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Gad ben-Arod, ben-Balaam, ben-Ahimoth, ben-Baal, ben-Gog, ben-Magog. / [1640] The vvandering-Jew, telling fortunes to English-men
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [MDCLXVII. 1667] Vox solis: or, an astrological discourse of the great eclipse of the sun, which happened on June 22. 1666 in 10 deg. of the watry signe Cancer. Shewing what effects may most probably attend it, and unto what persons, kingdoms and countries, they are chiefly directed. By John Gadbury, Philomathēmapkoz. With allowance. Intended to have been publisht in his Ephemeris for this present year 1667. but prevented by reason of the late terrible conflagration of London.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1693] The scurrilous scribler dissected: or, A word in William Lilly's ear concerning his reputation, which he complains is injured by J.G. that ungrateful scorpionist, as he the said Lilly scurrilously terms him.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1660] Pseudo-astrologos, or, The spurious prognosticator unmasked being a short examen of the the manifold errors and fallacies, falshoods, and flatteries published by Mr. W. Lilly in his Merlin 1659 : wherein his ignorance in astrology is explained ... / by G.J.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1680?] A new narrative of the popish plot shewing the cunning contrivance thereof, with a signal providence to this nation in the discovery of it and the plotters, to the confusion of the wicked papists, and to the great comfort of all good Protestants : to the tune of Packington's pound.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1660] Neophuto-astrologos. = The novice-astrologer instructed in a New-Years-gift to Mr. William Lilly; occasioned by the scurrility, scandal, ignorance, and flattery of his Merlin for the ensuing year. With two dedicatory epistles; the one to the learned divines, the other to the honest astrologers of this nation. / By G.J. or J.G. which Lilly the parasite pleaseth.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1660] Natura prodigiorum or, a discourse touching the nature of prodigies. Together with the kinds, causes and effects, of comets, eclipses, and earthquakes. With an appendix touching the imposturism of the commonly-received doctrine of prophecies, spirits, images, sigils, lamens, the christal, &c. and the propugners of such opinions. / By John Gadbury philomathēmatikos.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1680] The nativity of the most valiant and puissant monarch, Lewis the fourteenth, king of France and Navarre astronomically and astrologically handled.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [printed in the year 1659] The nativity of that most illustrious and magnanimous prince, Carolus Gustavus, King of Sweden, astrologically handled; and published for the honour of art, and the satisfaction of all sorts of persons generally, as well astrologers as others; and particularly for the better information of Mr. William Lilly. Written by Merlinus Verax.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1680] Magna veritas, or, John Gadbury, student in physick and astrology, not a papist but a true Protestant of the Church of England published for the satisfaction of all such as know not the said John Gadbury and yet give credit to all kinds of scandals and falshoods that pass upon his much injured reputation since his late unfortunate confinement.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1677] The just and pious scorpionist, or, The nativity of that thrice excellent man, Sir Matthew Hales, late Lord Chief Justice of England who was born in the year of our Lord 1609, on Wednesday Novemb. the first 7h 8' manè, under the cœlestial scorpion, astrologically consider'd / by John Gadbury.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [MDCXCVII. 1697] Astrologonaytis or, The astrological seaman directing merchants, mariners, &c. adventuring to sea, how (by God's blessing) to escape many dangers which commonly happen in the ocean. Unto which (by way of appendix) is added, A diary of the weather for XXI. years, very exactly observed in London: with sundry observations made thereon. By John Gadbury, student in physick and astrology.
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1687] Festum festorum, or, A discourse touching the holy feast of Easter shewing how it may be established for ever / by John Gadbury ...
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1679] Astrological predictions for the year, 1679 shewing, according to the most approv'd of rules of that sublime study, what revolutions, or accidents, are likely to happen in many parts of the world, especially in England, Scotland, and Ireland / by J.G. ...
Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. / [1654] Animal cornutum, or The horn'd beast: wherein is contained, 1 a brief method of the grounds of astrology, 2 a description of each planet and sign, 3 the way to erect a figure of heaven, 4 a narrative of what visible eclipses (both of sun and moon) will appear in our horizon, for these 15 years yet to come, with the month, day, and hour when they happen. Whereunto is annexed, an examination of a spurious pamphlet (intituled, Astrology proved to be the doctrine of dæmons) laying open the antagonist's malice, and folly; with a refutation of his errors, by an astrological example, in figure, and judgement. / Composed for the benefit of all those that are desirous to exercise themselves herein, by J. Gadbury, a lover of the celestial sciences.
Gadbury, Timothy. / [1660] A health to the King, or, An astrological prediction of Charls II his coming to the crown of England &c. / by Timothy Gadbury ...
Gaetani, Enrico, Cardinal, 1550-1599. / [1650] Instructions for young gentlemen: or, The instructions of Cardinal Sermonetto to his cousin Petro Caetano, at his first going into Flanders to the Duke of Parma, to serve Philip King of Spain.
Gaffarel, Jacques, 1601-1681. / [1650] Vnheard-of curiosities concerning the talismanical sculpture of the Persians; the horoscope of the patriarkes; and the reading of the stars. Written in French, by James Gaffarel. And Englished by Edmund Chilmead, Mr. of Arts, and chaplaine of Christ-Church Oxon.
