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Fydge, Tho. (Thomas) / [M.DC.L.X.VI 1666] The citizens sacred entertainment being an essay to ingratiate the practice of vertue, to consummate the happiness of humane nature, and to gratifie ingenuous and religious spirits / by Tho. Fydge.
Fyler, Samuel. / [1699] Longitudinis inventæ explicatio non longa, or, Fixing the volatilised, and taking time on tiptoe, briefly explain'd by which rules are given to find the longitude at sea by, as truly and exactly as the latitude is found by the star in the tayle of Ursa Minor, call'd the Pole-star / by S.F. ...
Fyler, Samuel, 1638-1703. / [1682] A sermon preach'd in the Cathedral Church at the triennial visitation of the right reverend ... Seth, Lord Bishop of Sarum ... by Samuel Fyler.