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Feak, John. / [in the year 1660] A funeral sermon thundred forth by John Feak in his private congregation, for the loss of their dearly beloved champion, Maj. Gen. Harison:
Feake, Christopher, fl. 1645-1660. / [1654] The new non-conformist; who having obtained help of God, doth persist unto this very day; witnessing, both to small and great, some of those glorious things which the Apostles, the prophets, & Moses, did say should come to pass. Or, the voice of a careful shepherd, crying from his watch-tower at W.C. unto his little flock at W.L. with a loud voice.
Feake, Christopher, fl. 1645-1660. / [1655. i.e. 1654] The oppressed close prisoner in Windsor-Castle, his defiance to the father of lyes, in the strength of the God of truth. Occasioned by some late, scandalous and slanderous reports, raised and dispersed to the dishonour of that noble cause, wherein he (with others of the Lords servants) is so deeply engaged. As also, a seasonable word, concerning the higher powers: concerning the payment of taxes and tribute-money by the saints to those powers: and how far a minister of the Gospel may intermeddle in state-affairs without sin. / By Chr. Feake, in his prison-watch-tower.
Feake, Christopher, fl. 1645-1660. / [1650] The genealogie of Christianity and of Christians. Declared in a sermon at Mercers Chappel before the Right Honourable the Lord Maior of the City of London, April 28. 1650 and now thus published for the undeceiving of those, who say they are Christians, and are not, but do lie; and for the establishment and encouragement of those, who having named the name of Christ, do indeed depart (even in this hour of apostacy) from all iniquity, by C.F. one of the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministery of the new Testament.
Feake, Christopher, fl. 1645-1660. / [1659] A beam of light, shining in the midst of much darkness and confusion: being (with the benefit of retrospection) an essay toward the stating (and fixing upon its true and proper basis) the best cause under heaven: viz. the cause of God, of Christ, of his people, of the whole creation, that groans and waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. By Chr. Feake, preacher of the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Fearon, Jane, 1654 or 5-1737. / [Printed in the year 1693] Universal redemption offered in Jesus Christ in opposition to that pernicious and destructive doctrine of election and reprobation of persons from everlasting. By Jane Fearon.
Featherstone, Sarah, of Partney-Mills, Lincolnshire. / [1689] Living testimonies concerning the death of the righteous. Or The blessed end of Joseph Featherstone and Sarah his daughter; written by Sarah his wife, and Thomas Browne her second husband; not unworthy the knowledge of friends and their posterity; that all may be incouraged to live well, that their latter end may be blessed. Also something concerning Charles Wray, Grace Browne, and Katharine Browne her daughter, writ by Thomas Browne the elder, in Partney in the county of Lincoln. All of them being a sweet favour of life, laid down their heads in peace
Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. / [1626] Pelagius redivivus. Or Pelagius raked out of the ashes by Arminius and his schollers
Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. / [an. Dom. 1636] Clavis mystica a key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture; handled in seventy sermons, preached at solemn and most celebrious assemblies, upon speciall occasions, in England and France. By Daniel Featley, D.D.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [1629] A sermon preached to the nobely-deseruing gentleman, Sir Thomas Warner And the rest of his companie: bound to the West-Indies. For their farevvell: At St. Buttolphs, Aldersgate, London. Septemb. 6. 1629. By Iohn Featly, Preacher of the Word of God.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [Anno Dom. 1636] Obedience and submission A sermon preached at St. Sauiours-Church in South-warke, at a visitation, on Tuesday, the eigth [sic] day of December: anno Dom. 1635. By Iohn Fealtly.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [1632] The honor of chastity A sermon, made and preached by Iohn Featly.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [1646] A fountaine of teares emptying it selfe into three rivelets, viz. of (1) compunction, (2) compassion, (3) devotion, or, Sobs of nature sanctified by grace languaged in severall soliloquies and prayers upon various subjects ... / by Iohn Featley ...
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [1660] Featlæi paliggenesia or, Doctor Daniel Featley revived: proving, that the Protestant church (and not the Romish) is the onely Catholick and true church. In a manual preserved from the hands of the plunderers. With a succinct history of his life and death. / Published by John Featley, chaplain to the Kings most Excellent Majesty.
Featley, John, 1605?-1666. / [1665] A divine antidote against the plague; or Mourning teares, in soliloquies and prayers As, 1. For this general visitation. 2. For those whose houses are shut up of the plague. 3. For those who have risings or swellings. 4. For those marked with the tokens. Necessary for all families as well in the country as in the city, in this time of pestilence. By John Featley, chaplain to His late Majesty.
