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Goad, J. (John), 1616-1689. / [1664] Panta dokimazete a sermon treating of the tryall of all things by the Holy Scriptures, the confest rule of faith and practice : shewing the deplorable abuse of that rule, with an attempt touching the examen of ceremonies / delivered in St. Paul's Cathedral November 8, being the xxi Sunday after Trinity, by J.G.
Goad, Thomas, 1576-1638. / [1661] Stimluus [sic] orthodoxus, sive Goadus redivivus A disputation partly thological, partly metaphysical, concerning the necessity and contingency of events in the world, in respect of Gods eternal decree. Written above twenty years since by that reverend and learned divine, Thomas Goad, doctor of divinity, and rector of Hadleigh in Suffolk.
Gobert, John. / [1650] A true and lively character of a right communicating church-member briefely laid down in eighteen severall arguments: proving an absolute necessity of separating, not only, from all that are openly prophane, but from such also, who have not some visible, that is to say, probable worke of the sanctifying spirit upon them. By Iohn Gobert Master of Arts, and minister of the Gospel.
Gobinet, Charles, 1614-1690. / [1687] The instruction of youth in Christian piety taken out of the sacred Scriptures, and Holy Fathers; divided into five parts. With a very profitable instruction for meditation, or mental prayer. By Charles Gobinet, Doctor of Divinity, of the House and Society of Sorbon, principal of the College of Plessis-Sorbon. The last edition in French, now render'd into English.
Gobinet, Charles, 1614-1690. / [1689] Instruction concerning penance and holy communion the second part fo the instruction of youth, containing the means how we may return to God by penance, and remain in his grace by the good and frequent use of the sacraments. By Charles Gobinet, Doctor of Divinity, of the house and Society of Sorbon, principal of the college of Plessis-Sorbon.
Godard, Thomas. / [1675] The deemon of Marleborough, or, More news from VVilt-shire in a most exact account of the aparition of the ghost, or spirit of Edward Aven : published heretofore, but now much augmented, with many more discoveries, containing wonderful passages, from its first appearance there, to the 24th of Jan., 1674/5 : being the examination of Thomas Godard, the said Avens son in law, taken before the major, and other magistrates of that borough.
Goddard, Thomas. / [1661] Miscellanea, or, Serious, useful considerations, moral, historical, theological together with The characters of a true believer, in paradoxes and seeming contradictions, an essay : also, a little box of safe, purgative, and restorative pils, to be constantly taken by all those that desire either to get their souls into, or to keep them in, an healthful, holy, heavenly frame and temper, or, A wholesome diet-drink for Christians / by Tho. Goddard, Gent.
Godfrey, Michael, d. 1695. / [1695] A short account of the Bank of England.
Godfrey, N. / [anno Dom. 1647] A joyfull message for all loyall subjects:: sent from the Kings Majesties royall court at Causam, tuching divers great and remarkable passages herein contained. Together, with the armies propositions, concerning the raising of forces, and continuing of bodies, to the apparant hazard of a new warre. As also, His Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax's proclamation concerning the raising of new forces.
Godfridus. / [1585] The knowledge of things vnkowne. Apperteyning to astronomy, wyth necessary rules, and certayne speares contayned in the same. Compyled by Godfridus super palladium de agricultura Anglicatum.
Godfridus. / [1663?] The knowledge of things vnknowne: Shewing the effects of the planets, and oth[er] astronomical constellations. With the strange events that befall men, wome[n] and children born under them. Compiled by Godfridus super palladium de agricultara [sic], Anglicarum. Together with the husband-mans practice, or prognostication for eve[r:] as teacheth Albert, Alkind, and Ptolomey with the shepheards prognostication of the weather, and Pythag[oras] his wheele of fortune. This is unknown to many men, though it be known to some [men.]
Godly and learned divine. / [1651] Certain particulars,: further tending to satisfie the tender consciences of such as are required to take the engagement· / Written by a godly and learned divine.
Godman, William, b. 1625. / [1660] Ben horim filius heröum = the son of nobles : set forth in a sermon preached at St Mary's in Cambridge before the university, on Thursday the 24th of May, 1660 : being the day of solemn thanksgiving for the deliverance and settlement of our nation / by Will. Godman ...
Godolphin, John, 1617-1678. / [1651] The holy arbor, containing a body of divinity, or, The sum and substance of Christian religion collected from many orthodox laborers in the Lords vineyard, for the benefit and delight of such as thirst after righteousness / ... by John Godolphin ... vvherein also are fully resolved the questions of whatsoever points of moment have been, or are, now controverted in divinity : together with a large and full alphabetical table of such matters as are therein contained ...
