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Coachman, Robert. / [1642] The cry of a stone, or, a treatise; shewing what is the right matter, forme, and government of the visible church of Christ. How, and wherein the present Church of England is wanting and defective, both in the body of the land, and in the parochiall branches thereof, with divers reasons and grounds taken from the Scriptures, to perswade all that feare God, rather to suffer any afflictions at the hands of men, than to submit to mans carnall policy and humane devices in the worship of God, or be deprived of the sweet fellowship of the saints in the right order of the Gospel. Together with a just reproofe of the over-strained and excessive separation, contentions and divisions of such as commonly are called Brownists. By Robert Coachman.
Coale, Joseph, d. 1670. / [1667] To all that desire and breath after the Lord and the true knowledge of his everlasting way and the righteousness and peace of that kingdom which consisteth not in words, but in power, life, and joy in the Holy Ghost ... / written by Joseph Coale.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1664] To the king and both Houses of Parliament,: (who have made laws and decrees, and caused them to be put in execution, to restrain and prohibit people from having the liberty of their consciences in the exercise of the worship of God) this is sent as a warning from the Lord.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1667] The last testimony of that faithful servant of the Lord and minister of Jesus Christ, Richard Farnworth whereunto is prefixed a brief testimony concerning his life, death and travels &c. : to which is added a few words of exhortation unto those that believe in the light of the the Lamb : published for the consolation of the household of faith .. / by a companion of those who hold the word of God and testimony of J[e]sus Christ and suffer for the same, Josiah Cole.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1663] A salutation to the suffering-seed of God wherein the things are declared and signified before-hand that must shortly come to pass / by Josiah Coale.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1660] An invitation of love to the hungry & thirsty who truly hunger after the food of life, and a call (to such) to come (from off the barren mountains and from feeding upon vanity) into the everlasting kingdom and house of my father where the least of his servants have bread enough : with some information of the way which leads thereunto / given forth according to the movings of the spirit of the Lord in his servant Iosiah Coal.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1671] The books and divers epistles of the faithful servant of the Lord Josiah Coale collected and published, as it was desired by him the day of his departure out of this life.
Coale, Leonard. / [1671] To the bishops and their ministers or any of them to whom this shall come ; Something by way of query which they are desired to answer in plainness and according to the Scriptures of truth
Cob, Christopher. / [1651] The sect every where spoken against: or, the reproached doctrine of Ely. As it was held forth in several sermons in the year, MDCLI. By Christopher Cob, lay-man, minister of an united people in Ely. Collected and analized for a private use, by Hampden Reeve, Master of Arts, one of that Society, and a constant hearer. Now published by the assent of the whole Society (as a short character, at present, of them and their way, till an opportunity of a farther and fuller discovery) for satisfaction in general.
Cobbes, Edmund, b. 1592 or 3. / [1633] The parable of the vncleane spirit pithily opened, and plainly applied; wherein is shewed Sathans possession, his dispossession, and repossession. A worke needfull for these secure times, in which the most neglect the meanes oftheir salvation. Preached, and now published, by Edmund Cobbes minister of the Word of God.
Cobbes, Edmund, b. 1592 or 3. / [1630] Mundanum speculum, or, The worldlings looking glasse Wherein hee may clearly see what a woefull bargaine he makes if he lose his soule for the game of the vvorld. A worke needfull and necessarie for this carelesse age, wherein many neglect the meanes of their saluation. Preached and now published by Edmund Cobbes, master of the Word of God.
Cobbet, Robert. / [1668] A word to the upright for help and preservation in these erring dayes by errours detected, in a book, called, A testimony for the truth, Christ and his light, by some that go by the name of Quakers, wherein they manifest their foundation for salvation, which they call, the Christ of God / by him who seeks the well-fare of all men, Robert Cobbet.
Cobbet, Thomas, 1608-1685. / [1654] A practical discourse of prayer wherein is handled the nature, the duty, the qualifications of prayer, the several sorts of prayer, viz. ejaculatory, publick, private and secret prayer : with the necessity of, and ingagements unto, prayer : together with sundry cases of conscience about it / by Thomas Cobbet.
Cobbet, Thomas, 1608-1685. / [1648] A just vindication of the covenant and church-estate of children of church-members as also of their right unto bastisme : wherein such things as have been brought by divers to the contrary, especially by Ioh. Spilsbury, A.R. Ch. Blackwood, and H. Den are revised and answered : hereunto is annexed a refutation of a certain pamphlet styled The plain and wel-grounded treatise touching baptism / by Thomas Cobbet.
Cobbet, Thomas, 1608-1685. / [1656] A fruitfull and usefull discourse touching the honour due from children wherein both the respective duties of children to parents and of parents to children are cleared from Scripture, together with what may either further or hinder the same ... / by Thomas Cobbet.
Cobbet, Thomas, 1608-1685. / [1653] The civil magistrates povver in matters of religion modestly debated, impartially stated according to the bounds and grounds of scripture, and answer returned to those objections against the same which seem to have any weight in them. Together with A brief answer to a certain slanderous pamphlet called Ill news from New-England; or, a narrative of New-Englands persecution. By John Clark of Road-Island, physician. By Thomas Cobbet teacher of the church at Lynne in New-England. This treatise concerning the christian magistrates power, and the exerting thereof, in, and about matters of religion, written with much zeal and judgement by Mr. Cobbet of New-England, I doe allow to be printed; as being very profitable for these times. Feb. 7th. 1652. Obadiah Sedgwick.
Cobhead, Thomas. / [1579] A briefe instruction, collected for the exercise of youth, and simple sort of people. / By Thomas Cobhead preacher..
Cock, Charles George. / [1651] English-law, or, A summary survey of the houshold of God on earth and that both before and under the law, and that both of Moses and the Lord Jesus : historically opening the purity and apostacy of believers in the successions of ages, to this present : together with an essay of Christian government under the regiment of our Lord and King, the one immortal, invisible, infinite, eternal, universal prince, the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel.
Cock, Charles George. / [1656 i.e. 1655] Englands compleat law-judge, and lawyer.: Declared in these ensuing heads; 1. Whether that law and those judges and practizers owned time out of minde by the supreme authority of the nation, be not the laws, judges, and lawyers of this Common-wealth, &c. 2. Whether courts so constituted are not records of the nation. 3. Whether each court hath not power, as such, to enforce its owne decrees. 4. That the decrees and usages of such a court are as valid as of any court. 5. Whether it be not against reason, that when divers courts in the same nation act by divers lawes, one of the courts should have power to prohibit the other to proceed to bring the matters in difference before it self. 6. Concerning judges of appeale.
Cock, Thomas. / [1675] Miscelanea medica, or, A supplement to kitchin-physick to which is added a short discourse on stoving and bathing : with some transient and occasional notes on Dr. George Thompsons galino-mempsis.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1699] An enquiry into the nature, necessity, and evidence of Christian faith, in several essays part I [-II] of faith in general, and of the belief of a deity / by John Cockburn ...
Cockburne, James. / [An. Dom. MDCV 1605.] Gabriels salutation to Marie. Made by Iames Cockburne..
Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675. / [1675] Cocker's morals, or, The muses spring-garden adorned with many sententious disticks & poems in alphabetical order : fitted for the use of all publick and private grammar and writing schools, for the scholars of the first to turn into Latin, and for those of the other to transcribe into all their various and curious hands / by Edward Cocker.
Cockeram, Henry, fl. 1650. / [1623] The English dictionarie: or, An interpreter of hard English vvords Enabling as well ladies and gentlewomen, young schollers, clarkes, merchants, as also strangers of any nation, to the vnderstanding of the more difficult authors already printed in our language, and the more speedy attaining of an elegant perfection of the English tongue, both in reading, speaking and writing. Being a collection of the choisest words contained in the Table alphabeticall and English expositor, and of some thousands of words neuer published by any heretofore. By H.C. Gent.
Cockin, Francis. / [1657] Divine blossomes. A prospect or looking-glass for youth: wherein and whereby he may plainly behold and see a supereminency and super-excellency of grace and religion, beyond the worlds honor, glory, fame, repute, pleasure, joy, delight, love,. [sic] And all other lower accomodations whatsoever. Laid down to youth by exciting parallel between [brace] earths honor carnal pleasure inordinate love [brace] and [brace] heavens glory and spiritual pleasure divine love. Under every of which particulars, the author exemplarily expresseth himself in a varied verse. / Composed by a hearty wel-wisher to the youthful generation, Francis Cockin, alias Cokayne.
Cocks, Roger, fl. 1630-1642. / [1630] Hebdomada sacra: A weekes deuotion: or, Seuen poeticall meditations vpon the second chapter of St. Matthewes gospell. Written, by Roger Cocks.
Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665. / [1652 i.e. 1651] The troublesome and hard adventures in love. Lively setting forth, the feavers, the dangers, and the jealousies of lovers; and the labyrinths and wildernesses of fears and hopes through which they dayly passe. Illustrated by many admirable patterns of heroical resolutions in some persons of chivalry and honour; and by the examples of incomparable perfections in some ladies. A work very delightfull and acceptable to all. Written in Spanish, by that excellent and famous gentleman, Michael Cervantes; and exactly translated into English, by R. C. Gent.
Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665. / [1664] The second part of Youths behavior, or, Decency in conversation amongst women containing excellent directions for the education of young ladies, gentlewomen and other persons, and rules of advice how at the first to deport themselves and afterwards govern the affairs of a family / by the same hand that translated the last volume of Caussin's Holy court ; whereunto is added a collection of select proverbs and wise sentences out of severall languages usefull in discourse and the government of life, many of them never in print in any language, by the same author ; together with severall letters profitable and delightful according to the nature of the subject.
Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665. / [1672] His Majesties propriety, and dominion on the Brittish seas asserted together with a true account of the Neatherlanders insupportable insolencies, and injuries, they have committed; and the inestimable benefits they have gained in their fishing on the English seas. As also their prodigious and horrid cruelties in the East and West-Indies, and other places. To which is added an exact mapp, containing the isles of Great Britain, and Ireland, with the several coastings, and the adjacent parts of our neighbours: by an experienced hand.
Codrington, Thomas, d. 1691? / [1687] A sermon preach'd before Their Majesties in St. James's on Advent-Sunday November the 28th, 1686 by Thomas Codrington ...
Coe, Richard, 17th cent. / [Iuly 19, 1644] An exact diarie. Or A breife relation of the progresse of Sir William Wallers army since the joyning of the London avxilliaries with his forces: which was the twelfth of May 1644. untill their returne homeward on Thursday the 11 of Iuly following. Relating the perticulars of every skirmish battle and march dureing the said time. By Richard Coe under Cap. Gore of the Tower Hamlets who was present in the whole expedition.
Coelson, Lancelot, 1627-ca 1687. / [1656] The poor-mans physician and chyrurgion, containing above three hundred rare and choice receipts, for the cure of all distempers, both inward and outward: together with necessary considerations before purgation; easie rules for the opening of a vein, and the manner of bleeding by horse-leeches, with a method for drawing teeth. All being of great worth, and now published for the publique good: / by Lancelot Coelson student in Physick and Astrology.
Coffin, Edward, 1571-1626. / [M.DC.XXII 1622] A true relation of the last sicknes and death of Cardinall Bellarmine Who dyed in Rome the seauenteenth day of Septe[m]ber 1621. And of such things as haue happened in, or since his buriall. By C.E. of the Society of Iesus.
Coffin, Edward, 1571-1626. / [M.DC.XIX. 1619] A refutation of M. Ioseph Hall his apologeticall discourse, for the marriage of ecclesiasticall persons directed vnto M. Iohn VVhiting. In which is demonstrated the marriages of bishops, priests &c. to want all warrant of Scriptures or antiquity: and the freedome for such marriages, so often in the sayd discourse vrged, mentioned, and challenged to be a meere fiction. Written at the request of an English Protestant, by C.E. a Catholike priest.
Cokayne, William, fl. 1649. / [1649] The foundations of freedome, vindicated: or, The reasons of VVilliam Ashurst Esquire, against the paper, stiled, The peoples agreement, examined and discussed.: Wherein it appeares, that the particulars proposed in the said paper, are no foundations of tyranny and slavery; nor destructive to religion, liberty, laws, and government, as is pretended: but foundations of freedome for this poore deluded and enslaved kingdome. / By William Cokayne, a wel-wisher to Englands freedomes; but an opposer of tyranny and oppression in any whomsoever.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1668] A supplement by way of additions to and amplifications of the foregoing treatise, concerning copy-hold and customary estates wherein the grounds laid down in the said treatise are made good and confirmed by several resolutions and judgements given in the courts of common laws of England in divers cases.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1618] Fasciculus florum. Or A handfvll of flowers gathered out of the seuerall bookes of the Right Honorable Sir Edward Coke Knight and one of the Kings Maiesties most honorable councellours of estate. Per Tho: Ashe, Graijens.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1650] An exact abridgement in English of the eleven books of reports of the learned Sir Edward Coke, knight, late lord chief justice of England and of the councel of estate to His Majestie King James wherein is briefly contained the very substance and marrow of all those reports together with the resolutions on every case : also a perfect table for the finding of the names of all those cases and the principall matters therein contained / composed by Sir Thomas Ireland.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1659] The declarations and other pleadings contained in the eleven parts of the reports of Sir Edward Coke, Knight, sometime Lord Chief Justice of England and one of His Majesties Council of Estate rendred into English by W. Hughes of Grayes-Inne, Esquire, for the benefit of all students and practizers of the common law ; with a perfect table of the principal matters thereunto annexed.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1641] The compleate copy-holder wherein is contained a learned discourse of the antiquity and nature of manors and copy-holds, vvith all things thereto incident, as surrenders, presentments, admittances, forfeitures, customes, &c. necessary both for the lord and tenant : together, with the forme of keeping a copy-hold court, and court baron / by Sir Edward Coke, Knight.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1659] Certain select cases in law reported by Sir Edward Coke, Knight, late Lord Chief Justice of England ... ; translated out of a manuscript written with his own hand, never before published ; with two exact tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1651] An abridgement of the Lord Coke's commentary on Littleton collected by an unknown author; yet by a late edition pretended to be Sir Humphrey Davenport, Kt. And in this second impression purged from very many gross errors committed in the said former edition. With a table of the most remarkable things therein.
Coke, Mr. / [1676] A true narrative of the great solemnity of the circumcision of Mustapha Prince of Turkie eldest son of Sultan Mahomet present emperour of the Turks. Together with and account of the marriage of his daughter to his great favourite Mussaip at Adrianople, as it was sent in a letter to person of honour by Mr. Coke secretary of the Turkie Company; being in company with his excellency the Lord Embassador Sir John Finch.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [printed, in the year, 1692] A reply to an ansvver from a friend, to the apology for the English nation, that the trade to the East-Indies and Africa should be free.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [1660] Justice vindicated from the false fucus [i.e. focus] put upon it, by [brace] Thomas White gent., Mr. Thomas Hobbs, and Hugo Grotius as also elements of power & subjection, wherein is demonstrated the cause of all humane, Christian, and legal society : and as a previous introduction to these, is shewed, the method by which men must necessarily attain arts & sciences / by Roger Coke.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [1670] A discourse of trade in tvvo parts : the first treats of the reason of the decay of the strength, wealth, and trade of England, the latter, of the growth and increase of the Dutch trade above the English / by Roger Coke.
Coker, Matthew. / [1654] A whip of small cords, to scourge Antichrist: (sitting in the temple of God, and exalting himself above, and opposing himself against all that is called God) out of the temple of God; and clearing up the way for the receiving in of the Lord Jesus Christ in his glorious power in and over the church; now exercised in the working of miracles, gifts of healings, and other extraordinary gifts. With the knot at the end of the whip. Whereunto is added, the sheerer sheer'd, and casheer'd; the shaver shav'd, & the grinder ground. By Matthew Coker, being apostolicus propheta, & propheticus apostolus; ut baptista severus, Christi præcursor; baptismate spiritûs baptizatus; Antichristi & antispiritûs antithetos oppositus; necnon angelus: non evanus, (qui vanus) sed evangelicus.
Coker, Matthew. / [1654] A short and plain narrative of Matthew Coker, touching some mistakes and mis-recitals in a pamphlet of this day, intituled Certain passages of every days intelligence, &c. In reference to his gift of healing; which is herein clearly evidenced, in several remarkable instances.
Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1728. / [1689 i.e. 1698] The doctrine of acids in the cure of diseases farther asserted being an answer to some objections raised against it by Dr. F. Tuthill ... : in which are contained some things relating to the history of blood : as also an attempt to prove what life is, and that it is principally supported by an acid and sulphur : to which is added an exact account of the case of Edmund Turner, Esq., deceased : as also the case of another gentleman now living, exactly parallel to Mr. Turner's / by John Colbatch ...
Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729. / [1696] Some farther considerations concerning alkaly and acid, by way of appendix to a late essay Wherein the terms are made clear, and the natures of them both more fully explained: together with an answer to the objections that have been raised against some things contained in the said essay. By John Colbatch, physician.
Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729. / [1696] A physico medical essay concerning alkaly and acid so far as they have relation to the cause or cure of distempers : wherein is endeavoured to be proved that acids are not (as is generally and erroneously supposed) the cause of all or most distempers, but that alkalies are : together with an account of some distempers and the medicines with their preparations proper to be used in the cure of them : as also a short digression concerning specifick remedies / by John Colbatch.
Colclough, George. / [1571] The spectacle to repentance
Cole, James, merchant. / [1629] Of death a true description and against it a good preparation: together with a sweet consolation, for the suruiung mourners. By Iames Cole merchant.
Cole, John, fl. 1700. / [1700?] An humble proposal to the honourable the knights, cityzens and burgesses in Parliament assembled, for employing and maintaining the poor of this kingdom, by erecting fisheries, and improving manufacturies
Cole, Nathaniel, 1584 or 5-1626. / [1624] The Christian mans walke with the most regardable and remarkable steppes thereof, the true rule according to which, and manner how we must walke: shewing the infallible properties of the children of light. Newly published by the author Nathanael Cole, Preacher at S. Leonards Bromley in Middlesex, on the backside of Stratford-Bow neere London.
Cole, Robert, 17th cent. / [1643] The true coppies of two letters sent from Ireland: shewing the severall battailes and victories obtained on the rebels there.
Cole, Thomas, d. 1571. / [Anno Domini. M. D. LIII. 1553] A godly and frutefull sermon, made at Maydestone in the county of Kent the fyrst sonday in Lent, in the presence of the most reuerend father in God Thomas archbishop of Canterbury. &c. / by M. Thomas Cole scholemayster there, againste dyuers erronious opinions of the Anabaptistes and others.
Cole-Venman, John. / [printed in the yeer, 1658] Gods truth is faithfull in what it speaketh unto sin and death:: It giveth it not too bad a name, because truth is justifi'd by him, which is just; therein it hath a crown of life, and shal have, though death like swarms of wasps are round about it. / Written by one called, John Cole-Venman.
Coleman, Nathaniel. / [1682] An epistle to be read in the assemblies of Gods people.
Coleman, Thomas, 1598-1647. / [1644] Huls pillar of providence erected: or The providentiall columne,: setting out heavens care for deliverance of that people, with extraordinary power and providence from the bloud-sucking Cavaliers, who had for six weeks closely besieged them. By T. C. minister of Gods Word. Imprimatur Charles Herle.
Coleman, Thomas, 1598-1647. / [1644] Gods unusuall answer to a solemne fast. Or, some observations upon the late sad successe in the west, upon the day immediately following our publique humiliation; in a sermon before the Honourable Houses of Parliament, on a fast specially set apart upon that occasion; in Margarets Westminster, Sept. 12. Anno MDCXLIV. By Th: Coleman, Preacher at Peters Cornhill London, a member of the present Assembly.
Colepepyr, Robert. / [1689?] To the Honourable the Commons of England, in Parliament assembled.: A proposal for preventing the farther decay of our harbours: / humbly offer'd, by Robert Colepepyr, Gent.
Colepepyr, Robert. / [1700?] To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and to the Honourable the Commons of England in Parliament assembled;: a proposal to mend Rye Harbour in Sussex. / Is humbly offer'd, by Robert Colepepyr, Gent.
Colepepyr, Robert. / [1698?] A proposal to prevent further decay in harbours, &c. without charge.: To the Honourable the Commons of England, in Parliament assembled. / Your petitioner Robert Colepepyr, Gentleman ...
Coler, Richard. / [1652] Christian-experiences from Scripture evidences under this variety, or several heads: viz. 1. Comfort for believers against their fears and dismayings. 2. Comfort for believers from their spiritual incomes. 3. Mans fruitlesness without saving faith, being a parallel between the belief of most, and the belief of devils. 4. Councel unto saints as sojourners and strangers. 5. Mans folly in determining by present evens [sic] or state of things. By Richard Coler, preacher of the word at Broughton in Hampshire.
Coleraine, Henry Hare, Baron, 1636-1708. / [1683] The situation of paradise found out being an history of a late pilgrimage unto the Holy Land, with a necessary apparatus prefixt, giving light into the whole design ...
Coleraine, Hugh Hare, Baron, 1606?-1667. / [1681] La scala santa, or, A scale of devotions musical and gradual being descants on the fifteen Psalms of Degrees, in metre : with contemplations and collects upon them, in prose, 1670.
Coleraine, Hugh Hare, Baron, 1606?-1667. / [1681] La scala santa, or, A scale of devotions musical and gradual being descants on the fifteen Psalms of Degrees, in metre : with contemplations and collects upon them, in prose, 1670.
Coles, Elisha, 1608?-1688. / [1673] A practical discourse of God's sovereignty with other meterial points, deriving thence.
Coles, Elisha, 1640?-1680. / [1671] Christologia, or, A metrical paraphrase on the history of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ...
Coles, William, 1626-1662. / [1657] Adam in Eden, or, Natures paradise the history of plants, fruits, herbs and flowers with their several names ... the places where they grow, their descriptions and kinds, their times of flourishing and decreasing as also their several signatures, anatomical appropriations and particular physical vertues together with necessary observations on the seasons of planting and gathering of our English simples with directions how to preserve them in their compositions or otherwise : ... there is annexed a Latin and English table of the several names of simples, with another more particular table of the diseases and their cures ... / by William Coles ...
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1582] A right fruitfull admonition concerning the order of a good Christian mans life very profitable for all maner of estates, and other to beholde and looke vppon / made by the famouse doctour Collet, sometime deane of Paules.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [ca. 1540] De nominibus heteroclitis
Colfe, Isaac, 1558 or 9-1597. / [1588] 1588. A sermon preached on the queenes day. Beeing the 17. of Nouember. 1587. at the towne of Lidd in Kent, by Isaac Colfe, preacher of the word of God
Collard, Tho. / [1678] Animadversions upon a fatal period, or, A brief discourse concerning the present state of the body, and the future state of the soul by Tho. Collard.
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] The speech and carriage of Stephen Colledge at Oxford before the castle on Wednesday, August 31, 1681 taken exactly from his own mouth at the place of execution.
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] The last speech and confession Mr. Stephen Colledge who was executed at Oxford on Wednesday, August 31, 1681
Collens, John. / [1662] Something written after the manner of a discourse or dialogue betwixt a rigid priestbiterian and good conscience, which begins to be roused up and awakened these trying times.
Collens, John, d. 1682. / [1685?] A lamentation taken up for the churchs [sic] of the Anabaptists by John Collens ; with a call, and warning for them to come out of the self separation, into the footsteps of the flock, and to turn from the darkness to the true light.
Collet, William. / [1700] The depositions of William Collet, tallow-chandler, Mary his wife, Joseph Larke his journy-man, Ann Larke Wife of the said Joseph, Francis Read and John Sisum his apprentices, Mary Selby his maid servant, Lewis Picket and Thomas Allen, lodgers in his house, and Robert Parker a watchman, taken an oath before me Richard Rider esq; one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of Middlesex, and liberty of the city of Westminster, this seven and twentieth day of April, anno Dom. 1700.
Colleton, John, 1548-1635. / [1604] A supplication to the Kings most excellent Maiestie wherein, seuerall reasons of state and religion are briefely touched: not vnworthie to be read, and pondered by the lords, knights, and burgeses of the present Parliament, and other of all estates. Prostrated at his Highnes feete by true affected subiects.
Colleton, John, 1548-1635. / [1602] A iust defence of the slandered priestes VVherein the reasons of their bearing off to receiue Maister Blackwell to their superiour before the arriuall of his holines breue, are layed downe, and the imputation of disobedience, ambition, contention, scandall, &c. is by able arguments and authorities remoued, the obiection of the aduerse part sufficiently answered, and the Popes sentence in the controuersie truly related. By Iohn Colleton.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1696] The great question in the case of the absolution of Sir John Friend and Sir William Parkens: which will be insisted on at the trial of the absolvers 'tis presum'd will be, whether the giving them absolution at the place of execution, was a lawful, or unlawful act. That it was a lawful act, appears to me from the following considerations;
Collier, Thomas. / [1655] The day-dawning and the day-star arising to the dispersed of Judah & Israel wherein is briefly handled their call and Christs second coming, whose day is neer at hand / by Tho. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1655] A word in season to a distracted and troubled people, or, Some grounds tending to unity and a settling of the minds (in peace) of all those who are the sons of peace faithfully and tenderly presented in this our day of peace, though a day of trouble in many hearts, for the preventing (if possible it may be) the breakings forth of another war, or that if any such thing should be, yet that those who profess to follow the Lord may not be the causers of it / written by Thomas Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1657] To all the churches of Jesus Christ, called to be saints through the immortal seed which dwelleth in you, and shall be with you for ever. Grace be with you, and peace from God our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1649] A second generall epistle to all the saints wherein is unfolded the covenant of grace, as its a law in the spirit, of light, liberty, righteousness, holinesse, power and glory : as likewise as it is a law of peace, love and edification : published for the good of those who love peace and holinesse / written by T. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1651] The pulpit-guard routed, in its twenty strong-holds, or, A brief answer to a large and lawless discourse, written by one Tho. Hall ... intituled, The pulpit-guarded, with twenty arguments, pretending to prove the unlawfulness and sinfulness of private mens preaching ... his six arguments to prove their ministry free from anti-Christianism, rased, and six more asserted, proving them to be anti-Christian / written by Tho. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1650] The marrow of Christianity, or, A spirituall discovery of some principles of truth meet to be knowne of all the saints : represented in ten sections / by T. Collier ; whereunto is added an epistle, written by M. Saltmarsh.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1647] The marrow of Christianity:: or, A spirituall discoverie of some principles of truth, meet to be known of all the saints; represented in ten sections. / By T. Collier, minister of the gospel. Whereunto is added an epistle, written by M. Saltmarsh.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1652] The font-guard routed, or, A brief answer to a book written by Thomas Hall superscribed with this title, The font guarded with 20 arguments therein endeavouring to prove the lawfulness of infant baptism wherein his arguments are examined and being weighed in the ballance of the sanctuary are found too light : the most considerble of Mr. Baxters arguments for infant-baptism being produced by Tho. Hall are here answered likewise / written by Tho. Collier ; to which is added A word of reply to Tho. Halls word to Collier and another to John Feriby's [ap]pendix called The pulpit-guard relieved ; with An answer to Richard Sanders's pretended Balm to heal religious wounds, in answer to The pulpit-guard routed : with an humble representation of some few proposals to the honorable committee appointed by the Parliament for propagation of the Gospel.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [M DC XLVI. 1646] The exhaltation of Christ in the dayes of the Gospel: as the alone high-priest, prophet, and king, of saints. / By Thomas Collier, sometimes teacher to the church in Yorke.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1647] A discovery of the new creation. In a sermon preached at the head-quarters at Putney Sept. 29. 1647. By Thomas Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1659] A discourse of the true gospel blessedness in the New Covenant, or The distinction of the two Covenants, new and old, first and second. With the doing away of the first, and the establishment of the second, and likewise the mediatorship of Christ in the New Covenant, with some principles, duties, promises, and priviledges of the New Covenant. A useful companion for all saints at all times. / Written by Tho. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1659] The decision & clearing of the great point now in controversie about the interest of Christ and the civill magistrate in the rule of government in this world stated according to the word of truth and presented to the Parliament of this Common-wealth and to all other powers in the world where it may come, or to any that desire satisfaction in this matter / written by T. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1678] A confession of faith, published on special occasion wherein is contained the substance of the most material principels of the Gospel and Christian faith, in contradistinction to the errors and heresies by some held and maintained, in opposition thereunto : whereunto is annexed a postscript, with brief animadversions on some things contained in a confession of faith, lately published in the name of the elders and brethren of many congregations in London and the countrey / written by Thomas Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1682] A compendious discourse about some of the greatest matters of Christian faith propounded and explained between a minister and an enquiring Christian ... : and also may serve for an answer to two books, one called The practical discourse of the sovereignty of God, the other called The death of death, by the death of Christ, written by J.O. : whereunto is annexed a very brief appendix / written by T. Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1674] The body of divinity, or, A confession of faith being the substance of Christianity, containing the most material things relating to matters both of faith and practice : published for the benefit and profit of all, especially those who love the Lord Jesus ... / by Thomas Collier.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1674] An additional word to The body of divinity, or Confession of faith; being the substance of Christianity. Added on special occasion, tending further to confirm some truths therein. With a further discourse about the doctrine of election, universal, and special grace, &c. All which were touched in the said Confession of faith, but in this more plainy and fully (though briefly) discoursed and designed for the good of all. Whereunto is annexed a seasonable word of advice, being an essay for peace and union among all the sons and daughters of peace. / Written by Thomas Collier.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1695] The weavers pocket-book, or, Weaving spiritualized in a discourse wherein men employed in that occupation are instructed how to raise heavenly meditations from the several parts of their work : to which also are added some few moral and spiritual observations relating both to that and other trades / by J.C.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1658] Vindiciæ ministerii evangelici revindicatæ: or The preacher (pretendedly) sent, sent back again, to bring a better account who sent him, and learn his errand: by way of reply, to a late book (in the defence of gifted brethrens preaching) published by Mr. John Martin of Edgefield in Norfolk, Mr. Samuel Petto of Sandcroft in Suffolk, Mr. Frederick Woodale of Woodbridge in Suffolk: so far as any thing in their book pretends to answer a book published, 1651. called Vindiciæ ministerii evangelici; with a reply also to the epistle prefixed to the said book, called, The preacher sent. By John Collinges B.D. and pastor of the church in Stephens parish in Norwich.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1681] The vindication of liturgies, lately published by Dr. Falkner, proved no vindication of the lawfulness, usefulness, and antiquity of set-forms of publick ministerial prayer to be generally used by, or imposed on all ministers, and consequently an answer to a book, intituled, A reasonable account why some pious nonconformists judge it sinful, for them to perform their ministerial acts in by the prescribed forms of others : wherein with an answer to what Dr. Falkner hath said in the book aforesaid, the original principles are discovered, from whence the different apprehensions of men in this point arise / by the author of the Reasonable account, and Supplement to it.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1684] Thirteen sermons upon several useful subjects two of them being funeral dicourses, occasioned by the death of the Reverend Mr. Nathaniel Mitchel, Minister of the Gospel ... / by John Collinges ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1646] The spouses hidden glory, and faithfull leaning upon her wellbeloved. Wherein is laid down the soules glory in Christ, and the way by which the soule comes to Christ. Delivered in two lecture sermons in St. Andrewes church in Norwich. / By Iohn Collings Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word in Saviours parish in Norwich.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1649] The spouse raised from under the apple-tree, or, The way by which children of wrath come to be made the children of grace opening the doctrine of our redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ, both in respect to the purchase and application / by John Collings ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1649] The spouses carriage in the wildernesse, in her leaning upon her welbeloved, opening the temper of the beleeving-soule in her severall wildernesses ... in a sermon formerly preacht in Andrewes Parish in Norwich, now reprinted, being corrected by the author / by John Collings ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1678] Several discourses concerning the actual Providence of God. Divided into three parts. The first, treating concerning the notion of it, establshing the doctrine of it, opening the principal acts of it, preservation and government of created beings. With the particular acts, by which it so preserveth and governeth them. The second, concerning the specialities of it, the unseachable things of it, and several observable things in its motions. The third, concerning the dysnoēta, or hard chapters of it, in which an attempt is made to solve several appearances of difficulty in the motions of Providence, and to vindicate the justice, wisdom, and holiness of God, with the reasonableness of his dealing in such motions. / By John Collinges ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1655] Responsoria bipartita, sive vindiciæ suspensionis ecclesiasticæ ut et presbyterii evangelici. A double reply, containing a vindication of the antient practice of the Church (according to the rule of the word) suspending the ignorant and scandalous from the Lords Supper. As also of ecclesiastical presbyteries ... The first in answer to one M. Boatmans challenge of all the ministers on earth to make suspension of any but Turks, Jews, pagans and excommunicate persons from the Lords Supper, appear from Scriptures. In answer to whom the said censure is justified by several arguments from Scripture, and the universal practice of the Church, the magisterial vanity also of his sermon, Decem. 