Gage, John, priest. / [1652] The Christian sodality, or, Catholick hive of bees sucking the hony of the Churches prayers from the blossome of the word of God blowne out of the epistles and Gospels of the divine service throughout the yeare / collected by the puny bee of all the hive, not worthy to be named otherwise than by these elements of his name: F. P.
Gailhard, J. (Jean). / [1700] The trumpet in Sion, sounding a general alarm in the nation. By J.G.G.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [MDCXCIX. 1699] The true character of the spirit and principles of Socinianism, drawn out of their writings With some additional proofs of the Most Holy Trinity, of our Lord's and of the Holy Ghost's divinity. By J. Gailhard, Gent.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1694] Some observations upon the keeping the thirtieth of January, and twenty ninth of May by J.G.G.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1669] The present state of the republick of Venice as to the government, laws, forces, riches, manners, customes, revenue, and territory of that common-wealth : with a relation of the present war in Candia / written by J. Gailhard, gent.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1695] Serious advice to a preservative against the blasphemous heresie of Socinianism by J.G.G.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1660] The right of the Church asserted, against the povver usurped over it. By J. Gailhard, A.M. & D.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1697] The blasphemous Socinian heresie disproved and confuted wherein the doctrinal and controversial parts of those points are handled, and the adversaries scripture and school-arguments answered : with animadversions upon a late book called, Christianity not mysterious, humbly dedicated to both houses of parliament / by J. Gailhard ...
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1696] A plea for free-grace against free-will wherein matters about grace and providence are plainly and fully cleared and contrary opinions demonstrated to be against Scripture, the judgment of the primitive church and the doctrine of the Church of England / by J. Gailhard.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1699] Four tracts. I. A short discourse about divorce and its causes, fornication and adultery. II. A charge to judges, juries and witnesses concerning oaths. III. About infant baptism. IV. A letter to a lady, who hath forsaken [t]he Protestant religion for the Romish. / By J. Gailhard, Gent.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1696] A discourse about ceremonies, church-government and liturgy humbly offered to the consideration of the convocation / by J.G.G.
Gailhard, J. (Jean) / [1660] The controversie between episcopacy and presbytery stated and discussed, by way of letters, at the desire of a person of quality and learning. / By J. Gailhard, A.M. & D.
Gale, Nathaniel. / [printed in the year 1700] The faithful testimony of High-Hall detected and the examen, of the pretences and character of Mr. William Russel, &c. vindicated. Part I.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1671] Theophilie, or, A discourse of the saints amitie with God in Christ by Theophilus Gale.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1671] The life and death of Thomas Tregosse late minister of the Gospel at Milar and Mabe in Cornwal with his character, and some letters of his, not long before his death.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1673] A discourse of Christ's coming and the influence, which the expectation thereof hath on al manner of holy conversation and godlinesse / by Theophilus Gale.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1677] The court of the gentiles. Part IV. Of reformed philosophie wherein Plato's moral and metaphysic or prime philosophie is reduced to an useful forme and method / by Theophilus Gale.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1677] The court of gentiles. Part III, The vanity of pagan philosophy demonstrated from its causes, parts, proprieties, and effects, namely pagan idolatrie, Judaic apostasie, gnostic infusions, errors among the Greek fathers, specially Origen, Arianisme, Pelagianisme, and the whole systeme of papisme or antichristianisme : distributed into three parts, mystic, scholastic, and canonic theologie / by Theophilus Gale.
Gale, Theophilus, 1628-1678. / [1660] The court of the Gentiles: or A discourse touching the original of human literature, both philologie and philosophie, from the Scriptures, and Jewish church in order to a demonstration, of 1. The perfection of Gods vvord, and church light. 2: The imperfection of natures light, and mischief of vain pholosophie. 3. The right use of human learning, and especially sound philosophie. / By T.G.
Gale, Thomas, 1507-1587. / [1563, i.e. 1564?] Certaine vvorkes of chirurgerie, nevvly compiled and published by Thomas Gale, maister in chirurgerie
Galen. / [1586] Certaine vvorkes of Galens, called Methodus medendi with a briefe declaration of the worthie art of medicine, the office of a chirurgion, and an epitome of the third booke of Galen, of naturall faculties: all translated into English, by Thomas Gale Maister in Chirurgerie.
Gallaway, William, fl. 1692-1697. / [1697] A thanksgiving-sermon for the peace preach'd at the parish-church of St. Dunstan's in the West, Dec. IId, 1697 / by William Gallaway ... ; printed at the particular request of some of the hearers.
Galliardi, Achilles, 1537-1607. / [Anno M. DC. XXV. 1625] An abridgement of Christian perfection. Conteining many excellent precepts, & aduertisments, touching the holy, and sacred mysticall diuinity. Written in Italian, by Fa. Achilles Galliardi of the Society of Iesus, &translated into English, A.H. of the same society.
Gallimore, Francis, 1628 or 9-1698. / [1694] A short discourse. Or, serious reflections and meditations on some particular texts of scripture Being the substance of several sermons preached in a country congregation. Wherein is shewed, first, the blessedness of those that keep Gods Commandments. And secondly, the happiness of such as mind their creator betimes, very briefly and succinctly handled. Written by F.G. master of arts, and chaplain to the right honourable Robert Earl of Scarsdale.
Gallobelgicus. / [1629] VVine, beere, and ale, together by the eares A dialogue, vvritten first in Dutch by Gallobelgicus, and faithfully translated out of the originall copie, by Mercurius Britannicus, for the benefite of his nation.