Godolphin, John, 1617-1678. / [1650] The holy limbeck, or, A semicentury of spiritual extractions wherein the spirit is extracted from the letter of certain eminent places in the Holy Scripture : and a compendious way discovered for the spiritual improvement of the literal sense, in order to the better understanding of the minde and meaning of the spirit therein / by Jo. Godolphin.
Godschalck, James. / [1650] An elegy upon his honoured friend Mr. James Herewyn, unfortunately slain by a fall from his horse
Godskall, James. / [1604] The Kings medicine for this present yeere 1604 prescribed by the whole colledge of the spirituall physitions, made after the coppy of the corporall kings medicine, which was vsed in the city the former yeere. Giuen as a new yeers-gift, to the honorable city of London, to be taken in this yeere for the soule, as the other was for the bodie. Herevnto are intermixed, first, the wonders of the former yeer, his triumphs, two funeralls, two coronations, two preachers. Secondlie, Londons and Englands newyeers-gift, to offer vp vnto the Lord for his new-yeers-gift, containing King Dauids sacrificing after the ceasing of the pestilence, necessarie to teach vs the duty of our deliuerance. The whole collected out of the first book of Chr. ch. 21. / Made and vvritten by Iames Godskall, preacher of the vvorde.
Godson, Robert. / [1696] Astrologia reformata a reformation of the prognostical part of astronomy, vulgarly termed astrology : being an experimental detection and clear demonstration of the hitherto greatly mistaken, and dubiously by Robert Godson.
Godwin, Edmund. / [1696] God the believer's best stronghold in the worst times.: A sermon preached upon the preservation of His Majesty's person, and the discovery of the late plot of the intended invasion. / By Edmund Godwin ...
Godwin, Master. / [1642] July 18. 1642. A perfect diurnall of all the proceedings of the English and Scotch armies in Ireland, from the 14 of June to this present.: Sent over from Master Godwin, Master of the Ordnance in the English army, to a merchant now dwelling in London.
Godwyn, Morgan, fl. 1685. / [1680] The Negro's & Indians advocate, suing for their admission to the church, or, A persuasive to the instructing and baptizing of the Negro's and Indians in our plantations shewing that as the compliance therewith can prejudice no mans just interest, so the wilful neglecting and opposing of it, is no less than a manifest apostacy from the Christian faith : to which is added, a brief account of religion in Virginia / by Morgan Godwyn ...
Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629. / [1656] Three excellent tragœdies.: Viz. The raging Turk, or, Bajazet the Second. The courageous Turk, or, Amurath the First. And The tragoedie of Orestes· / Written, by Tho. Goff, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford; and acted by the students of the same house.
Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629. / [1620] Oratio funebris habita in ecclesia Cathedrali Christi Oxon in obitum viri omni ævo dignissimi Gulielmi Goodvvin istius ecclesiæ decani, s. theol. Doctoris. A Tho. Goffe Artium Magistro ex Æde Christi.
Gogh, Michiel van. / [Re-printed in the year, 1664] A memorial delivered to His Majesty (July 21/31 1664.) From the Lord Van-Gohg, Ambassador from the States General of the United Provinces. / Translated into English. With the answer which His sacred Majesty returned thereunto.
Gogor, William, d. 1681. / [1681] The late speech and testimony of William Gogor, one of the three desperate and incorrigible traytors executed at the Grass Mercat in Edinburgh, the eleventh day of March, 1681. for disowning His Sacred Majesties authority ...
Goldesborough, John, 1568-1618. / [Anno Dom. 1653] Reports of that learned and judicious clerk J. Gouldsborough, Esq. sometimes one of the protonotaries of the court of common pleas.: Or his collection of choice cases, and matters, agitated in all the courts at Westminster, in the latter yeares of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. With learned arguments at the barr, and on the bench, and the grave resolutions, and judgements, thereupon, of the Chief Justices, Anderson, and Popham, and the rest of the judges of those times. Never before published, and now printed by his original copy. With short notes in the margent, of the chief matters therein contained, with the yeare, terme, and number roll, of many of the cases. And two exact tables, viz. A briefer, of the names of the severall cases, with the nature of the actions on which they are founded, and a larger, of all the remarkable things contained in the whole book. By W. S. of the Inner Temple, Esq;
Goldwell, Charles. / [1625.] The true choice of a friend. Shewing the comfort of a faithfull friend. : A friend is neerer then a brother..
Goldwell, Charles. / [1621] Reasons metaphorphosis, and restauration Whereunto are annexed two other treatises. viz. 1. Choyce and applications. 2. My friend. By Charles Goldwell Master of Artes, and minister of Gods word.
