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Eye witnesse to a person of honour. / [1644] His Highnesse Prince Ruperts raising of the siege at Newarke upon Trent, March 21. 1643. Written by an eye witnesse to a person of honour.:
Eye-witnesse. / [Sept. 23. 1645] A true relation of the rising of the Club-men in Sussex.: As it was related to William Lenthall Esq; Speaker to the Honorable House of Commons, by an eye-witnesse of the same. Published by authority.
Eyre, Robert, 1656 or 7-1722. / [1693] A discourse concerning the nature and satisfaction of a good and inoffensive conscience in a sermon preach'd in the Cathedral Church of Winchester at the assizes held there April 11, 1693 / by Robert Eyre ...
Eyre, William, 1612 or 13-1670. / [1649] The serious representation of Col. VViliam Eyre prisoner in the castle at Oxford; tendred to the consideration of the Parliament, army, and kingdom, for the clearing of his innocency, and manifesting his integrity toward the freedom of the nation, and establishment of the just power of Parliaments equally representing the people.
Eyre, William, of Shelelah, Ireland. / [1675] The case of William Eyres, esq. concerning his estate in Ireland, truly stated and humbly presented to the kings most excellent Majesty and both Houses of Parliament.
Eyres, Joseph. / [1659] The church-sleeper awakened, or A discourse on Act. 20. 9. being the substance of two sermons composed and preached at Corke in Ireland. / By Joseph Eyres master of arts, and a servant of God in the Gospel of his son.