Gamble, John, d. 1687. / [1659] Ayres and dialogues for one, two, and three voyces to be sung either to the theorbo-lute or basse-viol / composed by John Gamble. The second book.
Gammon, John. / [1691] Christ a Christian's life: Or, a practical discourse of a believer's life derived from Christ, and resolved into Christ. Being the substance of several sermons preach'd by the author upon his recovery from a fit of sickenss, and now extorted from him by the importunity of friends. By John Gammon, minister of the gospel, and pastor of a congregation in White-Chappel.
Gamon, Hannibal, b. 1581 or 2. / [1627] The praise of a godly vvoman A sermon preached at the solemne funerall of the right honourable ladie, the Ladie Frances Roberts, at Lanhide-rock-Church in Cornwall, the tenth of August, 1626. By Hanniball Gamon, minister of the word of God, at St. Maugan in the same countie.
Gand, Louis de. / [1656] Lettre du Sieur Louis De Gand Seigneur De Brachey & De Romecour a son altesse. Tres haut & tres puissant Prince.:
Gannacliff, John. / [1692] Gospel truths scripturally asserted in answer to Joseph Hallett's twenty seven queries by John Gannacliff and Joseph Nott.
Garbutt, Richard. / [1657. i.e. 1656] A demonstration of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; and therein of the Christian religion.: Very usefull for the further satisfaction and confirmation of all good Christians; as likewise for the confutation and conviction of those that have a Jewish or atheisticall spirit in them. / Written by Richard Garbutt, Bachelour in Divinity, sometimes fellow of Sydney Colledge in Cambridge, and afterwards preacher of the Gospel at Leeds in Yorshire [sic].
Garcâia, Carlos, doctor. / [1657] Guzman, Hinde, and Hannam outstript being a discovery of the whole art, mistery and antiquity of theeves and theeving, with their statutes, laws, customs and practises, together with many new and unheard of cheats and trepannings.
Garden, Alexander, 1585?-1634? / [Anno 1637.] Memorable historick descriptiones draven [sic]. From the sacred bookes insert in the subsequent page. By Alexander Garden..
Garden, James, 1647-1726. / [1700] Comparative theology, or, The true and solid grounds of pure and peaceable theology a subject very necessary, tho' hitherto almost wholly neglected : proposed in a university discourse / and now translated from the printed Latin copy, with some few enlargements by the author.
Gardener, Henry, b. 1629? / [1660] New-Englands vindidation [sic].: Shewing the mis-understanding of the apprehension to take all that vast countrey under the notion of a particular place of one pattent of Boston, the metropolitan of the Machechusets there, who in these late times have acted as a free state and illegal proceeding, as by the many books and complaints by petition have caused an odium on the countrey in general, in vindication to manifest the worth of the countrey in general, it is as hopeful to enlarge His Majesties dominions, as if all the Baltick seas were annexed to his empire. By Henry Gardener merchant, whose father was one of the first adventurers thither, and into other parts of America.
Gardener, Thomas, d. 1635. / [1643] The path-way to peace. Or, The only assured and most certain means, whereby to heal the sores, make up the breaches, remove the fears, prevent the ruine, reconcile the differences, and put a finall end to the manifold divisions of this famous (though now much distracted) kingdom. By that faithfull and painfull preacher of Gods Word, Thomas Gardener, late pastor of St Maries in Sandwich. It is ordered this thirteenth day of February, 1642. by the committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this book, intituled, The path-way to peace, be printed. John White.:
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [1696] A thanksgiving-sermon preached at St. Michaels Crooked-Lane April 16th, 1696, upon occasion of His Majestie's deliverance from the late intended assassination of his sacred person in order to a French invasion / by James Gardiner.
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [MDCC. 1700] A sermon preach'd at St. Michael Crooked-Lane September the 8th. 1700 Upon occasion of the death of His Illustrious Highness the Duke of Gloucester· By James Gardiner, M.A. rector of the said parish.
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [1695] A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords at the Abbey-Church of St. Peters Westminster, on Wednesday, 11th of December, 1695 : being the day appointed for a solemn fast and humiliation / by the Right Reverend Father in God James, Lord Bishop of London.
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [MDCXCVII. 1697] A thanksgiving-sermon for the peace: preach'd at St Michael Crookedlane, December the 2d, 1697. By James Gardiner, M.A. rector of the said parish.
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [1697] Advice to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln by ... James Lord Bishop of that diocese, in order to his primary visitation.
Gardiner, Richard, 1591-1670. / [1659] XVI sermons preached in the University of Oxford, and at court. / By Rich. Gardiner, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to King Charles deceased. Together with his sermons preached in Bow-Church London, on the anniversary meeting of Hereford-shire natives, June 24. 1658.
Gardiner, Richard, 1591-1670. / [1622] A sermon preached at St Maries in Oxford on Act Sunday last in the after-noone 1622. By Richard Gardiner student of Christ-Church
Gardiner, Richard, 1591-1670. / [1642] A sermon appointed for Saint Pauls Crosse, but preached in Saint Pauls Church, on the day of His Maiesties happy inavgvration. March 27. 1642. By Richard Gardyner, D.D. and Canon of Christ-Church, Oxon.
