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Cade, Anthony, 1564?-1641. / [1639] A sermon necessarie for these times shewing the nature of conscience, with the corruptions thereof, and the repairs or means to inform it with right knowledge, and stirre it up to upright practise, and how to get and keep a good conscience. To which is adjoyned a necessarie, brief, and pithy treatise af [sic] the ceremonies of the Church of England. By Anthony Cade Batch. of Divinitie.
Cade, Anthony, 1564?-1641. / [1618] Saint Paules agonie A sermon preached at Leicester, at the ordinary monthly lecture: specially touching the motions of sinne, remaining in the regenerate. By A. Cade, Bacheler in Diuinity, and of Bilsdon in Leycester-shire.
Cade, Anthony, 1564?-1641. / [Anno 1630] A iustification of the Church of England Demonstrating it to be a true Church of God, affording all sufficient meanes to saluation. Or, a countercharme against the Romish enchantments, that labour to bewitch the people, with opinion of necessity to be subiect to the Pope of Rome. Wherein is briefely shewed the pith and marrow of the principall bookes written by both sides, touching this matter: with marginall reference to the chapters and sections, where the points are handled more at large to the great ease and satisfaction of the reader. By Anthony Cade, Bachelour of Diuinity.
Cade, William, 1651 or 2-1707. / [1678] The foundation of popery shaken, or, The Bishop of Rome's supremacy opposed in a sermon upon Matth. XVI. 18, 19 / by William Cade.
Caesar, Julius, Sir, 1558-1636. / [Anno 1597] The ancient state, authoritie, and proceedings of the Court of Requests 2 Octob. 1596.
Caffyn, Matthew, 1628-1714. / [1675] A raging wave foming out his own shame. Or, An answer to a book lately published by Richard Hains (a person withdrawn from) entituled, A protestation against usurpation. Wherein appears such a measure of envies bitterness heaped up, pressed down, and running over, as the like in some ages hath not appeared, by his many false accusations, and malicious insinuations, thereby to provoke (if possible) both the chief magistrate, and all men of what degree soever, to have suspicious thoughts of the innocent, easily proved to have no other fouudation [sic] but his own evil imaginations. : Wherein also the church of Southwater by him contemptuously rendered papistical in their act of withdrawment from him, is vindicated and cleared, first, by apostolical authority, secondly, by Rich. Haynes his own pen. / Written by Matthew Caffyn ...
Caffyn, Matthew, 1628-1714. / [1660] Faith in Gods promises, the saints best weapon: or, The great use and availableness of faith, both for the support and growth of saints in times most perilous. Plainly discovering that the want of faith in the way of Gods promises, is the great cause of the want of Gods presence. With several considerations for the encrease of faith, tha[t] henceforth the saints may by faith so draw nigh unto God, and in faith so wait upon God, as with certainty of receiving from him. Whereunto is added something concerning the great errour and mistake of many men concerning the true Christ, and how he is said to be in his people; with other things very necessary to be known in order to saints resisting the temptation of the present times. / Set forth as (useful for all people, but) especially intended for the good of such as are returned to the good old way of the Lord, by Matthew Caffyn ...
Caffyn, Matthew, 1628-1714. / [Printed in the year, 1674] Envy's bitterness corrected with the rod of shame: Or, An answer to a book lately published by Richard Haines (a person withdrawn from) entituled, New lords, new laws; wherein is shewed such an image of envy, as in late ages have not appeared, by his heaping up false accusations, and abusive expressions to a great number, with malicious insinuations, thereby to provoke (if possible) the civil magistrate to have suspitious thoughts of the innocent, with a great out-cry of usurpation and tyranny, proved to have no other foundation but his own evil imaginations, and so, neither lords, nor new laws. : Wherein also the several persons therein accused, are in righteousness quitted, to the shame of the accuser. / By Matthew Caffyn ...
Caffyn, Matthew, 1628-1714. / [1656] The deceived, and deceiving Quakers discovered.: Their damnable heresies, horrid blasphemies, mockings, railings, unparallel'd deceit, and dishonestly laid open. In the discovery of which, is made known the pure use of the holy scriptures (which by them is denyed) the true Christ, and how he justifies, his second coming proved not to be already (as the Quaker affirms) also the resurrection from the dead, and the eternal judgement, and several other particulars that saints are required to be stedfast in. / Set forth especially for the good of those that are called out of the world, into the primitive order of the Gospel, but may be usefull for all people. By Matthew Caffyn a servant of the Lord, related to the Church of Christ near Horsham in Sussex, being an eye, and ear-witnesse. As wee have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists, whereby we cannot but know that this is the last of the last time. Antichrist made known. Or, The Romish vvhore of Babylon proved not to bee the Antichrist, or man of sin, in seven particulars. 1 Who is this great whore of Babylon, and where her chief seat hath been, and is. 2 Her fall, and the means how and by whom. 3 What is the spirit of Antichrist, and who hath that spirit. 4 That the Antichrist will bee a single person. 5 The manner of his rising, and when. ... 7 Lastly, his fall, when, and by whom. By William Jeffery servant of the Church of Christ. Entered into the register book, kept by the Company of Stationers.
Cage, Tobias. / [1678] A letter to a person of quality, occasioned by a printed libel, entituled, The cause of the difference between Tobias Cage esquire, and Mary his wife stated by the said Mary in a letter to a gentleman, for her own vindication: the design, malice, and falshood whereof is hereby detected with proofs by persons of value, on oath, and otherwise.
Cailloüé, Jean. / [1700] Recueil de diuerses pieces touchant l'introduction des nouveaux psaumes savior une lettre des syndics & conseil de Geneve aux Etates Generaux des Provinces Unies le recit de la maniere dont cette introduction a estè faite a Geneve & ailleurs. Les Responses des autres Eglises de l'Europe a la lettre circulaire de Geneve. A quoy l'on a joins deux actes principaux des synodes de France touchant les mesmes psaumes.