Gombauld, Jean Ogier de, d. 1666. / [1682] The fundamentals of the Protestant religion asserted by reason as well as Scriptvre written in French by the famous Monsieur de Gombaud ; made English by Sidnet Lodge ; to which is added his Letters to Monsieur de Militiere and other personages of the French-court upon the same subject.
Gombauld, Jean Ogier de, d. 1666. / [1693] A discourse of Christianity laying open the abuses thereof in the anti-Christian lives and worship of many of its professors, especially the Romanists : and shewing the way to a holy life in the character of a true Christian / written originally in French by the famous Monsieur de Gombaud ; and now done into English by P Lorrain.
Gonnelieu, Jérôme de, 1640-1715. / [in the year 1689] The daily exercises of a Christian life or the interiour spirit with which we ought to animate our actions throughout the whole day: With an easy instruction for mentall prayer, translated out of French by I.W. of the Soc. of Jesus.
Goodaire, Thomas, d. 1693. / [1660] A cry of the just against oppression
Goodall, Charles, 1642-1712. / [between 1676 and 1684] Whereas it hath of late been the endeavour of several members of the Physcians Colledg, to reform the abuses of the apothecaries, as well in the prizes as in the composition of their medecines ...
Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641. / [1620] Londons cry ascended to God, and entred into the hearts, and eares of men for reuenge of bloodshedders, burglaiers, and vagabounds. Manifested the last sessions, holden at Iustice Hall in the old Baily the 9. 10. 11. 12. of December, Anno Dom. 1619. Likewise heerein is related, the courts legall proceedings, against the malefactors that were executed at Tiburne and about London, and the chiefest offenders, there offences and confessions at large expressed.
Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641. / [1635] Heavens speedie hue and cry sent after lust and murder: manifested upon the suddaine apprehending of Thomas Shearwood, and Elizabeth Evans, whose manner of lives, death, and free confessions, are heere expressed : also some new additions, concerning the man that was tide [sic] to the gibbeit, with a discovery of those places where such kinds of lude people haunt and resort ... disclosed by this Sherwood a little before his death : who were executed the one upon the 14 and the other on the 17 of this moneth of April 1635 ... / written by H.G. their daily visiter at the time of their imprisonment, and severall dayes of execution ; published by authority.
Goode, William, b. 1599 or 1600. / [1645] A new catechisme,: commanded to be set forth in this time of reformation, being the principall grounds of Christian religion, with directions for the examining of all persons, before they come to receive the holy Communion, or Lords Supper. Also, with a breefe direction, how to read the Holy Scriptures with profit. / Written by William Good, minister of Gods word, at Denton in Norfolke. Published according to order.
Goodman, Godfrey, 1583-1656. / [1649] To the supreme authority, the right honorable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament. The humble petition of Godfrey Goodman, late Bishop of Gloucester.
Goodman, John, 1625 or 6-1690. / [1686] Winter-evening conference between neighbours. Part III
Goodman, John, 1625 or 6-1690. / [1697] Seven sermons preach'd upon several occasions to which is added, The golden rule, or, The royal law of equity explained / by John Goodman ...
Goodman, John, 1625 or 6-1690. / [1678] A sermon preached at Bishops-Stratford, August 29, MDCLXXVII, before the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London, &c at his Lordships primary visitation / by Jo. Goodman ...
Goodman, Peter, fl. 1661. / [Printed in the year, 1661] Crueltie unvailed; or, The state of the case of several persons, committed close-prisoners to the Gate-house, Westminster; diligently collected (piece-meal) from good information: together with some queries annexed. Tendred to the consideration of the learned in the law, for their advice there-upon. By Peter Goodman, a visitor of prisoners, and a wel-wisher to justice, and the peace and happiness of these kingdoms.
Goodridge, Richard. / [1684] The psalter, or, Psalms of David paraphras'd in verse set to new tunes and so design'd that by two tunes onely the whole number of psalms (four onely excepted) may be sung, one of which tunes is already known (being the usual tune of the C. psalm) : the other tunes onely are new, but any one of them being learnt all the other psalms may be sung by that one onely tune : as on the contrary any one psalm may be sung by all the new tunes, so that a greater facility for those who are less able to sing, or a greater variety for those who are more able, cannot reasonably be desired or afforded / by Richard Goodridge.
