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Di Capua, Lionardo, 1617-1695. / [1684] The uncertainty of the art of physick together with an account of the innumerable abuses practised by the professors of that art, clearly manifested by a particular relation of the original and progress thereof : also divers contests between the Greeks and Arabians concerning its authors / written in Italian by the famous Lionardo di Capoa ; and made English by J.L., Gent.
Dichante, George. / [1630] An epitome of the vvorlds woe vvherein is perspicuously discouered, the lamentable miseries of the world, in these tempestuous times, the infidelitie of fained friends, and ficklenesse of deceitefull fortune : continued by way of meditation and resolution / by Geo. Dichante, gent.
Dick, Andrew, Sir. / [1700] To his Grace, his Majesties High Commissioner, and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament. The petition of Captain Andrew Dick, sometimes Stewart of Orkney.
Dick, John, d. 1684. / [1684] A testimony to the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government of the Church of Scotland, and the covenanted work of reformation as it was profess'd in the three kingdoms together with an account of the persecution of some of the most eminent in our days for their adherence to the same / as it was left in write by ... Mr. John Dick ; to which is added, his last speech and behaviour on the scaffold, on the fifth day of March 1684 ... never published till now ...
Dickenson, Henry. / [1642] The last true newes from Yorke, Nottingham, Coventry and Warwicke: or all the speciall passages and occurences in these parts, from the 24 of August, to the 4 of September, 1642. Amongst which is related the commissions sent by his Majesty, under the broad seale of England, to the Earle of Cumberland, for the speedy raising of all the trained bands, both of horse and foot, in York-shire, Lancashire, Cumberland, Westmerland, and Northumberland, to serve the King against the Parliament. As also of the great distractions in the city of Yorke, at this preseut [sic], worthy of observation. Sent in a letter to informe those that stand well affected to the King and Parliament, Sep. 4. 1642.
Dickinson, William, b. 1584 or 5. / [Anno. Dom. 1628] Milke for babes The English catechisme, set downe in the Common-Prayer Booke, breifly explaned for the private vse of the younger and more vnlearned sort of his parishioners of Apleton, in the county of Berks: By W.D.
Dickinson, William, b. 1584 or 5. / [anno Dom. 1619] The Kings right briefely set downe in a sermon preached before the reuerend iudges at the assizes held in Reading for the county of Berks. Iune 28. 1619. By William Dickinson one of the fellowes of Merton Colledge in Oxford.
Diemerbroeck, Ysbrand van, 1609-1674. / [printed in the year 1666] Several choice histories of the medecines manner and method used in the cure of the plague. Written by that famous (and in this disease) incomparable physitian, Isbrandus Diemerbroick; a professor of physick. And now translated into English, with his own annotations upon every history. Wherein not onely the choicest antidotes are set down in his cures, but also several things which prove mortal to all that use them
Diest, Frid. Will. van. / [1684] The memorial of the Heer Van Diest, envoy extraordinary of His electoral Highness of Brandenburgh to the high and mighty the Lords States General of the United Provinces, delivered May the 29th, 1864.
Digby, John, Sir, 1605-1645. / [January. 2. 1645. i.e. 1646] Sir John Digby's letter to Colonel Kerr Governour of Plymouth,: perswading him to betray his trust, and deliver up the town and forts of Plymouth, to the Kings party. Together with Col. Kerrs answer. Wherein is exprest his faithfull resolution in keeping the trust he hath undertaken.
Digby, Kenelm, Sir, 1603-1665. / [Printed in the yeere 1648] An ansvver to the declaration of the House of Commons of the 11. of February 1647 In which they expresse the reasons for their resolutions for making no more addresses, nor receaving any from His Majesty.
Digges, Dudley, Sir, 1583-1639. / [1643] A speech delivered in Parliament concerning the evill consequences that doe attend this state by committing places of trust into the hands of court-favourites wherby it doth plainly appear to be the originall of all publick grievances and combustions of this kingdom / By Sir D. D. Knight.
Digges, Thomas, d. 1595. / [1587] A briefe report of the militarie seruices done in the Low Countries, by the Erle of Leicester: written by one that serued in good place there in a letter to a friend of his
Diggs, Dudley, 1613-1643. / [1643] The vnlavvfulnesse of subjects taking up armes against their soveraigne in what case soever together with an answer to all objections scattered in their severall bookes : and a proofe that, notwithstanding such resistance as they plead for, were not damnable, yet the present warre made upon the king is so, because those cases in which onely some men have dared to excuse it, are evidently not now, His Majesty fighting onely to preserve himselfe and the rights of the subjects.
