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Gearing, William. / [1668] Wisdom justified of her children, or, Two sermons sometime preached in Cockshutt Chappel, in the county of Salop, and lately at Brightling in Sussex, on Matth. XI. XIX. and now at the request of friends enlarged, and published / by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1679] The sacred diary: Or, select meditations for every part of the day, and the employments thereof: With directions to persons of all ranks, for the holy spending every ordinary day of the Week. Propounded as means to facilitate a pious life, and for the spiritual improvement of every Christian.
Gearing, William. / [1673] A prospect of heaven, or, A treatise of the happiness of the saints in glory wherein is described the nature and quality, the excellency and certainty of it : together with the circumstances, substance and adjuncts of that glory : the unspeakable misery of those that lose it, and the right way to obtain it : shewing also the disproportion between the saints present sufferings, and their future glory : many weighty questions discussed and divers cases cleered / by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1670] Philadelphia, or, a treatise of brotherly-love Shewing, that we must love all men: love the wicked in general: love our enemies: that the godly must especially love another: and the reasons of each particular love. The manner of our mutual love; the dignity, necessity, excellenc, and usefulness of brotherly-love. That the want of love, where love is due, is hatred, shewed in divers particulars. The greatness of the sin of malice and hatred; with the reasons why wicked men hate the saints: together with cautions against those sins that break the bond of love. Many weighty questions discussed, and divers cases cleared. By William Gearing, minister of the word.
Gearing, William. / [1662] The mount of holy meditation: or a treatise shewing the nature and kinds of meditation the subject matter and ends of it; the necessity of meditation; together with the excellency and usefulnesse thereof. By William Gearing minister of the gospel at Lymington in the county of Southampton.
Gearing, William. / [1659] The mischiefes and danger of the sin of ignorance, or, Ignorance arraigned, with the causes, kinds, and cure thereof. As also, the excellency, profit, and benefit of heavenly knowledge. / By W. Geering, minister of the word at Lymington, in the county of Southampton.
Gearing, William. / [1665] The love-sick spouse, or, The substance of four sermons preached on Canticles 2.5. by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1688] Londons remembrancer, or, A sermon preached at the Church of St. Mary Le Bow on September the 3d, 1688 (the second day being the Lord's Day) which was appointed by act of Parliament for the citizens of London and their successors to retain the memorial of the sad desolation of the city by fire in the year of our Lord 1666 / by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1674] The history of the Church of Great Britain from the birth of Our Saviour, untill the year of Our Lord, 1667 : with an exact succession of the bishops, and the memorable acts of many of them : together with an addition of all the English cardinals, and the several orders of English monks, friars, and nuns, in former ages.
Gearing, William. / [1662] The eye and wheel of providence, or, A treatise proving that there is a divine providence ... by W. Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [M.DC.LXIII. 1663] Clavis coeli; or A treatise setting forth the nature, the parts, and kinds of prayer with the efficients thereof: the object of prayer; the matter of prayer; the time and place of prayer; the gestures to be used in prayer; the necessity, excellency and profit of prayer: with directions for the manner how we ought to pray. Many weighty questions discussed, and divers cases cleered. By William Gearing minister of the Word.
Gearing, William. / [1666] A caveat to the standing Christian, and to him that thinketh he standeth by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1663] A bridle for the tongue, or, A treatise of ten sins of the tongue ... shewing the nature of these sins ... with the causes and aggravations of them, and remedyes against them : together with many considerations, rules, and helps for the right ordering of the tongue ... / by William Gearing ...
Gearing, William. / [1600] The arraignment of pride, or, Pride set forth, with the causes, kinds, and several branches of it: the odiousness and greatness of the sin of pride: the prognosticks of it, together with the cure of it: as also a large description of the excellency and usefulness of the grace of humility: divided into chapters and sections. / By W. Gearing minister of the word at Lymington in Hantshire.