Goodwin, George, fl. 1607-1620. / [1607] Automachia, or the self-conflict of a Christian.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1650] Truths conflict with error. Or, Universall redemption controverted, in three publike disputations.: The first between M. John Goodwin, and M. Vavasour Powell, in Coleman-street London. The other two between M. John Goodwin, and M. John Simpson, at Alhallowes the great in Thames-street: in the presence of divers ministers of the City of London, and thousands of others.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1658] Triumviri, or, The genius, spirit, and deportment of the three men, Mr. Richard Resbury, Mr. John Pawson, and Mr. George Kendall in their late writings against the free grace of God in the redemption of the world ... : together with some brief touches (in the preface) upon Dr. John Owen, Mr. Thomas Lamb (of the Spittle), Mr. Henry Jeanes, Mr. Obadiah How, and Mr. Marchamond Needham in relation to their late writings against the author / by John Goodwin ...
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1654. i.e. 1653] Synkrētismos. Or Dis-satisfaction satisfied.: In seventeen sober and serious queries, tending to allay the discontents, and satisfie the scruples, of persons dis-satisfied about the late revolution of government in the Common-Wealth, and to guide every mans feet into the way of his duty, and the publique peace. Proposed by J.G. a cordiall friend, and well-willer to the interest of all men, consistent with the publique peace and safety.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1648] Right and might well met. Or, A briefe and unpartiall enquiry into the late and present proceedings of the Army under the command of His Excellency the Lord Fairfax.: Wherein the equity and regularnesse of the said proceedings are demonstratively vindicated upon undeniable principles, as well of reason, as religion. Together with satisfactory answers to all materiall objections against them. / By John Goodwin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1640] The saints interest in God opened in severall sermons, preached anniversarily upon the fifth of November. By John Goodwin pastor of S. Stephens Coleman-street.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1670] Pleroma to Pneumatikon, or, A being filled with the Spirit wherein is proved that it is a duty incumbent on all men (especially believers) that they be filled with the spirit of God ... : as also the divinity, or Godhead of the Holy Ghost asserted ... : the necessity of the ministry of the Gospel (called the ministry of the Spirit) discussed ... : all heretofore delivered in several sermons from Ephes. 5. 18 / by ... Mr. John Goodwin ... ; and published after his death ...
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1641] The returne of mercies, or, The saints advantage by losses delivered in sundry sermons upon Philemon, verse 15 / by John Goodwin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1643] Os ossorianvm, or, A bone for a bishop to pick being a vindication of some passages in a treatise lately published, called Anti-cavalierisme, from the impertinant and importune exceptions of Gr. Williams, the author of the Grand rebellion, calling himselfe by the name of the L. Bishop of Ossory : wherein likewise, the malignitie of severall passages in the said Grand rebellion against the Parliament is discovered, and that question further cleared, how and in what sense kingly government may be said to be the ordinance of God, so that it may indifferently serve for an answer to that whole discourse / by the author of the sayd treatise of Anti-cavalierisme.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [Printed in the yeere, 1643] Os ossis & oris. Or A collection of the most remarkeable passages in a book intituled, Os ossorianum. Or A bone for a bishop to pick,: written by a worthy minister of the VVord, John Goodwin, of Coleman street. Viz. 1. The most grave and weighty sentences and proverbs. 2. His most meeke and charitable demeanour. 3. The most home and reverent similitudes. 4. The neatest phrases, and most queint expressions. 5. His excellency in the allegoricall use of the militia. 6. The most concordant, and consonant passages. 7. His most modest, and mannerly behaviour towards his adversary. viz. the Reverend Father in God, Gr. Williams, Lord Bishop of Ossory.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1651] Moses made angry, or, A letter written and sent to Dr. Hill, master of Trinity Colledg in Cambridg upon occasion of some hard passages that fell from him in a sermon preached at Pauls, May 4, 1651 / by John Goodwin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1644] M. S. to A. S. with a plea for libertie of conscience in a church way against the cavils of A. S. and observations on his considerations and annotations upon the apologeticall narration, humbly submitted to the judgements of all rationall and moderate men in the world : with some modest and innocent touches on the letter from Zealand and Mr. Parker's from New-England.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1644] Innocencies triumph.: Or An answer to the back-part of a discourse lately published by William Prynne, Esquire, intituled, A full reply, &c. The said back-part beginning at the foot of pag. 17. with this superscription; certain briefe animadversions on Mr. John Goodvvins Theomachia, &c. Published by authoritie. By John Goodvvin, pastor of the Church in Colemanstreet.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1647] Independencie Gods veritie: or, The necessitie of toleration.: Unto which is added the chief principles of the government of independent churches. / Written by J.G. B.D.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1642] Impvtatio fidei. Or a treatise of justification wherein ye imputation of faith for righteousness (mentioned Rom: 43.5.) is explained & also yt great question largly handled. Whether, ye actiue obedience of Christ performed to ye morall law, be imputed in justification or noe, or how it is imputed. Wherein likewise many other difficulties and questions touching ye great busines of iustification viz ye matter, & forme thereof etc are opened & cleared. Together wth ye explication of diuerse scriptures, wch partly speake, partly seeme to speake to the matter herein discussed by John Goodwin, pastor in Coleman-street.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1641] Impedit ira animum, or, Animadversions vpon some of the looser and fouler passages in a written pamphlet intituled, A defence of the true sense and meaning of the words of the holy Apostle, Romans 4. ver. 3, 5, &c. first dispersed in several copies without the authors name, but since acknowledged and triumphed in, by Mr. George Walker / by Iohn Goodwin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1646. i.e. 1647] Hagiomastix, or The scourge of the saints displayed in his colours of ignorance & blood:: or, a vindication of some printed queries published some moneths since by authority, in way of answer to certaine anti-papers of syllogismes, entituled a Vindication of a printed paper, &c. ... / By John Goodwin, pastor of a Church of Christ in Colemanstreet.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1641] God a good master, and protector opened in severall sermons on Esaiah 8.13.14 / by Iohn Goodwin ...
