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Gibbes, Charles, 1604-1681. / [1677] XXXI sermons preached to the parishioners of Stanford-Rivers in Essex upon serveral subjects and occasions / by Charles Gibbes.
Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604. / [1589] The remedie of reason not so comfortable for matter, as compendious for memorie. Wherein the ignorant may gather instruction, the learned confirmation, all men consolation. By Charles Gibbon.
Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604. / [1594] The praise of a good name The reproch of an ill name. Wherin euery one may see the fame that followeth laudable actions, and the infamy that cometh by the contrary. With certaine pithy apothegues, very profitable for this age, by C.G.
Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604. / [1589] Our trust against trouble very expedient for the time, composed for our better consolation and consideration of these crosses of warre, lately attempted, and still intended against vs : with diuers speciall prayers and meditations, very requisite to be remembred of vs, before, in and after the time of our trouble / by Charles Gybbon.
Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604. / [1590] Not so new, as true Being a verie necessarie caueat for all Christians to consider of. VVherein is truelie described the iniquitie of this present time, by occasion of our confused liuing: and iustlie approued the world to be neuer worse, by reason of our contagious leaudnes. By Charles Gibbon.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1680] Unio dissidentium heir apparent and presumptive made one.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1695] The nature of justification opened in a sermon on Romans V. 1. By Mr. Gibbons, sometime preacher at Black-Fryers, London.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1688] Edovardus Confessor redivivus. The piety and vertues of holy Edward the Confessor reviv'd in the sacred Majesty of King James the II. Being a relation of the admirable and unexpected finding of a sacred relique, (viz. the crucifix) of that pious prince; which was found in Westminster-Abby, (the place of his interrment) 622 years succeeding; and is since worn sometimes by his present Majesty. With a comment thereon. Previous to which relation, are recited many wonderful casual discoveries; all of them being presagious, or very effective.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1686] Day-fatality, or, Some observations of days lucky and unlucky penn'd and publish'ed whil'st His present Majesty, the most serenc king, James II was Duke of York, persecuted by the excluding party, and retir'd into the Low-Countries : presaging many great things, some whereof are wonderfully come to pass, and particularly made good, in his peaceable inthronization, and his speedy quashing two notable rebellions, headed by two persons, eminent for military conduct, one in England, the other in Scotland, and by whom greater things are yet to be done.
Gibbon, Nicholas, 1605-1697. / [1680?] The scheme or diagramme adjusted for future use in a larger prodromus ere long to be published, and whereof this is then to be a part.
Gibbons, John, d. 1651. / [1651] A true and exact copy of Mr. Gibbons's speech which he intended to have spoken immediately before his death, on the scaffold at Tower Hill, August 22. 1651.
Gibbons, John, d. 1651. / [1651] The perfect speech of Mr. John Gibbons, as it was delivered by himself on the scaffold at Tower-hill, on Friday the 22 of August, 1651 : being the same day that Mr. Love (the minister) was also executed. : Likewise his desires to the people; his protestation touching religion, and his true prayer immediately before his head was severed from his shoulders. ; Published by a perfect copy, at the request and for general satisfaction to his friends and others.
Gibbons, Nicholas. / [1601] Questions and disputations concerning the Holy Scripture wherein are contained, briefe, faithfull and sound expositions of the most difficult and hardest places: approued by the testimony of the Scriptures themselues; fully correspondent to the analogie of faith, and the consent of the Church of God; conferred with the iudgement of the fathers of the Church, and interpreters of the Scripture, nevv and old. Wherein also the euerlasting truth of the word of God, is freed from the errors and slaunders of atheists, papists, philosophers, and all heretikes. The first part of the first tome. By Nicholas Gibbens, minister and preacher of the word of God.
Gibbons, Robert. / [1659] Articles of impeachment exhibited against Col. Robert Gibbons and Cap. Richard Yeardley, late governors of the Isle of Jersey;: wherein the several impeachments, notorious actions, high misdemeanours, abominations and oppressions, are laid open, detected, and made publick to the admiring world; as also, a remedy for the people, against the heavy yoke of such tyrannical oppressours, in this juncture of miraculous restauration, after so long a bondage, wherein the little finger of some appeared heavier then the whole loins of others.
