrection. V. As touching the resurrection, whether these bodies of ours shall rise again & be made immortal, or whether it will be another body. VI. Of Gods love to the whole lump of mankind make known. VII. Of the personal raign of our blessed saviour upon Earth ... by way of answer to Mr. Hezekiah Holland, sometimes preacher at Sutton-Valence in Kent ... a second part: wherein is proved, that all the laws and statutes of King Jesus ... are practicable ... with many objections answered. It being an answer to one Mr. Simon Hendon of Benenden in Kent. / By George Hammon, Pastor to the church of Christ in Biddenden, Kent.
Hammon, George. / [1658] Syons redemption, and original sin vindicated:: wherein are these particulars largely handled and discovered. I. That sprinkling of water in the name of the father, son and Holy Ghost is not baptism, ... II Infants not the subjects appointed by God to be baptized, ... III That the second death was never threatned to be inflicted upon Adam ... IV A clear and large discourse as touching Gods decree, of election and reprobation. V A large exposition upon the ninth chapter to the Romanes, ... VI A brief disproof of the unlawfulness of the paying or receving of tithes, ... VII The ordination of the national ministery examined and disproved. VIII The answer of objections against the Jews return out of their captivity ... IX A clear discovery of the glorious effects (or that which will be effected) under the sound of the seventh trumpet. X A full discovery of Judah and Israels glory to be enjoyed in their own land, ... Published for the instruction and comfort of all that wait for the appearing of the Lord Jesus and Zions redemption. Being an answer to a book of Mr. Hezekiah Holland, sometimes preacher in Sutton-Valence in Kent. By George Hammon pastor to the Church of Christ, meeting in Biddenden in Kent.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1660] The worlds timely warning-peece: newly corrected and amended. This being the third time presented or sent to these three nations, England, Scotland, and Ireland; describing the nearnesse of the day of the Lord, by the signes and tokens that our Saviour told his disciples should come to passe, before the last day. Being a dismall looking-glasse for the false prophets of these times to look into, which invent false imaginations, out of their own proud phantasticall brains, to deceive the simple. Written by Charles Hammond.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1652] A warning-peece for England by that sad and fearefull example that hath happened to men, women and children, all sorts of cattle and fowles, by stormes, tempests, hail-stones, lightning, and thunder, June 25, 1652 / written by Charles Hammond.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1679] The old English officer, being a necessary looking-glass for a Christian army, or, A fit companion for young souldiers wherein you may behold a perfect, easy, and speedy path to obtain the exercise and discipline of foot, and make soldiers fit for present service ... : with plain directions and good instructions out of sacred and moral histories of worthy commanders, how they should behave themselves in time of peace and war ... / written by Charles Hammond ...
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1660] London's triumphant holiday being a brief relation of the chiefest memorable proceedings that hath attended His Majesty since his troubles : with a brief account of that late happy month of May's actions, in voting, proclaiming, landing, and his coming to London ... : with a short, but true account of his miraculous escape from Worcester, from that bloodthirsty tyrant Oliver Cromwell ... / written by ... Charles Hammond.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1657] Israels just jvdge; or, The maiestrats brest-plate,: against the darts of pride, envy, & hipocrisie: being enemies to iustice, mercy, & humility. Presented to the jmpartial maiestrats of this nation, especialy in the western parts, from whence the author (by Gods providence) drew his first breath; wishing them health here, and all happiness hereafter. / Written by Charles Hammond.
Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. / [1649] The credit of Yorkeshire, or The glory of the north, or, A new way to pay the malt-man. To the tune of The right glory of the west.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1649] To the right honourable, the Lord Fairfax, and his councell of vvarre: the humble addresse of Henry Hammond.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1660] Private forms of prayer, fitted for the late sad-times. Particularly, a form of prayer for the thirtieth of January, morning and evening. With additions, &c.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [anno Dom. MDCLIX. 1659] A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms, briefly explaining the difficulties thereof, by H. Hammond D.D.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [M.DC.LVI. 1656] A parænesis. Or, Seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England. Wherein is inserted a discourse of hæresy in defence of our Church against the Romanist. / By H. Hammond. D.D.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1644 i.e. 1645] Of vvill-vvorship.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1649] Mysterium religionis recognitum. An expedient for composing differences in religion. In certaine assertions and conclusions. / Presented to consideration.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1653 i.e. 1652] A letter of resolution to six quæres, of present use in the Church of England. By Henry Hammond D.D.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [anno Dom. 1647] Five propositions to the Kings Majesty and the army, concerning church-government, in the ordering of the discipline thereof towards communicants. / By H. Hammond Doctor in Divinity, and one of the Kings chaplains, now with his Majesty in the army.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1657] Euschēmonos kai kata taxin, or, The grounds of uniformity from I Cor. 14:40 vindicated from Mr Jeanes's exceptions to one passage in the view of the directory / by H. Hammond ...
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [Printed in the yeere 1646] Considerations of present use concerning the danger resulting from the change of our church-government.: By H.H. D.D.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1656 i.e. 1655] The disarmers dexterities examined. In a second defence of the treatise of schisme. / By H. Hammond, D.D.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [MDCLX 1660] Aien alētheuein, or, A brief account of one suggestion of the Romanist against The dispatcher dispatched. / By Henry Hammond, D.D.
Hammond, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1690] To all our friends and brethren at the severall monthly an[d] particular meetings in and throughout the County of York
Hammond, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1685] An advertisement of the virtues and use of sundry select and experimented medicines such whose beneficence is well known to the most eminent physitians / faithfully prepared and sold by Tho. Hammond ...
Hammond, Thomas, M.M. / [1685] Epilepsys, or convulsion-fits in children effectually cured; by an approved specifick powder, and balsamick spirit: as has been sundry years experienced with good success, before this publication.
Hampton, William, 1599 or 1600-1677. / [1667] A map of judgement, or, A pattern for judges delivered in a sermon at the Assizes holden at Guildford-in-Surrey, July 23d, 1666 before Sr. Orlando Bridgeman, Kt., Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and Sr. Samuel Brown, Kt. / by W. Hampton ...
Hampton, William, 1599 or 1600-1677. / [1661] Lacrymæ Ecclesiæ;: or The mourning of Hadadrimmon for Englands Iosiah. Delivered in two sermons, Janu. 30. 1660. at the solemn fasting and humiliation, for the martyrdom and horrid murder of our late gracious King Charles the First, of ever blessed memory. In the church of the borough of Blechingley in the county of Surry. / By Wil. Hampton rector of the said church.
Hancock, Edward. / [1663] The pastors last legacy and counsel delivered in a farewel sermon, preached at St. Philips in Bristol, August 24th, 1662 / Mr. Edward Hancock ...
Hancock, Robert, fl. 1680-1686. / [1680] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at Guildhall-Chappel, Septemb. 19, 1680 by Robert Hancocke ...
Hancock, Robert, fl. 1680-1686. / [1682] The loyalty of popish principles examin'd in answer to a late book entituled Stafford's memoirs : with some considerations in this present juncture offer'd to Protestant dissenters / by Rob. Hancock.
Hancocke, John, d. 1728. / [1699] A sermon preach'd at the Church of St. Mary le Bow, to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, December 26, 1698 by John Hancock ...
Hancocke, John, d. 1728. / [1698] The great duty of thankfulness a sermon preach'd at St. Pauls Covent-Graden, December 2d, 1697, being the day of thanksgiving for the peace / by John Hancock, D.D., Chaplain to His Grace the Duke of Bedford ; published at the request of some of the parishioners.