13. and March 28. in Peters Church in Norwich is discovered, ... In which answer also some objections of Erastus, Mr. Prin, and Mr. Humfry, are coilaterally considered, and answered. The second part in answer to Theophilus Brabourn, who hath talked something in a little pamphlet against the Lord Jesus Christ ... / By John Collings, B.D. and pastor of the church of Christ in Stephens parish in Norwich.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1652] Responsoria ad erratica pastoris, sive, vindiciæ vindiciarum. Id est, the Shepherds wandrings discovered, in a revindication of the great ordinance of god: Gospel-preachers, and preaching. By way of reply and answer to a late booke, called, The peoples priviledges, and duty guarded against the pulpit and preachers encroachment. And their sober justification and defence of their free and open exposition of scriptures. Published by William Sheppard, Esq. Wherein Mr Sheppards pretended guard, consisting of ten propositions and ten arguments, is examined, and found to wear nothing by wooden swords. And all his replyes to Mr Tho. Halls arguments, and Mr Collinges arguments in his Vindiciæ ministerii, brought against not ordained persons ordinary preaching, are found but cavils and too light. And the truth still maintained, ... in that, preaching and expounding scripture publiquely, are proper acts to gospel officers; not common to all. Wherein also the great question, how far the spirit of God ... dothïnable them to understand scripture is opened, ... / By John Collings, M.A. and preacher of the Gospel in Norwich.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1654] Provocator provocatus. Or, An answer made to an open challenge made by one M. Boatman in Peters Parish in Norwich, the 13th of December, 1654. in a sermon preached there at a fast, in which answer these questions are spoke to. 1. Whether juridicall suspension of some persons from the Lords Supper be deducible from Scripture; the affirmative is proved. : 2. Whether ministeriall or privative suspension be justifiable; the affirmative also is maintained. : 3. Whether the suspension of the ignorant and scandalous be a pharisaicall invention; a thing which wiser ages never thought of, as Mr Boatman falsly affirmed. In opposition to which is proved, that it hath been the judgment and practice of the eminent saints and servants of Christ, in all ages, of all other reformed churches in all times ... / By John Collings ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1669] Par nobile two treatises, the one concerning the excellent woman, evincing a person fearing the Lord to be the most excellent person, discoursed more privately upon occasion of the death of the Right Honourable the Lady Frances Hobart late of Norwich, from Pro. 31, 29, 30, 31 : the other discovering a fountain of comfort and satisfaction to persons walking with God, yet living and dying without sensible consolations , discovered from Psal. 17, 15 at the funerals of the Right Honourable the Lady Katherine Courten, preached at Blicklin in the county of Norfolk, March 27, 1652 : with the narratives of the holy lives and deaths of those two noble sisters / by J.C.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [Printed in the year, 1669] A modest plea for the Lords Day or rather the summe of the plea made by divines for the Lords Day as the Christian Sabbath, against those who contend for the old Sabbath of the seventh day, in order from the creation / by J.C., D.D.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1649] A lesson of self-deniall, or, The true way to desirable beauty by John Collings ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1681] The improvableness of water-baptism, or, A discourse concerning the gravity and seriousness of the action and the usefulness of the sacred institution of baptism instructing all parents how great a thing they do when they bring their children to that holy ordinance, and all persons, whether young or old, what obligations their baptism hath brought them under, what wrath it hath exposed wicked and impenitent persons to, and what use they may make of their baptism for confirmation of their faith, and quickening them to repentance and an holy life : discoursed from Rom. 6:3,4, by way of sermon / by John Collinges ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1689] The happiness of brethrens dwelling together in unity discoursed upon Psalm 133, vers. 1, on occasion of the late thanksgiving, Feb. 14, 1688/9 / by John Collinges.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1650] Five lessons for a Christian to learne, or, The summe of severall sermons setting out 1. the state of the elect by nature, 2. the way of their restauration and redemption by Jesus Christ, 3. the great duty of the saints, to leane upon Christ by faith in every condition, 4. the saints duty of self-denyall, or the way to desirable beauty, 5. the right way to true peace, discovering where the troubled Christian may find peace, and the nature of true peace / by John Collings ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1649] Faith & experience:, or, A short narration of the holy life and death of Mary Simpson, late of Gregories Parish in the city of Norvvich: who dyed, anno 1647 in or about the thirtieth yeare of her age after 3 yeares sicknesse and upwards. Containing a confession of her faith and relation of her experience, taken from her owne mouth. To which is added a sermon preached at her funerall, upon Rom. 14. 6,7. / by John Collings.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1649] A cordiall for a fainting soule, or, Some essayes for the satisfaction of wounded spirits labouring under severall burthens in which severall cases of conscience most ordinary to Christians, especially in the beginning of their conversion, are resolved : being the summe of fourteen sermons, delivered in so many lectures in a private chappell belonging to Chappell-Field-House in Norwich : with a table annexed, conteining the severall cases of conscience which in the following treatise are spoken to directly or collaterally / preached and now published ... by John Collings.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1680] Defensative armour, against four of Sathan's most fiery darts viz. temptations to atheistical and blasphemous impressions and thoughts, self-murther, despair, and presumption : wherein is discoursed the nature of these temptations, the several tempters to these sins, the arguments ordinarily used by the tempters in the inforcing of them, and some proper advice is offered to those who are exercised with them / by J.C. D.D. ...
Collings, Richard. / [1688/9] Men, women, or children, Feb. 10. 1688. Trusses of all sorts made easie and fit for those that have ruptures or broken bellies, or bearing down in their privy parts, that you may go about your business without pain or trouble, ...
Collings, Richard / [1690] October the 6th. 1690. Ruptures or broken bellies cured in men, women or children; or bearing down in their privy parts: no cure, no money; but trusses of all sorts with springs or scrues, ...
Collinne, William. / [1660] The spirit of the phanatiqves dissected. And the solemne league and covenant solemnly discussed in 30 queries. By William Collinne, gent.
Collins, An, 17th cent. / [1653] Divine songs and meditacions composed by An Collins.
Collins, Greenville, fl. 1679-1693. / [1693] Great Britain's coasting-pilot. The first part being a new and exact survey of the sea-coast of England from the River of Thames to the westward with the islands of Scilly and from thence to Carlile ... with directions for coming into the channel between England and France / by Captain Greenville Collins, hydrographer in ordinary to the King and Queens most excellent Majesties.
Collins, Hercules, d. 1702. / [1696] The marrow of gospel-history, or, A diversion for youth at their spare hours being a poem on the birth, life, death, and resurrection of our most blessed lord and saviour, Jesus Christ : with some thoughts on the apostate angels and fallen man ... / by Hercules Collins ...
Collins, Hercules, d. 1702. / [1684] Counsel for the living, occasioned from the dead, or, A discourse on Job III, 17, 18 arising from the deaths of Mr. Fran. Bampfield and Mr. Zach. Ralphson / by Hercules Collins ...
Collins, Hercules, d. 1702. / [1691] Believers-baptism from heaven, and of divine institution Infants-baptism from earth, and human invention. Proved from the commission of Christ, the great law-giver to the gospel-church. With a brief, yet sufficient answer to Thomas Wall's book, called, Baptism anatomized. Together with a brief answer to a part of Mr. Daniel William's catechism, in his book unto youth. By Hercules Collins, a servant of the servants of Christ.
Collins, Hercules, d. 1702. / [1693] The antidote proved a counterfeit, or, Error detected and believers baptism vindicated containing an answer to a nameless author's book entituled An antidote to prevent the prevalency of anabaptism / by Hercules Collins.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1675] To the reader
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1659] Navigation by the mariners plain scale new plain'd: or, A treatise of geometrical and arithmetical navigation; wherein sayling is performed in all the three kindes by a right line, and a circle divided into equal parts. Containing 1. New ways of keeping of a reckoning, or platting of a traverse, both upon the plain and mercators chart ... 2. New rules for estimating the ships way through currents, and for correcting the dead reckoning. 3. The refutation of divers errors, and of the plain chart, and how to remove the error committed thereby ... as also a table thereof made to every other centesm. 4. A new easie method of calculation for great circle-sayling, with new projections, schemes and charts ... 5. Arithmetical navigation, or navigation performed by the pen, if tables were wanting ... By John Collins of London, Pen-man, accomptant, philomathet.
Collins, Samuel, 1576-1651. / [1607] A sermon preached at Paules-Crosse, vpon the 1. of Nouember, being All-Saints Day, anno 1607. By Sa: Collins, Batchelour in Diuinitie, and fellow of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge
Collins, Samuel, 1619-1670. / [MDCLXXV 1685] A systeme of anatomy, treating of the body of man, beasts, birds, fish, insects, and plants illustrated with many schemes, consisting of variety of elegant figures, drawn from the life, and engraven in seventy four folio copper-plates. And after every part of man's body hath been anatomically described, its diseases, cases, and cures are concisely exhibited. The first volume containing the parts of the lowest apartiments of the body of man and other animals, etc. / by Samuel Collins ...
Colmore, Matthew, 1589 or 90-1626. / [1613] Oratio funebris in obitum clarissimi viri et munificentissimi Collegii Corporis Christi Oxon. benefactoris Georgii Sanctpaul Equitis aurati habita in medijs epulis Decembris 9. 1613. A Matthæo Colmore somatochristiano.
Colom, Jacob Aertsz, 1599-1673. / [Anno 1688] The zea-atlas, or, The water-world shewing all the sea-coasts of y known parts of y earth, with a generall discription of the same. Verie usefull for all masters & mates of shipps, & likwise for merchants newly sett forth.
Colom, Jacob Aertsz, 1599-1673. / [1654] The lighting colomne or sea-mirrour containing the sea-coasts of the northern, eastern and western navigation: setting forth in divers necessarie sea-cards all the ports, rivers, bayes, roads, depths and sands ... With the discoveries of the chief countries, and on what cours and distance they lay one from another ... As also the situation of the northernly countries, as islands, the strate Davids, the isle of Ian-Mayen, Bear-Island, Old-Greenland, Spitsbergen and Nova Zembla ... Gathered out of the experience and practice of divers pilots and lovers of the famous art of navigation. By Jan van Loon. Whereunto is added a brief instruction of the art of navigation, together vvith nevv tables of the suns declination, also an almanack extending untill the yeare 1661.
Colomiès, Paul, 1638-1692. / [1654] Collonel Morgans letter concerning his taking the strong garrison of Kildrummie from the highlanders in Scotland: with his letter and summons sent to Major Drumond, Major Drumonds answer thereunto; and the true copie of the articles concluded on between them: and the names of the hostages delivered for the performance thereof. Also, the highlanders falling down again into the lowlands, threatning fire and sword to all that refuse to joyn with them. And a great fight at Dunkill, the taking of Captain Thomason, and Col: Ramsies lieutenant, and 200 more prisoners, one hundred and fifty horse, and General Glencarns and the Earl of Kenmores ammunition, arms, bagg and baggage. And the blowing up of a strong castle with gunpowder. By J. Hill secretary to Collonel Morgan commander in chief of the English forces in the north of Scotland.
Colomiès, Paul, 1638-1692. / [1650] Collonel Grey's portmanteau opened; his sealed, mis-directed, and returned letter discovered by a copie thereof, found among his other papers. Which is here printed and published with some queries and animadversions thereupon. To deliver, from the dangers of their caballs, such as are not acquainted with Scottish methods and mysteries.
Colsoni, François. / [1699] La clef-dor de la langue Angloise: avec laquelle I. On entre dans les entretiens historiques de la paix et la guerre. en campagne ou la campagne de compiegne II. On ouvre les males des deux couriers des dames de l'Europe, assembleés au conclave de junon sur tous les mariages des princes et princesses des anneés, 1697-8,9. On ya ajouté l'almanach royal, d'Angleterre. Par F. Colsoni auteur du Guide de Londres. Maistre de lang. Ital Franc Esp. & Angl demeurant à present à l'Enseigne de l'Academie Alemande en Suffolk-street.
Colt, Nicholas, d. 1642. / [1617] The seale of the churches safetie; or A sermon preached at Norwich, the fift of Nouember, 1616 Wherein is opened the sealed assurance of the safetie of the Church, in all times, and estates, meete for all Christians to know, and acknowledge, to the glorie of God, and their owne comfort in life and death. By N. Colt, one of the preachers appointed by publike authoritie for the common-place there.
Colvill, William, d. 1675. / [1673] The righteous branch growing out of the root of Jesse and healing the nations held forth in several sermons upon Isai. chap. 11, from vers. 1 to 10 : together with some few sermons relating to all who live under the shadow of the branch / by William Colvill.
Colvill, William, d. 1675. / [M. DC. LV. 1655 i.e. 1654] Refreshing streams flowing from the fulnesse of Jesus Christ. In severall sermons, / by William Colvill sometime preacher at Edenburgh.
Colville of Culross, Elizabeth Colville, Lady. / [Printed in the year 1686] A Godly dream, compyled by Elizabeth Melvil, Lady Culrosse younger. At the request of a friend.
Colville of Culross, Elizabeth Colville, Lady. / [1603] Ane godlie dreame, compylit in Scottish meter be M.M. gentlevvoman in Culros, at the requeist of her freindes.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1684] Short discourses upon the whole common-prayer designed to inform the judgment and excite the devotion of such as daily use the same / Tho. Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1698] The several kinds of inspirations and revelations pretended by the Quakers tried and found destructive to Holy Scripture and true religion in answer to Thomas Ellwood's defence thereof in his tract miscalled Truth prevailing &c.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1690] A scholastical history of the primitive and general use of liturgies in the Christian church together with an answer to Mr. Dav. Clarkson's late discourse concerning liturgies / by Tho. Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1689] Roman forgeries in the councils during the first four centuries together with an appendix concerning the forgeries and errors in the Annals of Baronius / by Thomas Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1677] The right of tythes asserted & proved, from divine institution, primitive practice, voluntary donations, and positive laws with a just vindication of that sacred maintenance from the cavils of Thomas Elwood, in his pretended answer to the friendly conference.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1680] The right of tithes re-asserted wherein the proofs from divine institution, primitive practice, voluntary donation, and positive laws are further strengthened and vindicated, especially from the objections taken out of Mr. Selden's History of tithes / by the author of The right of tithes asserted, &c.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1692/3] The Protestant mask taken off from the Jesuited Englishman being an answer to a book entituled Great Britain's just complaint.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1689] A letter to a bishop concerning the present settlement and the new oaths
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1682] An historical vindication of the divine right of tithes from scripture, reason, and the opinion and practice of Jews, Gentiles, and Christians in all ages : designed to supply the omissions, answer the objections, and rectife the mistakes of Mr. Selden's History of tithes / by Tho. Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1699] A discourse upon the form and manner of making, ordaining, and consecrating bishops, priests, and deacons, according to the order of the Church of England by Thomas Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1696] A discourse on the offices for the Vth of November, XXXth of January, and XXIXth of May by Thomas Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1684] A discourse concerning excommunication. By THomas Comber DD. Precentor of York.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1612] A companion to the temple and closet, or, A help to publick and private devotion in an essay upon the daily offices of the church.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1675] A companion to the altar, or, An help to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper by discourses and meditations upon the whole communion office to which is added an essay upon the offices of baptism and confirmation / by Tho. Comber ...
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1678] Christianity no enthusiasm, or, The several kinds of inspirations and revelations pretended to by the Quakers tried and found destructive to Holy Scripture and true religion : in answer to Thomas Ellwood's defence thereof, in his tract, miscalled Truth prevailing, &c.
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1651] A patterne of universall knowledge, in a plaine and true draught or a diatyposis, or model of the eminently learned, and pious promoter of science in generall, Mr. John Amos Comenius. Shadowing forth the largenesse, dimension, and use of the intended worke, in an ichnographicall and orthographicall delineation. Translated into English, by Jeremy Collier, Mr. of Arts, late fellow of St. Johns Colledge in Cambridge.
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [MDCL. 1650] The history of the Bohemian persecution, from the begining of their conversion to Christianity in the year 894. to the year 1632. Ferdinand the 2. of Austria. Reigning. In which the unheard of secrets of policy, consells, arts, and dreadfull judgements are exhibited.
