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Glapthorne, Henry. / [1643] His Majesties gracious ansvver to the message sent from the honourable Citie of London, concerning peace.: Delivered by the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Faukland, Principall Secretarie of State. As it was spoken by his Majestie to the said secretarie. The true copie.
Glascock, John, d. 1661. / [1659] Mary's choice, or, The choice of the truly godly person opened, and justified, in a sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Anne Petter, late wife of the Reverend Mr. John Petter, Pastor of the Church at Hever in Kent, April 26, 1658 by John Glascock ...
Glaser, Christophe. / [1677] The compleat chymist, or, A new treatise of chymistry teaching by a short and easy method all its most necessary preparations / written in French by Christopher Glaser ... ; now faithfully Englished by a Fellow of the Royal Society.
Glasgow (Scotland). Faculty of Chirurgeons. / [1698] Act the Faculty of Chirurgeon[s] of Glasgow, in favours of the poor diseased people within their jurisdiction.
Gleane, Peter, Sir, 1672 or 3-1735? / [1693] Gemitus & triumphus. A dream. Upon the much lamented death of William late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. / By Peter Gleane, gent.
Glisson, William. / [1679] The common law epitomiz'd with directions how to prosecute and defend personal actions, very useful for all lawyers, justices of peace, and gentlemen : to which is annexed the nature of a writ of error, and the general proceedings there upon : with a plain table for the easie finding out of every particular / by William Glisson and Anthony Gulston ...
Glover, Elizabeth, fl. 1694. / [1694] The angels oath, time is no longer: The kingdoms of this world, are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever, Revel.10.6. and 11,15. A prophecy from Mr. Mason's people at Water-Stratford.
Glover, Henry, b. 1624 or 5. / [1664] Ekdikåesis or A discourse of vengeance. Delivered in a sermon preached at Dorchester, at the assizes holden there for the county of Dorset, March. 4. 1663. By Henry Glover rector of Shroton.
Glover, Henry, b. 1624 or 5. / [1664] Cain and Abel parallel'd with King Charles and his murderers in a sermon preached in S. Thomas Church in Salisbury, Jan. 30, 1663, being the anniversary day of the martyrdom of King Charles I of blessed memory / by Henry Glover ...
Glynne, John, Sir, 1603-1666. / [printed, 1641] The replication of Master Glyn,: in the name of all the Commons of England, to the generall answer of Thomas Earle of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the severall charges exhibited against him in Parliament by the house of Commons, April the 13. 1641.