Gearing, William. / [1659] The arraignment of ignorance: or, ignorance. With the causes and kinds of it; the mischiefes and danger of it, together with the cure of ignorance: as also, the excellency, profit, and benefit of heavenly knowledge, largely set forth from Hos. 4. 6. / By W. G. Minister of the word at Lymington in the County of South-hampton.
Geaves, William. / [1696 i.e. 1676] Status ecclesiæ gallicanæ, or, The ecclesiastical history of France from the first plantation of Christianity there, unto this time, describing the most notable church-matters : the several councils holden in France, with their principal canons : the most famous men, and most learned writers, and the books they have written, with many eminent French popes, cardinals, prelates, pastours, and lawyers : a description of their universities with their founders : an impartial account of the state of the Reformed chuches in France and the civil wars there for religion : with an exact succession of the French Kings / by the authour of the late history of the church of Great Britain.
Gebhard, Truchsess von Waldburg, Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, 1547-1601. / [the .18. of March. 1583] The proclamation and edict of the archbyshop, and prince elector of Culleyn. Declarynge his occasion and earnest intention, to bring in the free exercise of the preaching of the Gospel, and peace and lybertie to true Christian religion Proclaymed at Bon, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1583. Imprinted at Antwerp, in Tannets streete, at the signe of the Gylden Bible, by Paule Braeckvelt, 1583. With the consent and priuiledge of the lordes of of the cittie of Antwerp.
Geddes, Michael, 1650?-1713. / [1694] The history of the church of Malabar from the time of its being first discover'd by the Portuguezes in the year 1501 giving an account of the persecutions and violent methods of the Roman prelates, to reduce them to the subjection of the Church of Rome : together with the Synod of Diamper celebrated in the year of our Lord 1599, with some remarks upon the faith and doctrine of the Christians of St. Thomas in the Indies, agreeing with the Church of England, in opposition to that of Rome / done out of Portugueze into English, by Michael Geddes ...
Geddes, Michael, 1650?-1713. / [1696] The church-history of Ethiopia wherein among other things, the two great splendid Roman missions into that empire are placed in their true light : to which are added, an epitome of the Dominican history of that church, and an account of the practices and conviction of Maria of the Annunciation, the famous nun of Lisbon / composed by Michael Geddes ...
Geddes, William, ca. 1630-1694. / [1682] An encomiastick epigram upon the most antient and honourable trade of masons. By Mr. William Geddes, late minister at Urquhart.
Gee, Alexander. / [Anno Dom. 1584] The ground of Christianitie composed in maner of a dialogue between Paule and Titus, contayning all the principall poyntes of our saluation in Christ.
Gee, Edward, 1565-1618. / [1620] Two sermons One, the curse and crime of Meroz. Preached at the assises at Exon. The other, a sermon of patience. At St Maries in Oxford. By Edward Gee, Doctor in Diuinitie, and chaplaine to his Maiestie. Published since his death, by his two brethren, Iohn Gee and George Gee, ministers of Gods Word.
Gee, Edward, 1613-1660. / [Printed in the year, 1650] A vindication of the Oath of allegiance in ansvver to a paper disperst by Mr Sam: Eaton, pretending to prove the Oath of allegiance voyd, and non-obliging. Wherein his positions against it are examined and confuted. / By the author of the Exercitation concerning usurped powers.
Gee, Edward, 1613-1660. / [1653] A treatise of prayer and of divine providence as relating to it. With an application of the general doctrine thereof unto the present time, and state of things in the land, so far as prayer is concerned in them. Written for the instruction, admonition, and comfort of those that give themselves unto prayer, and stand in need of it in the said respects. By Edvvard Gee, minister of the gospel at Eccleston in Lancashire.