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1648] The divine authority of the Scriptures asserted, or the great charter of the worlds blessednes vindicated. Being a discourse of soveraigne use and service in these times; not only against that King of Errours, and Heresies Anti-scripturisme, who hath already destroyed the faith of many, and hath all the faith in the world yet remaining, in chase, but also against all such inward suggestions and secret underminings of Satan, by which he privily attempteth the ruine of the precious faith and hope, wherewith the saints have built up themselves with much spirituall industry and care. Together with two tables annexed; the former, of the contents, and severall arguments more largely prosecuted in the treatise; the later, of such texts of Scripture unto which some light is given therein. / By John Goodvvin a servant unto God and men in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1653] An exposition of the nineth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans: wherein by the tenor and carriage of the contents of the said chapter, from first to last, is plainly shewed and proved, that the Apostles scope therein, is to assert and maintain his great doctrine of justification by faith, and that here he discourseth nothing at all concerning any personal election or reprobation of men, from eternity. By John Goodvvin, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [Printed in the yeare, 1641] Christ lifted up, or, The heads of the chief controverted points, preached by Mr. Iohn Goodwin pastor of Colman-street London, which hath bin the pretended grounds of the opposition that he hath had, by some other ministers, printed from a coppie written with his own hand, for the use of some who live under his owne charge. And now published by a friend of his, for the generall vievv of all men.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [Printed in the yeare 1644] Certain briefe observations and antiquæries: on Master Prin's Twelve questions about church-government.: Wherein is modestly showne, how un-usefull and frivolous they are, how bitter and unchristian in censuring that way; whereas there are no reasons brought to contradict it. By a well-willer to the truth, and Master Prin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1655] Cata-baptism: or new baptism, waxing old, and ready to vanish away. In two parts. The former containes LVIII. considerations, (with their respective proofs, and consectaries) pregnant for the healing of the common scruples touching the subject of baptism, and manner of baptizing. The latter, contains an answer to a discours against infant-baptism, published not long since by W.A. under the title of, Some baptismall abuses brielfy discovered, &c. In both, sundry things, not formerly insisted on, are discovered and discussed. / By J.G. a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1642] The butchers blessing, or The bloody intentions of Romish cavaliers against the city of London above other places,: demonstrated by 5. arguments, to the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the sheriffes, and other the religious and worthy inhabitants of the said city. / Delivered by way of prologue before a sermon the last publique fast-day, by J: Goodwin.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1651] Apolytrōsis apolytrōseōs, or, Redemption redeemed wherein the most glorious work of the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ is ... vindicated and asserted ... : together with a ... discussion of the great questions ... concerning election & reprobation ... : with three tables annexed for the readers accommodation / by John Goodvvin ...
Goodwin, Philip, d. 1699. / [1649] The evangelicall communicant in the eucharisticall sacrament, or, A treatise declaring who are to receive the supper of the Lord that it is an ordinance peculiar to some, and not appertaining to all that live under the Word : contrary objections answered, necessary directions tendered, cases cleared, care encouraged, and the whole course of the Lord's Supper guided fit for reforming times / by Philip Goodwin ...