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1661] An exhortation of the churches of Bohemia to the Church of England wherein is set forth the good of unity, order, discipline, and obedience in churches rightly now, or to be constituted : with a description premised of the order and discipline used in the churches of the Brethren of Bohemia / by J. Amos Commenius.
Comley, William. / [May 1622] A new booke vvherein is contained copies of the secretarie and romane hands: with an alphabet of capitall antique letters: published for the instruction of the vnskilfull. / By William Comley of Henley.
Commander in the army. / [May 23. 1645] A narration of the expedition to Taunton; the raising the siege before it, and the condition of our forces, and the enemies, at this present in the west. / Sent from a commander in the army, and dated at Chard, May 18. 1645. Published by authoritie.
Commission for the Review and Alteration of the Book of Common Prayer. / [printed anno Domini, 1661] To the Kings most excellent Majesty. The due account, and humble petition of the ministers of the Gospel, lately commissioned for the review & alteration of the liturgy
Commissioners of Lieutenancy for the city of London. / [1690] An exact and faithful list of those worthy gentlemen & citizens His Majesty has been pleased to commissionate anew for the honourable lieutenancy of the city of London which is just past the seals.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [printed 1644] Orders to be observed in the marching, imbattelling, fighting, and dismarching of the citie-forces. May 23. 1644.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [October 18. 1643] A declaration of the Committee for the Militia: concerning the penalties that are to be inflicted upon those of the trained-bands that exempt themselves in this present expedition. Together with a declaration of the Commons assembled in Parliament, for the raising of money, plate, and horse, to be imployed for the aid and assistance of the Lord Fairfax. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that this be forthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [1661] The cities remonstrance and addresse to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty
Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland. / [1645] The state of the Irish affairs, for the honourable members of the Houses of Parliament; as they lye represented before them, from the Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland, sitting at Grocers-Hall for that service.
Committee of Kent Concerning Tithes. / [Printed in the yeere 1646] The petition of the Committee of Kent concerning tithes: presented to the Honourable House of Commons. With the Speakers returne thereto.
Company of Adventurers for the Plantation of the Islands of Eleutheria. / [1647] Articles and orders, made and agreed upon the 9th day of July, 1747 and in the three and twentieth year of the raign of our soveraign Lord Charles, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. / by the Company of Adventurers for the Plantation of the Islands of Eleutheria, formerly called Buhama in America, and the adjacent islands to be observed and by all and singular adventurers, to planters and dwellers upon, and all resiants [sic] at the same islands.
Company of Distillers of London. / [MDCXXXIX. 1639] The distiller of London. Compiled and set forth by the speciall licence and command of the Kings most excellent Majesty: for the sole use of the Company of Distillers of London. And by them to bee duly observed and practized.
Company of Free-Fishermen of the River of Thames. / [1693] The case of the masters, wardens, assistants, and commonalty of the art or mystery of Fishermen of the River of Thames truly stated, and humbly offered to the consideration of the Honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled.
Company of Glass Sellers (London, England) / [1695] Reasons humbly offered by the Corporation and Company of Glass-sellers of London, against passing the bill for laying duties on glass, &c.
Company of Glass Sellers (London, England) / [1695?] Reasons humbly offered by the Company of Glass and Earthen Ware Sellers, in answer to the pot-makers printed reasons for their bill now depending in this honourable House.
Company of Glass Sellers (London, England) / [1697?] The case of the Company of Glass-sellers in London, and all others selling glasses or earthen wares, in any city, burrough, town-corporate, or market-town in England and Wales, in relation to the bill for suppressing of hawkers, pedlers, &c. Humbly offered to the consideration of both the honourable Houses of Parliament.
Company of Merchant Adventurers of England. / [1680] The freeman's oath of the Hamborough-company.
Company of Merchant Adventurers of England. / [1627] The course of the tare of cloth in Holland
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Edinburgh, 2 June 1696. Received then of Robert Scott of Edington ...
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1698] To His Grace His Majesties High Commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament. The humble petition of the Council-General of the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] To His Grace His Majesty's High Commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament. The humble representation and petition of the Council-General of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] Supplement of original papers and letters relating to the Scots company Trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] Scotland's right to Caledonia (formerly called Darien), and the legality of its settlement asserted in three several memorials presented to His Majesty in May 1699 / by the Lord President of the Session, and Lord Advocate on behalf of the Company of Scotland, Trading to Africa and the Indies.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] The representation of the council-general of the Indian and African Company to the Parliament
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] A list of the subscribers to the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies: Taken in Edinburgh &c. until the 21 of April inclusive 1696.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] A perfect list of the several persons residenters in Scotland, who have subscribed as adventurers in the joynt-stock of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies together with the respective sums which they have severally subscribed in the books of the said company, amounting in the whole to the sum of 400000 lib. sterling.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1699] An express from the African and Indian Scots Company's fleet, landed in New-Edinburgh in Caledonia.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] A Full and exact collection of all the considerable addresses, memorials, petitions, answers, proclamations, declarations, letters, and other public papers relating to the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies since the passing of the act of Parliament, by which the said company was established in June 1695, till November 1700 : together with a short preface (including the act itself) as also a table of whole contents.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Edinburgh the 12 of May 1696. at a general meeting of the company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies The Viscount of Tarbat chosen præses.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1699] The council-general of the Indian and African Company's petition to His Majesty.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [ca. 1695] Copy of an act presented to the Parliament by the merchants
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Constitutions of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1699] Caledonia. The declaration of the council constituted by the Indian and African Company of Scotland; for the government and direction of their colonies, and settlements in the Indies.
Company of the Royal Fishery of England. / [1695] A discourse concerning the fishery within the British seas and other His Majesties dominions and more especially as it relates to the trade of the Company of the royal fishery of England, offered to consideration in order to subscriptions for raising a stock, for carrying on the affairs thereof upon the terms proposed.
Company of the Royal Fishery of England. / [1681?] By the Company of the Royal Fishery of England:
Company of Tin Plate Workers (London, England) / [1690] An advertisement from the Company of Tinn-plate-workers of London; concerning the erecting of lamp lights.
Company of White Paper Makers (London, England) / [1690] Objections against the paper-bill answered
Company of White Paper Makers (London, England) / [1689?] The case of the Company of White-Paper-Makers humbly presented to the consideration of this present Parliament.
Complin, Nicholas. / [1663?] The faithfulnesse of the upright made manifest being a testimony concerning the life, death, and sufferings of a pretious servant of the Lords called Humphrey Smith, who died a prisoner for witnessing unto the living truth in Winchester common goal, on the 4th day in the 3 month in the year 1663.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1692] The Bishop of London's eighth letter to his clergy upon a conference how they ought to behave themselves under the Toleration.
Comyns, John, b. 1587 or 8. / [1617] The thankefull Samaritane In a sermon at S. Peters in Exeter, the sixth of August, Anno 1617. Being the day of the deliuerance of that citie from the rebels, in the dayes of King Edward the Sixth. At which time the Assises was also there holden. By Iohn Comyns Master of Arts of Exeter Colledge in Oxford, and minister of Gods word at Crediton in Devon.
Con, Alexander. / [Printed in the year, 1686] An answer, to a little book call'd Protestancy to be embrac'd or, A new and infallible method to reduce Romanists from popery to Protestancy
Conant, John, 1608-1693. / [1699] Sermons preach'd on several occasions. Vol. II by John Conant ... ; published by the Right Reverend John Lord Bishop of Chicester.
Conant, John, 1608-1693. / [1693] Sermons preach'd on several occasions by John Conant.
Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569. / [1562.] A declaration of the Prince of Conde and his associates to the Queene, vppon the iudgement of rebellion, set forth against the[m] by their enemies, terming the[m] selues to be the court of parlamente of Parys, with a protestation of the evils and inconueniences which may thereof ensue..
Confederate Catholics. / [1648] By the Generall Assembly of the Confederate Catholiqves of Ireland whereas divers ill affected to the government of this kingdom ...
Confederate Catholics. / [M. DC. XLIV. 1644] The propositions of the Roman Catholicks of Ireland as also the answer of the agents for the Protestants of Ireland made to the said propositions, and their petitions and propositions to His Majesty, and His Majesties answer to the propositions of the said Roman Catholicks, and the answer of James, Marquesse of Ormond, His Majesties Commissioner for the treatie and concluding of a peace in the kingdome of Ireland, to the said propositions.
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [1647] The propositions sent by the Irish Parliament held at Kilkenny, to the commissioners at Dublin. / Signed by Lodwick O Bourk Speaker of the House of Parliament at Kilkenny.
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [1648] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireland the deepe sense which wee haue of the sadd condition ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [26 Ian. 1643] Admonitions by the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireand [sic] to all His Majesties faithfull loyall subjects of the three Kingdomes of England, Ireland, and Scotland against a Solemn League and Covenant framed by the malignant partie in the Parliament of England : as also against a declaration of the English Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament.
Conformable clergy-man. / [1681] Some additional remarks on the late book of the Reverend Dean of St. Pauls by a conformable clergy-man.
Congregation of the Oratory. Santa Maria in Vallicella (Church : Rome, Italy) / [1687] The institutions of the Congregation of the Oratory, at St. Maries in Vallicella, within the city of Rome. Founded by St. Philip Nerius
Congregational Churches in England. / [1688] A declaration of the faith and order owned and practised in the Congregational Churches in England; agreed upon and consented unto by their elders and messengers. Licensed and entred according to order.
Congregational Churches in New England. Cambridge Synod. / [1653] A platform of church-discipline: Gathered out of the Word of God, and agreed upon by the elders and messengers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge in Nevv-England: to be presented to the churches and General Court for their consideration and acceptance in the Lord.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1700] A soider [sic] and a sailor sung by Mr. Doggett at the theatre.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1695] The mourning muse of Alexis a pastoral : lamenting the death of our late gracious Queen Mary of ever blessed memory / by Mr. Congreve.
Coningsby, Thomas, 1591-1654. / [printed in the yeare. 1647] 26. of August, 1647. To all the vvorld to view,: and to all men of common sencc [sic] Christianity or humanity, to judge of Thomas Coningsby of Northmynis in the county of Hartford Esquire, now prisoner in the Tower of London. And of continuance under slavish and most inhumaine gaole tyrannie over his person, the space of foure yeares, eight months, and most illegall proceeding and oppressive, violence and villanies, (by indirect carriage) to his totall ruine, presents both the one and other to judge of and shewes.
Connant, M. (Malachi), d. 1680. / [1669] Urim and thummim, or, The clergies dignity and duty recommended in a visitation sermon preached at Lewes April 27, 1669 / by Malachi Conant ...
Conningsby, Thomas, 1591-1654. / [1648] The many sufferings of an undone gentleman and his family here truly remonstrated to publick commiseration.
Connor, Bernard, 1666?-1698. / [1696] A letter to his worthy friend, D.B.M. from Dr. Connor, member of the College of Physicians and Royal Society
Conset, John, d. 1673. / [1660] The rod of recompence, or, The hand of justice in the punishment of the enemies of church & state by Gods providence and justice brought about after they had by the space of eighteen years afflicted and tormented both / written by John Conset.
Constant, Léonard, d. 1610. / [1587] A Christian and wholesom admonition directed to the Frenchmen, which are reuolted from true religion, and haue polluted themselues with the superstition and idolatrie of poperie.
Constantine, Henry. / [1683] A sermon preached at the assises held at York, July the 23d. 1683. Not long after the discovery of the late horrid conspiracy against his Majesties person and government. / By Henry Constantine, M.A.
Constantine, William, Sir, 1611 or 12-1670. / [1642] The interest of England how it consists in vnity of the Protestant religion. With expedients moderate and effectuall to establish it by the extirpation of the papacy. By a member of the House of Commons.
Contarini, Gasparo, 1483-1542. / [1599] The commonvvealth and gouernment of Venice. VVritten by the Cardinall Gasper Contareno, and translated out of Italian into English, by Lewes Lewkenor Esquire. VVith sundry other collections, annexed by the translator for the more cleere and exact satisfaction of the reader. With a short chronicle in the end, of the liues and raignes of the Venetian dukes, from the very beginninges of their citie.
Conti, Louise-Marguerite de Lorraine, princesse de, 1574-1631. / [1689] Intrigues of love: or, The amours and gallantries of the French court, during the reign of that amorous and warlike prince Henry IV. (Surnamed the Great.) Being a true and pleasant history. Newly made English from the French, By Sir Edwine Sadleyr Baronet:
Contzen, Adam, 1571-1635. / [1653] The plots of Jesuites:: (viz. of Robert Parsons an English-man, Adam Contzen a Moguntine, Tho. Campanella a Spaniard, &c.) how to bring England to the Romane religion without tumult. Translated out of the original copies.
Conway, John, Sir, d. 1603. / [An. 1611] The poesie of floured prayers Containing sundrie meditations and prayers gathered out of the sacred letters and vertuous writers: disposed in forme of the alphabet, of the most vertuous Lady, the Lady Elizabeths name. Set forth by Sir Iohn Convvay.
Conway, John, Sir, d. 1603. / [1571] Meditations and praiers gathered out of the sacred letters and vertuous writers disposed in fourme of the alphabet of the Queene Her most excellent Maiesties name : whereunto are added comfortable consolations (drawen out of the Latin) to afflicted mindes.
Cony, Thomas. / [1680] A true copy of a popish vvill made in the xixth. year of King Henry the Eighth, &c.: The original whereof, with the probate, may be seen at the sign of the Bull in the Mint, Southwark, in the custody of Mr. Merrial; and published onely to set forth the ignorance of the papists.
Conyers, James. / [1635] Christs love, and saints sacrifice Preached in a sermon at St. Pauls Crosse, on the 23. of August, 1635. By Iames Conyers, Mr. of Arts of Sydney-Sussex in Cambridge, and minister of Stratford-Bow, in Middlesex.
Conyers, Tobias, 1628-1687. / [1660] A pattern of mercy. Opened in a sermon at St. Pauls, before the Right Honorable, the Lord Mayor, and the Lord General Monck: February 12. 1659. / By Tobias Conyers, minister at St. Ethelberts, London.
Cook, Aurelian. / [1685] Titus Britannicus an essay of history royal, in the life & reign of His late Sacred Majesty, Charles II, of ever blessed and immortal memory / by Aurelian Cook, Gent.
Cook, Edward. / [1670] Some considerations proposed to all you that sing Davids sundry experiences, confessions, complaints, exhortations, prophecies, praises &c., in rhyme and meeter by Edward Cook.
Cook, Henry, 1642-1700. / [1669?] A catalogue of the library of Mr. Henry Cook, painter, deceased which will be sold by auction at his late dwelling house in Bloomsbury-Square, near King-Street in Bloomsbury, on Monday, the 30th instant, at three afternoon / by John Bullord.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1647] What the Independents would have, or, A character, declaring some of their tenents, and their desires to disabuse those who speak ill of that they know not. / Written by John Cook of Grays Inne Barrister.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1652] The vindication of the law: so far forth as scripture and right reason may be judge, and speedy justice (which exalts a nation) may be advanced. VVherein is declared what manner of persons Christian magistrates, judges, and lawyers ought to be. / By Iohn Cooke of Graies Inne, now chief justice of the province of Munster, 1652.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1648] Unum necessarium: or, The poore mans case: being an expedient to make provision of all poore people in the Kingdome. Humbly presented to the higher powers : begging some angelicall ordinance, for the speedy abating of the prises of corne, without which, the ruine of many thousands (in humane judgment) is inevitable. In all humility propounding, that the readiest way is a suppression or regulation of innes and ale-houses, where halfe the barley is wasted in excesse : proving them by law to be all in a præmunire, and the grand concernment, that none which have been notoriously disaffected, and enemies to common honesty and civility, should sell any wine, strong ale, or beere, but others to be licensed by a committee in every county, upon recommendation of the minister, and such of the inhabitants in every parish, where need requires, that have been faithfull to the publike. Wherein there is a hue-and-cry against drunkards, as the most dangerous antinomians : and against ingrossers, to make a dearth, and cruell misers, which are the caterpillars and bane of this kingdome. / By John Cooke, of Graies Inne, barrester.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1652?] A true relation of Mr. Iustice Cook's passage by sea from Wexford to Kinsaile and of the great storm and eminent danger that he with others were in, with the wonderful appearance of the power & goodness of God in their deliverance according as it was revealed to him in a dream : as also M. Deedate with other witnesses (in Genevah) opinion concerning dreams occasioned by a remarkeable profettick dream of a Protestant marques daughter in Poland / all faithfully communicated as received from his own hand in the year 1650.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1650] A true relation of Mr. Iohn Cook's passage by sea from Wexford to Kinsale in that great storm Ianuary 5. Wherein is related the strangeness of the storm, and the frame of his spirit in it. Also the vision that he saw in his sleep, and how it was revealed that he should be preserved, which came to pass very miraculously. Likewise a relation of a dream of a Protestant lady in Poland, which is in part come to pass, the remainder being to begin this year 1650. / All written by himself.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1647] Redintegratio amoris, or A union of hearts, between the Kings most excellent Majesty, the Right Honorable the Lords and Commons in Parliament, His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the Army under his command; the Assembly, and every honest man that desires a sound and durable peace, accompanied with speedy justice and piety. By way of respective apologies, so far as Scripture and reason may be judges. / By John Cook of Grayes-Inne, Barrester.