Diggs, Dudley, 1613-1643. / [1643] A review of the Observations upon some of His Majesties late answers and expresses written by A Gentleman of Quality.
Diggs, Dudley, 1613-1643. / [1642] An answer to a printed book, intituled, Observations upon some of His Maiesties late answers and expresses
Dilherr, Johannes Michael, 1604-1669. / [1640] Contemplations, sighes, and groanes of a Christian. Written in Latine, by Iohn Michael Dilherrus. And Englished by William Style of the Inner Temple, Esquire
Diligent hand. / [1677] A true relation of the late action between the French and Dutch at Tobago in the West-Indies giving an account of what happened thereupon the assault made by the Count D'Estrees, both by sea and land, for the gaining of the said place : with an account of the losses on both sides / by a diligent hand.
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1603] A quartron of reasons, composed by Doctor Hill, vnquartered, and prooued a quartron of follies: by Francis Dillingham, Bachelour of Diuinitie. August, in Senten ...
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1606] The progresse in pietie taught by Frances Dillingham in his parish of Wilden, and now published for the benefit of all good Christians.
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1616] A probleme propounded by Francis Dillingham, in which is plainely shewed, that the holy scriptures haue met with popish arguments and opinions.
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1609] A golden keye opening the locke to eternall happines. Containing seuen most sweete and comfortable directions to a Christian life. By Francis Dillingham, Bachelor in Diuinitie, and Preacher of Gods word at Wilden in Bedfordshire. The contents follow in the next page.
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1605] A godly and learned sermon concerning the magistrates dutie and death preached at the court, and now published for the common good, by Francis Dyllingham bachelour in diuinitie. Magnum non est præesse, magnum est prodesse. It is no great thing to rule, it is a great thing to rule well. Magnum non est vivere, magnum est piè mori. It is no great thing to liue, it is a great thing to die well.
Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. / [1599] A disswasiue from poperie, containing twelve effectual reasons by vvhich every Papist, not wilfully blinded, may be brought to the truth, and euery Protestant confirmed in the same: written by Francis Dillingham Master of Arts, and fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge, necessarie for all men in these times.
Dillingham, William, 1617?-1689. / [1678] A sermon at the funeral of the Lady Elizabeth Alston, wife of Sir Thomas Alston, Knight and Baronet preached in the parish-church of Woodhill in Bedford-shire, Septemb. 10, 1677 / by William Dillingham ...
Dillingham, William, 1617?-1689. / [1689] Protestant certainty, or, A short treatise shewing how a Protestant may be well assured of the articles of his faith
Dillingham, William, 1617?-1689. / [1689] The mystery of iniquity anatomized by William Dillingham.
Dillon, William. / [1662] Truth brought to light, or, The last words of a dying-man: being the speech of William Dillon Esquire, executed the twenty fifth of February, 1662, for the death of J. Web, lately killed in a frey in Long-Acre.
Dingley, Robert, 1619-1660. / [1658] Vox cæli; or, philosophical, historicall, and theological [brace] observations, of thunder. With a more general view of Gods wonderful works. First grounded on Job 26. 14. but now enlarged into this treatise. / By Robert Dingley, M.A. once fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford; now minister of Gods Word at Brixton in the Isle of Wight, and County of Southampton.
Dingley, Robert, 1619-1660. / [1656] A sincere believer, comforted, and encouraged. Or; a practical treatise, discovering the goodness of God to a sinful soul, in the enjoyment of Christ: With the great benefit and comfort he hath thereby. Whereby as through a prospective, a true Christian may plainly see how to fit and prepare himself in such a manner, as his endeavours may not be in vaine. By R.D.M.A. and minister of the gospel in the Isle of Wight. Recommended to the serious perusal of all true Christians. By Thomas Goodwin, D.D. and Will Strong, M.A. deceased.
Dingley, Robert, 1619-1660. / [1655. i.e. 1654] Divine opticks or, a treatise of the eye, discovering the vices and virtues thereof; as also how that organ may be tuned. Chiefly grounded on Psal. 119. 37. By Robert Dingley, M.A. and minister of Gods word at Brixton, alias Brison, in the isle of Wight; formerly Fellow of Mag. Col. Oxon.
Dingley, Robert, 1619-1660. / [1654. i.e. 1653] The deputation of angels, or, The angell-guardian: I. Proved by the dim light of nature, clear beames of Scriptures, and consent of many ancient and modern writers, untainted with popery. II. Cleared from many rubs and mistakes; the criticall queries of antagonists examined, untyed. III. Applyed and improved, for our information in many other truths; consolation in our adversities; and reformation of our lives. Chiefly grounded on Acts 12. 15. It is his angell. / By Robert Dingley, M.A. and minister of the word at Brixton in the isle of Wight; formerly Fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Dingley, William, 1672 or 3-1735. / [1694] Poems on several occasions originals and translations.