Caine, John. / [1685?] The case of the promoter of the bill for erecting a court of conscience for the tower hamblets comprehended within the weekly bills, of mortality, &c.
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1687] Sermons preached upon several occasions by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1683] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-Hall Chappel upon the 30th of September, 1683 by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1685] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and citizens of London at the Church of St. Mary le Bow, September the second, 1684, being the anniversary fast for the dreadful fire in the year 1666 by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1682] A sermon preached before the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and citizens of London at Bow-Church on the 29th of May 1682.
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1685] A sermon preached before the Artillery-Company of London at St. Mary-le-Bow, December 2, 1684, and now published at their desire by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1647] Two solemne covenants made between God and man: viz. [brace] the covenant of workes, and the covenant of grace. [brace] Clearly laid open, distinguished, and vindicated from many dangerous opinions; the right knowledge of which [sic] will be very profitable to all those that have escaped the first, and are confirmed in the second at the Sacrament. January 15. 1646. Imprimatur. John Downame.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [printed in the year 1662] The righteous mans death lamented. A sermon preached at St. Austins, London, Aug.23. 1662 at the funeral of that eminent servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Simeon Ash late minister of the gospel there. By Edmund Calamy, B.D.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1674] Old Mr. Edmund Calamy's former and latter sayings upon several occasions.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1657] The godly mans ark or, City of refuge, in the day of his distresse.: Discovered in divers sermons, the first of which was preached at the funerall of Mistresse Elizabeth Moore. The other four were afterwards preached, and are all of them now made publick, for the supportation and consolation of the saints of God in the hour of tribulation. Hereunto are annexed Mris. Moores evidences for Heaven, composed and collected by her in the time of her health, for her comfort in the time of sickness. / By Ed. Calamy, B.D. and pastor of the church at Aldermanbury.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1645] The door of truth opened: or, A brief and true narrative of the occasion how Mr Henry Burton came to shut himself out of the church-doors of Aldermanbury: published in answer to a paper, called, Truth shut out of doors: for the vindication of the minister and people of Aldermanbury, who are in this paper most wrongfully and unjustly charged; and also for the undeceiving of the underwriters, and of all those that are misinformed about this businesse. In the name, and with the consent of the whole church of Aldermanburie.
Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732. / [1699] A sermon preach'd before the Societies for Reformation of Manners in London and Middlesex, upon Monday, Febr. 20, 1698/9 by Edmund Calamy.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Re-printed in the yeare 1638] Quæres concerning the state of the Church of Scotland:
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Printed Anno 1624] A dispute vpon communicating at our confused communions
Caldwell, James, 1580?-1616. / [1625] The countesse of Marres Arcadia, or sanctuarie Containing morning, and evening meditations, for the whole weeke. By M. Ia. Caldwell sometimes preacher of Gods Word, at Fawkirke. Enriched with a godlie treatise, called, An ascension of the soule to heaven, by meditation on the passion of our Lord Iesus Christ.
Caley, Abraham, d. 1672. / [1683] A glimpse of eternity Very useful to awaken sinners, and to comfort saints. Profitable to be read in families, and given at funerals. By Abr. Caley.
Calfhill, James, 1530?-1570. / [Anno 1565] An aunsvvere to the Treatise of the crosse wherin ye shal see by the plaine and vndoubted word of God, the vanities of men disproued: by the true and godly fathers of the Church, the dreames and dotages of other controlled: and by lavvfull counsels, conspiracies ouerthrowen. Reade and regarde.
Calfine, Giles. / [Printed in the yeare, 1642. Being a yeare of discidiug sic] A messe of pottage, very well seasoned and crumbd. With bread of life, and easie to be digested. Against the contumelious slanderers of the divine service, terming it porrage. Set forth by Gyles Calfine.
Calfine, Giles. / [1462 i.e. 1642] A fresh bit of mutton, for those fleshy minded canibals that cannot endure pottadge. Or a defence of Giles Calfine's Messe of pottadge well seasoned and well crummed. Against the idle yet insolent exceptions of his monstrous adversary MT. ST. RA. IS. PH. By Drupheyra Thexylvenio: cosmopolites.
Calfine, Giles. / [1660] The Book of common prayer confirmed by sundry acts of Parliament, and briefly vindicated against the contumelious slanders of the fanatique party tearming it porrage by Gyles Calfine.
Calfine, Giles. / [Printed Anno Domini, 1642] An answer, in defence of a messe of pottage, well seasoned and crumb'd. Against M. T. S. T. R. A. I. S. P. H. anagram, Strap Smith. Who falsly sayes, the Common Prayers are unlawfull, and no better than the Popes porrage. In which tract is answered his unanswerable reasons: by the same Gyles Calfine.
Callander, John, d. 1711. / [1695] Unto His Majesties High Commissioner, His Grace, and the Honourable Estates of Parliament. John Calander of Craigeforth.
Calle, Caleb. / [1688] A pindarique ode on the birth of the young Prince of Wales by Caleb Calle, Gent.
Calle, Caleb. / [1682] On His Royal Hignes's [sic] miraculous delivery, and happy return
Callendar, Mary Livingston, Countess of, fl. 1695. / [1695.] To his Grace, his Majesties high commissioner, and the Right Honourable the Estates of Parliament, Mary Countess of Callender, and her husband for his interest, humbly sheweth.