Goodwin, Philip, d. 1699. / [1654] Dies Dominicus redivivus; or, The Lords Day enlivened or a treatise, as to discover the practical part of the evangelical Sabbath: so to recover the spiritual part of that pious practice to its primitive life: lamentably lost, in these last declining times. By Philip Goodvvin M.A. preacher of the Gospel, and pastour of the publike congregation at Watford in Hartford shire.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1586 or 7-1642. / [1625] Moses and Aaron. Ciuil and ecclesiastical rites, vsed by the ancient Hebrewes; obserued, and at large opened, for the clearing of many obscure texts thorowout the whole Scripture. Herein likevvise is shewed what customes the Hebrewes borrowed from heathen people: and that many heathenish customes, originally haue beene vnwarrantable imitations of the Hebrewes. By Thomas Godwyn, B.D.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1693] Two discourses I. of the punishment of sin in hell, demonstrating the wrath of God to be the immediate cause thereof : II. proving a state of glory for just men upon their dissolution / by Tho. Goodwin ...
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1654] A sermon of the fifth monarchy.: Proving by invincible arguments, that the saints shall have a kingdom here on earth, which is yet to come, after the fourth monarchy is destroy'd by the sword of the saints, the followers of the lamb. / Preached by Mr. Tho. Goodwin, on Rev. 5. 9, 10. By which it will appear, that it is for the same truth (that formerly was so much contended for) that some of the people of God suffer at this day. Published for the truths sake.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1654] The principles of faith,: presented by Mr. Tho. Goodwin, Mr. Nye, Mr. Sydrach Simson, and other ministers, to the committee of Parliament for religion, by way of explanation to the proposals for propagating of the gospel.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1696] Of the constitution, right, order, and government of the churches of Christ by Tho. Goodwin ...
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1638] The happinesse of the saints in glory, or A treatise of heaven, on Rom. 8. 18 For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. By Tho. Goodwin. B. D.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [M DC XLVI. 1646] The great interest of states & kingdomes.: A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Feb. 25. 1645. / By Tho: Goodwin, B.D. one of the Assembly of Divines.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1680] A discourse of the punishment of sin in hell demonstrating the wrath of God to be the immediate cause thereof : to which is added, a sermon, proving a state of glory for the spirits of just men upon dissolution / by Tho. Goodwin ...
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [MDCXLII. 1642] Christ set forth in his [brace] death, resurrection, ascension, sitting at Gods right hand, intercession, [brace] as the [brace] cause of justification. Object of justifying faith.: Upon Rom. 8. ver. 34. Together with a treatise discovering the affectionate tendernesse of Christs heart now in heaven, unto sinners on earth. / By Tho: Goodwin, B.D.
Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. / [1636] A childe of light vvalking in darknesse: or A treatise shewing the causes, by which God leaves his children to distresse of conscience. The cases, wherein [God leaves his children to distresse of conscience.] The ends, for which [God leaves his children to distresse of conscience.] Together vvith directions how to come forth of such a condition: vvith other observations upon Esay 50. 10, and 11. verses. By Tho: Goodwin B.D.
Goodwin, William, d. 1620. / [1614] A sermon preached before the Kings most excellent Maiestie at Woodstocke, Aug. 28. 1614. By William Goodwin, Deane of Christ's Church and Vice-Chancellor of the Vniversity of Oxon. Published by commandement
Googe, Barnabe, 1540-1594. / [1602] The Christian nauy VVherein is playnely described the perfit course to sayle to the hauen of eternall happinesse. VVritten by Anthony Nixon.
Gordon, Alexander, Sir, 1650-1726. / [1664] Tyrocinium linguæ latinæ, or, The Latine apprentice made free-man wherein are discussed the difficulties which do incumber those who have to translate the English particles, moods, and tenses, according to the Latine idiome, or to make the reduction of verbs, and participles, from actives to passives, from personals to impersonals, from finits to infinits, or contrariwise : to these are subjoyn'd the differences and proprieties of Latine particles, such as, suiis, sui, ipse, quidam, quispiam, &c. and an alphabetical catalogue of verbs, which under one signification will have diverse regiments and constructions : in the last place followeth (as an epiphonema) most usefull and methodical rules of composing / published for the instruction of youth, by Alex. Gordon ...
Gordon, D., apothecary. / [Anno 1625] Pharmaco-pinax, or A table and taxe of the pryces of all vsuall medicaments, simple and composed, contayned in D. Gordon's apothecarie and chymicall shop within Mr Robert Farquhar's high lodging, in New Aberdene. Together with certayne approved remedies against diseases, which now most reigne amongst the commons. All for the vse of the people; proportionate both to rich and poore, learned and unlearned; and profitable to all.
Gordon, James, 1541-1620. / [M.DC.XVIII. 1618] A summary of controuersies Wherein are briefly treated the cheefe questions of diuinity, now a dayes in dispute betweene Catholikes & protestants: especially out of the holy Scripture. Written in Latin by the R. Father, Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I.L. of the same Society. The I. tome, deuided into two controuersies.