Diodati, Giovanni, 1576-1649. / [MDCXXXXVI. 1646] An answer sent to the acclesiasticall assembly at London. By the reverend, noble, and learned man John Deodate, the famous professour of divinity, and most vigilant pastour of Genevah.
Dionysius Exiguus, ca. 540. / [1672] The exposition of Dionysius Syrus written above 900 years since on the evangelist St. Mark / translated by Dudley Loftus ... anno 1672 ; wherewith are bound up several other tracts of the same authour, and an ancient Syriack scholia on the four evangelists, as also some Persian, Armenian, and Greek antiquities, translated as aforesaid : the titles whereof are set down immediately after the Epistle to the reader, with refereuce [sic] to the several pages where they are.
Dionysius Exiguus, ca. 540. / [M DC XC V. 1695] A clear and learned explication of the history of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ taken out of above thrity Greek, Syriack, and other Oriental authors, by way of Catena: by Dionysius Syrus, who flourish'd most illustriously in the tenth and eleventh centuries. And faithfully translated by Dudley Loftus, doctor of the laws, Master in chancery, and judge of Their Majesties Court of Prerogative in Ireland.
Ditton, George. / [1650 i.e. 1649] Symbolum apostolicum.:
Divine. / [1630] A reply to M. Nicholas Smith, his discussion, of some pointes of M. Doctour Kellison his treatise of the hierarchie. By a divine.
Divine in the Church of England. / [M DC XCVIII i.e. 1697] An essay towards the rendring the first thirty Psalms of David in metre (of the old version of Thomas Sternhold, and John Hopkins and others.) Less obnoxious to exceptions, than it hath been; by moderate alterations, and amendments. And published, as a specimen of the whole book, done after the same manner, now in the hands of the author, a Divine of the Church of England.
Divine of the Church of England. / [1697] A rational method of daily religion consisting of four new offices of ordinary devotion; and a practical directory concerning the reasonableness and use of them. By a Divine of the Church of England.
Divine of the Church of England. / [1693] A practical discourse of patience Setting forth the excellency usefulness and rewards thereof. By a divine of the Church of England.
Divine of the Church of England. / [1689] Melius inquirendum: or A further modest and impartial enquiry into the lawfulness of taking the new oath of allegeance. By a divine of the Church of England
Divine of the Church of England. / [1697] A lady's religion In a letter to the Honourable my Lady Howard. By a divine of the Church of England. With a prefatory epistle to the same lady, by a lay-gentleman.
Divine of the Church of England. / [1690] The Grand problem briefly discussed, or, Considerations on the true mature and limits of obedience and submission to governours with respect to the different forms of an absolute and limited monarchy / by a divine of the Church of England.
Divine of the Church of England. / [Printed in the year, 1700] The Christians way to heaven, or, What he must do to be saved by a divine of the Church of England.
Divine of the Church of England. / [1693] A Christians sure anchor and comfort in times of trouble and danger being a sermon preached on the 16. day of June / by a divine of the Church of England.
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1681] A short essay of modern divinity, by Robert Dixon. D.D.
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1681] A sermon preached on the fast-day, December 22. 1680. In the Cathedral Church of Rochester. By Robert Dixon, D.D vice-dean of the said church
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1676] The nature of the two testaments, or, The disposition of the will and estate of God to mankind for holiness and happiness by Jesus Christ ... in two volumes : the first volume, of the will of God : the second volume, of the estate of God / by Robert Dixon.
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [M.DC.LXVIII 1668] The doctrine of faith, justification and assurance humbly endeavoured to be farther cleared towards the satisfaction and comfort of all free unbiassed spirits, with appendix for peace / by Robert Dixon, prebendary of Rochester.
Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. / [1674] The degrees of consanguinity and affinity described and delineated / by Robert Dixon ...
Dixon, Roger, 17th cent. / [1663] Consultum sanitatis, a directory to health displayed in several choice medecines for the cure of the rageing gout, the tormenting stone, the panting asthma, the sence destroying epilepsie and convulsion fits, and fits of the mother, the killing surfeits and feavors, the lingring agues, and all other (by some reputed in curable) distempers where the power of the disease hath not conquered the strength of nature / made and composed by the long sturdy practice and experience of Roger Dixon ...