Handson, Raph. / [1669] Analysis or resolution of merchants accompts, by Ralph Handson.
Hanger, Philip. / [1675] A true relation how eighteen men were casta way [sic] at sea six of which perished in the ship, and the other twelve got into the boat, and lived at sea six weeks in it : with the great hardships they underwent, and how miraculously they were preserved / written by Philip Hanger ...
Hanmer, Jonathan, 1606-1687. / [1657] Teleiosis, or, An exercitation upon confirmation the ancient way of completeing church-members ... : to which are annexed some directions for the putting of it into practice ... / by Jonathan Hanmer ...
Hannes, Edward, Sir, d. 1710. / [1688] Reflections upon Mr. Varillas his History of heresy Book 1, Tome 1, as far as it relates to English matters, more especially those of Wicliff.
Hannes, Edward, Sir, d. 1710. / [1700] An account of the dissection of His Highness William Duke of Glocester drawn up by Doctor H. and sign'd by him, and by the surgeons ; from the original letter, that was sent over to His Majesty in Holland.
Hans Hue-and-Cry, Van Hang-and-Draw. / [1642] A letter sent out of Holland from Hans Hue-& Cry, van Hang-&-draw, the executioner;: to his trusty and ill-beloved friend, Gregory the second, son of the destinies, terror to treason, arch-arme-strong of the axe, knight of the noose, ruler of the rope, and lord of the triple territory. With his letter sent in answer, treating deepe and dangerously of affaires in State. September 28. and October 4.
Hansley, John, d. 1666. / [1662] A visitation speech delivered at Colchester in Essex, 1662
Hanson, John, of Abingdon, Berkshire. / [1658] A short treatise shewing the Sabbatharians confuted by the new Covenant, 1. That the ten commandments are not the morall law, but with their ordinances, statutes and judgements, the old Covenant. 2. That the old Covenant was as signes and shadows of things that were then to come. 3. Shewing the substance of the signe of the Sabbath. 4.Severall objections of the Sabbatharians answered. 5. That the new, which some do call the Covenant of Grace, is not really in the old Testament. 6. What the new Covenant is. 7. Of pure church-ordinances, which some doe call the discipline of the Church. 8. Of singing of Psalmes. 9. A proscript. By Iohn Hanson of the burrough of Abingdon, in the county of Berks
Harby, Job, Sir. / [1658] To his highness Oliver Lord Protector of the Comon-wealth [sic] of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The humble petition of Sir Job Harby knight.
Harby, Thomas. / [printed in the yeer MDCL. 1650] The nations claim of native right. Wherein the gross and extreme defection and injustice of the court martial, and of all courts; the destructive abuse of the law, and pressing necessity, that the nation speedily unite (as one man) for an agreement in righteousness, is by particular example, and an appeal to the general councel of the army, and by several considerations cleerly demonstrated and proved. Secondly, the nullity of order, matter, and form of a free people is asserted, and proved by scripture: and how (to persons, families, people, and churches) right order, matter, and form may be attained. Thirdly, a brief pourtraict of a right government of the nation, and agreement of the people; and how such government and agreement may be with ease attained; a new representative freely elected: the laws rectified: the poor relieved: and the peoples, and armies, and every particular persons just interests (in peace with truth) satisfied, is proposed to the nation. By Thom. Harbye, late Quarter-master in the Regiment lately under command of Maj. Gen. Skippon.
Harby, Thomas. / [1642] Divi Arminij mactatorum renata, et renovata petitio. Or the Arminian priests last petition for their former formalitie, and ancient innovation, both in church and common-weale;: returned from all parts, with the numerall subscription of 6666. And therein their intentions are lively expressed by an accommodate and meete embleme, and made plain to the ingenuous reader. Viz unita fortior. Importunitie redoubled (where many combinde) will doubtlesse prevaile. By Thomas Harbie, gent.
Harcourt, Daniel. / [1643] A new remonstrance from Ireland, containing an exact declaration of the cruelties, insolencies, outrages, and murders exercised by the bloudthirsty, Popish rebells in that kingdome upon many hundred Protestants in the province of Vlster, and especially of the ministers there, since the beginning of this base, horrid, unnaturall and unparralelled rebellion October 23. 1641 in which is also particularly expressed the names of such ministers and others who have been murthered, imprisoned, famished, and otherwayes cruelly used by those barbarous, and inhumane rebells, by Daniel Harcourt one of the commissioners for the examination of the Protestants Grievances in that Province. As also a true copie of the commission granted to him by the Kings Najesty [sic].
Hardcastle, Thomas, d. 1678? / [printed in the year, 1665] A sermon preached at Shadwell-Chappell in Yorkshire. By Thomas Hardcastle minister of the Gospell. Published by some of the hearers for their own vindication and the worlds satisfaction.
Harding, John, fl. 1620. / [1620] A recantation sermon preached in the gate-house at VVestminster the 30. day of Iuly 1620. In the presence of many worshipfull persons, by Iohn Harding, late Priest and Dominican Fryar. Wherein he hath declared his iust motiues which haue moued him to leaue the Church of Rome, and to vnite himselfe with the reformed Church of England, whose faith and doctrine, the ancient fathers and holy martyrs haue confirmed both by bloud and writing. Shewing herein the grose errors of Rome, in matters of faith, their corrupting the Fathers, and their present declining to some strange and future ruine.
Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572. / [1565] A confutation of a booke intituled An apologie of the Church of England, by Thomas Harding Doctor of Diuinitie
Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572. / [Anno 1568] A detection of sundrie foule errours, lies, sclaunders, corruptions, and other false dealinges, touching doctrine, and other matters vttered and practized by M.Iewel, in a booke lately by him set foorth entituled, a defence of the apologie. &c. By Thomas Harding doctor of diuinitie.
Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572. / [Anno. 1564] An ansvvere to Maister Iuelles chalenge, by Doctor Harding
Hardinge, G. (Gideon), d. 1713. / [1700] A sermon preach'd before the Society for Reformation of Manners; on Easter-Tuesday, at Kingston upon Thames, 1700. By Gideon Harding, M.A. vicar of Kingston upon Thames
Hardmeat, Tobias, d. 1703. / [1676] For the magistrates & other officers in Huntingtonshire who have been concern'd in the spoiling the goods of the innocent who meet together in obedience to the requirings of the good spirit of the Lord to worship him in his own way
Hardres, Thomas, Sir, 1610-1681. / [1693] Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of Exchequer, in the years 1655, 1656, 1657, 1658, 1659, and 1660 and from thence continued to the 21st year of the reign of His late Majesty King Charles II / the whole taken and collected by Sir Thomas Hardres ...
Hardwick, Humphrey, b. 1601 or 2. / [1644] The saints gain by death, and their assurance thereof a sermon preached at the funerall of that worthy patriot Richard More, esquire, late one of the burgesses in this present Convention of Parliament for the town of Bishops-Castle in the countie of Salop / by Humphrey Hardwick ...
Hardwick, William, priest and curate of Reigate. / [1638] Conformity with piety, requisite in Gods service. Delivered in a visitation sermon at Kingston upon Thames September 8. 1638. By William Hardwick priest and curate of Reigate, in Surry.
Hardy, Samuel, 1636-1691. / [1687] A second guide to heaven shewing that it is every mans indispensable duty and interest to secure heaven for himself ... : likewise representing to consideration the common and notorious neglects and mistakes about this business of so great concernment, the saving or losing self / by S.H. ...