Gordon, Patrick, fl. 1615-1650. / [1613 i.e. 1614] Neptunus britannicus Corydonis. De luctuoso Serenissimi Henrici (æternæ memoriæ) magnæ Britanniæ Principis, &c. obitu. Et felicibus Serenissimi successoris Caroli. F. Ducis Eboracensis, &c. auspicijs: queis intermixtus Serenissimi Friderici, Rhenani Principis Electoris, &c. & Serenissimæ Elizabethæ magnæ Britanniæ, &c. Infantis Hymenæus.
Gordricke, William. / [June 23d. 1642] A most true relation of the last weekes passages in Yorke, and Hull,: in two letters from thence, discovering the strange behaviours and rude affronts of the cavaliers and other malignant persons in those parts. With diverse other matters of extraordinary note, and very remarkable. Together with the names of those gentlemen which are entertained for the Prince his guard since he was made captaine of the troopes, viz. Mr. Franck of Kneton. George Grant Henry Blackston Peter Blackston brothers. Tho. Hall of Hornby. Francis Tunstell of Wicliff. Bierlaies Sonne. Cane of Stocton. Tounge.
Gore, John, Rector of Wendenlofts, Essex. / [1638] The way to well-doing. Or A sermon of faith and good vvorkes Preached in the chappell of Buntingford, in the county of Hartford, at the beginning of their publike lecture. By Iohn Gore, rector of Wenden-lofts in Essex.
Goring, George Goring, Baron, 1608-1657. / [Printed 1641] The declaration of Colonell Goring to the House of Commons, together with Mr Henry Piercies letter, to the Earle of Northumberland. And presented to the House of Commons the 16 of June, 1641:
Gorton, Samuel, 1592 or 3-1677. / [1647] An incorruptible key composed of the CX Psalme wherewith you may open the rest of the Holy Scriptures ... / by Samuel Gorton, Gent. ...
Gorton, Samuel, 1592 or 3-1677. / [1657] An antidote against the common plague of the world, or, An answer to a small treatise (as in water, face answereth to face) intituled Saltmarsh returned from the dead and by transplacing the letters of his name, this is Smartlash : ascend into the throne of equity, for the arraignment of false interpretours of the word of God : summoned out of all ages to appear, under the penalty of death, challenging the consent, or forbidding to gainsay the common approved priesthood of this age.
Gosnold, John, 1625?-1678. / [1657] Baptismōn didachēs Of the doctrine of baptisms ..., or, A discourse of the baptism of water and of the spirit / by John Gosnold ...
Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624. / [Anno. 1579] The ephemerides of Phialo deuided into three bookes. The first, a method which he ought to follow that desireth to rebuke his freend, when he seeth him swarue: without kindling his choler, or hurting himselfe. The second, a canuazado to courtiers in foure pointes. The third, the defence of a curtezan ouerthrowen. And a short apologie of the Schoole of abuse, against poets, pipers, players, [et] their excusers. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.
Gostwyke, William, 1650-1703. / [1685] A sermon preached at St. Michaels Church in Cambridge, on the 26th of July, 1685 being appointed the day of publick thanksgiving for His Majesties late victory over the rebel / by William Gostwicke ...
Gostwyke, William, 1650-1703. / [1696] The Christian merchant described in a sermon at first design'd for a private audience, now humbly dedicated to all the merchants of the city / by William Gostwyke.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [Printed in the year 1698] A short instruction for such as accuse their memory, to excuse their ignorance
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [1688] Pulpit-sayings, or, The characters of the pulpit-papist examined in answer to the Apology for the pulpits and in vindication of the representer against the stater of the controversie.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [Printed in the year 1700] Principles and rules of the Gospel offer'd for the help of all who desire to live disciples of Jesus Christ.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [1687] A letter from a dissenter to the divines of the Church of England in order to an union.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [1687] Pope Pius his profession of faith vindicated from novelty in additional articles
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [Printed in the year 1695] Instructions for the whole year. Part II. For Sundays being practical thoughts on the Epistles of all the Sundays and moveable feasts from the Octave of Easter to Quinquagesima Sunday.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [1689] Instructions for particular states
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [Printed in the year, 1697] Instructions and devotions for the afflicted and sick with some help for prisoners; such especially as are to be tryed for life.
Gother, John, d. 1704. / [Printed in the year 1699] Instructions and devotions for hearing Mass
Gotherson, Dorothea. / [Printed in the year, 1661] To all that are unregenerated, a call to repentance from dead works to newness of life by turning to the light in the conscience, which will give the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ / by Dorothea Gotherson.
