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Gherit, van der Goude, fl. 1507. / [In the yere of our Lorde God a. M. CCCCC. xxxii. The .xiiii. daye of the moneth of Octobre 1532] The interpretacyon, and sygnyfycacyon of the Masse Here begynneth a good deuoute boke to the honoure of god, of our lady his mother, [and] of all sayntes, and ryght profytable to all good Catholyke persones, to knowe howe they shall deuoutly here masse. And how salutaryly they shal confesse them. And how reuerently and honourably they shall go to the holy sacrament or table of our sauyour Ihesu chryste, with dyuerse other profytable documents and oraysons or prayers here conteyned, composed and ordeyned by frere Gararde, frere mynoure, of the ordre of the Obseruauntes.
Gheyn, Jacob de, 1565-1629. / [1608] The exercise of armes for caliures, muskettes, and pikes after the ordre of his Excellence. Maurits Prince of Orange Counte of Nassau etc. Gouernour and Captaine generall. ouer Geldreland. Holland, Zeeland, Vtrecht. Overyssel. etc. Sett forthe in figures. by Iacob de Gheyn. With written instructions. for the service of all captaines and comaundours. For to shewe hereout the better vnto their jong or vntrayned souldiers the playne and perfett maner to handle these armes.
Ghisi, Andrea. / [An Dom. 1610] Wits laberynth, or The exercise of idlenesse Containing an artificiall texture of two thousand two hundred and sixtie figures, so placed and disposed, as by the helpe of a briefe direction for that purpose, you may tell which of them any man thinketh. As also by the same obseruation, to discouer any name, or number, that shall bee imagined. Besides an ample and large subiect for those that affect such ingenious recreations, by the sharpnesse of their owne conceits, to drawe out many other delightfull varieties. First composed in Italian by Andrea Ghisi, and now Englished and augmented.