Hare, Francis, 1671-1740. / [1700] A sermon preach'd at St. Marys Church in Cambridge, January the 6th being the feast of the Epiphany / by Francis Hare ...
Hare, John, 17th cent. / [1647] Plaine English to our wilfull bearers with Normanisme; or, Some queries propounded to and concerning the neglectours of Englands grand grievance and complaint lately published under the title of Anti-Normanisme.: Wherein is undeniably demonstrated, that while this nation remaines under the title of the (pretended) Conquest, she and every member of her are no other then slaves properly so called; and moreover, that (while she retaines the same title) all her and her representators contending wirh [sic] their prince for ungranted priviledges, upon any pretence whatsoever, is unwarrantable and seditious.
Harflete, Henry, fl. 1653. / [1646] Vox caelorum. Predictions defended: or, The voyce of the celestiall light, wherein is proved five things: 1 That the starres have received influences. 2 That they operate and worke upon sublunary things, according to the nature and quality of those received influences. 3 That God hath revealed those received influences to man. 4 That it is not unlawfull to predict according to the knowne nature and quality of those received influences. 5 That it is not unlawfull to call the starres by such and such names; as Pleyades, Arcturus, Orion, &c. And divers places of the Scriptures opened and cleared. With a vindication of M. William Lilly his reputation against the Epirrhesian antagonists, in these times of discovery of new lights. By Henry Harflete, practitioner in the mathematickes.
Hargrave, A. / [Printed in the year 1676] Reason in season: or, A vvord on the behalf of the non-collegiate physicians and of the right of the people in the choice of their physicians. By A. Hargrave, philomedicus.
Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612. / [1615] Epigrams both pleasant and serious, written by that all-worthy knight, Sir Iohn Harrington: and neuer before printed
Harley, Edward, Sir, 1624-1700. / [1695] A scriptural and rational account of the Christian religion particularly concerning justification only by the propitiation and redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ / by Sir Edward Harley.
Harley, Edward, Sir, 1624-1700. / [1681] An humble essay toward the settlement of peace and truth in the church, as a certain foundation of lasting union by Sir Edward Harley.
Harman, Thomas, fl. 1567. / [M.D.LXUII 1567] A caueat for commen cursetors vvlgarely called uagabones, set forth by Thomas Harman, esquier, for the vtilite and proffyt of hys naturall countrey. Newly agmented and imprinted Anno Domini. M.D.LXUII. Vewed, examined and allowed, according vnto the Queenes Maiestyes iniunctions
Harmar, Samuel. / [1642] Vox populi, or, Glostersheres desire:: with, the way and means to make a kingdome happy (by Gods help.) By setting up of schoole-masters in every parish throughout the land generally. Being fit for the help of religious ministers in their heavenly worke. And for the removing of the three capitall enormities of this land, viz. ignorance, prophanesse and idlenesse. Set forth for the benefit of all the young children in the kings dominions: with schoole-lawes and orders, for every English schoole-master, and family, to have in their houses. For the training up young children, both in godlinesse and manners, for the good of the land. With the confuting of certain objections that would hinder and make void so good a worke. by Samuel Harmar.
Harpsfield, John, 1516-1578. / [Vltimo Decembris 1556] A notable and learned sermon or homilie, made vpon saint Andrewes daye last past 1556. in the Cathedral curche of S. Paule in London, by Mayster Ihon Harpesfeild doctour of diuinitie and canon residenciary of the sayd churche, set furthe by the bishop of London.
Harrab, Thomas. / [1616] Tessaradelphus, or The four brothers. The qualities of whom are contayned in this old riddle. Foure bretheren were bred at once without flesh, bloud, or bones. One with a beard, but two had none, the fourth had but halfe one. Collected and translated, by Thomas Harrab.
Harrington, James. / [1658?] Half a sheet against Mr. Baxter:, or, A paraphrase upon a part of his works
Harrington, James, 1611-1677. / [1660] The vse and manner of the ballot
Harrington, James, 1611-1677. / [1659] The art of law-giving in III books ... : to which is added an appendix concerning an House of Peers / by J. Harrington.
Harrington, James, 1611-1677. / [1659] Aphorisms political.: By James Harrington.
Harrington, James, 1664-1693. / [1691] A defence of the proceedings of the Right Reverend the visitor and fellows of Exeter College in Oxford with an answer to : 1. The case of Exeter College related and vindicated, 2. The account examin'd.
Harrington, James, Sir, 1607-1680. / [in the year, 1669] A holy oyl; and, a sweet perfume taken out of the sanctuary of the most sacred scriptures : in allusion to those mentioned, Exod. chap. 30 vers. 22. to 37. : Compounded of many precious ingredients; and poured forth into eight vessels, or treatises, for the use, and benefit of the church of Christ, until his second coming. / By J.H. ; The contents of the eight treatises, which you may read in the two following pages.
Harris, Anthony. / [1684] An account of an apparition that appeared to Titus Oates
Harris, B. (Bartholomew) / [1688] The true copy of a letter from Mr. Harris and Mr. Annesley, two of the East-India-Companies council, left at Surrat by their General, Sir John Child, Barronet, when he and the rest of the English nation departed the Indian shoar [sic], and retired to Bombay to begin the late war against the Great Mogul and his subjects
Harris, Benjamin, d. 1716? / [Mar. 19, 1680/1. i.e. 1681] To the honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament the case and humble petition of Benjamin Harris, bookseller prisoner in the Kings-bench.
Harris, Edward, fl. 1587-1590. / [1590] [A sermon preached at Hitchin in ...] 1587. the of Nouember [...].
Harris, Edward, fl.1587-1590. / [1588] A sermon preached at Brocket Hall, before the right vvorshipfull, Sir Iohn Brocket, and other gentlemen there assembled for the trayning of souldiers.
Harris, John, 1667?-1719. / [1697] A letter to Dr. Tancred Robinson, in answer to some passages in his to Mr. VVotton, relating to Mr. Harris's remarks on some late papers, &c.
Harris, John, 1667?-1719. / [1698] The atheist's objections against the immaterial nature of God, and incorporeal substances, refuted in two sermons preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, April 4th and May 2nd, 1698 : being the fourth and fifth lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris.
Harris, John, Capt. / [printed in the year, 1651] To the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, and every individuall member thereof. The second humble representation of Capt. John Harris, in answer unto a scandalous paper, lately exhibited in the name of one John Cox, pretended agent of severall trustees mentioned in the ordinance for payment of Master Pyms debts
Harris, John, fl. 1647. / [February 9. 1647. i.e. 1648] The royall quarrell, or Englands lawes and liberties vindicated,: and mantained, against the tyrannicall usurpations of the Lords. By that faithfull patriot of his country Sr. John Maynard, a late member of the House of Commons, but now prerogative prisoner in the Tower of London. Being a legall justification of him, and all those other Lords and aldermen, unjustly imprisoned under pretence of treason, and other misdemeanours; the proceedings against them being illegall, and absolutely destructive to Magna Charta, and the petition of right. Also his protest against the Lords jurisdiction over him, and his appeale unto the Common Law, for tryall, proved both reasonable, and legall. / By Sirrahnio, an utter enemy to tyrannie and injustice.