Feckenham, John de, 1518?-1585. / [ca. 1555] Two homilies vpon the first, second, and third articles of the crede, made by maister Iohn Feknam Deane of Paules.
Feckenham, John de, 1518?-1585. / [Mense Augusti. Anno. 1555. Cum priuilegio] A notable sermon made within S. Paules church in Lo[n]don in the presence of certen of the kinges and Quenes moost honorable priuie cou[n]sell at the celebration of the exequies of the right excellent and famous princesse, lady Ione, Quene of Spayne, Sicilie [and] Nauarre. [et]c. the xviij. of Iune, Anno. 1555. By maister Iohn Feckenam, deane of the sayd churche of Paules. Set furth at the request of some in auctoritie whose request could not be denayed.
Fedro von Rodach, George, fl. 1566. / [1654] Physicall and chymicall vvorks,: composed by Geor. Phædro, sirnamed the Great, of Gelleinen; viz. [brace] 1. His physicall and chymicall practise. 2. His physicall and chymicall cure of the plague. 3. His lesser chirurgery. 4. His chymicall fornace. Being the chymicall way and manner of cure of the most difficile and incurable diseases: as also the preparing those secrets; with the elucidation of the characteristicall cœlestiall physick. Selected out of the Germane and Latine language; by the industry of John Andreas Schenckius of Graffenberg, Doctor of Physick.
Felgate, Samuel. / [1682] The novelty of the modern Romish religion set forth in an answer to three queries propounded by N.G., priest, with a rejoynder to his reply, and a reply to an answer made to three queries propounded unto him : together with animadversions upon some reflexions made by an unknown author ... / written by S.F., M.A. and vicar of Mitton in Craven.
Felgenhauer, Paul. / [1655] Postilion. Or a new almanacke and astrologicke, prophetical, prognostication. Calculated for the whole world, and all creatures, and what the issue or event will be of the English warres, and of the Roman Empire, and that aboundance of calamities is yet to come, but after that an eternall peace, and a new world, and that unheard of and never knowne wonders will be, and what will happen from henceforth untill Christs comming, and herein is also sett downe a nativity, and prognostication for every particular man. / Written in High Dutch by Paulus Felghenore, and now translated into English, in the yeare 1655.
Felix, Jozef. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A letter from an anti-hierarchical divine in the countrey, to a member of the House of Commons.: Concerning the bishops being restored to their votes in Parliament.
Felix, Jozef. / [1668] A vindication of conformity to the liturgy of the Church of England.: In a letter, written to A person of quality, wherein satisfaction is given to certain queries suggested by a non-conformist.
Fell, Christopher. / [1655] A few words to the people of England, who have had a day of visitation,: not to slight time but prize it, least ye perish.
Fell, Henry. / [1660] Pro presbytero Johanne, ac omnibus ejus regibus & principibus subordinati. A populo Dei in Anglia, vocato Anglice Quakers.= For presbyter John, and all his subordinate kings and princes. Fkom [sic] the people of God in England, in English called, Quakers. H.F. J.S.
Fell, John, 1625-1686. / [1647] The privileges of the University of Oxford, in point of visitation:: cleerly evidenced by letter to an honourable personage. Together with the Universities answer to the summons of the visitors.
Fell, John, 1625-1686. / [Printed in the year, 1659] The interest of England stated: or A faithful and just account of the aims of all parties now pretending.: Distinctly treating of the designements of [brace] the Roman Catholick. The royalist. The Presbyterian. The Anabaptist. The Army. The late Protector. The Parliament. With their effects in respect of themselves, of one another, and of the publick. Cleerly evidencing the unavoydable ruine upon all from longer contest: and offering an expedient for the composure of the respective differences; to the security and advantage, not onely of every single interest, but to the bringing solid, lasting peace unto the nation.
Felltham, Owen, 1602?-1668. / [Printed anno 1648] Three moneths obseruations of the Low-countries, especially Holland Containing a brief description of the country, customes, religions, manners, and dispositions of the people.
Felton, Edmond. / [1653.] To the supreme authority the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England. The humble proposals of Edmund Felton Gent..
Felton, Edmond. / [1644] Engins invented to save much blood and moneyes, in these times of vvarre, and to doe extraordinary good service with the approbation of the Honourable Major Generall Skippon and five of the committee for the fortifications of the city of London / by Edmond Felton ...