Gardiner, Richard, 1591-1670. / [anno Dom. 1638] A sermon preach'd on Easter-day at Oxford, in Saint Peters Church in the East, the accustomed place for the rehearsall sermon on that day wherein is prov'd the Sonne's equality with the Father, the deity of the Holy Ghost, and the resurrection of the same numericall body, against the old, and recent oppugners of these sacred verities. By Richard Gardyner, D.D. and canon of the cathedrall church of Christ in Oxford.
Gardiner, Richard, 1591-1670. / [Anno Dom. 1639] A sermon concerning the Epiphany preached at the cathedrall church of Christ in Oxford. By Richard Gardyner, D.D. and canon of the same church.
Gardiner, Robert, 17th/18th cent. / [1690] Ars clericalis, the art of conveyancing explained being a collection gathered with great care and industry, out of the many books of the law : wherein the nature and effect of such deeds and instruments, by which lands are conveyed from one man to another, are clearly demonstrated : also the forms and orderly parts which ought to be observed in deeds and conveyances are laid open and explained / by R.G., Gent.
Gardiner, Samuel, 1619 or 20-1686. / [1653] Moses and Aaron brethren, or, The excellencie, necessity, consistencie, and vsefulnesse of magistracy and ministery under the Gospel opened in a sermon preached at the assizes held at Darby the eighth of March, MDCLIII / by Samuel Gardiner ... published not for contention, but satisfaction.
Gardiner, Samuel, 1619 or 20-1686. / [1689] A brief examination of the present Roman Catholick faith contained in Pope Pius his new creed, by the Scriptures, antient fathers and their own modern writers, in answer to a letter desiring satisfaction concerning the visibility of the protestant church and religion in all ages, especially before Luther's time.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1611] The way to heauen In a sermon deliuered at Saint Maries Spittle on Wednesday in Easter weeke the 27. of March. 1611. By Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1600] a pearle of price or, The best purchase For which the spirituall marchant Ieweller selleth all his temporalls. By Samuel Gardiner, Batchellor of Diuinitie.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1605] A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 9. of Iune. 1605 Vpon the 20. of the Reuelation the 12. vers. treating of these seuerall heads. 1. Of the resurrection of the flesh. 2. Of the iudgement of the quicke and dead. 3. Of the communion of saints, 4. Of euerlasting life. By Samuell Gardnier [sic], Doct. of Diuinitie.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1611] The scourge of sacriledge. By Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1599] The portraitur of the prodigal sonne liuelie set forth in a three-fold discourse.1. Of his progresse. 2 Of his regresse. 3. Of his ioyfull welcome home. Published by Samuell Gardiner Batchler [sic] of Diuinitie.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1611] The foundation of the faythfull In a sermon deliuered at Paules Crosse the 17. of Ianuarie. 1610. By Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie.
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1605] A dialogue or conference betweene Irenæus and Antimachus, about the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England: by Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1627] The deuotions of the dying man, that desireth to die well. Deuised and diuulged by Samuel Gardiner Doctor of Diuinitie, and minister of the Church of great St. Peters in Norwich
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1597] The cognizance of a true Christian or the outward markes whereby he may be the better knowne: consisting especially in these two duties: fasting and giuing of almes: verie needfull for these difficult times. Diuided into two seuerall treatises. Published by Samuel Gardiner, Batcheler of Diuinitie:
Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. / [1606] A booke of angling, or fishing Wherein is shewed, by conference with scriptures, the agreement betweene the fishermen, fishes, fishing of both natures temporall, and spirtuall. By Samuel Gardiner Doctor of Diuinitie.
Gardner, Samuel, chaplain in Ordinary. / [1672] A sermon preached at the visitation held at High Wickham in the county of Bucks. May 16. 1671 Wherein the ministers duty is remembred. Their dignity asserted. Man's reconciliation with God, urged. By Samuel Gardner M.A. and chaplain to His Majesty.
Garencieres, Dudley, d. 1702. / [1697] The history of Christ's sufferings composed out of the prophets, evangelists, apostles, fathers, and other holy writers. With aspirations, or prayers, suitable to each section. In order to an entire resignation of the soul to the will of God, according to the example of Christ by Dudley Garenciers, rector of Waverton, near Chester.
Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. / [Ann Dom. 1605] Two treatises the first, entituled, The foode of the faithfull. The second Deaths welcome.
Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. / [1615] A newe yeares gift for the suole [sic], or A christian meditation of Christs incarnation Preached in the Cathedrall Church at Norwich on Christmasse day last. 1614. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods word at Winfarthing.
Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. / [1623] Ientaculum iudicum: or, A breake-fast for the bench prepared, presented, and preached in two sacred seruices, or sermons, the morning sacrifice before the two assises: at Thetford, at Norwich: 1619. Containing monitory meditations, to execute iustice and law-businesse with a good conscience. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods word in Win-farthing in Norff.
Gargill, Anne. / [1656] A brief discovery of that which is called the popish religion with a word to the Inquisition discovering their seat of injustice and cruelty, and also a word to them who are in bondage under this deceit that upholdeth the Beasts worship. And a word to the Pope who calls himself a bishop and is not, his throne of deceit is discovered, by the Spirit of the eternall God. / Given forth by me who am called of the world. A. Gargill.
Garment, Joshuah. / [Printed June 23. 1651] The Hebrews deliverance at hand. Declared by me Joshuah Garment in Clarken-well New Prison.