Harris, John, fl. 1647. / [Printed in the last yeare of Englands slavery, 1647] The grand designe:: or A discovery of that forme of slavery, entended, and in part brought upon the free people of England; by a powerfull party in the Parliament : and L. G. Crumwell, Commissary Gen. Ireton, and others of that facton [sic] in the Army; tending to the utter ruine, and enslaving of the whole nation. With the true grounds of the Kings removall to the Isle of Wight. Also the pretended designe of levelling refuted, and cleared from those false aspersions lately cast upon the authors and promoters of the Peoples Agreement. / Written by Sirrahniho, not an invective, but moderate and impartiall observer of the transactions of the Parliament and Army.
Harris, Malachi, 1606 or 7-1684. / [Anno M. DC. XXXIX. 1639] Brittaines hallelujah or A sermon of thanksgiving for the happy pacification in Brittaine preached in the English church at Hamburch before his excellency the right honorable Sir Thomas Rovve Lord Ambassador Extraordinary for his Mayesty of Greate Brittaine in Germany, &c. And to the vvorshipfull & famous Society of Merchant Adventurers & some cavelliers of Scotland By Ma. Harris Batchelour in Divinity, fellovv of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge & chaplaine to his excellency.
Harris, Richard, d. 1613? / [1614] The English concord in ansvver to Becane's English iarre: together with a reply to Becan's Examen of the English Concord. By Richard Harris, Dr. in Diuinitie.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1632] The vvay to true happinesse Deliuered in XXIV. sermons vpon the Beatitudes. By Robert Harris, B. in Diuinity, and pastor of Hanwell. Also, a treatise of the nevv couenant; set forth sermon-wise, on Ezechiel the XI. By the same authour.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [in the yeare. 1648] Two letters written by Mr Harris: in vindication of himselfe from the known slanders of an unknown author. To my reverend friend M. Harris. Sir, it will not (I hope) offend you to see your private letters made publique, it concernes you, and others, to vindicate your selves in the catching age, and the sooner 'tis done the better, chide me if you will, yet I will be yours still, W.T. May 2. 1648.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1654] Severall sermons of Robert Harris once of Hanwell, now president of Trinity College in Oxon, and Doctor of Divinity being a supplement to his works formerly printed in folio ... / by Robert Harris ...
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] Tvvo sermons: the one preached before the iudges of assize at Oxford. The other to the Vniuersitie. By Robert Harris
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [M. DC. XLII. 1642] A sermon preached to the honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, at a publike fast, May, 25. 1642.: By Robert Harris, Batchelor of Divinity and Pastor of Hanwell. Oxon. Published by order of that House.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1654] A brief discourse of mans estate in the first and second Adam. Shewing these six points, I Man had a glorious beginning. II Man is much varied from himself. III Mans sin was caused by himself. IV Mans misery followes his non-dependence on God. V Man once off from God, and left to himself wanders irrecoverably. VI Saints by Christ, are in a very happy state. By Robert Harris once of Hanwell, now President of Trinity College in Oxon, and Doctor of Divinity.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1618] Samuels funerall. Or A sermon preached at the funerall of Sir Anthonie Cope Knight, and Barronnet. By Mr. Robert Harrice.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] S. Pauls confidence. Deliuered in a sermon before the iudges of assise. By Robert Harris.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1624] Peters enlargement vpon the prayers of the Church. By Master Harris.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1622] Gods goodnes and mercy. Layd open in a sermon, preached at Pauls-Crosse on the last of Iune. 1622. By Mr Robert Harris, pastour of the church of God in Hanvvell in Oxfordshire.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] Dauids comfort at Ziklag. A plaine sermon made in time of dearth and scarcitie of corne and worke. By Robert Harris.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] The blessednesse of a sound spirit: vvith the misery of a vvounded spirit. VVhere first a sound spirit is described and differenced, and lets discouered, helpes prescribed. By Robert Harris.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1641] Abners funerall, or, a sermon preached at the funerall of that learned and noble knight, Sir Thomas Lucie. By Robert Harris, B.D. and Pastor of the Church at Hanwell, Oxon.:
Harrison, George, gent. / [1657] An elegie on the death of the Right Honourable Robert Blake, Esq.: One of the generals at sea, who departed the 7. of August 1657. on board the George near Plymouth Sound.
Harrison, Henry, d. 1692. / [1692] Gods revenge against murther containing the confessions, prayers, discourses, and last dying sayings of Mr. Edward Harrison, who was try'd, convicted, and deservedly sentenced the sixth and ninth of this instant April, 1692. for the late unheard of murther of Dr. Clench; and accordingly executed in Holborn, on Friday the fifteenth following. Licensed according to order.
Harrison, Joseph. / [MDCLXXXIV. 1684] The popish proselyte the grand fanatick. Or an antidote against the poyson of Captain Robert Everard's Epistle to the several congregations of the non-conformists
Harrison, Michael, Minister at Potters-Pury. / [1700] A gospel church describ'd in its author, names, head, matter, form, and end wherein are various cases concerning the ministery, divination, admission of members, discipline, schism ... / by Michael Harrison in Potters-Pury.
Harrison, Michael, Minister at Potters-Pury. / [1691] Christ's righteousness a believer's surest plea for eternal life, or, The doctrine of justification by the imputation of the righteousness of Christ stated, cleared, and vindicated in several sermons on Rom. 3. 22 / by Michael Harrison, minister of Casfield in Bucks.
Harrison, Michael, Minister at Potters-Pury. / [1691] The best match, or, The believer's marriage with Christ a sermon on the parable of the marriage of the king's son, Mat. 22. 1, 2, &c. : preached at Potters Pury in Northamptonshire, September the 29th, 1690 / by Michael Harrison ... ; to which is added four hymns ...
Harrison, Robert, d. 1585? / [1583] Three formes of catechismes conteyning the most principall pointes of religion. R.H.
Harrison, Stephen, joiner and architect. / [1613] The arch's of triumph erected in honor of the high and mighty prince. Iames. the first of that name. King, of England. and the sixt of Scotland at his Maiesties entrance and passage through his honorable citty & chamber of London. vpon the 15th. day of march 1603. Invented and published by Stephen Harrison ioyner and architect: and graven by William Kip..
Harrison, T. (Thomas), fl. 1683-1711. / [1689] The doctrine of passive obedience and jure divino disproved and obedience to the present government, proved from Scripture, law, and reason. Written for the satisfaction of all those who are dissatisfyed at the present government: by a lay-man of the Church of England.
Harrison, T. (Thomas), fl. 1683-1711. / [anno Dom. 1689] The doctrine of passive obedience and jure divino disproved and obedience to the present government, proved from Scripture, law, and reason. Written for the satisfaction of all of those who are dissatisfied at the present government: by a lay-man of the Church of England.
Harrison, Thomas, 1606-1660. / [1660] A declaration of Maj. Gen. Harrison prisoner in the Tower of London:: with his rules and precepts, to all publike churches, and private congregations: and an answer thereunto; also, the resolution of the Fifth-Monarchy-Men, Anabaptists, Quakers, and others.
Harrison, Thomas, 1619-1682. / [1659] Threni Hybernici: or, Ireland sympathising with England and Scotland, in a sad lamentation for the loss of their Josiah. Represented in a sermon at Christ-Church in Dublin before His Excellency the Lord Deputy, with divers of the nobility, gentry, and commonality there assembled, to celebrate a funerall solemnity upon the death of the late Lord Protector. By Dr. Harrison, chief chaplain to his said Excellency.