Cook, William, Minister of the gospel at Ashby-Delazouch. / [1651] The font uncover'd for infant-baptisme, or, An answer to the challenges of the Anabaptists of Stafford, never yet reply'd unto, though long since promised wherein the baptisme of all church-members infants is by plain Scripture-proof maintained to be the will of Jesus Christ, and many points about churches and their constitutions are occasionally handled / by William Cook, late minister of the Gospel at Ashby-Delazouch.
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1675] A present for a papist, or, The life and death of Pope Joan plainly proving out of the printed copies and manuscripts of popish writers and others, that a woman called Joan was really Pope of Rome, and was there deliver'd of a bastard son in the open street, as she went in solemn procession / by a lover of truth, denying human infallibility.
Cooke, Edward, d. 1684. / [MDCXC. 1690] Certain passages which happened at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, Novemb. 29. 1648. relating to King Charles I. Written by Mr. Edward Cooke, of Highnam in Gloucestershire, sometime colonel of a regiment under Oliver Cromwell
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631. / [1626] The character of vvarre, or The image of martiall discipline contayning many vsefull directions for musters & armes, and the very first principles in discipline, the ground postures, all the military motions now vsed ... By Edvvard Cooke.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631. / [1631] Bartas Iunior: or, The worlds epitome; man Set forth in his 1. generation, 2. degeneration, 3. regeneration.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. / [1658] A short accovnt of the vniust proceedings of the Court of Kingstone upon Thames in a tryal between Richard Mayo, priest and E. Burrough, the 31 of the fifth moneth, 1658.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. / [1658] A second account in short, of the substance of the proceeding in the court of Kingstone upon Thames, upon the matter between R. Mayo the priest, plaintiffe, and E. Burrough defendant, the 25. of the seventh moneth 1658.
Cooke, Edward, of the Middle Temple. / [1689] A seasonable treatise wherein is proved that King William (commonly call'd the Conqueror) did not get the imperial crown of England by the sword, but by the election and consent of the people to whom he swore to observe the original contract between king and people.
Cooke, Elizabeth. / [1690] The mournful widow, or, A full and true relation of the aparition [sic] in Baldwins Garden being an account of the walking-spirit of Mr. Thomas Cooke, sometime stone-cutter in Baldwin's Gardens, deceased. As it was taken from the widow of the said Mr. Cooke; and several other persons (some of which were divines of the Church of England) that were eye and ear-witnesses of the prodigious appearances, and actions of the deceased Mr. Cook. Published at the request of some relations, and particular friends; to prevent, if possible, the false reports, that have been, or may be industriously spread by ignorant or prejudiced persons.
Cooke, Frances, fl. 1649. / [1650] Mris. Cooke's Meditations, being an humble thanksgiving to her Heavenly Father,: for granting her a new life, having conclnded [sic] her selfe dead, and her grave made in the bottome of the sea, in that great storme. Jan. the 5th. 1649. / Composed by her selfe at her unexpected safe arrivall at Corcke.
Cooke, James, 1614-1694. / [1655] Supplementum chirurgiæ or The supplement to the marrow of chyrurgerie. Wherein is contained fevers, simple and componnd [sic], pestilential, and not, rickets, small pox and measles, with their definitions, causes, signes, prognosticks, and cures, both general, and particular. As also the military chest, containing all necessary medicaments, fit for sea, or land-service, whether simples, or compounds, such as purge, and those that do not; with their several vertues, doses, note of goodness, &c as also instruments. Amongst which are many approved receipts for several diseases. / By James Cooke, practitioner in physick, and chirurgery.
Cooke, James, 1614-1694. / [1648] Mellificium chirurgie, or, The marrow of many good authours wherein is briefly handled the art of chyrurgery in its foure parts, with all the severall diseases unto them belonging, their definitions, causes, signes, prognosticks, and cures, both generall and particular : as also an appendix wherein is methodically set down the cure of th[o]se affects usually happening at sea and in campe, with others necessary to be known, and lastly an addition of severall magistrall receipts approved and heretofore kept secret / gathered first for private use and now put forth for publique benefit by James Cooke.
Cooke, Jo., fl. 1614. / [1604?] Epigrames Serued out in 52. seuerall dishes for euery man to tast without surfeting. By I.C. Gent.
Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724? / [1689] An exhortation to firmness and constancy in true religion in a sermon preached at St. Mary Islington, Feb. 2, 1689/90 / by Shadrach Cooke ...
Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724? / [1693] [Newgate,] Octob. 30. 1693. Whereas it was witnessed against Shadrach Cooke on Tuesday the 17th. of this present month, at the Old Bailey, that he did forge a pasport to France in my Lord Nottingham's name ...:
Cooke, William. / [1644] A learned and full ansvver to a treatise intituled; The vanity of childish baptisme. Wherein the severall arguments brought to overthrow the lawfulnesse of infants baptisme, together with the answers to those arguments maintaining its lawfulnesse, are duly examined. As also the question concerning the necessitie of dipping in baptisme is fully discussed: by William Cooke Minister of the Word of God at Wroxall in Warwickwshire. Printed and entred according to order.
Cooke, William. / [ca. 1625] The cheating age, or, Leonard of Lincolnes iourney to London to buy wit to a pleasant new tune / by William Cooke.
Cooke, William, 17th cent. / [1644] The true character of a noble gennerall:: seen and allowed of by His Excellencie, the Earl of Essex. Written in prose and verse.
Cooke, William, Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester. / [1675] The case of Mr. William Cooke, &c.
Coole, Benjamin, d. 1717. / [1699] Religion and reason united. By A lover of his country.
Cooper, Andrew, fl. 1660. / [1660] Stratologia, or, The history of the English civil vvarrs in English verse : containing a brief account of all fights, most skirmishes, stratagems and sieges in England, from the very first originall of our late warres, till the martyrdome of King Charles the First of blessed memory / by an eye-witnesse of many of them, A.C.
Cooper, Andrew, fl. 1660. / [1642] A speedy post with more news from Hull, York, and Beverley. Truly relating how Sir John Hotham sent five hundred men out of Hull, under the command of Sir Iohn Meldron to a towne called Anlaby, two miles from Hull, where some of the Kings forces lay. Also of his taking the magazine there, his fiering of it, and by killing of some sentinells, all the regement ranne away except some 15. which was taken prisoners and brought into Hull. With divers other occurrences from Yorke and severall places adioyning, since the 25. of Iuly to the first of August. 1642.
Cooper, Joseph, 1635-1699. / [1700] Misthoskopia, A prospect of heavenly glory for the comfort of Sion's mourners by Joseph Cooper ...
Cooper, Thomas, Esquire. / [1660] Vox & votum populi Anglicani: Shewing how deeply the nation resents the thought of capitulating, now, with his Majestie, and holding him, (as we say) at armes-end, if they could. In a letter to the Right Honorable the Earle of Manchester, Speaker of the House of Lords, pro tempore. By T.C. Esquire.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1622] The vvonderfull mysterie of spirituall growth Describing the necessitie, nature, manner, measure, and markes thereof. As also, laying downe necessarie rules for the wise discerning of the same. And resoluing many speciall cases of conscience incident hereunto, tending to the comfort of distressed spirits, and so to the attaining of perfect holinesse. Diuided into two bookes.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1615] A familiar treatise laying downe cases of conscience, furthering to perseuerance in sanctification. By Thomas Cooper, preacher of Gods word.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1619] The sacred mysterie of the gouernment of the thoughts discouering their nature and differences, and together, resoluing such speciall doubts, which are incident hereunto. Very necessary for the tryall and safe keping of the heart. And also, for the well ordering and comfort of a Christian life.
Cooper, William, minister at St. Olave's Southwark. / [1649] Higayon selah. Ierusalem fatall to her assailants. Discovered in a sermon before the Honorable House of commons August 29. 1649. At Margarets Westminster, upon their solemne day of thanksgiving for that signall victory over the Lord Ormond, in routing his whole army, and raising the seige of Dublin in Ireland, by the garrison thereof under the command of lieutenant Generall Jones. / By William Cooper M.A. minister of the gospel at Olaves Southwark.
Cooper, William, minister at St. Olave's Southwark. / [printed in the year 1677] The good man perished from the earth. Being a sermon preached upon the death of that eminent and faithful servant of Christ Mr. Christr. Fowler formerly of Reading, and lastly of London minister. By William Cooper M.A. and minister of the gospel.
Coote, Chidly. / [1644] Irelands lamentation for the late destructive cessation, or, A trap to catch Protestants.: Written by Lieutenant Colonell Chidly Coote. Published according to order.
Cope, Anthony, Sir, d. 1551. / [Anno. M.d.xlvii. 1547] A godly meditacion vpon. xx. select and chosen Psalmes of the prophet Dauid as wel necessary to al them that are desirous to haue ye darke wordes of the prophet declared and made playn: as also fruitfull to suche as delyte in the contemplatio[n] of the spiritual meanyng of them. Compiled and set furth by Sir Anthony Cope knight.
Cope, John, of Gray's Inn. / [1629] A religious inquisition: or, A short scrutinie after religion Wherein the large cope of true religion is narrowly inquired. By Iohn Cope, of Grayes-Inne, Esquire.
Cope, Michael, fl. 1557-1564. / [1580] A godly and learned exposition vppon the Prouerbes of Solomon: written in French by Maister Michael Cope, minister of the woorde of God, at Geneua: and translated into English, by M.O.
Coperario, John, 1570 (ca.)-1626. / [1606] Funeral teares For the death of the Right Honorable the Earle of Deuonshire. Figured in seauen songes, whereof sixe are so set forth that the wordes may be exprest by a treble voice alone to the lute and base viole, or else that the meane part may bee added, if any shall affect more fulnesse of parts. The seauenth is made in forme of a dialogue, and can not be sung without two voyces. Inuented by Iohn Coprario.
Copinger, John, b. 1571 or 2. / [1606] Mnemosynum or Memoriall to the afflicted Catholickes in Irelande Comprehended in 2. boockes. in the one ther is a consolation for the sorovvfull, in the other a resolution for the doubtfull. composed by Iohn Copinger priest, bacheler of diuinitie, vvith an epistle of S. Cyprian vvritten vnto the Thibaritans, faythfullie translated by the said authour.
Copland, Robert, fl. 1508-1547. / [1518?] Here begynneth the Complaynte of them that ben to late maryed
Copleston, John. / [M DC LXI 1661] Moses next to God, and Aaron next to Moses subordinate and subservient opened in a sermon preached at St. Peters in Exon on Wednesday the 29th of May 1661, being the solemn and anniversary thanksgiving for the double birth of our most gracious sovereign, K. Charles the II / by John Copleston ...
Copley, Anthony, 1567-1607? / [1601] An ansvvere to a letter of a Iesuited gentleman, by his cosin, Maister A.C. Concerning the appeale; state, Iesuits
Copley, Anthony, 1567-1607? / [1596] A fig for fortune. A.C.
Copley, John, 1577-1662. / [1612] Doctrinall and morall observations concerning religion vvherein the author declareth the reasons of his late vn-enforced departure from the Church of Rome, and of his incorporation to the present Church of England : teaching, maintaining and defending the true Christian Catholike and apostolike faith, professed by the ancient primitiue church, most conspicuous in the outward vertues and constant sufferings of many holy bishops and other good Christians, glorious in the crowne of martyrdome / by Iohn Copley ...
Copley, Joseph. / [1656] The case of the Jews is altered, and their synagogue shut to all evil-walkers, or, A vindication of the Jewes from the false imputations laid upon them in a scurrilous pamphlet intituled, The case of the Jews stated, or, The Jews synagogue opened. / by Joseph Copley ...
Copley, Lionel, 1648-1693. / [1644] To the honourable House of Commons in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of commisary Lyonell Copley.
Coppe, Abiezer, 1619-1672. / [1651] A remonstrance of the sincere and zealous protestation of Abiezer Coppe, against the blasphemous and execrable opinions recited in the act of Aug. 10. 1650. The breach whereof, the author hath (through mistake) been mis-suspected of, when he hath not been in the least guilty thereof, &c. Or, innocence (clouded with the name of transgression) wrapt up in silence; but now (a little) peeping forth from under the thick and black clouds of obloquie, arising out of the sea of malice in some, and out of weakness, ignorance, and mistake in others; who are by the author much pitied, and dearly beloved. And for their sakes primely, as also for the satisfaction of many, and information of all, this ensuing remonstrance, vindication, and attestation is published, per me, Abiezer Coppe,-de Newgate. Which is as a preamble to a farther future declaration of what he hath been, and now is; who hath been so cloathed with a cloud, that few have known him.
Coppe, Abiezer, 1619-1672. / [1651] Copp's return to the wayes of truth: in a zealous and sincere protestation against severall errors; and in a sincere and zealous testimony to severall truths: or, Truth asserted against, and triumphing over error; and the wings of the fiery flying roll clipt, &c. / By Abiezer Coppe, the (supposed) author of the Fiery flying roll. Herein is also something hinted concerning the author, in reference to the sinfulness and strictness of his life. With a little t'uch of what he hath been, and now is; sparkling here and there throughout these lines, and in the preface. Also a letter of Mr Durie's, with several proposals of great concernment, hereunto since annexed: and by the aforesaid author (A.C.) faithfully, & fully answered, &c.
Coppin, Richard, fl. 1646-1659. / [1655] Truths testimony and a testimony of truths appearing in power, life, light & glory, creating, manifesting, increasing, and vindicating itself in the midst of persecution : wherein is discovered what truth is, and also a lye, who knows it and lives in it : with the authors call and conversion to the truth, his practice in it, his publishing of it, and his several tryals for the same ... : together with the particular accusations brought against him in each tryal and his answers to the same, and also the courts proceedings both by judges and juries : with an humble appeal to His Highness, Oliver, Lord Protector, as a general redress for all people / by Richard Coppin.
Coppin, Richard, fl. 1646-1659. / [1653] Saul smitten for not smiting Amalek according to the severity of the command: and the residue of the spoil sentenced to death, which Saul preserved and spared alive, (to wit) man, woman, infant, suckling, oxe, sheep, camel and ass. Being an allegorical allusion to the present passages of the times, delivered in a sermon at Somerset-House, May 1. upon the dissolution of the late Parliament. Also, a great and notable blow is given at the serpent, the ruine of the whore and her familie determined; wherein is discovered what she was, and is, and the several husbands that have married her, deceased from her, and been decieved by her; also the several children which by her have been brought forth and nursed up, with a dissolution of all unjust government, laws rules and worships exercised over mens lives, liberties and estates, and the restoring of all just government, the peoples rights and priviledges by the Lord Jesus, into its perfect state. As apprehended by Richard Coppin.
Coppin, Richard, fl. 1646-1659. / [1657] Crux Christi, and iudgement executed, or, Divine wisdom crucifying the humane, carnal, devillish, malicious, mad, raging wisdom of the world by His righteous judgements, drawing nearer to its full and perfect manifestation : them shall Josephs and Daniels afflictions end and their imprisonments be no more heard of ... / written and experienced by Richard Coppin.
Copping, Jeremiah. / [1687] A catalogue of the libraries of Mr. Jer. Copping, late of Sion Colledge, Gent., and Anscel Beaumont, late of the Middle Temple, Esq. with others containing large collection and great variety of English books in divinity, history, law, physick, travels, romances, poetry, &c. : as also French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch books, which are to be exposed to sale by way of auction at Jonathan's Coffee-House in Exchange-Alley in Cornhil, London on Monday the 21st day of March, 1686/7 ...