Garner, Robert. / [1646] Mysteries unvailed wherein the doctrine of redemption by Jesus Christ, flowing from the glorious grace and everlasting love of God, the very fountain of life and salvation unto lost sinners, is handled : the most usuall Scriptures explained and reasons answered, which are urged for the universality of the death of Christ for all persons : vvherein the unsoundness of this opinion, together with divers other conclusions as depending upon it, are discovered and the truth unvailed / by Robert Garner.
Garner, Robert. / [Printed in the year, 1645] A treatise of baptisme: wherein is clearly proved the lawfulnesse and usefulnesse of believers baptisme; as also the sinfulnesse and vanity of infants baptisme. With many usefull instructions, concerning the same matter. Grounded upon Ephes. 4. 5. One lord, one faith, one baptisme. / By Robert Garner.
Garnet, Henry, 1555-1606. / [1596 or 1597] The Societie of the Rosary. Newly augmented
Garnet, Henry, 1555-1606. / [1593] An apology against the defence of schisme Lately written by an English diuine at Doway, for answere to a letter of a lapsed Catholicke in England his frend: who hauing in the late co[m]mission gone to to [sic] the Church, defended his fall. Wherin is plainly declared, and manifestlye proued, the generall doctrine of the diuines, & of the Church of Christ, which hitherto hath been taught and followed in England, concerning this pointe.
Garnier, Jean, d. 1574. / [1579] A briefe and cleare confession of the Christian fayth Containing an hundreth articles, after the order of the creede of the Apostles. Made and declared by Iohn Gardiner. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Brooke of Asshe, next Sandwitch. An. 1577.
Garnier, Robert, 1544-1590. / [1595] Pompey the Great, his faire Corneliaes tragedie effected by her father and husbandes downe-cast, death, and fortune. Written in French, by that excellent poet Ro: Garnier; and translated into English by Thomas Kid.
Garrard, Edmund. / [1624] The countrie gentleman moderator Collections of such intermarriages, as haue beene betweene the two royall lines of England and Spaine, since the Conquest: with a short view of the stories of the liues of those princes. And also some obseruations of the passages: with diuers reasons to moderate the country peoples passions, feares, and expostulations, concerning the Prince his royall match and state affaires. Composed and collected by Edm. Garrard.
Garraway, Henry, Sir, 1575-1646. / [1679] The loyal citizen revived.: A speech made by Alderman Garroway, at a common-hall, On Tuesday the 17. of January, 1642 upon occasion of a speech delivered there the Friday before, by Mr. Pym, at the reading of His Majesties Answer to the late petition.
Garretson, J. (John) / [M DC XCI 1691] English exercises for school-boys to translate into Latin comprising all the rules of grammar, and other necessary observsations : ascending gradually from the meanest to higher capacities / by J. Garretson ...
Garrett, Walter. / [1700?] Theorems evincing, that the subject of the fourth and fifth chapters of the Revelation, is the Church of England, B.L.E. With answers to objections. Humbly offered to the serious consideration of all enemies of the Church of England, dissenters and separatists. By Wal. Garrett, rector of Everly in Wiltshire: sometime fellow of Trinity College in Cambridge.
Garrett, Walter. / [Printed in the year, 1688] A resolution of three important questions (premis'd as a foundation to an intended exposition of the fourth and fifth chapters of the apocalypse) in answer to the late reverend and learned Dr. H. M. Wherein is shewed, I. That the fourth and fifth chapters of the Revelation, are properly a prophecy of things to come to pass after St. John's receiving of the vision of them. II. That by opening of the book, Rev. v. is meant, of prefigured the explaining of it. III. That by the throne in both the said chapters, is meant a throne of God on Earth, and not in the highest heaven. By W. G. V. T.
Garrett, Walter. / [1699] A persuasive to the study of the Revelation, or, An exposition of the three first verses of that prophecy wherein 1. There is an account given of the unintelligibleness of the Revelation ... 2. Dr. Hammond's key ... shewn to be a mistaken one. 3. That neither the Doctor himself, nor anyone else in his time, understood the meaning of those passages. 4. That it can proceed from no better cause than injudiciousness or unskilfulness in these mysteries, to take exceptions at our modern Protestant expositions of the Revelation upon the account of novelty / by Wal. Garrett, rector of Everly.
Garrett, Walter. / [1699] A paraphrase upon Rev. I. The plain meaning of the first chapter of the Revelation, set forth in way of paraphrase, and notes. Being also an exhortaion , not to rest in the literal sense of the epistles; but to seek out for such a one, as may be answerable to the stateliness of their common frontispeice, I know thy works.
Garrett, Walter. / [Jan. 1699/700 1700] Oida sou ta erga. Or, the divine fore-knowledge of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, display'd in his epistles to the Churches Wherein is shewed (in way of paraphrase, and notes,) that the said epistles are a prophecy of the Church of Rome, from the beginning to the reformation. By W.G.
Garrett, Walter. / [1680] A discourse concerning Antichrist grounded upon the angel's interpreteration of the vision, Rev. xvii 3 and from thence proceeding to a particular explication of the xiith and xiiith chapters. Shewing, that the Church of Rome is that woman mentioned Rev. xvii. 3. and the bishops of Rome that eighth King spoken of v. 11. who is usually known by the name of Antichrist. By Walter Garrett, vicar of Titchfield, sometimes fellow of Trinity College in Cambridg.