Harrison, Thomas, fl. 1700. / [1694] A sermon on the decease of Mr. Hanserd Knollis, minister of the Gospel Preached at Pinners-Hall, Octob. 4. 1691. By Tho. Harrison.
Harrison, William, d. 1625. / [1614] The difference of hearers. Or An exposition of the parable of the sower. Deliuered in certaine sermons at Hyton in Lancashire By William Harrison, his Maiesties preacher there. Together with a post-script to the Papists in Lancashire, containing an apologie for the points of controuersie touched in the sermons.
Harriss, Charles. / [1670] A Scriptural chronicle of Satans incendiaries viz., hard-hearted persecutors and malicious informers with their work, wages, and ends, who were instruments of cruelty against true worshippers / collected by Charles Harriss.
Hart, Henry, fl. 1549. / [Anno. 1548. the. 23. October] A godly newe short treatyse instructyng euery parson, howe they shulde trade theyr lyues in ye imytacyon of vertu, and ye shewyng of vyce [et] declaryng also what benefyte man hath receaued by christ, through theiffusyon of hys most precyous blowde.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1678] A warning-piece to the sloathful, idle, careless, drunken and secure ones of these last and worst times wherein the danger that attends everyone that delights in any of these vices may be avoided, and the reward of those that have their conversation in holinesse may be attained.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1647] Trodden dovvn strength, by the God of strength,: or, Mrs Drake revived. Shewing her strange and rare case, great and many uncouth afflictions, for tenne yeares together : together, with the strange and wonderfull manner how the Lord revealed himselfe unto her, a few dayes before her death. / Related by her somtime unworthy friend, Hart On-Hi.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1688] The school of grace; or, A book of good nurture for the admonition and instruction of youth and age in the fear of the Lord. With godly instructions, graces, & prayers describing the whole duty of a Christian. By J. Hart, B.B. The 19th. edition. Fear God, honour the King.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1665] The plain mans plain path-way to heaven directing every man how he may be saved.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1662] Heavens glory, and hells horror: or, the parable of Dives and Lazarus opened and applied. Wherein, the everlasting joy of the saints and the endless torments of the wicked are discovered: for the confort of the one, and terror of the other. By J.H. a servant of Jesus Christ.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1666] A godly sermon of Peter's repentance, after he had denyed his lord and master Jesus Christ, as it is in his repentance, he wept bitterly for his sins. / ... by a godly pastor.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1649] The fort-royal of the Scriptures, or, The vade-mecum concordance presenting unto the world an hundred heads of Scripture, most of them common-placed for publique use : wherein all (especially the weaker sort of Christians) may suddenly command most of all the rarities in the book of God / by an admirer of the word.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1654] The firebrand taken out of the fire, or, The wonderfull history, case, and cure of Mis Drake, sometimes the wife of Francis Drake of Esher in the county of Surrey, Esq., who was under the power and severe discipline of Satan for the space of ten yeares, and was redeemed from his tyranny in a wonderfull manner a little before her death, by the great mercy of God, and (instrumentally) by the extraordinary paines, prayers, and fasting, of foure reverend divines, whose names are here subscribed, viz. B. Vsher, D. Preston, M. Hooker, M. Dod
Hart, John, D.D. / [1674] Englands faithful physician, or, Precious soul-saving and soul-searching remedies through grace faithfully applyed for the healing and preserving this sinful, sick nation from ruine and destruction whereby this heavy judgment of God in visiting us with the plague and pestilence which we have lain under may upon our hearty and unfeigned repentance, may be prevented for the future among us : together with a speedy way to grace and salvation through together with a speedy way to grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1663] The dreadfull character of a drunkard. Or, the odious and beastly sin of drunkenness described and condemned. Shewing the fearful judgements that have befallen notorious drunkards: with brief exhortations to perswade men from that swinish and abominable sin.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1664] The Christians best garment: or, The putting on of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wherein the absolute necessity, excellency, and usefulness of Christ, as a garment, to believing souls, is briefly open and applied. Secondly, the naked, miserable, lost, and undone condition of all unbelievers, who have not put on this garment, discovered. Thirdly and lastly, some few brief, but powerful motives to perswade us to the putting on of this garment, with directions how to live to the glory of Christ here, that so we may live with Christ hereafter in glory. By a godly, able, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ.
Hart, John, D.D. / [Anno Dom. 1664] Christ's last sermon, or, The everlasting estate and condition of all men in the world to come. Exactly describing the everlasting, blessed, and happy condition of the children of God in glory for ever: with the everlasting, endlesse, and caseless [sic] condition of wicked men in the world to come forever. Set forth for the comfort of the godly, and for the terror of the ungodly. / By a godly, able and faithfull servant of Jesus Christ, J.H.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1663] Christ's first sermon, or, The absolute necessity, gospel duty, and Christian practice of repentance,: opened and applied, by a godly, able, and faithful minister of Jesus Christ. ; Wherein is discovered, what repentance is, as also the great necessity thereof to salvation: with the great folly and desperate madness of all those that delay and put off repentance unto a sick bed, or old age. ; Together with the great benefit, joy, and comfort that shall be to the souls of all those that timely and truly repent.
Hart, John, D.D. / [1662] The charitable Christian, or, A word of comfort from the God of comfort, to such as are truly poor and a word of Christian counsel and advice to such as are worldly rich, stirring them up to the Christian duty and practice of charity : with some powerful motives and perswasions thereunto, drawn from the Word of God, to convince men of the necessity of this Christian duty, with the sore evils and calamities which are threatned in the Word of God against unmerciful men / published by a lover of hospitality.
Hart, Richard, Friend to all the conformable clergy and laity of the true and apostolical Church of England. / [1683] Parish churches turn'd into conventicles by serving God therein, and worshiping him otherwise then according to the established liturgy and practice of the Church of England in particular, by reading the communion service or any part thereof in the desk, or plain reasons and undeniable authorities alledged for the reading of the second service, or the communion service when there is no communion at the altar or holy table ... / by Richard Hart, a friend to all the conformable clergy and laity of the true and apostolical Church of England by law established.
Hart, Thomas, 1629-1704. / [1659] The foundation and rise of many of the practices, customs, and formallities of the priests, lawyers, and people of England examined, and found to be from the pope and his authority in some queries to the priests, lawyers, and professors, for any of them to answer : in order to the purging of themselves (if they can) from being truly adjudged the practisers and upholders of the Popes superstitions, innovations, institutions, and imposings, since the time (and against the practises) of the Apostles, and pure primitive church / by a member of the true Church that is in God, in whose name and behalf this is printed, by me, Thomas Hart.
Hartcliffe, John, 1651-1712. / [1691] A treatise of moral and intellectual virtues wherein their nature is fully explained and their usefulness proved, as being the best rules of life ... : with a preface shewing the vanity and deceitfulness of vice / by John Hartcliffe ...
Hartcliffe, John, 1651-1712. / [1694] A sermon preached before the right honourable the lord mayor and court of alderman, at St. Bride's church, on Wednesday in Easter-week, April 11th. 1694 by John Hartcliffe ...
Hartcliffe, John, 1651-1712. / [1695] A sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret Westminster, on the thirtieth of January, 1694/5 by John Hartcliffe ...
Hartcliffe, John, 1651-1712. / [1684] A sermon preached at the Oxford-shire feast, at St Mary le Bow, November 29, 1683 by John Hartcliffe ...
