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Earbery, Matthias. / [1697] An answer to a book intitled Tractatus theologico politicus
Earnest honourer of his King and country. / [1692] Merlini liberati errata: or, The prophecies and predictions of John Partridge, for the year of our Lord, 1690, &c. With useful annotations on them. Together with an epistle touching his respect to those glorious martyrs of the people, King Charles I. and Arch-Bishop Laud. By an earnest honourer of his King and country, and faithful votary to a true astrology. December 31. 1692. Imprimatur, Edmund Bohun.
Eason, Laurence. / [1673] A guide to salvation, bequeathed to a person of honour, by his dying-friend the R.F. Br. Laurence Eason, Ord. S. Franc. S. Th. L.
East India Company. / [1688] To the right honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses assembled in Parliament. The answer of the East-India Company, to two printed papers of Mr. Samuel White, one entitled His case; the other, A true accompt of the passages at Mergen.
East India Company. / [1641] The petition and remonstrance of the governovr and Company of merchants of London trading to the East-Indies, exhibited to the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons, in the high court of Parliament assembled
East India Company. / [1700] A memento to the East-India Companies, or, An abstract of a remonstrance presented to the House of Commons, by the East-India Company, in the year 1628 with some few animadvertions thereon.
East India Company. / [1691] A list of the names of all the adventurers in the stock of the honourable the East-India-Company, the 12th day of April, 1684 whereof those marked with a * are not capable (by their adventure) to be chosen committees.
East India Company. / [1700] A list of the names of all the adventurers in the stock of the governour and company of merchants of London, trading into the East-Indies, the 4th of April, 1700. Whereof those marked with a are capable (by their adventure) to be chosen governour or Deputy-Governour, and those with a * to be of the committee
East India Company. / [1688] An impartial vindication of the English East-India-Company from the unjust and slanderous imputations cast upon them in a treatise intituled, A justification of the directors of the Netherlands East-India-company, as it was delivered over unto the high and mighty lords the States General of the United Provinces / translated out of Dutch, and feigned to be printed at London, in the year 1687 ; but supposed to be printed at Amsterdam, as well in English as in French and Dutch.
East India Company. / [1673] For sale at the East-India-House, November 10, 1673.:
East India Company. / [1693] The East-India Company, appellants. Mr. Attorney General at the relation of Walter Whitfeild, John Earl, and Thomas Killner. Respendents [sic]. The appellants case.
East India Company. / [1693] At a general court of the adventurers for the general joynt-stock to the East-Indies holden at the East-India-House. November the 16th. day, 1693.
East India Company. / [1689] Answer to all the material objections against the present East-India-Company:
Eaton, John, 1574 or 5-1641. / [1642] The honey-combe of free justification by Christ alone collected out of the meere authorities of Scripture and common and unanimous consent of the faithfull interpreters and dispensers of Gods mysteries upon the same, especially as they expresse the excellency of free justification / preached and delivered by Iohn Eaton ...
Eaton, John, 1574 or 5-1641. / [1642] The discovery of the most dangerous dead faith by John Eaton ...
Eaton, Nathaniel, 1609?-1674. / [1657] Mēno-Ezeologia, or, A treatise of moneths and years comprehending a survey of the solar and lunar moneths and years, a description of the moneths and years heretofore in use among the Hebrews, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Grecians, Arabians, and ancient Latines : an accommodation of all the said moneths and years to the present Julian and Gregorian : together with a new and easie directory for the finding out of the golden number, cycle of the sun ... : to which is also adjoyned, an abridgement of the history of the world from the creation unto Christ, and a continuation of the British history from Christ to this present : with a reduction of the era's of Nabonaffer, of the Olympiads, of Rome ab urbe condita, and of Seleucus, unto Scriptural accounts, and an adjustment of them vvith one another, very necessary for the understanding of the writings of the ancients : with many other chronological and mathematical observations, no less useful than delightful / composed by Nathaniel Eaton.
Eaton, Nathaniel, 1609?-1674. / [1661] De fastis Anglicis, sive Calendarium Sacrum The holy calendar : being a treble series of epigrams upon all the feasts observed by the Church of England : to which is added the like number of epigrams upon some other more especiall daies, which have either their footsteps in Scripture, or are more remarkeable in this kingdome / composed by Nathanael Eaton ...