Gee, Edward, 1613-1660. / [1658] The divine right and original of the civill magistrate from God, (as it is drawn by the Apostle S. Paul in those words, Rom. 13.1. There is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God) illustrated and vindicated in a treatise (chiefly) upon that text. Wherein the procedure of political dominion from God, by his ordination; ... is endevored truly and plainly to be laid open. / Written for the service of that eminent truth, order, justice, and peace which the said text, in its genuine sense, holdeth forth, and supporteth: and for the dissolving of sundry important doubts, and mistakes about it. By Edward Gee minister of the Gospel at Eccleston in the county palatine of Lancaster.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1688] A vindication of the principles of the author of the answer to the compiler of the nubes testium from the charge of popery in answer to a late pretended letter from a dissenter to the divines of the Church of England : as deceivers, and yet true, 2 Cor. 6. 8.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1687] Veteres vindicati, in an expostulatory letter to Mr. Sclater of Putney, upon his Consensus veterum, &c. wherein the absurdity of his method, the weakness of his reasons are shewn, his false aspersions upon the Church of England are wiped off, and her faith concerning the Eucharist proved
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1688] The primitive fathers no papists in answer to the Vindication of the Nubes testium : to which is added an historical discourse concerning invocation of saints, in answer to the challenge of F. Sabran the Jesuit, wherein is shewn that invocation of saints was so far from being the practice, that it was expresly [sic] against the doctrine of the primitive fathers.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1688] A letter to the superiours, (whether bishops or priests) which approve or license the popish books in England particularly to those of the Jesuits order, concerning Lewis Sabran, a Jesuit.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1692] Of the improvement of time a sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-Hall, August 7, 1692 / by Edward Gee.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730. / [1688] An answer to the compiler of the Nubes testium wherein is shewn that antiquity (in relation to the points of controversie set down by him) did not for the first five hundred years believe, teach, or practice as the Church of Rome doth at present believe, teach, and practice : together with a vindication of the Veteres vindicati from the late weak and disingenuous attempts of the author of Transubstantiation defended / by the author of the Answer to Mr. Sclater of Putney.
Gee, John, 1596-1639. / [1624] Hold fast a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse vpon Sunday being the xxxi. of October, Anno Domini 1624. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, late of Exon Colledge in Oxford.
Gee, John, 1596-1639. / [1624] Nevv shreds of the old snare. Containing the apparitions of two new female ghosts. The copies of diuers letters of late intercourse concerning Romish affaires. Speciall indulgences purchased at Rome, granted to diuers English gentle-beleeuing Catholiques for their ready money. A catalogue of English nunnes of the late transportations within these two or three yeares. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, late of Exon-Colledge in Oxford.
Gee, John, 1596-1639. / [1624] The foot out of the snare with a detection of sundry late practices and impostures of the priests and Iesuits in England. VVhereunto is added a catalogue of such bookes as in this authors knowledge haue been vented within two yeeres last past in London, by the priests and their agents. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, of Exon-Colledge in Oxford.
Gell, John, Sir, 1593-1671. / [1650] The true case of the state of Sir John Gell,: prisoner in the Tower: accused of high treason, and misprision of treason. With a short argument thereupon.
Gell, John, Sir, 1593-1671. / [1644 i.e. 1645] The severall accompts of Sir John Gell, Baronet and Colonell, and of his brother Thomas Gell, Esquire, Lievetenant Colonell. Published to cleare their innocency from false imputations.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1649] Stella nova, a nevv starre, leading wisemen unto Christ. Or, A sermon preached before the learned Society of Astrologers, August 1. 1649. in the Church of S. Mary Alder-Mary, London. By Robert Gell D.D. minister of the Word there.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1655] Noah's flood returning: or, a sermon preached August the 7th. 1655. before the right honourable Christopher Pack, Lord Major of the honourable citie of London, and the right worshipfull, the company of Drapers. By R. Gell, D.D. and rector of the parish of Mary Alder-Mary, London.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1676] Gell's remaines, or, Several select scriptures of the New Testament opened and explained wherein Jesus Christ, as yesterday, to day, and the same for ever, is illustrated, in sundry pious and learned notes and observations thereupon, in two volumes / by the learned and judicious Dr. Robert Gell ; collected and set in order by R. Bacon.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1659] An essay toward the amendment of the last English-translation of the Bible, or, A proof, by many instances, that the last translation of the Bible into English may be improved the first part on the Pentateuch, or five books of Moses / by Robert Gell ...
