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Ewbancke, George. / [1660] The pilgrims port or The weary mans rest in the grave opened and improved in a sermon, at the funeral of the Honorable Ms. Margaret Marwood, wife to Hen Marwood Esq; together with a character of the deceased gentlewoman; briefly describing the tenure of her life, and the manner of her death. / By Geo. Ewbancke, chaplain to ... Geo. Marwood, Esq.
Ewer, Isaac, d. 1650. / [1648] A full and particular relation of the manner of the late besieging and taking of Chepstow Castle in Wales.: By the forces of his Excellency the Lord Fairfax, under the command of Colonel Ewer; expressed in a letter from Colonel Ewer to the Honorable William Lental, Speaker to the House of Commons. The governour of the said castle within, that betrayed it to the Kings forces, was slain in this service, as also all the rest of the commanders and souldiers killed and taken.