Garrett, Walter. / [June 1700] Demonstratio luculenta, nova, or, A new method of demonstrating that Rome Christian (and not, heathen,) is the woman, called Babylon, in the seeventeeth [sic] chapter of the Revelation by Wal. Garrett ...
Garrett, William, d. 1674 or 5. / [1651] Anthologia : the life & death of Mr Samuel Crook late pastor of Wrington in Sommerset-shire, who being dead, yet speaketh. By W.G. An eye and ear-witness of both.
Garthwait, Henry. / [MDCXXXIIII. 1634] Monotessaron The evangelicall harmonie, reducing the foure Evangelists into one continued context; and in it the entire historie of the acts and sayings, life and death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: duely ordered according to the distinction of times. By Henry Garthwait.
Garway, Thomas. / [1660?] An exact description of the grovvth, quality, and vertues of the leaf tea. By Thomas Garway in Exchange-Alley near the Royal Exchange in London, tobacconist, and seller and retailer of tea and coffee.
Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577. / [1575] The poesies of George Gascoigne Esquire
Gascoyne, Joel, b. 1650. / [1682] A true description of Carolina
Gaskarth, John, d. 1732. / [1683] A sermon preached upon the first occasion after the death of His Grace John Duke of Lauderdale, in the chappel at Ham by John Gaskarth ...
Gaskarth, John, d. 1732. / [1685] A sermon preached before the Right Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Bristol, at his primary visitation in Bristol, October 30 and now publish'd at His Lordships request, as also the desire of several others that heard it / by John Gaskarth ...
Gaskarth, John, d. 1732. / [1700] A description of the unregenerate and the truly Christian temper or state in a sermon preach'd before the University of Cambridge, on commencement Sunday, in the forenoon, June 30, 1700 / by John Gaskarth ...
Gassendi, Pierre, 1592-1655. / [1699] Three discourses of happiness, virtue, and liberty collected from the works of the learn'd Gassendi, by Monsieur Bernier ; translated out of French.
Gassendi, Pierre, 1592-1655. / [1657] The mirrour of true nobility and gentility being the life of the renowned Nicolaus Claudius Fabricius, Lord of Pieresk, Senator of the Parliament at Aix / by Petrus Gassendus ; englished by W. Rand.
Gasser, Achilles Pirmin, 1505-1577. / [1546] A prognostication for this yere M.D.xlvi, written by the experte docter of Astronomie [and] Phisicke Achilles. P. Gasser. L. Dominators are Mars [and] Luna
Gastrell, Francis, 1662-1725. / [1699] The certainty of the Christian revelation, and the necessity of believing it, established in opposition to all the cavils and insinuations of such as pretend to allow natural religion, and reject the Gospel / by Francis Gastrell ...
Gastrell, Francis, 1662-1725. / [1697] The certainty and necessity of religion in general, or, The first grounds & principles of humane duty establish'd in eight sermons preach'd at S. Martins in the Fields at the lecture for the year 1697, founded by the Honorable Robert Boyle, Esquire / by Francis Gastrell ...
Gataker, Charles, 1614 or 15-1680. / [1673] Five captious questions propounded by a factor for the papacy answered by a divine of the Church of God in England by parallel questions and positive resolutions : to which is added an occasional letter of the Lord Viscount Falkland to the same gentleman, much to this present purpose.
Gataker, Charles, 1614 or 15-1680. / [MDCLXXV 1675] An examination of the case of the Quakers concerning oaths propounded by them, A.D. 1673, to the consideration of the King, and both Houses of Parliament : with a vindication of the power of the magistrate to impose oaths, and the liberty and duty of all Christians to swear by God reverently : humbly submitted to the judgment of His Most Sacred Majesty, and the two Houses of Parliament / by Charles Gataker ...
Gataker, Charles, 1614 or 15-1680. / [1670] The apostles Paul and James reconciled in the point of justification, and the controversies about it among Christians amicably composed
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. / [1646] Shadowes without substance, or, Pretended new lights: together, with the impieties and blasphemies that lurk under them, further discovered and drawn forth into the light: in way of rejoynder unto Mr Iohn Saltmarsh his reply: entituled Shadowes flying away. Wherein nothing lesse is shewed to have been performed, then what the title page importeth; or the preface promiseth. As also, divers points of faith and passages of Scripture are vindicated and explained. / By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. Published by authority.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. / [1646] A mistake, or misconstruction, removed. (Whereby little difference is pretended to have been acknowledged between the Antinomians and us.) And, Free grace, as it is held forth in Gods Word, as wel by the prophets in the Old Testament, as by the apostles and Christ himself in the New, shewed to be other then is by the Antinomian party in these times maintained. In way of answer to some passages in a treatise of Mr. John Saltmarsh, concerning that subject. / By Thomas Gataker, B. of Divinity and pastor of Rotherhith.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. / [1637] Certaine sermons, first preached, and after published at severall times, by M. Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor at Rotherhith. And now gathered together into one volume: the severall texts and titles whereof are set downe in the leafe following
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1661] A true and faithful narrative of the much to be lamented death of Mr. William Tyrrell and the more to be magnified preservation of Sr. John Rous of Henham, Baronet, and divers other gentlemen ... published for the vindication of Gods truth and those persons honour and credit, from some foul and scandalous aspersions cast upon them in alying libell entituled, Sad and lamentable news from Suffolk / by Lionel Gatford ...