Hartley, William, of Stony-Stratford. / [1649] The priests patent cancelled, or the lay-mans answer, to the priests objections. Wherein the pretended grounds of the Ministery for the upholding of their arbitrary practises, over the consciences and estates of the people are answered, and refuted, by undeniable arguments from scripture and reason. / By William Hartley.
Hartley, William, of Stony-Stratford. / [1650] Good news to all people. Glad tydings for all men. God good unto all, and Christ the saviour of the world: or, The general point faithfully handled by way of exercise: or A sermon: preached at Buckingham upon the 25 of March, being (as so called) Easter-day. By William Hartley.
Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. / [1651] Samuel Hartlib his legacie: or An enlargement of the Discourse of husbandry used in Brabant and Flaunders; wherein are bequeathed to the Common-wealth of England more outlandish and domestick experiments and secrets in reference to universall husbandry. Entered according to the late Act concerning printing.
Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. / [1644] The necessity of some nearer conjunction and correspondency amongst evangelicall Protestants, for the advancement of the nationall cause, and bringing to passe the effect of the covenant.:
Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. / [Anno 1641] A description of the famous. Kingdome of Macaria;: shewing its excellent government : wherein the inhabitants live in great prosperity, health, and happinesse; the king obeyed, the nobles honoured; and all good men respected, vice punished, and vertue rewarded. An example to other nations. In a dialogue between a schollar and a traveller.
Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. / [Anno 1647] Considerations tending to the happy accomplishment of Englands reformation in church and state.: Humbly presented to the piety and wisdome of the High and Honourable Court of Parliament.
Harvard College (1636-1780) / [idibus sextilibus: MDCLXXVIII. 1678] Illustrissimis viris tam pietate quam prudentiãa atque auctoritate spectatissimis; ornatissimis D. Johanni Leveretto. D Josiæ Winslowæo. D. Guilielmo Leitto. Fœderatarum Nov-Angliæ Coloniarum Massachuset Plimouth Connecticut: gubernatoribus honoratissimis; cœterisque in magistratus onere et honore conjugatis, ad reipublicæ clavum jugiter excubantibus, incolumitatis publicæ apprimé studiosis; nec non reverendissimis cum academiæ, tum ecclesiatum curatoribus, theologis doctissimis et gravissimis; omnibus detuó et fiagulis bonarum literatum candidans, benevolis academiæ [1 word, greek, illegible] theses hasce, quas ([4 words, greek, illegible]) sub Rev: Uriano Oakes, Ecclesiæ Cantabrigiensis pastore, Collegii Harvardini Præside pro tempore, [greek, illegible] discutiendas, proponunt juvenes [3 words, greek, illegible] Johannes Cottonus. Cottonus Matherus. Grindallus Rawsonus. Urianus Oakes. D.D.D Q.
Harvey, Christopher, 1597-1663. / [1679] The synagogue, or, The shadow of the temple sacred poems and private ejaculations, in imitation of Mr. George Herbert.
Harvey, Christopher, d. ca. 1602. / [1636] The conditions of Christianity, or, The termes upon which Christ will be followed: a necessary consideration for them that otherwise would bee apt to take up religion upon trust, and only keep company with Christ awhile for fashion sake / by Mr. Christopher Harvey, sometime minister of Gods word at Bunbury in Cheshire.
Harvey, Gabriel, 1550?-1631. / [1592] Foure letters, and certaine sonnets especially touching Robert Greene, and other parties, by him abused: but incidently of diuers excellent persons, and some matters of note. To all courteous mindes, that will voutchsafe the reading.
Harvey, John, gentleman. / [in the yeare, 1647] Londons lawless liberty: or A Gozmonian partie licensed.: Being a true discoverie of a pack of prodigious knaves, who have under pretence of an act of Common Councell of the City of London, seized (as they tearme it) and taken away from divers free-men of the same city, their true aud [sic] proper goods, and that in such a horrid and uncivil[l?] manner, as no heathens whatsoever, could with more cruelty have exercised the same. Together with a particular of the names of some of those persons which have had their goods illegally taken away, as the same was attested under their hands, and presented to the adjutators of the army, under the command of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, Captaine Generall of all the forces in England and Wales, the 27. of August, 1647. / Published by Iohn Harvey Gentleman.
Harvey, William, fl. 1657-1705. / [1655] The sectaries downfall: or, A treatise of the calling of ministers. Wherein the orthodox clergie are approved to be the onely true and lawfull pastors of the Church of God. That all others besides them, (pretend what they please) for their usurping the ministry, without any lawfull call, are but thieves and robbers, and seducers of the people. By William Harvey, minister of the Gospell of Iesus Christ.
Harvey, William, fl. 1657-1705. / [printed in the year 1659] The marriners card and compass. Or The best way to attain heaven amidst a sinfull and crooked generation. By William Harvey, minister of the Word.
Harvey, William, minister of the Word. / [1657] Truth may be blam'd but not sham'd a sermon upon Matth. 16 v.13, 14, 15, 16 : wherein truth and errour are brought upon the stage act their parts / by William Harvey, minister of the Word.
Harvey, William, minister of the Word. / [1661] Divine meditations upon some of the virtuous, and vitious women, in the Scriptures wherein, as in a glass, every one may see their own faces; whether fair, or foul; deformed, or comely. A work worthy their spare-hours; which, by the grace of God, may work an holy emulation in many, either to equal, or out-vie their sex in virtue. By William Harvey, minister of the Word of God.
Harward, Michael. / [1673] The herds-man's mate, or, A guide for herds-men teaching how to cure all diseases in bulls, oxen, cows and calves, gathered from sundry good authors, and well approved by the authour, in his thirty years practice : also many cures found out by himself, and never yet written, gathered into this portable volume, and sent abroad for the good of the common-wealth ... : being very profitable for all those that either have, or take charge of keeping this laborious, good, and fruitful kind of cattle / gathered and prosessed by Michael Harward.
Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614. / [1582] Two godlie and learned sermons, preached at Manchester in Lancashire before a great audience, both of honor and vvoorship. The first, containeth a proofe of the subtill practises of dissembling neuters, and politique worldlings. The other, a charge and instruction, for all vnlearned, negligent, and dissolute ministers: and an exhortation to the common people, to seeke their amendment, by prayer, vnto God. By Simon Harward, preacher of the woord of God, and Maister of Arte, late of Newe Colledge in Oxfoord.
Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614. / [1604] A discourse concerning the soule and spirit of man. Wherein is described the essence and dignity thereof, the gifts and graces wherewith God hath endued it, and the estate thereof, aswell present as future. And thereunto is annexed in the end a bipartite instruction, or exhortation, concerning the duties of our thankfulnesse towards God. Written by Simon Harvvard.
Harwood, James. / [1654] The plea for the Common prayer book in two parts / by James Harwood.
Harwood, James. / [1655] The passing bell by James Harwood.
Harwood, James. / [1654] The Lords Prayer unclasped:: with a vindication of it, against all [brace] schismatics. Hereticks, cal'd [brace] enthusiasts. Fratra cilli. / By James Harwood, B.D.
Harwood, James. / [1659] The ministers office, the infants inheritance. By James Harwood, B.D.
Harwood, James. / [1662] A free-will offering by James Harwood ...
Harwood, John. / [1655] A warning from the Lord to the city of Oxford.:
Harwood, John. / [1662] A vvarning to the rulers in Surrey, &c.: with a true relation of some of the passages at Kingston sessions, set forth for the prevention of false reports.