Gent. / [1699] A Brief historical account of several of the most remarkable years of war, drought, famine, and pestilence in England, and the time when they happened together with an additional discourse of God's judgments, and the procuring cause of them : as also of the prediction of the late excellent mathematician and modest astrologer Mr. Vincent Wing, as to the present year 1699 / by a gent.
Gentil-homme francois, fl. 1588. / [M.D.LXXXVIII. 1588] Discours politique, tres-excellent pour le temps present: composé par vn gentil-homme Francois, contre ceulx de la Ligue, qui taschoyent de persuader au Roy, de rompre l'Alliance qui'il a auec l'Angleterre, & la confirmer auec l'Espaigne
Gentillet, Innocent, ca. 1535-ca. 1595. / [1602] A discourse vpon the meanes of vvel governing and maintaining in good peace, a kingdome, or other principalitie. Divided into three parts, namely, the counsell, the religion, and the policie, vvhich a prince ought to hold and follow. Against Nicholas Machiavell the Florentine. Translated into English by Simon Patericke.
Gentillet, Innocent, ca. 1535-ca. 1595. / [1575] A declaration concerning the needfulnesse of peace to be made in Fraunce and the means for the making of the same: exhibited to the most Christian king, Henrie the second of that name, King of Fraunce and Polande, vpon two edictes, put forth by his Maiestie, the one the tenth of September, the other the thirtenth of October. Anno. 1574. Translated out of Frenche by G. H. Esquire.
Gentillet, Innocent, ca. 1535-ca. 1595. / [1579] An apology or defence for the Christians of Frau[n]ce which are of the eua[n]gelicall or reformed religion for the satisfiing of such as wil not liue in peace and concord with them. Whereby the purenes of the same religion in the chiefe poyntes that are in variance, is euidently shewed, not onely by the holy scriptures, and by reason: but also by the Popes owne canons. Written to the king of Nauarre and translated out of french into English by Sir Iherom Bowes Knight.
Gentleman. / [Printed in the yeare, 1647] All in an epistle. Or, A letter from a gentleman to his father, upon occasion of the Armies retreat to Wickham. Calculated for a private meridian at first, but (in a way of satisfaction) may serve indifferently for the whole kingdome.
Gentleman. / [1691] A Seasonable prospect for the view and consideration of Christians being a brief representation of the lives and conversations of infidels and heathens, in our age, as to religion and morality : together with some reflections thereupon, in relation to us who profess Christianity : to which is now added many of the wise and vertuous sayings of the ancient heathens / by a gentleman.
Gentleman. / [Printed in the year, 1677] A compendious narration of the most examplar life of the right honourable and most virtuous Lady Mary, late Countess of Shrewsbury Faithfully collected out of the writings of a most learned and worthy person who attended her many years: by a gentleman, who by reason of his long acquaintance and much conversation with her can testifie the truth of all that is here related.
Gentleman in Carisbrooke-Castle. / [1648] A copy of a letter sent from a gentleman in Carisbrooke-Castle to an honourable person at VVestminster concerning His Majesties intentions, and their expectations of the personall treaty.
Gentleman in Northampton. / [1645] A more exact and perfect relation of the great victory (by Gods providence) obtained by the Parliaments forces under command of Sir Tho. Fairfax in Naisby field, on Saturday 14. June 1645. Where His Majesties army was utterly routed, and all his infantry taken, with many of his horse, bag and baggage, ordnance, armes, and ammunition, and what losse was on both sides: with the number of officers and souldiers taken prisoner. Being a letter from a gentleman in Northampton, to his friend in London. Published by command.
Gentleman now resident in the court of Spaine. / [Printed in the year, 1649] A faithful subjects sigh, on the universally-lamented death, and tragicall end, of that virtuous and pious prince, our most gracious soveraigne, Charles I. King of Great Brittaine, most barbarously butchered by his rebellious subjects. / By a gentleman now resident in the court of Spaine.