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1661] To the most reverend, the arch-bishops, and bishops, the reverend deans, arch deacons, and the rest of the learned and much honoured convocation now assembled at Westminster ... the humble remonstrance and petition of Lionel Gatford, D.D. and chaplin to His Sacred Majesty, in the behalf of their and his fellow-sufferers, that are ready to starve and perish for want of subsistance.
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1657] Publick good without private interest, or, A compendious remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English colonie of Virginea [sic] with a modest declaration of the severall causes ... why it hath not prospered better hitherto ... / humbly presented to His Highness the Lord Protectour, by a person zealously devoted, to the more effectual propagating of the Gospel in that nation ...
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1655. i.e. 1654] A petition for the vindication of the publique use of the Book of Common-Prayer, from some foul, but undeserved aspersions lately cast upon it And for the asserting of the publique use of set-forms of prayer, and dispensing the holy Sacraments. Occasioned by the late ordinance for the ejecting of scandalous, ignorant, and insufficient ministers and school-masters. As also thirty seven quæres concerning the said ordinance, and the particulars thereof. Humbly presented to the most Honourable and highest court of Parliament, now convened at Westminster, anno 1654. With a true account rendred in an epistle prefixed, and an appendix subjoyned, both of the printing and presenting the same. By Lionel Gatford, batchelour in Divinity.
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [1643] An exhortation to peace: with an intimation of the prime enemies thereof, lately delivered in a sermon, and newly published with some small addition, by Lionell Gatford, B.D. rector of Dinnington in Suffolke, now a prisoner in Ely-house in Holborne.
Gatford, Lionel, d. 1665. / [Printed in the yeere 1648] Englands complaint: or, a sharp reproof for the inhabitants thereof; against that now raigning sin of rebellion. But more especially to the inhabitants of the county of Suffolk. With a vindication of those worthyes now in Colchester. / By Lionel Gatford B.D. the true, but sequestred rector of Dinnington, in the said county.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1660] A sermon preached in the Temple-chappel, at the funeral of the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Brounrig late Lord Bishop of Exceter, who died Decem. 7. and was solemnly buried Decemb. 17. in that chappel. With an account of his life and death· / Both dedicated to those honorable societies, by the author Dr. Gauden.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1649] The kingly myrrour, or King Charles his last legacy to the prince his son. Written a little before his death. Containing many excellent instructions and directions, how to carry himselfe in all estates and conditions. And may serve as a good monitor for all the princes in Christendome.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1659 i.e. 1660] A remonstrance presented to O.P. Feb. 4. 1655. By J.G. D.D. A son, servant, and supplicant for the Church of England: in behalf of many thousands his distressed brethren (ministers of the Gospel, and other good schollars) who were deprived of all publique imployment, (as ministers, or schollars) by his declaration, Jan. 1. 1655.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [Printed in the yeare 1648. i.e. 1649] The religious & loyal protestation, of John Gauden Dr. in Divinity; against the present declared purposes and proceedings of the Army and others; about the trying and destroying our soveraign lord the King.: Sent to a collonell, to bee presented to the Lord Fairfax, and his Councell of Warre, this fift of January 1648.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1649] King Charles his farewell Left as a legacy to his deare children; written a little before his death. Containing many excellent admonitions and directions how to demeane themselves in all estates and conditions. With his prayers in the time of his troubles.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [Printed in the year. 1648. i.e. 1647] Hinc illæ lachrymæ. Or the impietie of impunitie. Containing a short, serious and most certain demonstration of the main (if not, only) rise and originall of all the grand grievances, and obstructions of piety and justice, over the whole kingdome. Together with a soveraign salve, and precious plaisture, for the unquestionable cure thereof (by Gods blessing) if it be seriously and seasonably applyed, according to direction herein, humbly prescribed. / By a faithful friend to the truth and a most humble servant to all the loyall and religious Presbyterian Members of Parliament.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1661] Anti Baal-Berith or The binding of the covenant and all covenanters to their good behaviours. By a just vindication of Dr. Gaudens Analysis (that is, his resolving of the Covenant to law and justice, to duty and conscience, to reason and religion: or his dissolving it) against the cacotomy of a nameless and shameless libeller the worthy hyperaspites of Dr. Burges. Also against the pittyful cavils and objections of Mr. Zach. Grafton [sic], a rigid presbyter. With an answer to that monstrous paradox, of no sacriledge no sin, to alienate Church lands, without and against all laws of God and man. / Written by the author of the Analysis.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1654] Hierotelesia gamikē Christ at the wedding: the pristine sanctity and solemnity of Christian marriages, as they were celebrated by the Church of England. / Humbly presented to those gentlemen whom it concerns to consult and resolve what is best. By John Gauden, D.D. at Bocking in Essex.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1653] Hieraspistes a defence by way of apology for the ministry and ministers of the Church of England : humbly presented to the consciences of all those that excell in virtue. / By John Gauden, D. D. and minister of that Church at Bocking in Essex.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1658] Funerals made cordials: in a sermon prepared and (in part) preached at the solemn interment of the corps of the Right Honorable Robert Rich, heire apparent to the Earldom of Warwick. (Who aged 23. died Febr. 16. at Whitehall, and was honorably buried March 5. 1657. at Felsted in Essex.) By John Gauden, D.D. of Bocking in Essex.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1653] The case of ministers maintenance by tithes, (as in England,) plainly discussed in conscience and prudence. Humbly propounded to the consideration of those gentlemen of the committee, who are in consultation about it. / By John Gauden, D.D.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1645] Certaine scruples and doubts of conscience about taking the Solemn League and Covenant:
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1660?] The bloody court, or, The fatall tribunall: being a brief history and true narrative of the strange designs, wicked plots, and bloody conspiracies carryed on by the most sordid'st, vile, and usurping tyrants in these late years of oppressions, tyranny, martyrdome and persecutions ...