Callières, Monsieur de (François de), 1645-1717. / [1670] The lovers logick: or, logical-love Compos'd in French by Monsieur de Callieres junior. And now newly translated into English. Licensed Sep. 21 1669. Roger L'Estrange.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1649] Zions thankfull ecchoes from the clifts of Ireland. Or the little Church of Christ in Ireland, warbling out her humble and gratefull addresses to her elder sister in England: and in particular, to the Parliament, to his Excellency, and to his army, or that part assigned to her assistance, now in her low, yet hopefull condition.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1635] The foure ages of man. 1635.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1644] Englands sad posture; or, A true description of the present estate of poore distressed England,: and of the lamentable condition of these distracted times, since the beginning of this civill, and unnaturall warr. / presented to the Right Honourable, pious and valiant, Edward, Earle of Manchester.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [Printed in the yeare 1648 i.e. 1649] Englands fortresse:: exemplified in the most renowned and victorious, his Excellency, the Lord Fairfax, Commander in Chiefe of the Parl. Army. / Humbly presented unto his Excellency by E.C. lover of peace.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1648] Calvers royall vision. With his most humble addresses to His Majesties royall person.:
Calverley, Francis. / [1681] The biggest idol in the world knock'd i'th' head.: The verb's triumph: or, The second part of Calverley's notes. : Which notes rightly distinguish the hitherto horribly misdistinguished grounds of speech; and proveth the rules of the common grammar so false and ridiculous, that it's dishonour for any learned nation to teach or account them for rules: therefore all grammarians and lovers of true distinction are desired to stand up quickly in vindication of the common grammar, or else to procure a grammar sensible, brief and pleasant, lest (by our slighting of this method) other lands entertain it first, and we (for our ingratitude) be forced to learn it of them, to our grief and shame.
Calvert, Thomas, 1606-1679. / [1675] Heart-salve for a wounded soul... Or meditations of comfort for the holy living, and happy dying Christian either in the depths of dark desertion, or in the heighth of heavens glorious union. The second edition, with an addition of an elegie upon an eminent occasion. By Tho. Calvert, minister of the gospel.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1561] A very profitable treatise made by M. Ihon Caluyne, declarynge what great profit might come to al christendome, yf there were a regester made of all sainctes bodies and other reliques, which are aswell in Italy, as in Fraunce, Dutchland, Spaine, and other kingdomes and countreys. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Steuen Wythers. 1561. Set furth and authorised according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1580] Two and twentie sermons of Maister Iohn Caluin. In which sermons is most religiously handled, the hundredth and nineteenth Psalme of Dauid, by eight verses aparte according to the Hebrewe alphabet. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe by T.S.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1560?] Tvvo Godly and notable sermons preached by the excellent and famous clarke, master Iohn Caluyne, in the yere. 1555 The one concernynge pacience in aduersitie: The other touchyng the most comfortable assurance of oure saluation in Chryste. Iesu. Translated out of Frenche into Englyshe.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1620] Tvvo and tvventie lectures vpon the fiue first chapters of Ieremiah With prayers annexed, at the end of euery lecture: by Master Iohn Caluin. Which being faithfully collected form him as hee vttered them in Latine, in the schooles of Geneua, were afterwards translated into French: and now newly turned out of French, into English, with a table at the end, containing the summe and scope of euery lecture.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1580] Three propositions or speeches, which that excellent man M. Iohn Caluin, one of the pastors of the Church of God in Geneua had there. To which also is added, an exposition vpon that parte of the catechisme, which is appointed for the three and fortieth Sunday in number. Translated into Englishe, by T.VV.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1579] Thirteene sermons of Maister Iohn Caluine, entreating of the free election of God in Iacob, and of reprobation in Esau A treatise wherin euery Christian may see the excellent benefites of God towardes his children, and his maruelous iudgements towards the reprobate, firste published in the French toung, & now translated into English, by Iohn Fielde, for the comfort of all Christians.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1549] A short instruction for to arme all good Christian people agaynst the pestiferous errours of the common secte of Anabaptistes. Compiled by mayster Iohn Caluine
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1581] A sermon of the famous and Godly learned man, master Iohn Caluine chiefe Minister and Pastour of Christs church at Geneua, conteining an exhortation to suffer persecution for followinge Iesus Christe and his Gospell, vpon this text following. Heb. 13. 13. Go ye out of the tents after Christe, bearing his rebuke. Translated out of French into english.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1592] Sermon of Maister Iohn Caluin, on the historie of Melchisedech Wherein is also handled, Abrahams courage in rescuing his nephew Lot: and his Godliness in paying tithes to Melchisedech. Also, Abrahams faith, in belieuing God: comprehending foure sermons. And, Abrahams obedience, in offering his sonne Isaack; in three sermons. Translated out of French, by Thomas Stocker, Gent.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [M. D. XLVIII 1548] The mynde of the godly and excellent lerned man M. Ihon Caluyne what a faithfull man, whiche is instructe in the worde of God, ought to do, dwellinge amongest the papistes.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1578] The lectures or daily sermons, of that reuerend diuine, D. Iohn Caluine, pastor of the Church of God in Geneua, vpon the prophet Ionas, by N.B. student in Diuinitie. Whereunto is annexed an excellent exposition of the two last epistles of S. Iohn, done in Latin by that worthy doctor, August. Marlorate, and englished by the same N.B.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1580] The institutions of Christian religion, written by the reuerend father, M. Iohn Caluin, compendiously abridged by Edmond Bunnie Bachellour of diuinitie; and translated into English by Edward May
