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Cudmore, Daniel, 17th cent. / [1652] The history of Ioseph a poem / written by Daniel Cudmore, Gent.
Cudmore, Daniel, 17th cent. / [1655] Euchodia. Or, A prayer-song; being sacred poems on the history of the birth and passion of our blessed Saviour, and several other choice texts of Scripture. In two parts. / By Daniel Cudmore, Gent.
Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [1642] The union of Christ and the church, in a shadow by R.C.
Cuff, Henry, 1563-1601. / [1607] The differences of the ages of mans life together with the originall causes, progresse, and end thereof. Written by the learned Henrie Cuffe, sometime fellow of Merton College in Oxford. Ann. Dom. 1600.
Cuffe, Maurice. / [Iune 16. 1642] True newes from Munster in Ireland, being a copy of a letter sent to the Countesse of Thomond in Northamptonshire. Cork the fourth of Iune 1642.
Cullen, Francis Grant, Lord, 1658-1726. / [M.DC.XCVIII. 1698] A true narrative of the sufferings and relief of a young girle; strangely molested, by evil spirits and their instruments, in the west collected from authentick testimonies there-anent. With a preface and post-script containing reflections on what is most material or curious; either in the history, or trial of the seven witches who were condemn'd to be execute in that countrey.
Cullen, Francis Grant, Lord, 1658-1726. / [1689] The loyalists reasons for his giving obedience, and swearing allegiance, to the present government as being oblieged thereto, by, (it being founded on) the laws of God, nature, nations and civil : and seing, hereby, justice preceeds advantage, and right possession, and rule precedents : wherein are answered (by prevention) all the objections of dissenters, according to their own uncontrovertible principles / by F. G. Gent.
Cullender, Rose, d. 1665. / [1682] A tryal of witches at the assizes held at Bury St. Edmonds for the count of Suffolk on the tenth day of March, 1664 [i.e 1665] before Sir Matthew Hale, Kt., then Lord Chief Baron of His Majesties Court of Exchequer / taken by a person then attending the court.
Culliford, Mr. / [1699] A true state of Mr. Culliford's case By the Mayor's poll the sitting member, Mr. Fownes had---61 votes. And the petitioner Mr. Culliford but----53 Which gave the sitting member a majority of---8 By the poll taken by Mr. Culliford's clerks, by order of the Mayor, the petitioner had---78 votes. And the sitting member but-59 Which gave the petitioner a majority of----19
Culmer, Richard, d. 1662. / [1655] Lawles tythe-robbers discovered: who make tythe-revenue a mock-mayntenance, being encouraged thereunto by the defect of law and justice about ministers maintenance; and by the cavills and pretended objections against it. Which defect of law and justice is herein fully discovered, together with the frauds and wrongs occasioned by that defect, that they may be prevented by better laws, and more impartiall justice, now in Parliament-time, wherein remedies have always been most speedy and certain. Herein the many cavills and pretended objections made against tythes, and all setled maintenance of ministers are recited and confuted. Herein also, some motives to the higher powers for speedy relief of ministers, by better laws. Together with some humble proposals of means for the rooting out and preventing of those frauds and wrongs. Imprimature, Edm. Calamy.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1663] Two treatises, the first of blood-letting and the diseases to be cured thereby, the second of cupping and scarifying, and the diseases to be cured thereby by Nich. Culpeper, Gent., M. Ruland, and Abdiah Cole ...