Harwood, John. / [1655] A vvarning from the Lord, to the town of Cambridge.:
Harwood, John. / [1663] To all people that profess the eternal truth of the living God this is a true and real demonstration of the cause why I have denied and do deny the authority of George Fox ...
Harwood, John. / [1658] A description of the true temple and worship of God. And Jesus Christ manifested to be the head of the Church, which is his body, and the onely pastour and also the members of the body of Christ, known by their fruits, from the synagogue of Antichrist, with a few words to the Romane Catholicks. Likewise the order of the church in God the body of Christ made manifest, and the disorder of the synagogue of Antichrist.
Harwood, John. / [1659] The lying prophet discovered and reproved in an answer to several particulars in a book called The Quakers downfal, said to be written by Lawrence Claxton ... : with several of his damnable doctrines ... : also twelve particulars which he and his companion Lodowick Muggleton uttered ... / given forth ... by a Friend of truth, John Harwood.
Harwood, Richard, d. 1669. / [M.DC.XLV. 1645] The loyall subiect's retiring-roome,: opened in a sermon at St Maries, on the 13th day of Iuly, (being Act-Sunday) in the after-noone. A.D. 1645, before the Honourable members of both Houses of Parliament, assembled in Oxford. / By R, H. M, A. [sic].
Harwood, Richard, d. 1669. / [1644] King David's sanctuary, or, A sermon preached before His Majesty the fourth of Febr. 1643 at Christ-Church in Oxford by Richard Harwood ...
Hascard, Gregory. / [1679] A sermon preached upon the fifth of November, 1678 microform : at St. Clements Danes / by Gregory Hascard.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1685] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the lord mayor Sir James Smith, the Right Worshipful the aldermen and sheriffs of the city of London, and the governours of the hospitals on Tuesday in Easter last, at the parish-church of St. Botolph Aldgate / by Greg. Hascard.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1680] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable Sir James Edwards, Lord Mayor, in St. Lawrence Church on the feast of St. Michael, 1679, at the election of Sir Robert Clayton to be Lord Mayor for the ensuing year by Greg. Hascard ...
Hascard, Gregory. / [1696] A sermon preach'd before the King at His Majesty's chappel in Windsor-Castle, Novemb. 10, 1695 by Greg. Hascard.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1696] A sermon preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Westminster, January the 30th, 1695/6 by Gregory Hascard.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1668] Gladius justitiae, a sermon preached at the assizes held at Lincoln, March 9, 1667/8 William Welby, esq. being Sheriff of the County / by G.H. M.A.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1683] A discourse about edification in answer to a question, whether it is lawful for any man to forsake the communion of the Church of England, and go to the separate meetings, because he can better edifie there?.
Hasclock, John. / [1650] A letter from Lysbone,: directed to Captain Thomas Harrison: wherein is contained a brief relation of the several transactions between the Parliaments fleet, and Prince Ruperts, both lying in the river of Lysbone. Also the King of Portugals congratulation with the States General. Together with a list of the several vessels and commanders of each fleet.
Haslewood, John, b. 1647. / [1700] A sermon preached at St. Olave Southwark, September the 8th, 1700 occasioned by the recantation of Dr. Joh. Spire, lately a Quaker : which said recantation is added at the end / by John Haslewood ...
Hassal, George. / [1648] The designe of God in the saints, or, The spirit transporting the minde of a Christian from the humane nature into the divine in the carrying on of which designe, the saint is a meere passive / by George Hassal.
Hattecliffe, Vincent. / [1659] Aut Deus aut nihil God or nothing, or, a logicall method comprised in twelve propositions, deducing from the actual being of what we evidently experience, the unavoidable necessity of a God, against the atheists of our age and nation / by Vincent Hattecliffe.
Hatton, Christopher, Sir, 1540-1591. / [CI.I.LXXIX. Iulij. XXIIII 24 July 1579] A true report of the most gratious and mercifull message of Hir Most Excellent Maiestie sent by the righte honourable Sir Christopher Hatton Knight, vizchamberlaine, & one of Hir Highnesse most honourable priuie counsell, to the place where Thomas Appeltree should haue suffered for his most traitorlike action ; with such other discourse as it pleased him to vse vpon the matter at the same time, wherein nothing is added, but his onely speach verbatim, as my weake memorie would serue me to doe it.
Hatton, Edward, b. 1664? / [1695] The merchant's magazine, or, Trades-man's treasury containing vulgar arithmetick in whole numbers, with the reason and demonstration of each rule, adorn'd with curious copper cutts of the chief tables and titles : also vulgar and decimal fractions, after a new, easie and practical method : merchants accompts, or rules of practice : shewing how to cast up the value of merchandize, and to make allowance for tare and trett, ,,, with tables of foreign coin in sterling, and a large table for reducing the one to the other : also foreign weight and measure compar'd with the English, and the weight and value of the current gold of this kingdom : likewise, rules of barter, loss and gain, rules of fellowship, and equating time of payment : also how to find the simple or compound intrest of any summ for any time ... book-keeping, after a plain, easie and natural method : skewing how to enter, post, close, and ballance any accompt, &c. : and lastly, maxims to be abserved in drawing, and accepting bills of exchange, ... / by Edw. Hatton.
Hauskins, Thomas. / [An. Dom. 1651] A sermon preached at Hievvorth at the funerall of Edmund Warneford Esq.: By Thomas Hauskins minister of Gods word. On the 24. of August. 1649.
Hausted, Peter, d. 1645. / [1636] Ten sermons, preached vpon seuerall Sundayes and saints dayes 1 Vpon the Passion of our Blessed Savior. 2 Vpon his resurrection. 3 Vpon S. Peters Day. 4 Vpon S. Iohn the Baptists Day. 5 Vpon the Day of the blessed Innocents. 6 Vpon Palme Sunday. 7 and 8 Vpon the two first Sundays in Advent. 9 and 10 Vpon the parable of the Pharisee and publicane, Luke 18. Together with a sermon preached at the assises at Huntington. By P. Hausted Mr. in Arts, and curate at Vppingham in Rutland.
Hausted, Peter, d. 1645. / [in the yeare 1644] Ad populum: or, A lecture to the people.:
Havers, Clopton, d. 1702. / [1691] Osteologia nova, or, Some new observations of the bones, and the parts belonging to them, with the manner of their accretion, and nutrition, communicated to the Royal Society in several discourses to which is added a fifth discourse of the cartilages / by Clopton Havers ...
Havighurst, Johannes, b. 1701. / [1650] Festered consciences new launced: or, tith-paying defended against William Westup and Thomas Puckle: Penned by way of an epistle to every one, who had rather disburden his purse then burden his conscience. By Hierophilus, a young fencer.
Haviland, Matthew. / [1635?] A monument of Gods most gracious preservation of England from Spanish invasion, Aug. 2. 1588. and Popish treason, Novem. 5. 1605.
Haward, Jeremiah. / [1654] Here followeth a true relation or some of the sufferings inflicted upon the servrnts [sic] of the Lord, who are called Quakers by this generation of evil-doers as will appear by the fruits of the schollars and proctors of the University of Oxford, who from the very first appearance of the Lord amongst his people in Oxford, until this time, hath manifested their fruits, and of what stock and generation they are, which fruits now are laid open, that all may see their wickednesse, and may depart from them and their evil works, least they partake of their judgements.