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1579] Foure sermons of Maister Iohn Caluin entreating of matters very profitable for our time, as may bee seene by the preface: with a briefe exposition of the LXXXVII. Psalme. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Iohn Fielde.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1561] Foure godlye sermons agaynst the pollution of idolatries comforting men in persecutions, and teachyng them what commodities thei shal find in Christes church, which were preached in French by the moste famous clarke Ihon Caluyne, and translated fyrst into Latine and afterward into Englishe by diuers godly learned men.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [An. Do. 1581] An excellent treatise of the immortalytie of the soule By which is proued, that the soules, after their departure out of the bodies, are avvake and doe lyue, contrary to that erronious opinion of certen ignorant persons, who thinke them to lye asleape vntill the day of iudgement. Set fourth by M. Iohn Caluin, and englished from the French by T. Stocker.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [the .v. daye of Aprill. 1550] An epistle both of Godly consolacion and also of aduertisement written by Iohn Caluine the pastour & preacher of Geneua, to the right noble prince Edvvarde Duke of Somerset, before the tyme or knoweledge had of his trouble, but delyuered to the sayde Duke, in the time of his trouble, and so translated out of frenshe by the same Duke.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1581] Diuers sermons of Master Iohn Caluin, concerning the diuinitie, humanitie, and natiuitie of our Lorde Iesus Christe as also touching his passion, death, resurection, ascention: togeather with the comming downe of the holy Ghoste vpon his Apostles: and the first sermon of S. Peter. The order of which you shall finde in the page ensuing.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1609] A commentary vpon the prophecie of Isaiah. By Mr. Iohn Caluin. Whereunto are added foure tables ... Translated out of French into English: by C.C.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1570. Cum gratia & priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis] Commentaries of the diuine Iohn Caluine, vpon the prophet Daniell, translated into Englishe, especially for the vse of the family of the ryght honorable Earle of Huntingdon, to set forth as in a glasse, how one may profitably read the Scriptures, by consideryng the text, meditatyng the sense therof, and by prayer
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1585] The commentaries of M. Iohn Caluin vpon the Actes of the Apostles, faithfully translated out of Latine into English for the great profite of our countrie-men, by Christopher Fetherstone student in diuinitie
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1583] A commentarie vpon the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romanes, written in Latine by M. Iohn Caluin, and newely translated into Englishe by Christopher Rosdell preacher. Whereunto is added a necessarie table for the better and more readie finding out of certayne principall matters conteyned in this worke.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1605] A commentarie on the vvhole Epistle to the Hebrevves. By M. Iohn Caluin. Translated out of French
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1581] A commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine, vpon the Epistle to the Colossians. And translated into English by R.V.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [Anno. 1584] A commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine vppon the Epistle to the Philippians wherein is set out the necessitie and profite of affliction vnto the faithfull, the benefite of God his word, the fruits, of vnitie and humilitie, free iustification by faith in Iesus Christ without our owne merites, the assurance, ioy, and contented mindes of the godlie, and their perseueraunce in godlinesse vnto the end. With many other comfortable and profitable pointes of religion. Translated out of Latine by W.B.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1581] A commentarie of M. I. Caluine vpon the Epistle to the Galathians: and translated into English by R.V.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [ca. 1580] The comentaries of M. Iohn Caluin vpon the first Epistle of Sainct Ihon, and vpon the Epistle of Iude wherein accordyng to the truthe of the woordes of the holie Ghost, he most excellently openeth and cleareth the poinct of true iustification with God, and sanctification by the Spirit of Christ, by the effects that he bryngeth forthe in the regeneration. Translated into Englishe by W.H.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [Anno. M.D.Liii. 1553] Certaine homilies of m. Ioan Calvine conteining profitable and necessarie, admonitio[n] for this time, with an apologie of Robert Horn.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [M. D. LVI. 1556] The catechisme or manner to teache children the Christian religion wherin the minister demandeth the question, and the childe maketh answere. Made by the excellent doctor and pastor in Christes churche, Iohn Caluin.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1596] Aphorismes of Christian religion: or, a verie compendious abridgement of M. I. Calvins Institutions set forth in short sentences methodically by M. I. Piscator: and now Englished according to the authors third and last edition, by H. Holland.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1561] An admonicion against astrology iudiciall and other curiosities, that raigne novv in the vvorld: written in the french tonge by Ihon Caluine and translated into English, by G.G.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1585. i.e. 1586? Cum priuilegio regali] An abridgement of the Institution of Christian religion written by M. Ihon Caluin. VVherein briefe and sound ansvveres to the obiections of the aduersaries are set dovvne. By VVilliam Lawne minister of the word of God. Faithfullie translated out of Latine into English by Christopher Fetherstone minister of the word of God.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1631] [Adtimchiol an chreidimh comhaghalluidhedar an maighiser, agas an foghluinte:] [aghon, minisder an tsoisgeil, agas an leanamh].
Cambi, Bartolomeo, 1558-1617. / [Anno 1626] The seaven trumpets of brother Bartholomevv Saluthius of the holie order of S. Francis; exciting a sinner to repentance. A worke very profitable for the saluation of all such soules, as are bound with sinne. Now lately translated out of the Latin, into the English tongue, by Br. G. P. of the same order and obseruance.
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1657] Remaines concerning Britain their languages, names, surnames, allusions, anagrammes, armories, monies, empreses, apparell, artillarie, wise speeches, proverbs, poesies, epitaphs / written by William Camden ...
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1695] Camden's Britannia newly translated into English, with large additions and improvements ; publish'd by Edmund Gibson ...
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1626] The abridgment of Camden's Brita[n]nia with the maps of the seuerall shires of England and Wales.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1678] A sermon preached on the fast-day, November the xiiith, 1678 being appointed for fasting and prayer / by Benjamin Camfield ...
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1685] A sermon preach'd upon the first Sunday after the proclamation of the High and Mighty Prince, James the II, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c., which was made at Leicester, February the 10th, 1684/5 by Benj. Camfield ...
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1668] A serious examination of the independent's catechism and therein of the chief principles of non-conformity to, and separation from the Church of England / by Benjamin Camfield ... ; in two parts, the first general, the second more particular.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1671] Quod tibi, hoc alteri, ne alteri quod non vis tibi a profitable enquiry into that comprehensive rule of righteousness, do as you would be done by : being a practical discourse on S. Matt. vii, 12 / by Benjamin Camfield.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1684] Of God Almighty's providence both in the sending and dissolving great snows & frosts, and the improvement we ought to make of it a sermon occasioned by the late extreme cold weather, preached in it to his neighbours, and now thought fit to be made more public, for the common good / by Benj. Camfield ...