Gouge, R. (Robert), 1630-1705. / [1688] The faith of dying Jacob, or, God's presence with his church not withstanding the death of his eminent servants being several sermons from Gen. 48, 21, and Israel said unto Joseph, Behold, I die, but God shall be with you : occasioned by the death of Mr. Isaac Hubbard : with the memorials of his life and death and advice to his young son / by R. Gouge.
Gouge, Thomas, 1605-1681. / [1679] Gwyddorion y grefydd Gristianogol, wedi eu hegluro i'r gwannaf eu deall a'u cymmhwyso tuag at yr ymarweddiad.
Gouge, Thomas, 1609-1681. / [1645] The principles of Christian religion. Proved by scripture, propounded by questions and answers: short for memory, plain for the meanest capacity, and profitable for all. Imprimatur Charles Herle.
Gouge, Thomas, 1609-1681. / [yn y flwyddyn 1676] Gair i bechaduriaid, a gair i sainct. Y cyntaf yn tueddu i ddeffrãoi cydwybodau pechaduriaid diofal, i wãir deimlad ac ysturiaeth o'r cyflwr erchyll y maent ynddo, tra fyddont yn byw yn eu cyflwr naturiol heb yr ail-enedigaeth. Yr ail, yn tueddu i gyfarwyddo ac i berswadio y duwiol, a'r rhai a ail-anwyd i amryw ddledswyddau enedkigol. Gan Tho, Gouge gweinidog yr efengyl. Ac a gyfieithwyd yn gymraec gan W. Jones gweinidog yr egengyl.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653. / [MDCXLII. 1642] The saints support,: set out in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament. At a publick fast, 29. Iune, 1642. By William Gouge.
Gouge, William, 1578-1653. / [M.DC.XLVIII. 1648] The right vvay: or A direction for obtaining good successe in a weighty enterprise.: Set out in a sermon preached on the 12th of September, 1648. before the Lords on a day of humiliation for a blessing on a treaty between His Majesties and the Parliaments commissioners. / By W. Gouge.
Gould, Robert, d. 1709? / [1695] A poem most humbly offered to the memory of Her late Sacred Majesty, Queen Mary by R. Gould.
Gould, Robert, d. 1709? / [1687?] The laureat Jack Squabb's history in a little drawn, down to his evening from his early dawn.
Gould, William, d. 1686. / [1676] The generosity of Christian love with some reflexions upon that sordid self-love that now governs the world and is the great incendiary in the Church and Commonwealth : delivered at the request of some cordially devoted to the preset establishment : with some additions in the applicatory part thereof / by William Gould, a son of the Church of England.
Gould, William, d. 1686. / [1674] Conformity according to canon justified, and the new way of moderation reproved a sermon preached at Exon, in the cathedral of St. Peter, at the visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Anthony by divine permission Lord Bishop of Exon / by William Govld.
Gouldney, Henry, 1656 or 7-1725. / [1694] A late libellers folly manifested and the Christian Quakers vindicated, from the base insinuations, in a late pamphlet, subscribed G.W. By H.G.
Gove, R. (Richard), 1587-1668. / [1650] A soveraigne salve to cure vvounded spirits, or, The ready way and meanes to give spirituall ease and comfort to distressed consciences collected out of the Word of God and the writings and experiments of the most approved soule-physitians, both of this and former ages, which either for learning or experience, or both, have excelled in this healing part of divinity and fitted to the capacity and use of the meanest of Gods afflicted ones.
Governors for the Poor (London, England) / [1699] At a court of the right honourable president and governors for the poor of the City of London, holden at Guild-Hall, on Thursday the 25th day of May, 1699.
Gower, Humphrey, 1638-1711. / [1685] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall on Christmas-Day, 1684 Humfrey Gower ...
Gower, Humphrey, 1638-1711. / [1685] A discourse deliver'd in two sermons preached in the cathedral at Ely, in September 1684, not long after the death of the Right Reverend Father in God Peter Gunning, late Lord Bishop of Ely / by Humfrey Govver ...
Gower, John, 1325?-1408. / [an. M.D.XXXII. 1532 Cum priuilegio] Io. Gower de confessione amantis.
Gower, John, 17th cent. / [1642] A true relation out of Ireland,: of all the passages, and overthrowes given to the rebels, from the 1 of Iune untill the 10 of July, 1642. Sent in a letter from Captaine Iohn Gower, and ordered to be printed.
Gowrie, John Ruthven, Earl of 1578?-1600. / [1600.] Govvreis conspiracie a discourse of the vnnaturall and vyle conspiracie attempted against the kings majesties person at Sanct-Iohnstoun vpon Twysday the 5. of August. 1600..