Gentleman now residing there. / [1642] A declaration or, remonstrance of the office of a Prince, and his counsellors. Also, the dutie and obligement of the people, and subiects; collected and extracted forth of the most divine and politique authors, that have treated of the same subject. Newly sent from Yorke, by a Gentleman now residing there, to intimate loyalty to his Majesty, and love to his countrey; with an humble desire for a true understanding betweene our King and his people. Whereunto is annexed the Kings Majesties five last propositions to the Parliament; with their determinate answer by way of resolution in three distinct votes.
Gentleman of good worth. / [1642] Strange and bloody nevves from Miniard: or A bloodie massacre upon five Protestants by a company of papists, meeting them as they were going to Miniard to take ship for Ireland. Also how they first encountred them, and how after some discourse upon religion, cruelly murdered them. As also, how they were taken, and carryed to Bristow Castle. With the copy of a letter found in one of their dublets, directed to the Bishop of Canterburie. As it was credibly reported by a gentleman of good worth, being an eyewitness to the same, and by the swiftness of his horse, escaped their bloodie hands,
Gentleman of good worth now resident in London. / [1642] Newes from New-England: of a most strange and prodigious birth, brought to Boston in New-England, October the 17. being a true and exact relation, brought over April 19. 1642. by a Gentleman of good worth, now resident in London. Also other relations of six strange and prodigious births in these countries following. The 1. from New-England. The 2 from Quieres. The 3d. in Ravena. The 4. in Paris. The 5. in St. Andwes-church in Paris. The 6. in the forrest Biera.
Gentleman of quality in the army. / [1693] A true copy of a letter from His Majesty's camp between Mecklin and Vilvoord in Flanders. July 22. / Written by A gentleman of quality in the army, to a friend of his in London.
Gentleman of quality of North-Britain. / [1708?] Fair play for one's life: or, The sovereign preservative of the royal family, nobility, &c. and, of the arts of physick, and surgery, and the apothecaries trade. By a gentleman of quality of North Britain.
Gentleman of quality who was in the service. / [1643] A true relation of very good service done by the Antilope and some other ships, under the Earle of Warwicks command at Barwicke, Newcastle, and the Holy Island, the latter end of May, and beginning of Iune last 1643. Faithfully expressed in a letter from a Gentleman of quality, who was in the service, to a friend of his in London.
Gentleman of the said Grand-Jury. / [1690] A modest apology for the suspended bishops with a brief vindication of the address which was signed in their favour by the Grand-Jury of the county of Gloucester, at the last Lent assizes / by a gentleman of the said Grand-Jury.
Gentleman of very good worth and an eye-witnesse. / [1642] A trve and perfect diurnall: of the most remarkeable passages in Ireland, from the second of April to this present. / Sent over by a gentleman of very good worth, and an eye-witnesse. To a brother of his in London.
Gentleman of Worth from Corke in Munster. / [Printed in the year, 1647] A true, and brief relation of the Lord Lisle's departure from his command in Ireland, as it was vvrit from a gentleman of worth from Corke in Munster.
Gentleman that loves men more than money. / [1666] Avaritia coram tribunali: or, the miser arraign'd at the bar of scripture and reason for his sinful neglect of charity, in this present lamentable and dreadful visitation of the plague. By a gentleman that loves men more than money.
Gentleman that wishes all happinesse and peace to this distracted kingdome. / [1642] A collection of the rights and priviledges of Parliament.: Together, with the true and just prerogatives of the kings of England. Collected out of ancient writers, both divine and morrall. Informing the willing man, convincing the flatterer, and vindicating those that pray for the tranquillitie of this our Syon. / Written by a Gentleman that wishes all happinesse and peace, to this distracted kingdome.
Gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand. / [1700] Reflections upon Mr. Stephens's sermon, preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, January the 30th, 1699/700 by a gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand.