Felton, Henry, 1656-1701. / [1699] The eternal joys of God's presence a sermon / preach'd at the Temple Church upon All Saints Day by Henry Felton.
Feltwell, Robert, 1610 or 11-1669. / [1660] Davids recognition, with a parallel betwixt his and our present soveraigns sufferings and deliverances; set forth in a sermon preached at Grymston in Norfolk, before the right worshipful Captain Roger Spelman and his foot company, there celebrating the 30. aniversary of his Majesites nativity, May 29, 1660. By R. Feltwell, Vicar of East Walton.
Fen, James. / [1686] A sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and court of aldermen, at Guild-hall chappel, July the 18th, 1686 by James Fen ...
Fenn, Matthew. / [1697] A few lines touching baptism shewing, I. What baptism is, with its signification, II. Who are fit subjects to be baptized, III. The good old way of baptizing, IV. Some objections answered / by Matthew Fenn.
Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587. / [1588?] A brief treatise vpon the first table of the lavve, orderly disposing the principles of religion, whereby we may examine ourselues. / Written by Maister Dudley Fenner, minister of the Gospel.
Fenner, William, 1600-1640. / [1657] The use and benefit of divine meditation in two sermons preached by that reverend and fathful [sic] minister of Gods word / William Fenner ...
Fenner, William, 1600-1640. / [1640] The souls looking-glasse lively representing its estate before God: with a treatise of conscience; wherein the definitions and distinctions thereof are unfolded, and severall cases resolved: by that reverend and faithfull minister of the Word, William Fenner, B.D. sometimes fellow of Pembroke-hall in Cambridge, and late parson of Rochford in Essex.
Fenner, William, 1600-1640. / [1649] The sacrifice of the faithfull.: Or, A treatise shevving the nature, property, and efficacy of zealous prayer; together with some motives to prayer, and helps against discouragements in prayer. To which is added seven profitable sermons. 1. The misery of the Creature by the sinne of man, on Rom. 8. 22. 2. The Christians imitation of Christ, on Ioh. 2. 6. 3. The enmity of the wicked to the light of the Gospel, on John 3. 20. 4. Gods impartiality, on Esay 42. 24. 5. The great dignity of the saints, on Heb. 11. 28. 6. The time of Gods grace is limited, on Gen. 6. 3. 7. A sermon for spirituall mortification, on Col. 3. 5. / By William Fenner, minister of the Gospel Fellow of Pembrok Hall in Cambridge, and lecturer of Rochford in Essex.
Fenner, William, 1600-1640. / [1652] Hidden manna or, the mystery of saving grace. Wherein the peculiarity of Gods especiall grace to the elect is asserted and proved, and divers objections of Pelagians and Arminians about the power of the will of man to supernatural good, are fully answered and confuted. By that reverend, learned, and faithfull minister of Gods word, William Fenner B.D. late of Rochford in Essex. Perfected many years since by the author whilst he was preacher at VVillingsworth in Staffordshire. Imprimatur Edm. Calamy.
Fenner, William, 1600-1640. / [MDCLVII 1657] The continuation of Christ's alarm to drowsie saints by the reverend and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. William Fenner ...
Fenton, Edward. / [1662] So short a catechisme, that whosoever cannot, or will not learn, are not in any wise to be admitted to the Lords Supper Edward Fenton.
Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. / [1617] A treatise against the necessary dependance vpon that one head, and the present reconciliation to the Church of Rome. Together with certaine sermons preached in publike assemblies, videlicet 1. The want of discipline. 2. The possession of a king. 3. The tumults of the people. 4. The mocke of reputation. 5. The necessitie of the Passion. 6. The wisdome of the rich. By Roger Fenton Doctor of Diuinitie, late preacher of Graies Inne.
Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. / [1615] A sermon preached on the 8. day of May 1615. in the parish Church of S. Stephen in Walbrooke London. At an anniuersarie solemnitie and assemblie of the Companie of Grocers of London. In commemoration of their ancient and first beginning to be a companie. By R.F. Doctor in Diuinitie
Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. / [1616] A sermon preached at St. Mary Spittle on Easter Tuesday 1613. By Roger Fenton D. in Diuinitie
Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. / [1603] A perfume against the noysome pestilence prescribed by Moses vnto Aaron. Num. 16. 46. Written by Roger Fenton, preacher of Grayes Inne.
Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. / [1604] A sermon of simonie and sacriledge preached at Pauls Crosse March 18: by Roger Fenton preacher of Graise Inne.
Fenwick, John, Sir, 1645?-1697. / [1696 i.e. 1697] A true copy of the paper delivered by Sir John Fenwicke, Baronet, to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex on Tower-Hill, the place of execution, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 1696/7
Fenwick, John, Sir, 1645?-1697. / [1697] Contemplations upon life and death with serious reflections on the miseries that attend humane life in every station, degree and change thereof / written by a person of quality in his confinement a little before his death ... a true copy of the paper delivered to the sheriffs upon the scaffold at Tower-hill on Thursday, January 28, 1696/7 by Sir John Fenwick, Baronet.
Fenwicke, John, d. 1658. / [1643] Zions ioy in her King, comming in his glory. Wherein, the estate of the poore distressed Church of the Gentiles (travailing in the wildernesse towards the new Jerusalem of the Jewes) in her utmost extremities, and height of her joyes, is lively delineated; in some mediations upon that propheticall Psalme 102. wherein the sense is opened, and many difficult places of Scripture inlightned by a harmony, and consent of the Scriptures. Delightfull and profitable to be read in these times of the Churches troubles, and much longed for restauration and deliverance. / By Finiens Canus Vove. Compiled in exile, and lately now revised and somewhat augmented as the weight of the subject and the revolution of the times required. It is ordered this three and twentieth day of January, 1642 by the Committee of the Commons House of Parliament concerning printing, that this booke intituled Zions joy in her King, comming in his glory, be printed. John White.
Fenwicke, John, d. 1658. / [Anno 1641] The dovvnfall of the pretended divine authoritie of the hierarchy into the Sea of Rome. From some arguments, and motives, to the finall extirpation of that unlawfull government of the prelacy: as having no foundation in the Scriptures, but onely in that filthy dung-hill of the canon law of the Popes authoritie, and therefore antichristian. And so they are wrongfully blamed for abuse of their offices, the very nature and right use whereof is to overthrow churches and kingdoms, laws of God & man, to propagate the kingdom of Antichrist: the office is so bad as cannot be used otherwise. Also their dangerous practises discovered: and the great objection of martyr-prelates answered. by V.N.V.
Fenwicke, John, Sir, 1579-1658? / [1651] England's deliverer the Lord of Hosts her strong God, none like to Him set forth in His excellencies and glorious appearances for our deliverance, in some exercises uopn the thankesgiving for that late memorable victory at Dunbar in Scotland, Sept. 23, 1650, upon the dying words of Moses, Deut. 33. 26. &c. / by Jo. Fenwicke Senior.
Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1578-1637. / [Imprinted with Licence, M. DC. XX 1620] The manifest, or declaration of His Sacred Imperial Maiesty Translated out of Latin.
Ferebe, George, 1573-1623. / [1615] Lifes farewell. Or A funerall sermon preached at Saint Iohns in the Deuises in Wilshiere, the 30. of August last 1614 At the funerall of Iohn Drew Gentleman. By George Ferebe Master of Arts, and preacher of the Word at Bishops Cannings in Wilshire.
Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. / [1682] The third part of No Protestant plot with observations on the proceedings upon the Bill of Indictment against the E. of Shaftsbury : and a brief account of the case of the Earl of Argyle.
Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. / [1682] The second part of No Protestant plot by the same hand.
Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. / [1681] No Protestant-plot, or, The present pretended conspiracy of Protestants against the King and government discovered to be a conspiracy of the papists against the King and his Protestant-subjects.
Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. / [1668] Justification onely upon a satisfaction, or, The necessity and verity of the satisfaction of Christ as the alone ground of remission of sin asserted & opened against the Socinians together with an appendix in vindication of a sermon preached on Heb. 2, 10, from the exceptions of H.W., in a pamphlet called The freeness of Gods grace in the forgiveness of sins by Jesus Christ / by Robert Ferguson.
Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. / [1696] A dialogue between Sir Roger --- and Mr. Rob. Ferg--- in Newgate, relating to the plot.:
Fergusson, David, d. 1598. / [1641] Scottish proverbs:
Fernández, Jerónimo. / [1671-1673] The famous and delectable history of Don Bellianis of Greece, or, The honour of chivalry containing his valiant exploits strange and dangerous adventures, with his admirable love to the Princesses Florisbella, daughter to the Souldan of Babilond / now newly writ[t]en by Francis Kirkman.