Corbet, Jeffrey. / [Feb. 20. 1655] The lawyers looking-glass: or, A cleer discovery of the dangerous snares, wherewith the practicers of law endeavour to entangle Your Highness, and to make you the patron of their injustice, and oppression, and so to lead you as the blinde ship-money judges led the late blinde king into a ditch; which God forbid. Together with some seasonable preparatives to remedy this great evill: for the glory of God, Your Highnesses honour, and the peace and welfare of these nations: and, all Gods people both ministers of the gospel, and members of the army, and others: specially in and about the cities of London, and Westminster, are earnestly desired (as they will answer it at the great day of account) to speak words in season, and otherwise use their best endeavours to strengthen the hands of Your Highness and councel in carrying on the work of the Lord against the mighty.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1646] A vindication of the magistrates and ministers of the city of Gloucester,: from the calumnies of Mr. Robert Bacon, in his printed relation of his usage there, which he intitles, The spirit of prelacy yet working, or truth from under a cloud. Together with ten questions discussed, which tend to the discovery of close antinomianisme. / By John Corbet minister, and chaplain to Major generall Massie. Published by authority.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1660] The second part of the interest of England, in the matter of religion, unfolded in a deliberative discourse, proving that it is not agreeable to sound reason to prefer the contracted and dividing interest of one party, before the general interest of Protestantism, and of the whole kingdom of England, in which the Episcopal and Presbyterian parties may be happily united. /
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1684] The remains of the reverend and learned Mr. John Corbet, late of Chichester printed from his own manuscripts.
Corbet, Roger. / [1647] The treatie between the commissioners from the Lord Mayor, and Common councell of the city of London, and Sir Thomos [sic] Fairfax and the army at St. Albanes. With their message from the army to the Common-Councell, in answer to their letter. With the demands of the army.
Corbet, Roger. / [May 21. 1647] Papers of the desires of the souldiers of the army, dated June 9. at the generall randezvouzes at New-market. Also some passages concerning the King, and His Majesties resolution, and of the proceedings of those who attend His Majesty, by order of both Houses of Parliament.
Corbet, Roger. / [May 21. 1647] A letter from His Majetties [sic] court at Holmbie. With advertisement of propositions from the King to the Parliament; in answer to the propositions for peace. With His Majesties consent to have the Presbyterian government setled for three yeares. And other particulars concerning the Queenes letter to His Majestie.
Corbet, Roger. / [June 19. 1647] Articles of impeachment, agreed upon by the army under command of His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, sent to the Honourable House of Commons, together with their charge, and signed John Rushworth, Secretary; against Sir Iohn Clotworthy. Sir Wil. Waller. Sir Philip Stapleton. Sir Iohn Maynard. [brace] Sir William Lewis. Maj. Gen. Massie. Col. Hollis Esq. Mr. Glyn. [brace] Mr. Nichols. Mr. VValter Long. Colonell Harlow. Members of the House of Commons. Together with the gallant answer of the said members, to their impeachment.
Corbin, William. / [1695] Eucharistia, or, A grateful acknowledgement of God's goodness in preserving our most gracious King William and for the success of his arms this last summer : deliver'd in a sermon to a country-auditory on the 22d of September 1695, being the day appointed by authority for a public thanksgiving / by William Corbin.
Corbyn, Samuel. / [1672] An awakening call from the eternal God to the unconverted More advice to them that are under convictions; and some scruples of the tempted resolved. By Samuel Corbyn. M.A.
Corbyn, Samuel. / [1669] Advice to sinners under convictions, to prevent their miscarrying in conversion.: By Samuel Corbyn ...
Cordemoy, Géraud de, d. 1684. / [1668] A philosophicall discourse concerning speech, conformable to the Cartesian principles Englished out of French.
Corderoy, Jeremy, b. 1562 or 3. / [1604] A short dialogue, wherein is proved, that no man can be saved without good vvorkes
Corderoy, Jeremy, b. 1562 or 3. / [1608] A warning for worldlings, or, A comfort to the godly, and a terror to the wicked set forth dialogue wise, betweene a scholler and a trauailer / by Ieremie Corderoy, student in Oxford.
Cordiall Wel-Willer to the Peace of This Famous City. / [1646] A new petition: earnestly entreating subscription of hands to back the late city remonstrance. Unto which is annexed a usefull dialogue, betwixt a church-warden and a parishioner, declaring the danger of the said new petition. Serving as a Christian caveat to the wise-hearted, to take heed of having their feet taken in the snare thereof. / By a cordiall wel-willer to the peace of this famous city. Licensed and entred according to order.
Cordiall well-wisher to that unity and peace which are no conspiratours against the truth. / [1662] A door opening into Christian religion, or, A brief account by way of question and answer of some of the principal heads of the great mystery of Christian religion wherein is shewed by the way that the great doctrines here asserted are no wayes repugnant, but sweetly consonant unto the light of nature and principles of sound reason / by a cordiall well-wisher to that unity and peace which are no conspiratours against the truth.
Corker, James Maurus, 1636-1715. / [printed in the year 1680] Roman-Catholick principles, in reference to God and the King: explained in a letter to a friend, and now made publick, to shew the connexion between the said principles, and the late Popish Plot. By a well-wisher of his countrey.
Corker, Samuel, 1645 or 6-1713. / [1695] The great necessity of preparation for death and judgment a sermon preached in the parochial chappel of Macclesfield, in the county palatine of Chester, at the funeral of Mr. John Corker, als Cor Cor, of Hurdesfield, on the eleventh day of November, 1693, and since revised and enlarg'd at the request of the relations of the deceased / by Samuel Corker, als Cor Cor ...
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1685] The mistaken beauty, or, The lyar a comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants at the Royal Theatre.
Corneille, Thomas, 1625-1709. / [not before 1650?] Sermon en proverbes. Tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'enfin elle se casse. / Ces paroles sont tirées de Thomas Corneille, Moliére et Compagnie: Sganarelle à Dom-Juan, acte V scene 3.
Cornet, John. / [1571] An admonition to Doctor Story beeing condemned of high treason sent to him before his death, but because it came to late to his hands: it is now put in print th[at it ma]y be a warning to all other papists where by they may repent and c[...]r mercy, cleue to his holy woord and liue ac[cording ...] doctrine of the same.
Cornish, Henry, d. 1685. / [1685] The tryals of Henry Cornish, Esq for conspiring the death of the King, and raising rebellion in this kingdom : and John Fernley, William Ring, and Elizabeth Gaunt for harbouring and maintaining rebels, at the Sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, London and County of Middlesex, on Monday, Octob. 19, 1685.
Cornubiensis, Johannes. / [1654] The grand catastrophe, or The change of government: being a vvord about the last turn of these times written in a letter to a friend, as an essay, either to give, or to receive satisfaction in the dispute of the last change. By one who takes leave to stile himself Johannes Cornubiensis.
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1616] Essayes or rather, Encomions prayses of sadnesse: and of the emperour Iulian the Apostata. By Sir William Cornewallis, the younger knight.
Cornwell, Francis. / [Printed An. 1644] The vindication of the royall commission of King Jesus. Mat. 28. 18.19.20. compared with Mark. 16. 15.16. Against the antichristian faction of Pope Innocensius the third, and all his favourits; that enacted by a decree, that the baptisme of the infants of beleevers, should succeed circumsion. Deret. Gre. l. 3. which doth vniversally oppose the commission, granted by King Jesus, Mat. 28.19. Goe teach and baptise &c. by giving authority to all his preists, that receive ordination from him, to goe, and first baptise the infants of beleevers borne within the parish, and then teach them. Written (by Francis Cornewell Mr. of Arts, and sometimes student of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge)...
Cornwell, Francis. / [1646] Two queries worthy of serious consideration, concerning the gospel faith of the lord Jesus the Christ once given unto the saints, Matth. 16. 16. I Ioh. 5.1.
Cornwell, Francis. / [1645] Gospel-repentance floweth from faith, and attendeth a iustified person all his dayes. Whereunto is added, the difference between the lavv and the Gospel. Written by Francis Cornwell, a minister and servant of Iesus, the Christ, for the benefit of poor distressed consciences in city, countrey, and campe.
Coronelli, Vincenzo, 1650-1718. / [1696] The royal almanack containing a succinct account of the most memorable actions of K. William III : with the year and day of the month when they happened / composed by P. Vincent Coronelli, cosmographer to the most serene republick of Venice, and presented to his Majesty by himself.
Coronelli, Vincenzo, 1650-1718. / [1687] An historical and geographical account of the Morea, Negropont, and the maritime places, as far as Thessalonica illustrated with 42 maps of the countries, plains, and draughts of the cities, towns and fortifications / written in Italian by P.M. Coronelli .... ; Englished by R. W., Gent.
Corporation of London. / [1613] Where, in all well-gouerned kingdomes ... care hath euer beene duly had and taken ... that breade, meats and drinkes ... to be solde ... should bee good ...
Corporation of London. / [1667] Rules and directions prescribed and made for the pitching and levelling the streets and lanes of the city of London, and liberties, for the more easie and convenient current and conveyance away of the waters thereof concluded and agreed on by the commissioners and surveyors hereunto authorized and appointed ...
Corporation of London. / [1655] Ordered, that such of the rules and by-laws made by this court in pursuance of the late Ordinance for Regulation of Hackney Coachmen, and approved by His Highness the Lord Protector and Councel ...
Corporation of London. / [1680] The royal charter of confirmation granted by King Charles II to the city of London wherein are recited verbatim, all the charters to the said city, granted by His Majesties royal predecessors, kings and queens of England / taken out of the records, and exactly translated into English by S.G. gent ; together with an index or alphabetical table, and a table explaining all the obsolete and difficult words in the said charter.
Corporation of London. / [1580] The decree for tithes, to be payed in London. Anno MD.LXXX.
Corporation of London. / [1597] The decree for tythes, to bee payde in London. Anno M.D.LXXX.
Corporation of London. / [1663] Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guild-hall civitas London, vicesimo tertio die Maii, anno Domini Christi 1663 ... an Act of Common-Council for the Translation of all Persons that Keep Inns, Osteries [sic], or Livery-Stables within this City and Liberties, into the Company of Innholders.
Corporation of London. / [1695] Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' civitat' London, die Veneris vicesimo primo die Junii, anno regni Domini Willielmi Tertii ... an Act of Common Council for Setling the Methods of Calling, Adjourning and Dissolving the Common-Halls, upon the Several Elections of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Chamberlain, and other Officers usually there Chosen.
Corporation of London. / [1694] Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' civitat' London, die Veneris decimo nono die Octobr', anno regni Domini & Dominæ nostrorum, Willielmi & Mariæ ... an Act of Common Council for regulating the Company of Joyners and Ceilers, London.
Corporation of London. / [1700] Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald civitat' London' die Veneris septimo die Junij anno Dom' 1700 ... it is ordered, that the act of Common Council made in the mayoralty of Sir Robert Ducy Knight and Baronet, relating to the choice, election and confirmation of sheriffs for this city and county of Middlesex ...
Corporation of London. / [1694] Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' civitat' London, die Martis undecimo die Septembris, anno regni Domini & Dominæ nostrorum, Willielmi & Mariæ ... an Act of Common Council for Regulating the Company of Masons, London.
Corporation of London. / [1689] The Articles of the charge of the Wardmote inquest
Corporation of London. / [1687] By the maior to the aldermen of the ward of [blank] : whereas divers good laws have formerly been made, and are still in force against several wicked and disorderly practices ...
Corporation of London. / [1694] Com' Concil' tent' in Cam'a Gui'hald civit' London' die Veneris decimo quinto die Junij 1694 ... this day the following act past into an act of this court.
Corporation of London. / [M.DC.LXXVI. 1676] An Act for Preventing and Suppressing of Fires within the City of London, and Liberties Thereof
Corporation of London (England) / [1682] Advertisement. Proposalls made and approved by the City of London, for a yearly increase of wealth, by subscriptions, to advance money at interest for lives, of whatsoever age or sex under ten several ranks or classses, which subscriptions will produce great advantage to the survivours, as is particularly instanced in the schemes and paragraphs following, (Viz.)
Corporation of London (England). Court of Common Council. / [1606] By the Mayor. An act of Common Councell, prohibiting all strangers borne, and forrainers, to vse any trades, or keepe any maner of shops in any sort within this citty, liberties and freedome thereof.
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1669?] By the mayor. To the aldermen of the [blank] ward we charge and command you, that upon Saint Thomas day the Apostle next coming, you do hold your wardmote, and that you have afore us at our general court of aldermen to be holden [blank] the Monday next after the Feast of Epiphany next coming, ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1654] By the Mayor, to the Alderman of the Ward of [blank] whereas divers good laws and ordinances have been made for the due observation of the Lord's Day : and divers penalties thereby imposed both upon the ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1654] By the Mayor, to the Alderman of the Ward of [blank] whereas by an ordinance entitled, an ordinance for the better amending and keeping in repaire the common high-wayes within this nation ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1654] By the Mayor, to the Alderman of the Ward of [blank] whereas according to the directions of a late ordinance made amongst other things, for reforming the great defects in streets and pavements, scavengers have been lately chosen within the several parishes of your ward and accordingly sworn to execute that office ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1662] By the Mayor, to the Alderman of the Ward of [blank] : whereas by a late Act of Parliament, for repairing the high-waies and sewers and for paving and keeping clean of the streets in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, &c. (amongst other things) enacted and commanded ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [1661] By the Mayor whereas by an ancient law and statute of this realm, it is provided, that no fairs or markets be kept in church yards, nevertheless in the late times of disorder, rebellion, and confusion, the church yard belonging to the Cathedral of Saint Paul London ...
Corporation of London (England). Lord Mayor. / [MDCLXXI. 1671] By the Maior. The right honourable the Lord Maior, minding and intending, by Gods help and the concurrent endeavours of his brethren the aldermen, to discover, punish, and suppress to the uttermost of his power, as the proper work and most incumbent duty of his office, those manifold corruptions, ...
Corporation of London. Committee for the Militia. / [1642] Orders conceived and approved by the Committee for the Militia of the county of Middlesex without the lines of communication, directing the severall commanders and officers, &c. in some particulars of consequence, for the better regulating of the regiments to be exercised and trained for service and defence of the said county, &c.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1674] Proposals for subscriptions of money, &c. the ensuing proposals having the 19th of May last been reported to the Right Honorable Sir William Hooker, Lord Major ... of London, the aldermen and commons of the same city in Common Council assembled ... they have thought fit to order the same to be printed and published in their names ...
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1595] Retailing brokers. Commune concilium tentum in camera Guihalde Ciuitatis Londini, nono die Aprilis, anno regni dominæ nostræ Elizabethæ, Dei gratia Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Reginæ, fidei defensoris &c. Tricesimo septimo. Coram Iohanne Spencer, Maiore Ciuitatis Londini, & Aldermannis eiusdem Ciuitatis, ac maiore parte Communiariorum Ciuitatis pr[æ]dictæ de Communi Concilio eiusdem Ciuitatis existentium.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1662] The petition of the Lord Major, aldermen and common council-men of the city of London in Common Council assembled to the Parliament for the reducing of all foreign trade under government : as also the petition, together with the proposals of several merchants of London ... humbly tendered to the grand committee of Parliament for trade ; containing the desired manner and method for such regulation.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1580] Orders taken & enacted, for orphans and their portions. Anno M D. LXXX.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1681] Moore Mayor. At a common council holden in the chamber of the Guild-Hall of the City of London, on Wednesday the 16th day of November, 1681. and in the three and thirtieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second, by the grace of God of England, &c. Before the Right Honourable Sir John Moore Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir John Frederick, Sir John Lawrence, Sir James Edwards, Sir Patience Ward, Sir Henry Tulse, Sir WIlliam Pritchard, Sir James Smith, Sir Robert Geffery, Sir John Shorter, Sir John Peake, Sir Thomas Beckford, Sir Jonathan Raymond, Knights, aldermen; and Thomas Pilkington Esquire, alderman, and one of the sheriffs of the same City, and also the commons of the said City, being then and there in common council assembled. Upon reading of proposals this day presented by the Committee of this Court for Insuring of Houses in Cases of Fire, the tenor whereof follows,
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [MDCXC 1690] The humble petition of the members of the Common-Council of the city of London
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1680] The humble petition of the right honourable the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London, in common-council assembled on the thirteenth of January, 1680 to the King's most Excellent Majesty, for the sitting of this present Parliment prorogu'd to the twentieth instant : together with the resolutions, orders, and debates of the said court.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1642] The humble petition of the major, aldermen, and commons of the Citie of London to His Majestie with His Majesties gracious answer thereunto.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1697] A copy of an award referring to the publick markets of the city of London
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1683] The humble petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the city of London in Common Council assembled as it was presented to His Majesty in council at Windsor, upon Monday the 18th of June, 1683 : together with the Lord Keeper's speech.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1660] A Common-Councell holden the first day of May 1660 ordered by this court that the Kings Majesties letter and declaration directed to this court, & now read, be forthwith printed & published, [countersigned] Sadler.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1643] An act of Common-covncel for the well-ordering and establishing of the watches within this city and payment of the beadles salary
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] The address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the city of London, to the honourable, the House of Commons, the 13th day of March, 1688 together with the answer of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esquire, speaker to the House of Commons, thereunto.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [Anno Dom. M. DC. LXXVIII. 1678] An Act of Common-Council for the regulation of Blackwell-Hall, Leaden-Hall, and the Welch-Hall: and for prevention of foreign buying and selling.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1683] An act of Common Council for the better regulation of hackney-coaches
Corporation of London. Lord Mayor. / [1679] By the Major the Right Honourable the Lord Major having taken into his serious consideration the many dreadful afflictions, which this city hath of late years suffered ...