Geoffrey, of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1100?-1154. / [1585] Pontici Virunnii viri doctissimi Britannicæ historiæ libri sex magna et fide et diligentia conscripti: ad Britannici codicis fidem correcti, & ab infinitis mendis liberati: quibus præfixus est catalogus regum Britanniæ: per Dauidem Pouelum, S. Theolog. professorem.
George, Steven. / [in the yeare of our Lord, 1623] An Inglish disputing of the fait hgoodes [sic], and their lawes: the which I haue written according to the nevve inuention of the magnifyk and great doctour, and aduocat, Sir Philippe Glaum, &c. ... the third day of the moneth called Februarii, in the yeare of our Lorde a thousand, six hundred, three and twentie : thervp [sic] I will answer euen well in my English, with the grace and healp of the holy ghost [sic], by the shoole at H[e?]arbourn, at the seuen tenth day of the same moneth / Steuen George.
Georgijević, Bartolomej, d. ca. 1566. / [1661] The rarities of Turkey, gathered by one that was sold seven times a slave in the Turkish Empire, and now exposed to view for the benefit of his native countrey:.
Gerard, Pierre. / [1598] A preparation to the most holie ministerie wherein is set downe the true meanes to be well prepared to the same, by an exact description, and consideration, of the necessitie, excellencie, difficultie, and great profit therof; with the maruellous effects of the same: also a liuely exhortation to all youth, to giue themselues to the studie therof: and a confutation of the obiections which may be brought in any sort to touch the same: verie profitable and necessarie in these our times, ... Diuided into two bookes. Written in French by Peter Gerard, and translated into English by N.B.
Gerardts, Gonsale. / [1695?] Nothing without God. These are to give notice unto all persons, that this most renowned and approved Dutch doctor in many nations, was born in that great and famous city and University of Leyden in Holland is now come to this famous city of London ...
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1562?-1667. / [1652] A new-years result, in favour of the poore; as also in the behalf of all tradesmen, necessitous persons, and such others, as desire the encrease of traffique; who minde the exterpation of intollerable usury, and the anihilating of the pernitious costoms of forfeitures.: Together with that which may be justly expected from all men of estates on the like case, who cannot be ignorant that such as endeavor not to promote the publique good, are no better than brutes with hoofs and hornes. All which is discust by way of conference between Mean-well and Experience. / By Sr. Balthazar Gerbier, Knight.
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1649] The first lecture, of geographie,: (vvhich is a description of the terestriall globe) / read publickly at Sr. Balthazar Gerbier his accademy, at Bednall-Greene.
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1649] To all fathers of noble families, and lovers of vertue.:
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1650] A publique lecture on all the languages, arts, sciences, and noble exercises, which are taught in Sr. Balthazar Gerbiers academy. Imprimatur, Hen: Scobell, Cleric: Parliamenti.
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1649] The first lecture touching navigation read publiquely at Sr. Balthazar Gerbiers accademy. Imprimatur, Hen: Scobell, Cleric: Parliamenti.
Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. / [1649] The first lecture, of an introduction to cosmographie,: (vvhich is a description of all the world) / read publickly at Sr. Balthazar Gerbier his academy, at Bednall-Greene.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1641] Vindiciæ voti. Or a vindication of the true sense of the nationall covenant, in a briefe and moderate answere to the Protestation Protested discovering the unsoundnesse of that interpretation of the covenant, and the weaknesse of the grounds there suggested for separate and independant churches. By Iohn Geree, master of arts, and preacher of Gods word in Tewkesbury. Published by the authority of the House of Commons.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1647 i.e. 1646] Vindiciæ vindiciarum: or, A vindication of his Vindication of infant-baptisme, from the exceptions of M. Harrison, in his Pœdo-baptisme oppugned, and from the exceptions of Mr. Tombes, in his chief digressions of his late Apology, from the manner to the matter of his treatises. By Io. Geree M. of Arts, and Preacher of the Word in S. Albanes. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1647] Touching the subject of supremacy in causes ecclesiastical. Diatriba quædam Oxoniensis cujusdam. Tending to peace and setling, by shewing how the powers civil and ecclesiastical may act in their own sphæres without incroachment on one another. July 12. 1647. Imprimatur John Downame.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1648] Theiopharmakon.: A divine potion to preserve spirituall health, by the cure of unnaturall health-drinking. Or An exercise wherein the evill of health-drinking is by clear and solid arguments convinced. Written for the satisfaction, and published by the direction of a godly Parliament-man. / By Jo: Geree, M.A. and pastor of St. Faiths in London.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1648] Siniorragia the sifters sieve broken, or a reply to Doctor Boughen's sifting my case of conscience touching the Kings coronation oath : wherein is cleared that bishops are not jure divino, that their sole government without the help of presbyters is an ursurpation and an innovation, that the Kings oath at coronation is not to be extended to preserve bishops, with the ruine of himself and kingdome / by John Geree.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1649] Katadynastēs: might overcoming right. Or a cleer answer to M. John Goodwin's Might and right well met. Wherein is cleared, that the action of the Army in secluding many Parliament men from the place of their discharge of trust, and the imprisoning of some of them, is neither defensible by the rules of solid reason, nor religion. / By John Geree M.A. and pastour of Faith's under Pauls in London. Published by authority.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1641] Iudahs ioy at the oath layd out in a sermon on the 2 Chro. 15, 15 for Englands example in embracing the parliamentary covenant with readinesse and rejoycing : hereunto is annexed a briefe and moderate answere to The protestation protested, discovering the unsoundnesse of that interpretation of the nationall covenant, and the weaknesse of the grounds there suggested for separate and independant churches / by Iohn Geree ...
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1642] Irelands advocate: or, a sermon preached at a publike fast held by authorie, July the 27. in behalfe of bleeding Ireland. By John Geree, pastour of Tewkesbury, in Glocester-Shire. Published by authoritie.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1648] Ippos pyrros = The red horse· or The bloodines of vvar, represented in a sermon (to perswade to peace) preached at Pauls, July 16. 1648, at five of the clocke in the afternoone. / By Jo: Geree, M.A. and pastor of St Faiths under Pauls. And now published to cleare the preacher from malignancy imputed to him by some left-eared auditors.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1641] The down-fall of Anti-Christ: or, The povver of preaching, to pull down popery. In a briefe treatise on 2. Thessal. 28. By John Geree, Pastour of Tewkesbury, in Glocester-Shire.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1659] The character of an old English-Puritan or non-conformist by John Geree ...
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1647] A catechisme in briefe questions and answers containing such things as are to be known or had by all such as would partake the sacrament of the Lords Supper with comfort / by John Geree ...
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [An. Dom. 1629] A catechisme in briefe questions and answeres containing such things as are to be knowne or had by all such as would partake the sacrament of the Lords Supper with comfort.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1646] A case of conscience resolved.: Wherein it is cleared, that the King may without impeachment to his oath, touching the clergy at coronation, consent to the abrogation of episcopacy. And the objections against it in two learned treatises, printed at Oxford, fully answered. / By John Geree Master of Arts, and preacher of the word of God at St. Albans. Published acording to order.
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1646] Astrologo-mastix, or A discovery of the vanity and iniquity of judiciall astrology, or Divining by the starres the successe, or miscarriage of humane affaires. / By John Geree Master of Arts, and preacher of the word at St. Albanes. Published according to order.
Geree, Stephen, 1594-1656? / [1639] The ornament of women. Or, A description of the true excellency of women Delivered in a sermon at the funerall of M. Elizabeth Machell, on Easter Munday being the 15. of April 1639. By Stephen Geree, minister of Gods Word at Wonnersh, neare Guildford in Surrey.
Geree, Stephen, 1594-1656? / [1656] The golden mean: being some serious considerations, together with some cases of conscience resolved; for a more full, and frequent administration of, yet not free admission unto, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. / By Stephen Geree, minister of God's word, and pastor of the Church of Abinger in the county of Surrey.