Fernández, Jerónimo. / [1664] The honour of chivalry, or, The famous and delectable history of Don Bellianis of Greece continuing as well the valiant exploits of that magnanimous and heroick prince, son unto the Emperor Don Bellanco of Greece : as also the wars between him and the Souldan of Persia : wherein is likewise described the strange and dangerous adventures that befel him in the prosecution of his love towards the Princess Florisbella, daughter to the Souldan of Babylon : his releasing of her father the souldan from a strange enchantment, and vanquishing the Emperor of Trebizond : illustrated with pictures / now newly written in English by F.K.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1649 i.e. 1648] A sermon preached before His Majesty at Newport in the Isle of VVight, November the 29. 1648. being the Fast-day. By H. Ferne, D.D.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1644] A sermon preached at the publique fast the twelfth day of April. At St. Maries Oxford, before the members of the honourable House of Commons there assembled; by Henry Ferne D.D. And printed by their order.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1643] A reply unto severall treatises pleading for the armes now taken up by subjects in the pretended defence of religion and liberty. By name, unto the reverend and learned divines which pleaded Scripture and reason for defensive arms. The author of the Treatise of monarchy. The author of the Fuller answer his reply. By H. Fern D.D. &c.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1655] Of the division betvveen the English and Romish church upon the reformation by way of answer to the seeming plausible pretences of the Romish party / much enlarged in this edition by H. Ferne ...
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1644] Episcopacy and Presbytery considered according to the severall respects, which may commend a church-government, and oblige good Christians to it.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1643] Conscience satisfied. That there is no warrant for the armes now taken up by subjects. By way of reply unto severall answers made to a treatise formerly published for the resolving of conscience upon the case. Especially unto that which is entituled A fuller answer. By H. Ferne, D.D. &c.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1653] Certain considerations of present concernment: touching this reformed Church of England. With a particular examination of An: Champny (Doctor of the Sorbon) his exceptions against the lawful calling and ordination of the Protestant bishops and pastors of this Church. / By H: Ferne, D.D.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1643] The camp at Gilgal. Or, A view of the Kings army, and spirituall provision made for it.
Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. / [1665] An appeal to Scripture & antiquity in the questions of 1. the worship and invocation of saints and angels 2. the worship of images 3. justification by and merit of good works 4. purgatory 5. real presence and half-communion : against the Romanists / by H. Ferne ...
Ferrabosco, Alfonso, ca. 1575-1628. / [1609] Ayres: by Alfonso Ferrabosco.
Ferrar, Richard. / [1698] An exact abridgement of the general history of the world from the creation to the year 1685 / by the accurate pen of a learned historian.
Ferrare du Tot, Charles de, d. 1694. / [1664] Rome exactly describ'd, as to the present state of it, under Pope Alexandre the Seventh in two curious discourses / written originally in Italian, and translated into English.
Ferrare du Tot, Charles de, d. 1694. / [1664] A relation of the state of the court of Rome made in the year 1661. at the council of Pregadi. By the most excellent, the Lord Angelo Corraro, ambassador from the most serene republique of Venice to Pope Alexander VII. Translated our of Italian by J.B. Gent.
Ferret, John. / [Imprinted in the yeare, 1643] Zealous beleevers are the best subjects to Cæser or An exhortation to all good Christians to pray for their princes : there being nothing wherein they can better shew their allegiance. Published invindication [sic] of the saints against the false imputations of such as count it rebellion to be religious. / by I.F.
Ferret, John. / [Imprinted in the yeare 1643] Didascaliæ discourses on severall places of the Holy Scriptures publikely delivered on sundrie occasions, unto an English congregation of believers in Amsterdam. The first part. The contents whereof, follow after the preface to the reader.
Ferus, Johann, 1495-1554. / [1659] [Staurodidache kai stauronike]: The doctrine & dominion of the crosse : in an historical narration and spiritual application of the passion of Iesus. / Written first in Latin by John Ferus ... ; now turned into English for the good of this nation by Henry Pinnell. ; Together with a preface of the translator, containing the necessity of knowing and conforming unto the cross of Christ, short considerations of predestination, redemption, free will and original sin.
Ferus, John. Festa Georgiana, or The gentries & countries joy for the coronation of the King, on St. Georges day.
Fettiplace, Thomas, 1601 or 2-1670. / [1653] The sinner's tears, in meditations and prayers. By Tho. Fettiplace. Dom: Pet: Cantab.