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1657] Mr. Culpepper's Treatise of aurum potabile Being a description of the three-fold world, viz. elementary celestial intellectual containing the knowledge necessary to the study of hermetick philosophy. Faithfully written by him in his life-time, and since his death, published by his wife.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1656] Mr Culpeper's ghost, giving seasonable advice to the lovers of his writing. Before which is prefixed, Mris. Culpepers epistle in vindication of her husband's reputation
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1653] The English physitian enlarged with three hundred, sixty, and nine medicines made of English herbs that were not in any impression until this: ... Being an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation: containing a compleat method of physick, whereby a man may preserve his body in health; or cure himself, being sick, for three pence charge, with such things only as grow in England, they being most fit for English bodies. Herein is also shewed these seven things, viz. 1 The way of making plaisters, oyntments, oyls, pultisses, syrups, decoctions, julips, or waters, of al sorts of physical herbs ... 7 The way of mixing medicines according to cause and mixture of the disease, and part of the body afflicted. By Nich. Culpeper, Gent. student in physick and astrologie: living in Spittle Fields.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1659] Culpeper's school of physick, or, The experimental practice of the whole art wherein are contained all inward diseases from the head to the foot, with their proper and effectuall cures, such diet set down as ought to be observed in sickness or in health : with other safe wayes for preserving of life ... / by Nich. Culpeper ... ; the narrative of the authors life is prefixed, with his nativity calculated, together with the testimony of his late wife, Mrs Alice Culpeper, and others.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1655] Culpeper's last legacy left and bequeathed to his dearest wife, for the publicke good, being the choicest and most profitable of those secrets which while he lived were lockt up in his breast, and resolved never to be publisht till after his death. Containing sundry admirable experiences in severall sciences, more especially, in chyrurgery and physick, viz. compounding of medicines, making of waters, syrrups, oyles, electuaries, conserves, salts, pils, purges, and trochischs. With two particular treatises; the one of feavers; the other of pestilence; as also other rare and choice aphorisms, fitted to the understanding of the meanest capacities. Never publisht before in any of his other works. By Nicholas Culpeper, late student in astrology and physick.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1676] Culpeper's Directory for midwives: or, A guide for women: The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privy part. 3. The diseases of the womb. 4. The symptomes of the womb. 5. The symptomes in the terms. 6. The symptomes that befal all virgins and women in their womb, after they are ripe of age.7. The symptomes which are in conception. 8. The government of women with child. 9. The symptomes that happen in child-bearing. 10. The government of women in child-bed, and the diseases that come after travel. 11. The diseases of the breasts. 12. The symptomes of the breasts. 13. The diet and government of infants. 14. The diseases and symptomes in children.
Culpeper, Richard. / [1668?] These are to give notice to all His Majesties subjects, that Nicholas Culpeper late deceased, being a student in astrology, a person generally approved of to be an eminent physician in his time, and by his indulgent care performed many excellent cures, and for the singular affection he owed to his said Majesties subjects, in order to the preservation of their healths and lives under God, hath prepared, composed,and madean excellent lozenge, and an universal pill; which lozenges and pills were of that precious worth and vertue, that he concealed the publishing thereof until a little before his death.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1578-1662. / [1641] A tract against the high rate of vsvrie presented to the high court of Parliament, Anno Domini 1623 : in which the use for money was brought downe from ten to eight in the hundred / by the same authour.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [printed in the year 1671] An humble proposal for the relief of debtors, and speedy payment of their creditors
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1668] A discourse, shewing the many advantages which will accrue to this kingdom by the abatement of usury together with the absolute necessity of reducing interest of money to the lowest rate it bears in other countreys, that, at least, we may trade with our neighbours upon equal termes. Humbly presented to the High Court of Parliament now sitting. By Sir Tho. Culpeper jun. Kt.
Culverwel, Nathanael, d. 1651? / [1654] The white stone: or, A learned and choice treatise of assurance very usefull for all, but especially weak believers. By Nathanael Culverwel, master of arts, and lately fellow of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge.
Culverwel, Nathanael, d. 1651? / [1651] Spiritual opticks, or, A glasse discovering the weaknesse and imperfection of a Christians knowledge in this life by Nathanael Culvervvell ...
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1623] The vvay to a blessed estate in this life. By Ezekel Culuervvel.
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1623] A treatise of faith wherein is declared how a man may liue by faith and finde releefe in all his necessities : applied especially vnto the use of the weakest Christians / by Ezekel Culvervvell.
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1635] Time vvell spent in sacred meditations. Divine observations. Heavenly exhortations Serving to confirme the penitent. Informe the ignorant. ... And, cherish the true-hearted Christian. By that late able, painefull, and worthy man of God, Ezechiel Culuervvel, minister of the Word.
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1637] A ready vvay to remember the Scriptures. Or, A table of the Old and Nevv Testament. By that late able, painfull, and worthy man of God, Ezekiel Culuervvell, minister of the Word
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1626] A briefe ansvvere to certaine obiections against the treatise of faith, made by Ez. Culvervvell Clearing him form the errors of Arminius, vniustly layd to his charge.
Cumberland, Henry Clifford, Earl of, 1591-1643. / [1642] The declaration of the Right Honourable Henry Earle of Cvmberland lord lievtenant generall of His Majesties forces in York-shire and of the nobility, gentry and others His Majesties subjects now assembled at Yorke for His Majesties service and the defence of this city and county.
Cumberland, Henry Clifford, Earl of, 1591-1643. / [Septem. 8, 1642] The declaration of the Right Honourable Henry Earle of Cumberland together with divers gentlemen of the county of York,who desire it may be put in print and published in all the parish-churches of this county : 26 August, 1642.
Cumming, John, minister of the gospel in Shepton-Mallet. / [1699] A sermon preached before the worshipful mayor of Bridgewater, and several other members of that ancient corporation, in the county of Somerset At a lecture design'd for reformation of manners. By John Cumming M.A. minister of the gospel in Shepton-Mallet, in the same county.