Eaton, Richard, 1563?-1617. / [1616] A sermon preached at the funeralls of that worthie and worshipfull gentleman, Master Thomas Dutton of Dutton, Esquire who yeelded to nature the 28. of December. By Richard Eaton Bachelour of Diuinitie, and pastor of Great Budworth in Cheshire.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1651] A vindication, or, Further confirmation of some other Scriptures, produced to prove the divinity of Jesus Christ, distorted and miserably wrested and abused by Mr. John Knowles together with a probation or demonstration of the destructiveness and damnableness of the contrary doctrine maintained by the aforesaid Mr. Knowles : also the doctrine of Christs satisfaction and of reconciliation on Gods part to the creature, cleared up form Scripture, which of late hath been much impugned : and a discourse concerning the springing and spreading of error, and of the means of cure, and of the preservatives and against it / by Samuel Eaton, teacher of the church of Jesus Christ, commonly stiled the church at Duckenfield.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1654] The Quakers confuted,: being an answer unto nineteen queries; propounded by them, and sent to the elders of the church of Duckenfield in Cheshire; wherein is held forth much of the doctrine and practise concerning revelations, and immediate voices, and against the holy Scriptures, Christs ministry, churches and ordinances &c. Together with an answer to a letter which was written and sent by one of them to a family of note and quality in the said county, which pleaded for perfection in this life, and for quaking. By Samuel Eaton, teacher of the Church of Christ heretofore meeting at Duckenfield, now in Stockport in Cheshire.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1650] The oath of allegiance and the national covenant proved to be non-obliging: or, three several papers on that subject; viz. 1. Two positions, with several reasons of them, and consequences flowing from thence. 2. An answer to the said positions. 3. A reply to the said answer, wherein the truth of the positions is vindicated, and the oath of allegiance, and the national covenant are made non-obliging. / By Samuel Eaton, teacher of the Church of Christ at Darkenfield in Chesshire.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1650] The mystery of God incarnate or the vvord made flesh, cleered up: or, A vindication of certain scriptures (produced to prove the divinity of Jesus Christ) from the corrupt glosses, false interpretations, and sophistical argumentations of M. John Knowles, who denies the divinity of Christ. Also, certain annotations and observations upon a pamphlet entituled, A confession of faith concerning the holy Trinity, according to the scriptures: together with a copie of a letter sent by him to the Committee of Gloucester, concerning his faith touching the doctrine of the Trinity. By Samuel Eaton, teacher of the church of Christ at Duckenfield. Whereunto is annexed the attestation of Philip Nye, John Owen, Joseph Caryl, Tho. Harrison, William Greenhill, Sydr. Simpson, Geo. Griffiths.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [MDCL.1650] A friendly debate on a weighty subject: or, a conference by writing betwixt Mr Samuel Eaton and Mr John Knowles concerning the divinity of Iesus Christ:: for the beating out, and further clearing up of truth.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1645] A defence of sundry positions,: and Scriptures alledged to justifie the Congregationall-way; charged at first to be weak therein, impertinent, and unsufficient; by R.H. M. A. of Magd. Col. Cambr. in his examination of them; but upon further examination, cleerly manifested to be sufficient, pertinent, and full of power. / By [brace] Samuel Eaton, teacher, and Timothy Taylor, pastor [brace] of [brace] the church in Duckenfield, in Cheshire. Published according to order.
Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665. / [1646] The defence of sundry positions & scriptures for the Congregational-way justified: or An answer to an epistle written by Mr. Richard Hollingworth, unto S.E. and T.T. wherein he (in many particulars) chargeth them with injurious dealing against God, and against himselfe, in that booke of theirs, called A defence of sundry positions, &c. Containing a vindication from such charges and aspersions so laid upon them. As also a briefe answer to his large (if not unreasonable) demands, to have scripturall, or rationall answ. given to his 112 queries. / By Sam: Eaton teacher Tim: Taylor pastor [brace] of [brace] the church at Duckenfield in Cheshire. Published according to order.