Gibbons, Samuel. / [1616] The only rule to walke by guiding Christs ministers, and all his members, how to frame their conuersation in the way to saluation. A sermon preached at a synod, or meeting of ministers in S. Michaels Church in Couentry the second of October. 1615. By S. Gibson, preacher of the word, and pastor in the same city.
Gibbs, John, 1627?-1699. / [1698] A funeral sermon, preached March 13. 1697/8. For Mr. William Hartley, of Newport-Pagnel, apothecary. By J. Gibbs.
Gibbs, Richard, fl. 1681-1687. / [1687] The new disorders of love A gallant novel. Written by Richard Gibbs, of Norwich, philo. medici.
Gibson, Abraham, b. 1586 or 7. / [1613] The lands mourning, for vaine swearing: or The downe-fall of oathes. Declaring how this land groneth vnder the burthen of this sinne, and of Gods fearefull iudgements that attend it. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the 11. of Iuly. 1613. By Abraham Gibson, Mr. of Arts.
Gibson, Edmund, 1669-1748. / [1672] Synodus Anglicana, or, The constitution and proceedings of an English convocation shown from the acts and registers thereof to be agreeable to the principles of an Episcopal church.
Gibson, Thomas, 17th/18th cent. / [1655] Syntaxis mathematica, or, A construction of the harder problemes of geometry with so much of the conicks as is therefore requisite and other more ordinary and usefull propositions inter-mixed, and tables to several purposes / by Tho. Gibson.
Gibson, Thomas, M.A. / [1607] Meditations vpon the hundred and sixteene psalme very profitable for all Chrisitians. With an application to the present times, shewing the true vse of our late deliuerance. By Thomas Gibson Minister.
Gibson, Walter, fl. 1684. / [1684] Proposals. [By] Walter Gibson, merchant in Glasgow, to such persons as are desirous to transport themselves to America, in a ship belonging to him, bound for the Bermudas, Carolina, New-Providence, and the Caribby-Islands, and ready to set sail out of the River of Clyd, against the 20. of February in this instant year, 1684.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1679] Universal love being an epistle given forth by the Spirit of God / through his suffering servant, Will. Gibson ; and is to be sent into all nations and countries where the Lord God hath rais'd a people to worship him in spirit and in truth ; to be read in his pure fear in their publick assemblies and private families for their edification and comfort.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [Printed in the year, 1663] A salutation of the Fathers love unto the young men and virgins, who are in the openings of the prophesies in visions and in revelations. And to the labourers in his vineyard; who sound forth his praises in the congregation of the righteous. Through his suffering servant William Gibson.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1677] The life of God, which is the light and salvation of men, exalted, or, An answer to six books or particular treatises, (given forth by John Cheyney, an Episcopal priest at or near Warrington in the county of Lancaster, against the people of God call'd Quakers) intituled : 1st book, Quakerism subverted, 2nd book, Quakerism heresie, 3rd book, Sermons of hypocrisie, 4th book, A call to prayer, 5th book, The Shibboleth of Quakerism, 6th book, One sheet against the Quakers wherein the said people are cleared from his slanders and calumnies, and divers weighty particulars are seriously, experimentally and scripturally treated on for the information of such who are dis-satisfied with the principles and practices of the said people / by ... William Gibson.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1682] A general epistle given forth in obedience to the God of peace. [part 1] for the preservation and increase of charity and unity amongst the professors of Christ Jesus, and the teachings of his divine light within / by ... William Gibson.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1674] A false witness examin'd and rebuk'd, and the stedfast, sincere obedience of the people called Quakers, unto Christ Jesus, their souls captain bishop and high-priest, asserted and vindicated : being an answer to a book, entituled, A declaration concerning the people called Quakers, &c., given forth by I know not who, there is subscribed to the said book, Christidulus Ecclestion, but whether this be the name of the author, or only a feigned name, is a question but I do not know the author by that name, nor do I hear of any that doth, neither did I ever know any man or woman by that name / by ... Wilson Gibson.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1667] The everlasting rule born witness unto, vvhich is to try all people that do profess God and Christ in words, or, I. A tender salutation to all people in what nation soever, and under what form soever, who do profess God and Christ in words ... II. Also an exhortation unto all people to come to that which will give them victory over sin and the devil ... III. A distinction between the ministers of Christ and the ministers of Antichrist ... / by a lover of truth and righteousness, who seeks the well-being of all mankind, William Gibson.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1679] A Christian-testimony born by the people of God in scorn called Quakers in London in their patient suffering the taking away and spoiling of their goods for non-payment of tythes to the parish priests.