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1682] Of Episcopal confirmation in two discourses / by B. Camfield.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1690] A consolatory discourse for the support of distressed widows and orphans of general use to all Christians who either are or may be left in such circumstances.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1680] The commination prescribed in the liturgy of the Church of England vindicated, and recommended to the consideration of all pious Christians in a sermon preached to a countrey audience on the first Sunday in Lent, 1679/80 / by Benjamin Camfeild ...
Camm, John, 1604?-1656. / [1654] A true discovery of the ignorance, blindness, and darkness of those who are called magistrates about Carlile in Cumberland, who call Light darkness, and truth error, and judge them blasphemers who are sent of the Lord to declare the eternal word of truth amongst them, but the Lord hath made himself manifest in the hearts of his people, and opened their eyes here in the northern parts, whereby they plainly see the tyranny, oppression, and cruelty of those who are called magistrates and rulers, who do imprison the servants of the most high God, for declaring against sin and abomination, held up in markets and steeple-houses, and so they that depart from iniquity and stand in obedience to the commands of the Lord, makes himself a prey to that generation; but the Lord is risen for Sions deliverance, all praise and glory be to him for evermore. J.C.
Camm, John, 1604?-1656. / [Printed, Anno Dom. 1654] This was the word of the Lord which Iohn Camm, and Francis Howgill was moved to declare and write to Oliver Cromwell, who is named Lord-Protector:: shewing the cause why they came to speak to him: and shewing that they came not to petition him for any thing, but for the welfare of Sion, and for the righteous seeds sake; and that those laws which were given forth by the will of man, may be taken away; that the law may go forth of Sion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; and so the kingdoms of the world may become the kingdom of Christ.
Camm, John, 1604?-1656. / [Printed, Anno Dom. 1654] Some particulars concerning the law, sent to Oliver Cromwell, who is chief ruler in these nations, according to man: and to the counsellors, who sit in counsel with him: wherein is plainly laid down the difference betwixt the righteous law of God, and those laws which are made and acted in the will of man; and how they who make and act those laws, which are according to the will of man, and contrary to the law of God, are found opposing the righteous law of God, and so are transgressors of that law which is according to that in the conscience. With a vvord of discovery of the cruel oppression of the priests, who call themselves ministers of Christ and the Gospel, which gives freedom; but they are found to be opposers, and out of the life that gave forth the scriptures, and so with it judged, which is according to the law of God, which gives freedom to the righteous seed, but have cleared themselves from Christ, who disobey his doctrine, and sue men at the law, and take treble damages, contrary to the scriptures. With a word of exhortation to the rulers and magistrates, to own the righteous law of God, which will cut down sin, and cleanse the land of evil doers, and discover the deceivers of the people.
Camm, John, 1604?-1656. / [1654] An answer to a book which Samuel Eaton put up to the Parliament: which he saith he is a teacher of the Church of Christ, heretofore meeting at Ducken-field, now at Stockport in Cheshire; and he cals the title of his book Quakers confuted. Moses who was a judg quaked and trembled, David a king in Israel quaked and trembled, and Solomon who was a king trembled, and Daniel a servant of the most high God trembled, ... And these heard the voice of God, and thou that writest, thou mayest say thou hast confuted all them; for he that is against them, is against us, and he that is against us, is against them, for the same power is witnessed; but thou Eaton, who saith thou art a teacher of the church at Duckenfield, who saith thou hast heard the voice of the living God, and that such a voice as this, as comes immediately from God, you have not heard, ... And Isaiah saith, hear the word of the Lord all ye that tremble at his word; and this is the man that I do regard, saith the Lord, that is of a contrite heart, and trembleth at my word; but such Eaton and his church doth not regard, but custs out friends of the Lord from them, whom the world calls Quakers.
Camm, Thomas, 1641-1707. / [1689] A testimony to the fulfilling the promise of God relating to such women who through the pouring out of Gods Spirit upon them are become prophetesses, daughters, and handmaidens and their prophecying, teaching, preaching,and praying through the operation of the Spirit of Christ, in the church proved lawfully by several plain Scripture testimonies and examples, out of both the Old and New Testaments, both under the time of the Law and also in the Gospel despensation, and the common objection alleged against the same from the Apostle Pauls words in I Cor. 14, 34 and I Tim. 2, 12 &c. clearly answered : recommended to the consciences of all that value the testimony of Holy Scripture / by one who hath diligently searched the Scripture, and hath had an high esteem thereof from his youth, Thomas Camm.
Camm, Thomas, 1641-1707. / [1698] An old apostate justly exposed his treachery to the Holy God, his truth and people manifested, his great wickedness and uncleanness (which, by false covers, he has endeavoured to hide) laid open to the shame of him, and all his abettors : in a short answer, or some brief remarks, upon a very scandalous book lately published, stiled, The spirit of Quakerism, and the danger of their divine revelation laid open, subscribed, Henry Winder : also the nameless publisher therof, as justly reprehended for his enmity and great malice, in abusing an innocent people, by heaps of most gross lies, slanders, base insinuations and inferences, frothy and scurrilous scoffs and taunts, so void of Christianity, that probably no man, with a name, would undertake / by Thomas Camm.
Campanella, Tommaso, 1568-1639. / [1654. i.e. 1653] A discourse touching the Spanish monarchy. Wherein vve have a political glasse, representing each particular country, province, kingdome, and empire of the world, with wayes of government by which they may be kept in obedience. As also, the causes of the rise and fall of each kingdom and empire. VVritten by Tho. Campanella. Newly translated into English, according to the third edition of this book in Latine.
Campion, Abraham, d. 1701. / [1694] A sermon concerning national providence preach'd at the assizes held at Ailesbury in Buckinghamshire, March 13, 1693/4 Ab. Campion ...
Campion, Abraham, d. 1701. / [1700] The inheritance of the saints in light set forth in a sermon preach'd at Whitehall, August 11, 1700 / by Ab. Campion ...