Corporation of Moniers in the Mint (London, England) / [1653] The ansvver of the Corporation of Moniers in the mint, at the Tower of London, to two false and scandalous libells printed at London, and lately come forth without date.: The first intituled, The humble representation of Peter Blondeau, as a warning touching severall disorders hapning by money ill-favouredly coyned, and the only means to prevent them. The second intituled, A most humble memorandum from Peter Blondeau. Which not only intends maliciously to sandall [sic] us the Corporation of Moniers, of the Common-wealth of England : but also most falsly to imprint in the hearts and mindes of all people in Christendome, and more especially the good people under the obedience of the Parliament of England; that ... the moneys of the of this Common-Wealth ... are not justly made ... Set forth to undeceive all the good people that have seen or read the said Peter Blondeau's false and scandalous libells.
Corporation of the Great Level of the Fens. / [1666] Laws, ordinances and decrees made upon Friday the twentieth day of July, 1666, and in the eighteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord, Charles the Second ... by the right Honourable John, Lord Berkley, Richard, Lord Gorges, Thomas Chicheley, and Robert Hampson, Esq., four of the bailiffs of the Corporation of the Great Level of the Fens; John Russel, Esq., Sir Charles Harbord Kt., William Denton, Doctor in Physick, William Crane, Roger Jenyns, and John Bradborn, esquires, six of the conservators of the said corporation.
Corporation of the Mine Adventurers of England. / [1700] A list of all the adventurers in the mine-adventure. May the first, 1700 Note, those marked *** are qualified by their shares to be elected of the select committee. And those marked ** are qualified to vote in a general meeting: and no person has more than one vote.
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [An. 1575] A theological dialogue Wherin the Epistle of S. Paul the Apostle to the Romanes is expounded. Gathered and set together out of the readings of Antonie Corranus of Siuille, professor of Diuinitie.
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [Anno 1577] A supplication exhibited to the most mightie Prince Philip king of Spain &c. VVherin is contained the summe of our Christian religion, for theprofession whereof the Protestants in the lowe Countries of Flaunders, &c. doe suffer persecution, vvyth the meanes to acquiet and appease the troubles in those partes. There is annexed An epistle written to the ministers of Antwerpe, which are called of the confession of Auspurge, concerning the Supper of our sauiour Iesus Christ. VVritten in French and Latine, by Anthonie Corronus of Siuill, professor of Diuinitie.
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [1590] The Spanish grammer vvith certeine rules teaching both the Spanish and French tongues. By which they that haue some knowledge in the French tongue, may the easier attaine to the Spanish; and the likewise they that haue the Spanish, with more facilitie learne the French: and they that are acquainted with neither of them, learne either or both. Made in Spanish, by M. Anthonie de Corro. With a dictionarie adioyned vnto it, of all the Spanish wordes cited in this booke: and other more wordes most necessarie for all such as desire the knowledge of the same tongue. By Iohn Thorius, graduate in Oxenford.
Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. / [Anno. 1569] An epistle or godlie admonition, of a learned minister of the Gospel of our sauiour Christ sent to the pastoures of the Flemish Church in Antwerp, (who name themselues of the Confession of Auspurge,) exhorting them to concord with the other ministers of the Gospell. Translated out of French by Geffray Fenton. Here may the christian reader lerne to know what is the true participatio[n] of the body of Christ, & what is the lauful vse of the holy Supper.
Corss, James. / [1662] Ouranoskopia, or, The contemplation of the heavens, in a perpetual speculum, or general prognostication for ever wherein is succinctly demonstrated the names and natures of the signs, planets and aspects, terms of art, order of the spheres, the colours, magnitudes, motions, solid proportions and distances of the seven planets from the earth ... / by Iames Corss ...
Cortano, Ludovico. / [1620] Good newes for Christendome Sent to a Venetian in Ligorne, from a merchant in Alexandria. Discouering a wonderfull and strange apparition, visibly seene for many dayes togither in Arabia, ouer the place, where the supposed tombe of Mahomet (the Turkish prophet) is inclosed: by which the learned Arabians prognosticate the reducing & calling of the great Turke to Christianitie. With many other notable accidents: but the most remarkable is the miraculous rayning of bloud about Rome. Done out of the Italian.
Corvinus, Antonius, 1501-1553. / [Anno Domini M.D.L. 1550] A postill or collection of moste godly doctrine vpon every gospell through the yeare aswell for holye dayes as Sondayes, dygested in suche order, as they bee appoynted and set forthe in the booke of Common Prayer. Uery profitable for all curates, parentes, maysters of housholdes, and other gouerners of youth.
Cory, Thomas, d. 1656. / [MDCLXXII 1672] The course and practise of the Court of Common-pleas at Westminster heretofore written by Thomas Cory, Esq., late chief prothonotary thereof ; and now continued, and fitted to the practise used at this day, with additions by W.B., a clerk of the same court.
Cosin, John, 1594-1672. / [1679] The history of popish transubstantiation to which is premised and opposed the catholic doctrin of Holy Scripture, the antient fathers and the reformed churches about the sacred elements, and presence of Christ in the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist / written in Latine by John, late Lord Bishop of Durham, and allowed by him to be published a little before his death at the earnest request of his friends.
Cosin, John, 1594-1672. / [1700] Bishop Cozens's argument, proving, that adultery works a dissolution of the marriage. Being the substance of several of Bishop Cozens his speeches in the House of Lords, upon the debate of Lord Ross's case. Taken from original papers writ in the Bishop's own hand.
Cosin, John, 1594-1672. / [1660?] An answer to certain printed reasons for knights and burgesses in the County Palatine of Durham.
Cosin, Richard, 1549?-1597. / [Anno Domini. 1592] Conspiracie, for pretended reformation viz. presbyteriall discipline. A treatise discouering the late designments and courses held for aduancement thereof, by William Hacket yeoman, Edmund Coppinger, and Henry Arthington Gent. out of others depositions and their owne letters, writings & confessions vpon examination: together with some part of the life and conditions, and two inditements, arraignment, and execution of the sayd Hacket: also an answere to the calumniations of such as affirme they were mad men: and a resemblance of this action vnto the like, happened heretofore in Germanie. Vltimo Septembris. 1591. Published now by authoritie.
Cosin, Richard, 1549?-1597. / [1584] An ansvver to the two fyrst and principall treatises of a certaine factious libell, put foorth latelie, without name of author or printer, and without approbation by authoritie, vnder the title of An abstract of certeine acts of Parlement: of certaine hir Maiesties iniuctions: of certaine canons, &c. Published by authoritie.
Coster, Franciscus, 1532-1619. / [1616] Meditations of the whole historie of the Passion of Christ. Written by the Reuerend Father, F. Franciscus Costerus, Doctor of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. Translated out of Latine into English by R.W. Esquire
Coster, Robert. / [1649] A mite cast into the common treasury: or queries propounded (for all men to consider of) by him who desireth to advance the work of publick community. Robert Coster.
Coster, Robert. / [Printed in the year, 1650] The Diggers mirth: or, certain verses composed and fitted to tunes, for the delight and recreation of all those who dig, or own that work, in the Commonwealth of England. Wherein is shewed how the kingly power doth still reign in severall sorts of men. With a hint of that freedom which shall come, when the father shall reign alone in his Son. Set forth by those who were the original of that so righteous a work, and continue still successful therein at Cobham in Surrey.
Cotes, William, b. ca. 1560. / [1585] [A dialogue of diuerse quections [sic] demanded of the children to their father very necessary, and profitable both for children, and parents, masters and seruants.]
Cotgrave, John, fl. 1655. / [1660] The muses mistresse, or, A store-house of rich fancies by J.C. ; written at succidanious hours during the action at Newark ; with other high rapsodies, extracted from the choicest wits of our age.
Coton, Pierre, 1564-1626. / [1618] The interiour occupation of the soule Treating of the important businesse of our saluation with God, and his saints, by way of prayer. Composed in French for the exercise of that court, by the R. Father, Pater Cotton of the Societie of Iesus, and translated into English by C.A. for the benefit of all our nation. Whereunto is prefixed a preface by the translator, in defence of the prayers of this booke, to the saints in heauen.
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [Anno Dom. 1623] Cotta contra Antonium: or An Ant-Antony: or An Ant-apology manifesting Doctor Antony his apologie for aurum potabile, in true and equall ballance of right reason, to be false and counterfait. By Iohn Cotta Doctor in Physicke.
Cottesford, Thomas. / [1589] Tvvo very Godly and comfortable letters, written ouer into England The one to a Godly and zealous Lady: wherin the Annabaptists errour is confuted and the sinne against the Holye Ghoste plainly declared. The other an answer to a Godly merchants letter: written for his comfort, being greeued with the heauye burden of sinne wherin is declared the true confession of sinne: Written by T.C.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1684] The scoffer scoffed the second part. Being certain select dialogues of a merry wagg of antiquity. Newly put into English fustian, for the consolation of those that had rather laugh and be merry, then be merry and wise.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1665] Scarronnides, or, Virgile travestie a mock-poem, in imitation of the fourth book of Virgils Æneis in English, burlesque.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1687] Instructions how to play at billiards, trucks, bowls, and chess. Together with all manner of games either on cards, or dice. To which is added the arts and mysteries of riding, racing, archery, and cock-fighting.
Cotton, Clement. / [1629] None but Christ, none but Christ Intimating, that in Him, who is the Lord of Lords, and Prince onely, is to be found, the full and absolute cure of mans misery.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1641] The way of life, or, Gods vvay and course, in bringing the soule into, keeping it in, and carrying it on, in the wayes of life and peace laid downe in foure severall treatises on foure texts of Scripture, viz. the pouring out of the spirit, on Zach. 12. 10, 11, &c., sins deadly wound, on Acts 2. 37., the Christians charge, on Prov. 4. 23., the life of faith, on Gal. 2. 19, 20 / by ... John Cotton.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1648] The way of Congregational churches cleared in two treatises. In the former, from the historical aspersions of Mr. Robert Baylie, in his book, called, A disswasive from the errors of the time. In the latter, from some contradictions of Vindicæ Clavium : and from, some mis-constructions of learned Mr. Rutherford in his book intituled The due right of presbyteries. / By Mr. John Cotton, sometime preacher at Boston in Lincoln-shire, and now teacher of the Church at Boston, in New-England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1645] The vvay of the churches of Christ in New-England, or, The vvay of churches walking in brotherly equalitie, or co-ordination, without subjection of one church to another measured and examined bythe golden reed of the sanctuary, containing a full declaration of the church-way in all particulars / by Mr. J. Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1642] The true constitution of a particular visible church, proved by Scripture.: Wherein is briefly demonstrated by questions and answers what officers, worship, and government Christ hath ordained in his church. / By that reverend and learned divine, Mr. Iohn Cotton, B.D. and pastor of Boston in New England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1659] A treatise of the covenant of grace, as it is dispensed to the elect seed, effectually unto salvation. Being the substance of divers sermons preached upon Act. 7. 8. / by that eminently holy and judicious man of God, Mr. John Cotton, teacher of the church at Boston in N.E.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [printed in the year, 1660] Some treasure fetched out of rubbish: or, Three short but seasonable treatises: (found in an heap of scattered papers), which Providence hath reserved for their service who desire to be instructed, from the Word of God, concerning the imposition and use of significant ceremonies in the worship of God. viz. I. A discourse upon 1 Cor. 14.40. Let all things be done decently and in order. Tending to search out the truth in this question, viz. Whether it be lawful for church-governours to command indifferent decent things in the administration of God's worship? II. An enquiry, whether the church may not, in the celebration of the Sacrament, use other rites significative than those expressed in the Scripture, or add to them of her own authority? III. Three arguments, syllogistically propounded and prosecuted against the surplice: the Cross in Baptism: and kneeling in the act of receiving the Lord's Supper.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1657] Spirituall milk for Boston babes in either England.: Drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments, for their soules nourishment: but may be of like use for any children. / By John Cotton, B.D. and teacher to the church of Boston in New-England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1644] Sixteene questions of seriovs and necessary consequence, propounded unto Mr. John Cotton of Boston in New=England,: together with his answers to each question. Printed according to order.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1644] Sixteene questions of seriovs and necessary consequence, propounded unto Mr. John Cotton of Boston in New England together with his answer to each question.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1658] A practicall commentary, or an exposition with observations, reasons, and vses upon the first Epistle generall of John by ... John Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1647] Severall questions of serious and necessary consequence,: propounded by the teaching elders, unto M. Iohn Cotton of Boston in New-England. With his respective answer to each question.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1642] The powring out of the seven vials: or An exposition, of the 16. chapter of the Revelation, with an application of it to our times. Wherein is revealed Gods powring out the full vials of his fierce wrath. 1. Upon the lowest and basest sort of Catholicks. 2. Their worship and religion. 3. Their priests and ministers. 4. The house of Austria, and the Popes supremacy. 5. Episcopall government. 6. Their Euphrates, or the streame of their supportments. 7. Their grosse ignorance, and blind superstitions. Very fit and necessary for this present age. Preached iu [sic] sundry sermons at Boston in New-England: by the learned and reverend Iohn Cotton BB. of Divinity, and teacher to the church there
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1654] The new covenant, or, A treatise unfolding the order and manner of the giving and receiving of the covenant of grace to the elect as also, shewing the difference between the legallist and the true Christian : being the substance of sundry sermons / preached by Mr. Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1642?] A modest and cleer ansvver to Mr. Ball's discourse of set formes of prayer. Written by the reverend and learned John Cotton, B.D. and teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston in New-England. Published for the benefit of those who desire satisfaction in that point
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1691] Nashauanittue meninnunk wutch Mukkiesog, wussesemumun wutch sogkodtunganash Naneeswe Testamentsash wutch ukkesitchippooonganoo ukketeahogkounooh. Nogon'ac wussukháumun ut Engllishm'anne unnun-toowaonganit, nashpe ne 'anue, wunnergen'uc nohtrompeantog. Noh asoow'esit John Cotton. Kah yeuyeu qoshkinn'umun en Indianæ unnontoo-waonganit wutch oonenchikqun'aout Indianae Mukkiesog, nashpe Grindal Rawson. Wunnaunchemook'ae nohtompeantog ut kenugke Indianog.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1646] Milk for babes. Drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments.: Chiefly, for the spirituall nourishment of Boston babes in either England: but may be of like use for any children. By John Cotton, B.D. and teacher to the church of Boston in New-England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1643] A letter of Mr. John Cottons, teacher of the Church in Boston in New-England, to Mr. Williams, a preacher there wherein is shewed that those ought to be received into the Church who are Godly, though they doe not see nor expressely bewaile all the pollutions in church-fellowship, ministery, worship, government.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1644] The keyes of the kingdom of heaven and power thereof according to the word of God / by Mr. Iohn Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1647 i.e. 1646] The grounds and ends of the baptisme of the children of the faithfull. Opened in a familiar discourse by way of a dialogue, or brotherly conference. / By the learned and faithfull minister of Christ, John Cotton, teacher of the Church of Boston in New-England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1630] Gods promise to his plantation· as it was delivered in a sermon, by Iohn Cotton, B.D. and preacher of Gods word in Boston.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1642] The doctrine of the church, to which is committed the keyes of the kingdome of Heaven. Wherein is demonstrated by way of question and answer, what a visible church is, according to the order of the Gospel: and what officers, members, worship and government, Christ hath ordayned in the New Testament. / by ... John Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1644] The doctrine of the church to which is committed the keys of the kingdome of heaven wherein is demonstrated by way of question and answer what a visible church is, according to the order of the Gospel, and what officers, members, worship, and government Christ hath ordained in the New Testament / by that Reverend and learned Divine Mr. Jo. Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1655] The covenant of grace discovering the great work of a sinners reconciliation to God / by John Cotton ... ; whereunto are added Certain queries tending to accommodadation [sic] between the Presbyterian and Congregationall churches ; also a discussion of the civill magistrates power in matters of religion ; by the same author.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1645] The covenant of Gods free grace most sweetly unfolded and comfortably applied to a disquieted soul from that text of 2 Sam. 23. Ver. 5. : also a doctrinall conclusion that there is in all such who are effectually called, in-dwelling spirituall gifs [sic] and graces wrought and created in them by the Holy Ghost / by that reverend and faithful minister of Gods word, Mr. John Cotton, Teacher of the Church at Boston in New-England ; whereunto is added, A profession of faith, made by the reverend divine, Mr. John Davenport, in New-England, at his admission into one of the Churches there.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1646] The controversie concerning liberty of conscience in matters of religion,: truly stated, and distinctly and plainly handled, by Mr. John Cotton of Boston in New-England. By way of answer to some arguments to the contrary sent unto him, vvherein you have, against all cavils of turbulent spirits, clearly manifested, wherein liberty of conscience in matters of religion ought to be permitted, and in what cases it ought not, by the said Mr. Cotton.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1654] Certain queries tending to accommodation and communion of Presbyterian & Congregationall churches by Mr John Cotton ... ; published by a friend to whom the author himselfe sent them over not long before his death.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [MDCLI. 1651] Christ the fountaine of life: or, Sundry choyce sermons on part of the fift chapter of the first Epistle of St. John. Preached by that learned judicious divine, and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Cotton B.D. now preacher at Boston in New-England. Published according to Order.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1654] A briefe exposition with practicall observations upon the whole book of Ecclesiastes by that late pious and worthy divine, Mr. John Cotton ... ; published by Anthony Tuckney ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1647] The bloudy tenent, washed, and made white in the bloud of the Lambe: being discussed and discharged of bloud-guiltinesse by just defence. Wherein the great questions of this present time are handled, viz. how farre liberty of conscience ought to be given to those that truly feare God? And how farre restrained to turbulent and pestilent persons, that not onely raze the foundation of godlinesse, but disturb the civill peace where they live? Also how farre the magistrate may proceed in the duties of the first table? And that all magistrates ought to study the word and will of God, that they may frame their government according to it. Discussed. As they are alledged from divers Scriptures, out of the Old and New Testament. Wherein also the practise of princes is debated, together with the judgement of ancient and late writers of most precious esteeme. Whereunto is added a reply to Mr. Williams answer, to Mr. Cottons letter. / By John Cotton Batchelor in Divinity, and teacher of the church of Christ at Boston in New England.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1641] An abstract or the lawes of New England as they are novv established
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1655] An abstract of laws and government wherein as in a mirrour may be seen the wisdome & perfection of the government of Christs kingdome accomodable to any state or form of government in the world that is not antichristian or tyrannicall / collected and digested ... by John Cotton ... ; and now published after his death by William Aspinall.