Haward, Lazarus. / [1646. i.e. 1647] A fevv collections for Irelands souldiers.:
Haward, Lazarus. / [1647] The charges issuing forth of the crown revenue of England, and dominion of VVales.: With the severall officers of His Majesties courts, customes, housholds, houses, castles, townes of war, forts, bulwarks, forrests, parks, chases, with their severall fees and allowances, according to the ancient establishment of the kingdome. And also the valuation of the bishops, and deanes lands, with the tenths paid out of the same. / By Captaine Lazarus Haward.
Hawes, Stephen, d. 1523? / [1531?] The conuercyon of swerers.
Hawes, Stephen, d. 1523? / [1509] [The pastime of pleasure]:
Hawke, Michael. / [1655] The right of dominion, and property of liberty, whether natural, civil, or religious. Wherein are comprised the begining and continuance of dominion by armes; the excellency of monarchy, and the necessity of taxes, with their moderation. As also the necessity of his Highness acceptation of the empire, averred and approved by presidents of præterit ages, with the firm settlement of the same against all forces whatsoever. / By M.H. Master in Arts, and of the Middle Temple.
Hawke, Michael. / [1657] Killing is murder, and no murder, or, An exercitation concerning a scurrilous pamphlet of one William Allen, a Jesuitical impostor, intituled, Killing no murder wherein His Highness honor is vindicated and Allens impostors discovered : and wherein the true grounds of government are stated, and his fallacious principles detected and rejected : as also his calumnious scoffs are perstringed and cramb'd down his own throat / by Mich. Hawke, of the Middle-Temple, Gentl.
Hawke, Michael. / [1657] The grounds of the lawes of England; extracted from the fountaines of all other learning: and digested methodically into cases, for the use and benefit of all practicers, and students. With a commixtion of divers scattered grounds concerning the reasonable construction of the law. / By M.H. of the Middle-Temple.
Hawkins, Francis, 1628-1681. / [1681] A narrative, being a true relation of what discourse passed between Dr. Hawkins and Edward Fitz-Harys, Esq., late prisoner in the tower with the manner of taking his confession.
Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. / [1689] A reply to a sheet of paper, intituled, The magistracy and government of England vindicated, or, A justification of the English method of proceedings against criminals, by way of answer to the defence of the late Lord Russel's innocence, &c. written by John Hawles ...
Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. / [1689] Remarks upon the tryals of Edward Fitzharris, Stephen Colledge, Count Coningsmark, the Lord Russel, Collonel Sidney, Henry Cornish, and Charles Bateman as also on the Earl of Shaftsbury's grand jury, Wilmore's Homine replegiando, and the award of execution against Sir Thomas Armstrong / by John Hawles.
Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. / [1680] The grand-jury-man's oath and office explained, and the rights of English-men asserted a dialogue between a barrister at law and a grand-jury man.
Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. / [1680] The English-mans right a dialogue between a barrister at law and a jury-man : plainly setting forth, I. the antiquity of juries : II. the excellent designed use of juries : III. the office and just priviledges of juries, by the law of England.
Haworth, William. / [1674] The Quaker converted to Christianity re-established, upon the same, sure, safe, and only foundation, Jesus Christ crucified, and his righteousness imputed for justification : having yet no mind to change the sweet and easie Yoke of Christ's Gospel, for the Old Covenant-Yoke of Quakerism, which he found so burdensome and intolerable, or, A full reply to a book entituled, Rebellion rebuked, written by John Crook and William Baily, both in the ministry among the Quakers / written by William Haworth ... ; with an account from William Dimsdale ...
Haworth, William. / [1676] Animadversions upon a late quibling libel from the Hartford Quakers, stiled, A testimony for the man Christ Jesus demonstrating that it is not the same true and real man Christ Jesus that they give testimony unto, but another false and feigned Jesus, or, A fresh and fuller draught of the same antidote, against the poyson presented in the whores golden cup / by Will. Haworth.
Haydock, Roger, 1643-1696. / [1700] A collection of the Christian writings, labours, travels, and sufferings of that faithful and approved minister of Jesus Christ, Roger Haydock to which is added an account of his death and burial.
Haydock, Roger, 1643-1696. / [1676] The skirmisher confounded being a collection of several passages taken forth of some books of John Cheyney's, who stiles himself the author of the skirmish upon Quakerism : in which is the baseness, wickedness, contradictions, lyes, hypocrisie, unbelief, confusion and blasphemy of that skirmishing priest discovered, and he laid open to the view of every one who shall read with a single eye / collected by ... Roger Haydocke.
Hayes, Walter, fl. 1678. / [1670?] If any gentleman studious in the mathematicks, have, or shal have occasion for instruments thereunto belonging ...
Hayes, William, b. 1595 or 6. / [Anno Dom. 1624] The paragon of Persia; or The lavvyers looking-glasse. Opened in a sermon at S. Maries in Oxford, at the Assises, the 7 day of Iuly, 1624. By William Hayes, Master of Arts of Magdalen Hall.
Hayne, Thomas, 1582-1645. / [Printed in the yeare 1642] Of the article of our creed: Christ descended to Hades, or ad Inferos.: Posit. 1. Christs soule went to Hades, or ad Inferos. 2. It concerns a Christian to know the right meaning of this article. Quest. 1. What is meant in the creed by this article? 2. Did Christs soule goe to heaven or Gehenna? With answers to both of them severally.
Haynes, Thomas, fl. 1696. / [1696?] To the honourable the Commons of England in Parliament assembled. A proposal concerning the coin of this kingdom. Humbly proposed by Thomas Haynes.
Hayter, Richard, 1611?-1684. / [Anno Dom. 1676] The apocalyps unveyl'd, or, A paraphrase on the Revelation of the holy apostle and evangelist John the Devine in which the syncronisms of Mr. Joseph Mede, and the expositions of other interpreters are called in question, and a new exposition given of the prophecies of the Revelation, never before extant in any author, from the 6th chapter to the 18th, with variety of reasons for the exposition / by An Orthodox Divine.
Hayter, Whytefield, merchant, fl. 1695. / [1695] Information for Whytefield Hayter, and James Chiesly merchants in London, and partners. Against the skinners in Edinburgh.
Hayward, Amey. / [1699] The females legacy containing, divine poems, on several choice subjects : commended to all godly women / written by Mrs. Amey Hayward ...
Hayward, Edward, 17th cent. / [1656] The ansvver of Edward Hayward,: clerk of the survey at Chatham, (meerly for his own vindication) to a most abusive and scandalous pamphlet, lately published and dispersed by George Kendall, M.A. (as he stiles himself) and clerk of the survey at Deptford, and Woolwich.
Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627. / [1607] The second part of the sanctuary of a troubled soule. Newly enlarged by Io. Hayvvard
Hayward, Roger, 1639-1680. / [1676] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, January XVI, 1675/6 by Roger Hayward.
Haywood, William, 1599 or 1600-1663. / [1663] A Sermon disswading obloquie against governours preached on Sunday Decemb. 7, 1662 in a solemne audience, and now, at the request of divers that heard it, made publick / by William Haywood.
Haywood, William, 1599 or 1600-1663. / [1642] Tvvo sermons preached in the parish church of St. Giles in the fields, by way of preparative upon the Articles of the Creed by VVilliam Haywood ...
Haywood, William, 1599 or 1600-1663. / [1660] A sermon prepared to be preached at the funerall of Walter Norbane, esq; by W. Haywood Dr. in divinity: one of the chaplains in ordinary to his late Majesty of glorious memory.