Gereformeerde Kerk in de Nederlanden. Synode van Zeeland. / [1643] A letter from the synod of Zeland, to the commissioners of the Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland: vvritten by them in Latin, and now faithfully translated into English: expressing, 1. Their fellow-feeling of the present condition of the Kirks of Ireland and England, and exciting us to the like. 2. Their respects and affection to the Kirk of Scotland. 3. Their zeale to the Reformation of the Kirk of England, in government and ceremonies, and to the preservation of religion there, against the pride of Popery at this time. 4. And their desire of Unity in Religion, and the Kirk-government in his Majesties Dominions. July 18. 1643. Imprimatur. John White.:
Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. / [1632] The soules watch: or, A day-booke for the deuout soule Consisting of 52 heauenly meditations, and diuers godly prayers, fitted to all the dayes of the weeke. Being holy exercises for a sanctified conuersation, and spirituall riches for the inward man. By Iohn Gerhard Dr. of Diuinity, and superintendent of Heldburge. Englished by R.B. With the Lords Prayer expounded by him.
Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. / [1640] The summe of Christian doctrine written originally in Latine by John Gerhard ... and translated by Ralph Winterton ...
Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. / [1680] Divine consolations against the fear of death in a dialogue between a minister and a tempted Christian : to which is added the Christians triumph over death : with divine contemplations, ejaculations and poems thereupon / written by John Gerhard.
Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. / [1614] The conquest of temptations, or Mans victory over Satan especially, the great assaults, at the agony of death, full of very strong and effectuall consolations, to sustaine and comfort the weakest heart, in the greatest conflicts which can befall a Christian in the vvhole course of of life, and approach of death / gathered by the holy and deuout labour of Iohn Gerard, doctor of diuinitie, and superintendent of Heldburge ; newly Englished by Rich. Bruch, minister of Gods word.
Gerrard, Philip. / [1547] A godly inuectiue in the defence of the Gospell against such as murmure and woorke what thei can that the Bible shoulde not haue free passage, veray necessary to be red of euery faythfull Christian.
Gervaes, Master. / [1552?] [Moreouer yf any be diseased with the pockes...]
Gery, Thomas, d. 1670? / [1660] A mirrour for Anabaptists in three rational discourses that may put the blush upon them, viz. 1. Pædobaptism defended and justified. 2. Anabaptism plainly confuted. 3. Some valid and suasory reasons to draw them from the errour of their way, to re-embrace the truth which they have deserted, and to return to the church of God from which they have departed. / By Thomas Gery ...
Gery, Thomas, d. 1670? / [1657] The fort-royal of Christianity defended. Or, a demonstration of the divinity of scripture, by way of excellency called the Bible. With a discussion of some of the great controversies in religion, about universal redemption, free-will, original sin, &c. For the establishing of Christians in truth in these atheistical trying times. / By Thomas Gery, B.D. and Rector of Barwell in Leicestershire.
Gery, William. / [1659] Proposals for reformation of abuses and subtilties in practise against the lavv and in scandall of it. By William Gery, Esq; of Grays Inn.
Gest, Edmund. / [1548] A treatise againste the preuee masse in the behalfe and furtheraunce of the mooste hylye communyon made by Edmund Gest. Reade gentyll reader and then iudge. M. D. XLVIII.
Gethin, Grace, Lady, 1676-1697. / [1699] Misery's virtues whet-stone reliquiæ Gethinianæ, or, Some remains of the most ingenious and excellent lady, the Lady Grace Gethin, lately deceased : being a collection of choice discourses, pleasant apothegmes, and witty sentences / written by her for the most part, by way of essay, and at spare hours ; published by her nearest relations to preserve her memory, and digested for method's sake under proper heads.
Getsius, Daniel, 1592-1672. / [1658] Tears shed in the behalf of his dear mother the Church of England, and her sad distractions gathered and brought into this small paper vessell for the use of the vulgar, and common people, not to play with religion / by her adopted son, Daniel Getsius ...