Cotton, John, 1658-1710. / [1699] A meet help, or, A wedding sermon preached at New-Castle in New-England, June 19th 1694, at the marriage of Mr. John Clark, and Mrs. Elizabeth Woodbridge / by Mr. John Cotton.
Cotton, Priscilla. / [1655] To the priests and people of England, we discharge our consicences, and give them warning.
Cotton, Priscilla, Mrs. / [1659] A briefe description by way of supposition holding forth to the Parliament and such as have but common reason, wherein a true Common-Wealth consisteth as also the grand enemies of this Common-Wealth plainly discovered.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1642] The troublesome life and raigne of King Henry the Third.: Wherein five distempers and maladies are set forth. Viz. 1. By the Pope and church-mens extortions. 2. By the places of best trust bestowed upon unworthy members. 3. By patents and monopolies for private favourites. 4. By needlesse expences and pawning of jewels. 5. By factious Lords and ambitious peeres. Sutable to these unhappie times of ours; and continued with them till the King tied his actions to the rules of his great and good councell, and not to passionate and single advice.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [Anno. Dom. 1641] A treatise against recusants, in defence of the oath of alegeance. With executions of consideration, for repressing the encrease of Papists. / By Sir Robert Cotton, knight.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1643] The danger vvherein the kingdome of England now standeth; and the remedy for the present safety thereof.: With the proposations drawne for sure defense of the same, and the annoying of all the wicked adversaries. Worthy to be read of all them that wish well to the prosperity of all true hearted English-men. But more specially for all merchants and sea-men whatsoever.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [Novemb. 24. 1642] A briefe abstract of the question of precedency, betweene England and Spain Occasioned by Sir Henry Nevil Knight, the Queen of Englands embassadour, and the embassadour of Spain at Callys, before commissioners appointed by the French King: who had moved a treaty of peace in the two and fortieth yeare of the reigne of the same Queen, by Robert Cotton Esquire, at the commandement of the Queens Majesty.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [anno 1655] An answer made by Sr. Robert Cotton, at the command of Prince Henry, to certain propositions of warre and peace, delivered to his Highnesse by some of his military servants: Whereunto is adjoyned The French charity; or an essay written in French by an English gentleman, upon occasion of Prince Harcourt's coming into England; and translated into English by F.S.J.E.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1679] The antiquity and dignity of parliaments written by Sir Robert Cotton.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1642] An abstract ovt of the records of the tovver, touching the Kings revenue, and how they have supported themselves by Sir Robert Cotton ...
Cotton, W. / [1648] A new catechisme: drawn out of the breasts of the Old and New Testament, for the soules nourishment, concerning the blessed sacrament of the Lords Supper, and the visible signe in baptisme. Wherein is set forth, the strong bond and seales of the Covenant betwixt God and his people. With an excellent caution to beware of sectaries. By W. Cotton, B.D. and minister of the true word of God.
Couch, Robert. / [1680] Praxis catholica, or, The countryman's universal remedy wherein is plainly and briefly laid down the nature, matter, manner, place and cure of most diseases, incident to the body of man, not hitherto discovered, whereby any one of an ordinary capacity may apprehend the true cause of his distempers, wherein his cure consists, and the means to effect it : together with rules how to order children in that most violent disease of vomiting and looseness, &c. : useful likewise for seamen and travellers : also an account of an imcomparable powder for wounds or hurts which cure any ordinary ones at once dressing / written by Robert Couch ... ; now published with divers useful additions (for publick benefit) by Chr. Pack ...
Coucheman, Giles. / [M.D.L.I. 1551] An exhortatyon or warnynge, to beware of greater plagues & troubles, then are yet come vppon thys realme, for the synnes and wyckednes that hath bene, & is yet dayly commytted there in..
Couchman, Obadiah. / [1641] The Adamites sermon containing their manner of preaching, expounding, and prophesying, as it was delivered in Marie-bone Park / by Obadiah Couchman, a grave weaver, dwelling in Southwark, who with his companie were taken and discovered by the constable and other officers of that place, by the meanes of a womans husband who dogged them hither, and some part likewise by meanes of a gentlewoman, a widow who is a ministers daughter in the citie of London, who was almost perswaded to become one of their societie, if her father had not disswaded her from it ; also a dialogue between an Adamite and a Brownist, concerning their religion, &c.
Council of Trade (Scotland) / [Anno Dom. 1688] A proclamation anent burying in Scots linen:
Council of Trade (Scotland) / [Anno Dom. 1688] A proclamation anent linen-cloth
Council of Trent / [MDCLXXXVII 1687] The canons and decrees of the Council of Trent celebrated under Paul III, Julius III, and Pius IV, Bishops of Rome / faithfully translated into English.
Countrey minister. / [1661] Terms of accomodation, between those of the Episcopall, and their brethren of the Presbyterian perswasions supposed to be consistent with the declared principles of the most moderate of both parties, and humbly presented to the consideration of His Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament / by a countrey minister, a friend to Bath ...
Country gentleman. / [1674] Marriage asserted in answer to a book entituled Conjugium conjurgium, or, Some serious considerations on marriage : wherein (by way of caution and advice to a friend) its nature, ends, events, concomitant accidents, &c. are examined, by William Seymar, Esq. / written by a country gentleman.
Country minister. / [1648] Breach of covenant, a ruinating sinne. as it was preached at Clare in Suff. Novemb. 3. And now published for the good of adjoyning parts, especially those of Hinkford Hundred in Essex. / By a Country Minister.
Country-man, a well-willer of the city, and a lover of truth and peace. / [Printed Anno 1642] Considerations upon the present state of the affairs of this kingdome.: In relation to the three severall petitions which have lately been in agitation in the honourable City of London. And a project for a fourth petition, tending to a speedy accommodation of the present unhappy differences between His Maiesty and the Parliament. Written upon the perusing of the speciall passages of the two weeks, from the 29 of November, to the 13 of December, 1642. And dedicated to the Lord Maior and aldermen of the said City. By a Country-man, a well-willer of the city and a lover of truth and peace.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1700] The French spy, or, The memoirs of John Baptist de la Fontaine, Lord of Savoy and Fontenai, late brigadier and surveyor of the French King's army, now a prisoner in the Bastile containing many secret transactions relating both to England and France / tr. from the French original, printed at Cologn in the year 1699.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1685] French intrigues; or, The history of their delusory promises since the Pyrenæan treaty Printed in French at Cologne, and now made English.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1684] The conduct of France since the peace at Nimeguen written in French by a person of quality ; made English.
Coven, Stephen. / [1668] The militant Christian, or, The good soldier of Jesus Christ described in his arms compleat : as also the hardness of this service, on 2 Tim., 2, 3 : together with the words of command, many precious encouragements and directions how to please Christ his captain, and how to crown his profession by being best in the worst of times / by a Low-countrey soldier dwelling in the kingdom, tribulation, and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Coventry, Thomas Coventry, Baron, 1578-1640. / [1641] A perfect and exact direction to all those that desire to know the true and just fees of these courts following viz. The fees of all the offices belonging to the Court of Common Pleas, a table of the prothonotaries fees, the fees of the Chancery, according to the table in the office, the ordinance of the Chancery / by Th. Lord Coventry late Lord Keeper of the great seale of England.
Covert, Nicholas. / [1700] The scrivener's guide being choice and approved forms of presidents of all sorts of business now in use and practice, in a much better method than any yet printed, being useful for all gentlemen, but chiefly for those who practice the law, viz. assignments, articles of agreement, acquittances, bargains and sale, bills, conditions, copartnerships, covenants, deeds, defeazances, grants, joyntures, indentures, letters of attorny, licenses, obligations, provisoes, presidents for parish business, releases, revocations, wills, warrants of attorny, &c. / by Nicholas Cobert ...
Coward, William, 1657?-1725. / [1694/5 i.e. 1695] Uraniæ metamorphosis in Sydus, or, The transfiguration of our l[ate] gracious sovereign Queen Mary discover'd in a miraculous vision since the celebration of her funeral : a poem ... / written by a doctor of physick.
Cowell, John, 1554-1611. / [1658] The interpreter, or, Book containing the signification of words wherein is set forth the true meaning of all ... words and terms as are mentioned in the law-writers or statutes ... requiring any exposition or interpretation : a work not only profitable but necessary for such as desire thoroughly to be instructed in the knowledge of our laws, statutes, or other antiquities / collected by John Cowell ...
Cowell, John, 1554-1611. / [1651] The institutes of the lawes of England digested into the method of the civill or imperiall institutions : useful for all gentleman who are studious, and desire to understand the customes of this nation / written in Latine by John Cowel ... ; and translated into English, according to act of Parliament, for the benefit of all, by W.G., Esquire.
Cowie, John, fl. 1683. / [1682] Some queries touching excommunication published by the people of God, (termed in derision Quakers) to be considered by all the bishops and synods of this nation, or any others that may be concerned in such proceedings against them. But most especially, by the present bishop and synod of Aberdeen.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1642] The prologve and epilogve to a comedie presented at the entertainment of the Prince His Highnesse by the schollers of Trinity College in Cambridge, in March last, 1642 by Francis Cole
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1616] Phōsphoros or A most heauenly and fruitfull sermon, preached the sixt of August. 1615 At the translation of the right Reuerend Father in God, the Archbishop of St. Andrewes to the sea thereof. By Mr. William Covvper B. of Galloway.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1611] Heauen opened VVherein the counsaile of God concerning mans saluation is yet more cleerely manifested, so that they that haue eyes may come and se the Christian possessed and crowned in his heauenly kingdome: which is the greatest and last benefit we haue by Christ Iesus our Lord. Come and see. First, written, and now newly amended and enlarged, by Mr. William Cowper, minister of Gods word.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1613] Good newes from Canaan Full of heauenly comfort and consolation, for all those that are afflicted either in bodie or minde. With a proofe of true repentance for the same. By William Cowper, minister of Gods word, and B. of Galloway.
Cox, Benjamin, fl. 1646. / [Printed in the year 1646] An appendix, to a confession of faith, or A more full declaration of the faith and judgement of baptized beleevers.: Occasioned by the inquiry of some wel-affected and godly persons in the country. / Written by Beniamin Cox, a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Published for the further clearing of truth, and discovery of their mistake who have imagined a dissent in fundamentals where there is none.
Cox, H. / [1690] Lisarda; or, The travels of love and jealousy. A novel. In two parts. / By H.C. gent. ...
Cox, John. / [1683] A general-epistle to the Christian churches.: To be spread abroad amongst all professing Christianity; for a vvarning to same, and an incouragement to others.
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1698] Some thoughts on the bill depending before the right honourable the House of Lords for prohibiting the exportation of the woolen manufactures of Ireland to foreign parts, humbly offer'd to their lordships.
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1691] Whereas the militia are by special orders of the government acually imployed in defense of the countrey, [sic] and many of them excuse their attendance, upon pretence that they are already inlisted in the Army, or intend to be so which we conceive very prejudicial to Their Majesties service
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1698] An essay for the conversion of the Irish shewing that 'tis their duty and interest to become Protestants : in a letter to themselves.
Coxe, Francis, fl. 1560. / [1566] A prognostication made for y[e] yeere of our Lorde God 1566 declaryng the chau[n]ge, full, & quarters of the moone, w[ith] other,accustomable matters, seruing all England / by Maister F. Cox ...
Coxe, Nehemiah. / [1677] Vindiciæ veritatis, or, A confutation [...] the heresies and gross errours asserted by Thomas Collier in his additinal word to his body of divinity written by Nehemiah Coxe ...
Coxe, Nehemiah. / [1681] A sermon preached at the ordinatoin [sic] of an elder and deacons in a baptized congregation in London by N.C.
Coxe, Nehemiah. / [1681] A discourse of the covenants that God made with men before the law wherein the covenant of circumcision is more largely handled, and the invalidity of the plea for pædobaptism taken from thence discovered / by Nehemiah Coxe.
Coxe, Nehemiah. / [1682] A believers triumph over death exemplified in a relation of the last hours of Dr. Andrew Rivet and an account of divers other remarkable instances : being an history of the comfortable end and dying words of several eminent men, with other occasional passages, all tending to comfort Christians against the fear of death and prepare them for a like happy change.
Coxe, Richard, d. 1596. / [1620] A short catechisme Very necessary, for the plaine vnderstanding of the principall points of Christian religion. Meet to be practised of all Christians before they bee admitted to the Lord's Supper By Richard Cox.
Coxe, Sem. / [Anno Domini, 1660] Two sermons preached at Christ-Church in the city of Dublin, before the honourable the General Convenion of Ireland. The first on Prov.11.14 at the first meeting of the said convention, March 2. 1659. The second on Jude v.19. at a publique fast appointed by the said convention, March 9. 1659. By Sem Coxe, Minister of the gospel and pastor at St. Katherines in Dublin.
Coyet, Peter Julius, 1618-1667. / [1659] A remonstrance of His Sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden, unfolding the grounds and causes whereby His said Majesty was constrained to continue the war brought on by the king and Kingdom of Denmark, after the peace was ratified at Roskild, but neither pursu'd nor duly observ'd by the Danes· Anno 1658.