Giffard, Bonaventure, 1642-1734. / [1688] A sermon of the Nativity of our Lord preach'd before the King and Queen at White-Hall, 1687 by Bonaventure Giffard ...
Giffard, Francis. / [1681] The wicked petition, or, Israel's sinfulness in asking a king explain'd in a sermon at the assizes held at Northampton, March the 1st, 1680/1 / by Fr. Giffard.
Giffard, John. / [1646 ] A modest vindication of the case of John Giffard gent· And an answer to the reply of the preservators of Deane Forest. With certain reasons why those iron works should not be demolished untill his stock be wrought out.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1597] Tvvo sermons vpon 1. Peter 5. vers .8. and 9 Wherein is shewed that the diuell is to be resisted only by a stedfast faith, how soeuer he commeth either against soule or body: and that whosoeuer hath once attained the true and liuelie faith, it can neuer be vtterly lost, but he is sure to get the victorie. By M. George Giffard, Preacher of the worde of God at Mauldon in Essex.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1591] A short reply vnto the last printed books of Henry Barrow and Iohn Greenwood, the chiefe ringleaders of our Donatists in England. VVherein is layd open their grosse ignorance, and foule errors: vpon which their whole building is founded. By George Gyfford, minister of Gods holy worde, in Maldon.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1591] A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the thirtie day of May. 1591 By M. George Giffard, preacher of the worde of God at Maldon in Essex.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1582] A sermon on the parable of the sower, taken out of the 13. of Mathew. Preached at London by M. G. Gifford, & published at the request of sundrie godly and well disposed persons.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1695] The great mystery of providence, or, The various methods of God in ordering and over-ruling the actions of wicked men and devils to great and glorious purposes with the vindication of his holiness therein : being the substance of several sermons / preached by George Gifford.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1582] Foure sermons vpon the seuen chiefe vertues or principall effectes of faith and the doctrine of election: wherein euerie man may learne, whother he be Gods childe or no. Preached at Malden in Essex by Master George Gifford, penned from his mouth, and corrected and giuen to the Countesse of Sussex, for a Newyeeres gift.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1598] Foure sermons vpon seuerall partes of scripture, preached by George Gyffard, preacher of the worde, at Maudlin in Essex
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1599] A dialogue bewteene a papist and Protestant applied to the capacity of the vnlearned. Made by G. Gifford, preacher in the towne of Maldon. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1597] Certaine sermons, vpon diuers textes of Holie Scripture Whereof some haue been seuerally before published, and other some for the greater benefit of the godly reader are here now added. By M. George Giffard, preacher of the worde of God at Mauldon Essex.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1583] A catechisme conteining the summe of Christian religion, giuing a most excellent light to all those that seek to enter the path-way to saluation: Newlie set foorth by G.G. Preacher of Gods word at Malden in Essex
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1635] A briefe treatise against the priesthood and sacrifice of the Church of Rome vvherein the simple may perceiue thir intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which ever appertaine to Christ only, by G.G.
Gifftheil, Ludwig Friedrich, d. 1661. / [1643] Tvvo letters directed to the mighty ones of England, Scotland, and Ireland, but especially to the King, concerning these present calamities and commotions of warre:: being great and present judgements denounced against these kingdomes, / by Lodovvick Frederick Gifftheyl. Who, for the space of these nineteen years last past, hath travelled through all Germany, Denmarke, Sweden, France and England, denouncing unto the E65erour, and all kings, princes, generals and commanders of armies, from time to time, the approaching judgement of the Lord, for their cruell effusion of Christian blood, contrary to the expresse word of God, and the example of Christ and his Apostles in the New Covenant of grace and peace; of all which his said denunciations they have from time to time, found the truth by wofull experience.
Gilbert, John, b. 1658 or 9. / [1699] A sermon on the sin of stealing custom, and the duty of paying tribute from the 13. Rom. 7. v. / preached at St. Peter's Exon by John Gilbert ...
Gilbert, John, d. 1722. / [1699] A sermon preached at St. Andrew's Plymouth, January 30th, 1698/9 by John Gilbert ... ; with a preface defending King Charles the martyr, and the observation of his day, against the libels, and practice of such, who are enemies to both.
Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585. / [1551] A commentarye vpon the prophet Mycha. Wrytten by Antony Gilby. Anno Domi. M.D.Li
Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585. / [1553?] [A commentarye vpon the prophet Malaky. M.D.LIII]
Giles, John, of Usk. / [1680] The bill of indictment exhibited against John Giles, on Wednesday the 14th instant, for his barbarous attempt upon the body of Justice Arnold together with the sentence he received ...
Gilgate, William, / [1621.] Certaine reasons, proouing the separation, commonly called Brownists, to be schismatiques. By William Gilgate, minister of the Word of God..
Gill, Alexander, 1565-1635. / [1635] The sacred philosophie of the Holy Scripture, laid downe as conclusions on the articles of our faith, commonly called the Apostles Creed Proved by the principles or rules taught and received in the light of understanding. Written by Alexander Gil, Master of Pauls Schole.
Gill, Alexander, 1597-1642. / [1651] The trvth of the Christian religion proved by the principles, and rules, taught and received in the light of understanding, in an exposition of the articles of faith, commonly called the Apostles Creed : whereby it is made plain to every one endued with reason, what the stedfastnesse of the truth and mercy of God toward mankind is, concerning the attainment of everlasting happinesse, and what is the glory and excellency of the Christian religion, all herethenish idolatry all Turkish, Jewish, athean, and hereticall infidelity.
Gillespie, Patrick, 1617-1675. / [1677] The ark of the covenant opened, or, A treatise of the covenant of redemption between God and Christ, as the foundation of the covenant of grace the second part, wherein is proved, that there is such a covenant, the necessity of it, the nature, properties, parties thereof, the tenor, articles, subject-matter of redemption, the commands, conditions, and promises annexed, the harmony of the covenant of reconciliation made with sinners, wherein they agree, wherein they differ, grounds of comfort from the covenant of suretiship / written by a minister of the New Testament.
Gillier, Jean Claude, 1667-1737. / [1698] A collection of new songs with a thorow-bass to each song, for the harpsichord, theorbo, lute, or spinett / sett to musick by Mr. Gillier.
Gilman, Anne, d. 1686. / [1662] An epistle to friends being a tender salutation to the faithful in God everywhere : also a letter to Charles, King of England &c. / by Anne Gilman.
Gilpin, John, 17th cent. / [1653] The Quakers shaken, or, A fire-brand snatch'd out of the fire being a briefe relation of Gods wonderful mercy extended to John Gilpin of Kendale in Westmoreland, who (as will appear by the sequel) was not onely deluded by the Quakers but also possessed by the Devill : if any question the truth of this story the relator himselfe is ready to avouch it, and much more.
Gilpin, Richard, 1625-1700. / [1658] The temple re-built. A discourse on Zachary 6.13. Preached at a generall meeting of the associated ministers of the county of Cumberland at Keswick, May 19. By Richard Gilpin, pastor of the church at Graistock in Cumberland.
Gilpin, Richard, 1625-1700. / [1700] The comforts of divine love Preach'd upon the occasion of the much lamented death of the reverend Mr. Timothy Manlove. With his character, done by another hand.
Gilpin, Richard, 1625-1700. / [1700] An assize-sermon preach'd before Judge Twisselton and Serj. Bernard at Carlisle September the 10th, ann. 1660 and now publish'd and recommended to the magistrates of the nation, as a means by God's blessing to quicken them to a serious pursuit of the honourable and truly religious design, for the reformation of manners, which is now on foot, and countenanced by the nobility, bishop's and judges, in the late account of the societies for the reformation of manner's and applauded by the serious and religious men of all perswasions / by R. Gilpin ...
Gipps, George, d. 1654. / [1645i.e. 1644] A sermon preached (before God, and from him) to the Honourable House of Commons.: At a publike fast, Novemb. 27. in the yeare GoD Is oVr refVge, oVr strength; a heLpe In troVbLes VerIe aboVnDant VVe finDe. By George Gipps rector of Elston in Leicester-shire, one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the said House.
Gipps, Thomas, d. 1709. / [1699] The rector of Bury's reply to the minister at Oswestry's answer; in a second letter to his friend.
Gipps, Thomas, d. 1709. / [1699] The further vindication, &c. of Mr. Owen consider'd in a letter to a friend.