Campion, William, 1599-1665. / [M. DC. LVII 1657] The Catholick doctrine of transubtantiation proued to be ancient and orthodoxall against the sclanderous tongue of D. Iohn Cozens a Protestants minister auouching the sayd doctrine neuer to haue been knowne, in the Church before the Councels of Latteran and of Trent.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1677] A true tragical history of two illustrious Italian families, couched under the names of Alcimus and Vannoza written in French by the learned J.P. Bishop of Belley ; done into English by a person of quality.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [M.DC.XXXIII. 1633] The spirituall director disinteressed According to the spirit of B. Francis of Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneua, Institutor of the Order of the Visitation of our Bl. Lady. By the most Reuerend Father in God Iohn Peter Camus, Bishope of Belley. Translated out of French by A.B.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1652] Nature's paradox, or, The innocent impostor a pleasant Polonian history, originally intituled Iphigenes / compiled in the French tongue by the rare pen of J.P. Camus ... ; and now Englished by Major VVright.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1655] Elise, or, Innocencie guilty a new romance / translated into English by Jo. Jennings ...
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [M.DC.XXXII. 1632] A draught of eternitie. Written in French by Iohn Peter Camus Bishope of Belley. Translated into English by Miles Car preist of the English Colledge of Doway
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [Printed with permission 1630] A discours hapned. Betwene an hermite called Nicephorus & a yong louer called Tristan, who for that his Mistresse Petronilla entred into religion would faine become an hermite. All faithfullie dravven out of the historie of Petronilla, composed in French by the Right Reuerend Father in God Iohn Peter Camus Bishop of Belley. And translated into English by P.S.P.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1639] Admirable events: selected out of foure bookes, vvritten in French by the Right Reverend, Iohn Peter Camus, Bishop of Belley. Together with morall Relations, written by the same author. And translated into English by S. Du Verger.
Canand, J. / [1566] The fantasies of a troubled mannes head.
Canaries, James. / [1684] A discourse representing the sufficient manifestation of the will of God to his church in all its several periods and dispensations by James Canaries.
Canisius, Petrus, Saint, 1521-1597. / [between 1592 and 1596] A summe of Christian doctrine: composed in Latin, by the R. Father P. Canisius, of the Society of Iesus. With an appendix of the fall of man & iustification, according to the doctrine of the Councel of Trent. Newly translated into Englishe. To which is adioined the explication of certaine questions not handled at large in the booke as shall appeare in the table
Canne, Abednego. / [1643] A nevv vvind-mil, a new.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1653] A voice from the temple to the higher povvers. Wherein is shewed, that it is the work and duty of saints, to search the prophesies and visions of holy Scripture, which concern the later times: and that Jesus Christ will reveal the understanding of them, neer the end of their accomplishment. And so much, is here clearly proved, and the objections to the contrary answered. Also severall prophesies are here opened, concerning the time of the end; as what is the present work of the Lord in the world: and wherein the saints (whether the higher powers or others) are now to move and follow him. Likwise [sic] what will be the work of the Lord forward, and all along from year to year, till the mysterie of God be finished, both among the Christian gentiles, and Jewes. By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1659] A two-fold shaking of the earth: or, an exposition on Heb. 12.26, 27 Wherein is shewed, the first shaking of the earth, seems to be meant the putting down of the late King and bishops: the later shaking, a change of the present government. And reasons given for both. Also how, and in what manner this later earth-shaking may be according to scripture-prophesie: namely, by that earth-quake, Rev. 11.13 which is likewise opened. Lastly, here are many reasons given, why it may be hoped that this present parliament will prove to be that earth-quake (or at least begin the work) whereby the good old cause will be revived, the just rights of the people restored, and the nation setled upon a lasting and durable foundation of truth and righteousness. By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1656] Truth with time, or, Certain reasons proving that none of the seven last plagues or vials are yet poured out neither will the time of their pouring out begin till after the rising of the two witnesses and the fourty months of the Beast's reign be expired : likewise an answer to the said reasons with a reply further the author hath here set down (in a brief exposition) his opinion of the first vial / by John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1658] The time of finding shewing when the Lord will be found and by whom, and when there will be no time of finding : also the persons are describ'd who shall not finde the Lord though they seek him with tears : likewise some reasons why the Lord hath suffered his work and good old cause to be stopt, and how it shall certainly be reviv'd again : also something is here shewed about the manner how it shall be reviv'd, and the time when / by John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1653] A second voyce from the temple to the higher povvers. Wherein is proved that the decrees and institutions of popes and popish counsels, which have been established by the law of the land, and have been continued and confirmed throughout divers ages, by several acts of Parliament, against Jesus Christ, in the way and order of the Gospel (the same yet standing) ought by the present supream authority of this nation to be taken away. Moreover; here is shewed, some particular decrees of popes, which have beeen established by several acts of Parliament, viz. A nationall ministry, tythes, prohibiting men from publick preaching of the Gospel, unlesse elected and ordained after a popish manner, &c. All which as they are the institutions of popes, formerly confirmed by the law of the land, so now, to be abrogated. By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1659] A seasonable word to the Parliament-men, to take with them when they go into the House: wherein is shewed, the first part of their present work, and what is expected from them, to satisfie their true and real friends. Likewise a vvatchword, how they prefer not again such persons to places of trust who have lately betrayed the priviledges of Parliaments, and the just rights of the people, into the hands of a single person. By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1649] The improvement of mercy: or a short treatise, shewing how, and in what manner, our rulers and all well-affected to the present government should make a right and profitable use of the late great victory in Ireland. August 2. 