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Episcopal Church in Scotland. / [1689?] A letter from the bishops of Scotland, to the bishops of England
Episcopal Church in Scotland. Diocese of Aberdeen. / [1695] Information for the ministers in the Diocess of Aberdene cited before the Parliament
Episcopal Church of Scotland. / [1639] Een cort verhael van de misdaden ende Crimen die de Schotse Bisschoppen te laste gheleyt vverden om 't vvelcke sy vervvorpen sijn uyt de Kercke van Schotland. Met de namen der gene die op de laetste Generale Vergaderinge waren, daer in de Bisschoppen verworpen vvierden.
Episcopius, Simon, 1583-1643. / [1673] The Popish labyrinth wherein is made manifest, that the Papists are entangled in the fundamental article of their faith, that the church cannot erre / written in Dutch by ... Dr. Simon Episcopius, unto which is added, The life and death of the author ; as also, The life and death of James Arminius, both of them famous defenders of God