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Eccles, John, d. 1735. / [1697] Europes revels for the peace and His Majesties happy return a musical interlude : with a panegyrical poem spoken there on the same occasion / written by Mr. Motteux.
Eccles, Solomon, 1618-1683. / [1663] Signes are from the Lord to a people or nation to forewarn them of some eminent judgment near at hand.
Eccles, Solomon, 1618-1683. / [1668] The Quakers challeng, at two several weapons To the baptists, presbiters, papists and other professors.
Eccles, Solomon, 1618-1683. / [1667] A musick-lector, or, The art of musick (that is so much vindicated in Christendome) discoursed of by way of dialogue between three men of several judgments the one a musician and master of that art, and zealous for the Church of England ..., the other a Baptist ..., the other a Quaker (so called) ... / written by Solomon Eccles.
Eccles, Solomon, 1618-1683. / [in the 6th month, 1659] In the yeare 59. in the fourth month, the last day of the month being the 5th day of the week
Eccleston, Theodor, 1651-1726. / [1693] An epistle by way of encouragement to Friends, to be frequent at week-day meetings.
Eccleston, Theodor, 1651-1726. / [1694] A brief representation of the Quakers case of not-swearing and why they might have been, and yet may be, relieved therein by Parliament.
Echard, Laurence, 1670?-1730. / [1698] The hainousness of injustice done under the pretence of equity in a sermon preach'd in the cathedral church of Lincoln, before the honourable Baron Turton, at the assizes holden for that county on Monday the eighth of August, 1698. By Laurence Echard, A.M. prebendary of Lincoln, and chaplain to the right reverend James lord bishop of that diocese.
Echlin, David. / [M. DC. XXVI 1626] Periurium officiosum: ad vere nobilem, et generosum, optiméq[ue] de me meritum virum, Robertum Aytonum equitem Annæ fœliciss. mem. Magnæ Britanniæ, Fran. & Hiber. regnæ secretarium. Homo homini Deus.
Echlin, David. / [1629] Elegia Dauidis Echlini Medici Reginæ. In funere charissimæ castissimæq[ue] coniugis Philibertæ Loubatæ, quæ nata Roanæ ad Ligerim obijt Londini, anno ætatos siæ 40. Domini 1629. die 8. Ianuarii. Ad Carolum Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ regem. Nunquid est dolor sicut dolor meus?.
Ecthrobabylonicus, Sionophilus. / [Printed in the yeare 1651] The receiver undeceived, or, An Answer to the author of a late sheet entituled Of receiving the Communion in the company of such, whom we conceive not so good, holy, and rightly principled, as we wish they were: with an appendix for this proposition, Vngodly persons ought not to be admitted to the Holy Supper / by Sionophilus Ecthrobabylonicus.