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1660] Antisacrilegus: or, A defensative against the plausible pest, or guilded poyson, of that nameless paper, (supposed to be the plot of Dr. C. Burges, and his partners;) which tempts the Kings Majestie by the offer of five hundred thousand pounds, to make good by an Act of Parliament to the purchasers of bishops, deans, and chapters lands, their illegal bargain, for ninety nine years. By John Gauden, D.D. chaplain in ordinary to the Kings most excellent Majesty.
Gauden, John, 1605-1662. / [1660] Analysis. The loosing of St. Peters bands; : setting forth the true sense and solution of the covenant in point of conscience so far as it relates to the government of the church by episcopacy. / By John Gauden ...
Gaujac, Peter Gally de. / [1698] A true relation of what hath been transacted in behalf of those of the reformed religion, during the treaty of peace at Reswick With an account of the present persecution in France.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1630] Practique theories: or, Votiue speculations vpon Abrahams entertainment of the three angels. Sarah, and Hagars contention. Isaacs Marriage with Rebekah. Iohn Baptists natiuity or birth decollation or beheading. S. Peters calling. confession. denyall. repentance. vpon Sauls cruely. Pauls conuersion. By Iohn Gaule.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1649] A sermon of the saints judging the world. Preached at the Assizes holden in Huntingdon, March 13. 1648. by John Gaule, Minister of the Word in Great Staughton.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1629] Distractions, or The holy madnesse Feruently (not furiously) inraged against euill men; or against their euills. Wherein the naughty are discouered to themselues, and others: and may here see at once, who they are; what they doe; and how they ought. Somewhat delightfull, but fruitfull altogether: as ordered to please a little; but aymed to profit much. By Iohn Gaule, vtrusque olim Academiæ.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1630] A defiance to death Being the funebrious commemoration of the Right Honourable, Baptist Lord Hickes, Viscount Camden, late deceased. Preached at Camden in Gloucester-shire, Nouember 8. 1629. By Iohn Gaule.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1657] A collection out of the best approved authors containing histories of visions, apparitions, prophesies, spirits, divinations and other wonderful illusions of the devil wrought by magic or otherwise : also of divers astrological predictions shewing as the wickedness of the former, so the vanity of the latter, and the folly of trusting to them.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1660] An admonition moving to moderation, holding forth certain brief heads of wholesom advice to the late, and yet immoderate party. / By John Gaule, minister of Great Staughton, in the county of Huntington.
Gaultier, Jacques. / [1672] Al-Man-Sir, or, Rhodomontados of the most horrible terrible and invincible Captain Sr. Fredrick Fight-all English and French.
Gawen, Nicholas. / [1668] Exochē tou Christou, Christ's preeminence in a question propounded, discussed, & resolved, that Christ was the first, that with flesh and blood entred into the kingdome of heaven / by Nicholas Gawen.
Gawen, Thomas, ca. 1610-1684. / [1686] A brief explanation of several mysteries of the Holy Mass, and of the actions of the priest celebrating Very necessary for all Roman Catholics for the better understanding thereof. Together with certain reflections upon the Apostles Creed, touching the blessed Sacrament. And also, divers meditations and prayers both before, and after communion. By T. G. heretofore fellow of New-Colledge in Oxon, deceas'd.
Gawler, Francis. / [1659] A record of some persecutions inflicted upon some of the servants of the Lord in South-Wales with the sufferings of many for not paying tithes, not repairing steeple-houses, and for not coming to steeple-houses : also the fruits of some of the priests who are called ministers of the Gospel in South-Wales, and Pembrook-shire, where some persecution hath been at Harford-west, which in short is here also mentioned, which hath not been brought to publick view till now / by Francis Gawler.
Gawton, Richard. / [1612] A short instruction for all such as are to be admitted to the Lords Supper
Gay, William, Rector of Buckland. / [1655] XI choice sermons preached upon severall occasions. With a catechisme expounding the grounds and principles of Christian religion. By William Gay B.D. rector of Buckland.
Gaya, Louis de. / [1678] The art of war and the way that it is at present practised in France in two parts : wherein the duties and functions of all the officers of horse and foot, artillery and provisions from the general of the army to the private souldier are treated of ... written in French by Louis de Gaya ... ; translated for publick satisfaction and advantage.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. / [1656 i.e. 1655] VVit revived: or, a new and excellent way of divertisement, digested into most ingenious questions and answers. / By Asdryasdust Tossoffacan.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. / [Printed in the year, 1645] Chartæ scriptæ: or A new game at cards, call'd Play by the booke.:
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. / [1662] A ballad on the gyants in the physick garden in Oxford, who have been breeding feet as long as garagantua was teeth. To the tune of, The counter scuffle