Cunaeus, Petrus. / [1653] Petrus Cunæus of the common-wealth of the Hebrews. Translated by C.B.
Cunningham, David, Sir, fl. 1695. / [1695] Unto his Grace, his Majesties high commissioner, and the right honourable estates of Parliament, The humble petition of Sir David Cunningham of Robertland.
Cunningham, James, d. 1697? / [Printed in the year 1683] Miracula Mundi. To the king upon the day of thanksgiving for his Majesties happy delivery from the late plot, being Sabbath 9th of September, 1683. / J.C. Scotus.
Cunningham, Thomas, 1604-1670. / [Anno 1640] Explication, of - Thrissels - banner. Containing a brief interpretation & declaration, of the forme & fashion thereof, as also of the matter therein expressed.
Curate of Souls. / [1683] An essay on hypocrasie and Pharisaism.: As it was set forth in a Sermon / by A curate of souls.
Curfet, Colonel. / [M DC XLIV. 1644] A true relation of the Scots taking of Cocket Iland: where they have taken The garison. The governour. 70 officers and souldiers. 7 peeces of ordnance. All their ammunition. And have placed there a garison of their own men. And of their proceedings at the siege at Newcastle, and their propositions sent to Col. Glenham, to deliver up Newcastle to them, and Col. Glenhams answer to it. With other passages concerning the Sheelds and Tinmouth Castle, and other proceedings made known to Parliament Februarie 12, 1644. By Col. Curfet, Commander in the Scots armie.
Curione, Celio Secondo, 1503-1569. / [1689] The visions of Pasquin, or, A character of the Roman court, religion and practices together with an account of the arts of the Pope's nephews to get money, the tricks of the priests to fill the churches coffers by masses for the dead, the policy of the Jesuites to cully princes, and cheat Christendom, as also an exact description of purgatory and hell, in a dialogue between Pasquin and Marsorio, translated out of Italian.
Curll, Walter, 1575-1647. / [M.DC.XXII. 1622] A sermon preached at VVhite-Hall, on the 28. of April, 1622. By Walter Curll, D. in Diuinity and deane of Lichfield. Published by speciall command
Curson, H. (Henry) / [1699] A compendium of the laws and government ecclesiastical, civil and military, of England, Scotland & Ireland and dominions, plantations and territories thereunto belonging, with the maritime power thereof, and jurisdiction of courts therein. Methodically digested under their proper heads. By H.C. sometime of the Inner Temple.
Curteys, Richard, 1532?-1582. / [1584] Two sermons preached by the reuerend father in God the Bishop of Chichester the first at Paules Crosse. The second at Westminster before the Queenes Maiestie.
Curteys, Richard, 1532?-1582. / [1600] The care of a Christian conscience Ten sermons on the 25 psalme, preached in Tewkesburie in the countie of Gloucester, By Richard Curtis.
Curtis, Samuel. / [1659] The lamentable sufferings of the church of God in Dorset-shire and the persecution there, whipping sufficient men of their own county as vagabonds, and how bruitish they behave themselves and unmanly, dishonouring their magistracy, and shaming their ministery ...
Curtis, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1696] The reading Quakers vindicated from false aspersions; shewing that unneighbourly proceedings is no testimony of Christianity or real Quakers, but destructive to Christian society
Curtois, John, 1650 or 51-1719. / [1685] A discourse shewing that kings have their being and authority from God that therefore good kings when dead are lamented, that all while living are to be obeyed, and that treason and rebellion are punishable both in this and the next world : preached the Sunday following the news of the death of ... Charles the Second / by John Curtois ...
Custis, Edmond. / [1673] A brief relation and exact map of the harbour of New-Castle near Tinmouth-Barre, since December 1672 when eight ships wee overwhelmed by the freshes, of which six were (as not lying difficult) removed and cleared the first month, the other two being great and deep laden, sunk in the best of the harbour, were blown up with gun-powder a few months after, with some particulars of what change happened that harbour thereupon to this present August following.
Cuthbert, John. / [1695?] Proposals humbly offered for raising one million of money.
Cutting, Alexander. / [1690?] The method proposed by Alexander Cutting for preventing the increase of Fires, the burning and stealing of goods, paying the losses and damages by fire to houses, repairing and new building publick buildings, and recompencing the present insurers of houses from fire; all which is humbly conceived may by be performed for a tenth part of the charge that is now paid for insuring.
Cutts, John Cutts, Baron, 1661-1707. / [1698] The Right Honourable the Lord Cutts, his speech to the mayor and corporation of Newport at His Majesties castle of Carisbrook in the Isle of Wight upon the swearing of Captain Thomas Read into the office of mayor, according to the ancient custom and charter of that corporation.