1649. Also here are severall things propounded to all such as are dis-affected and enemies to the state (whether Presbyterian, Royalist, or Papist, &c.) beeing both usefull and seasonable upon this occasion, of so wonderfull and glorious a victorie. / By John Canne. Published by authoritie.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [Anno 1649] The golden rule, or, Justice advanced. Wherein is shewed, that the representative kingdom, or Commons assembled in Parliament, have a lawfull power to arraign, and adjudge to death the King, for tyranny, treason, murder, and other high misdemeanors: and whatsoever is objected to the contrary from Scripture, law, reason, or inconveniences, is satisfactorily answered and refuted. Being, a cleer and full satisfaction to the whole nation, in justification of the legal proceeding of the High Court of Justice, against Charls Steward, late King of England. The first part. / By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1650] Emanuel, or, God with us. Wherein is set forth Englands late great victory over the Scots armie, in a battle at Dunbar, Septemb. 3. 1650. And by many particulars of Gods acting and appearing then for us, it is certaine (and so much is clearly proved) that our armies marching into Scotland, and the wars undertaken and prosecuted against that nation, to be upon grounds of justice and necessity, as the Parliament of England hath declared. Also here is shewed, how grosly the Covenant is abus'd, and what an idoll it is now made. With the fraud and falshood of the Scots, and their kings hypocrisie and dissimulation. Moreover such objections are answered, as seeme to have any thing in them, against the point here asserted. / By John Canne. The first part, published by authority.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1649] The discoverer. VVherein is set forth (to undeceive the nation) the reall plots and stratagems of Lievt. Col. John Lilburn, Mr. William Walwyn, Mr. Thomas Prince, Mr. Richard Overton, and that partie. And their severall seditious wayes and wiles a long time practised by them to accomplish and effect the same. Namely, under the pretence and colour of libertie, and to take off the burdens and grievances of the people, a most dangerous and destructive designe is carried on to deprive the nation of their religion, rights, liberties, proprieties, lawes, government, &c. and to bring a totall and universall ruine upon the land. And so much is here clearely proved. The first part. / Composed and digested by some private persons, well-wishers to the just and honourable proceedings of the Parliament and Councell of state. Published by authoritie.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1649] The discoverer. Being an answer to a book entituled, Englands new chain, the second part, discovered. Shewing in what part the sayd book is false, scandalous, and reproachfull; in what destructive to the present government; in what particulars it tends to division and mutiny in the army, and the raysing of a new warre; and wherein it hinders the releife of Ireland, and continuing of free-quarter; according to the Parliaments censure upon the sayd booke. Also the generall officers of the army are here cleared from sundry falshoods, and slanders charged upon them: with a further discovery of many dangerous and destructive designes still carryed on by the levelling party, against the peace, safety, and freedome of the people. The second part.
Canning, William, fl. 1686-1690. / [1695?] The great designs of parliaments, have ever been, when duties are granted, that the subjects may have as little trouble and disturbance from the officers and collectors as is possible: and therefore, the consideration of what followeth, is humbly offered and presented to the honourable House of Commons, before passing the Act for a duty to be laid upon houses & windows.
Cannon, Nathanael, 1581 or 2-1664. / [1616] Three sermons The former discouering a double and false heart, vpon the I. King. 21. 9. and 10. The second called, the blessednes of the righteous, vpon Psalm. 37. verse 37. The third, the court of guard, or watch of angels: I, Sam. 17. 37. By Nathaniel Cannon, Preacher of Gods Word at Hurley in Berkeshire.
Cannon, Nathanael, 1581 or 2-1664. / [1616] Lachrimæ: or lamentations over the dead wherin is described the earnest zeale of the godly, in mourning for the sins of the people, who are dead in trespasses and sinnes. By Nathanael Cannon, minister and preacher of the word at Hurley, in Berkshire.
Cannon, Nathanael, 1581 or 2-1664. / [1625] A casket of ievvells and precious pearles Set forth in a funerall sermon, preached in Heckfield Church, at the buriall of a religious young gentleman, Mr. Barnabas Creswell, sonne of Mr. Thomas Creswell Esquire, by Nathanael Cannon, Batchelar in diuinitie.
Cantrell, Nicholas. / [1624] A sermon preached in Oxford-shire; by Nicholas Cantrel, Master in Arts. Published at the request of Sir Richard Blunt
Caoursin, Guillaume, d. 1501. / [1683] The history of the Turkish War with the Rhodians, Venetians, Egyptians, Persians, and other nations being a compact series of the memorable battels, sieges, and progress of the Ottoman armies in Europe, Asia, and Africa, for near an hundred years, with their various success by sea and land : but a relation more particularly of the first bloody siege of Rhodes in the reign of Mahomet the Great ... and the last under the command of Solyman the Magnificent, who ... totally subdued that famous city and island, defended by the valour of the renowned Peter Aubusson ... / written by Will. Caoursin and Rhodgia Afendy.
Capel, Richard, 1586-1656. / [1636] Tentations their nature, danger, cure. The third part: by Richard Capel, sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Capell, Moses. / [1632] Gods valuation of mans soule
Capilla, Andrés, d. 1610. / [1625] [A manuall of spirituall exercises]
Cappel, Louis, 1585-1658. / [1660] The hinge of faith and religion: or, a proof of the deity against atheists and profane persons, by reason, and the testimony of Holy Scripture: the divinity of which is demonstrated, / by L. Cappel, Doctour and Professour in Divinity ; translated out of French by Philip Marinel, M.A. and fellow of Pembroke-College in Oxford.
Captain in Lichfield. / [1643] Ioyfull newes from Lichfield, being the true copie of a letter sent from a captain in Lichfield to his wife in London, dated Aprill 17. Wherein is contained the proceedings of Prince Rupert against the Parliaments forces in the said town: containing 1 The manner of Prince Ruperts assaulting Lichfield. 2 His endeavouring to undermine the wall with pick-axes. 3 How he attempted to scale the wals of the close, and what men he lost in that attempt. 4 How he was repulsed by the Parliaments forces, and how they rung the bels in defiance of him. 5 A postscript annext to this letter, declaring Prince Ruperts death upon great probabilities. Published at the desire of those that upon occasion will justifie the truth of what is herein contained.
Caradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147? / [1697] The history of Wales comprehending the lives and succession of the princes of Wales, from Cadwalader the last king, to Lhewelyn the last prince of British blood with a short account of the affairs of Wales under the kings of England / written originally in British, by Caradoc of Lhancarvan ; and formerly published in English by Dr. Powel ; now newly augmented and improved by W. Wynne ...
Cardano, Girolamo, 1501-1576. / [1683] Cardan his Three books of consolation English'd ...
Cardell, John. / [1648] The necessity of divine instructions in point of reformation discovered in a sermon preached before the Right Honorable, the Lord Mayor, the Right Worshipful, the sheriffs and aldermen, with other worthy citizens of the city of London, at a solemn anniversary meeting, April 4, 1648 / by John Cardell.
Cardell, John. / [1650] Morbus epidemicus: or, the danger of self-seeking; discovered in a sermon preached before the right honorable, the Lord Major of the city of London, at Mercers-Chappel, Novemb. 18. 1649. By John Cardell.
Cardell, John. / [1650] The magistrates support and burden in a sermon preached at the late election of the lord major for the famous city of London, Sept. 28, 1650 / by John Cardell.
Cardell, John. / [1649] Gods vvisdom justified, and mans folly condemned, touching all maner of outward providential administrations, in a sermon / preached before the Honorable House of Commons, Ian. 31. 1648. By John Cardell.
Cardell, John. / [1648] Gods soveraign power over nations: set forth in a sermon preached at Pauls, before the Right Honourable, John Warner Esq; Lord Major of the city of London, Febr. 20. 1647. Wherein certain endeavors for the settling of mens spirits, in a quiet peaceable posture, in these tumultuous and unquiet times. / By John Cardell, Master of Arts, and preacher to the inhabitants of Alhallows-Lumbardstreet, London. March 3. 1647. Imprimatur Joseph Caryl.
Cardenas, Alonso de. / [1649?] To the Right Honourable the Councell of State: the remonstrance of Don Alonso de Cardenas of the councell of His Catholicke Majesty, and his embassador in England.
Cardenas, Alonso de. / [1650] The addresse of Don Alfonso de Cardenas Lord Ambassadour for the King of Spain, to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, as also a true accompt of the totall overthrow of Prince Ruperts fleet by General Blake at Carthagena in the Medeterranian Sea.
Cardrow, James. / [MDCXCI 1691] An abstract of those laws commanded by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, to be put in speedy execution by Her Majesty's most gracious and pious letter (lately sent to the justices of the peace of the County of Middlesex) met at their general quarter-sessions by adjournment, Friday the 10th of July, 1691 published for the ease and direction of the several and respective officers in the performance of their duty / by James Cardrow ...
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1688] A vindication of the proceedings of His Majesties ecclesiastical commissioners, against the Bishop of London and the fellows of Magdalen-College
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1684] Observations on a paper intituled, The declaration of the Lord Petre upon his death, touching the plot in a letter to His Most Sacred Majesty : being a full answer thereunto.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1687] Liberty of conscience asserted, or, A looking-glass for persecutors being a plain deduction from scripture-history of the original grounds & pretences for persecution : the methods taken to put the same in execution : together with the sad consequences thereof, or, the reward that attends persecuting-spirits.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1688] The legality of the court held by His Majesties ecclesiastical commissioners defended their proceedings no argument against the taking off penal laws & tests.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1688] The last legacy of Henry Care, Gent. lately deceased containing a brief sum of Christian doctrine, by way of question and answer : particularly relating to several of the most important points controverted between us, and the Romanists : decided by express testimonies of the Holy Scripture, and evident reason : published for the use of such as are unable to purchase, or comprehend larger and more elaborate tracts.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1674] The Jewish calendar explained, or, Observations on the ancient Hebrew account of the year, months, and festivals used by the patriarchs and mentioned in Holy Scripture wherein is shown the order, names, and significations of their moneths, the reasons for first instituting their several feasts, as Passover, Tabernacles &c., with the exact days whereon they were celebrated and what they were to shadow forth under the Gospel / published for assisting weak capacities better to understand what they read in Holy Writ ... by Hen. Care.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1688] Harry Care's last will and testament.
Carew, Abel, 17th cent. / [1690] To the High Court in Parliament a vindication of the Protestant religion, or, Of the innocency of the martyrs against the Pope's supremacy and against the errors of the Church of Rome.
Carew, Alexander, Sir, 1609-1644. / [1644] The speech or confession of Sir Alexander Carew Baronet: who was beheaded on Tower-hill on Munday Decemb. 23. 1644. Published by authority.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1659] The title and [i]nterest of Jeremy Elwes Esq. and other creditors of VVilliam Courten, to several mannors and lands within the counties of Worcester and Gloucester, asserted against the issue in taile of the said William Courten, and the trustees at Drury-house : faithfully stated, and printed for the satisfaction of all persons concerned : with some arguments raised thereupon, objections answered, and ten queries left to further resolves, together with the several proceedings and transactions therein duly set forth / by George Carevv ...
Carew, Richard, Sir, d. 1643? / [1640] The warming stone Excellent helps really found out, tried, and had, by a warming stone in his case, which not costing much, will save much cost in fire, and withall avoyd the danger of fire: and likewise is very usefull and comfortable for the colds of aged and sicke people, and for women with child, and in child-bed: as also for fluxes, rheumes, colicks, ruptures, or any cold disease: and for those that in beds, studies, shops, ships, churches, or elsewhere, have need of heate, yet cannot conveniently make use of fire: and likewise for the poore, when having no fire of their owne, they may borrow the heating of this stone at a neighbours fire, if his charity be not altogether cold. These stones with their cases are to be sold at [blank] where more particular satisfaction may be had of the contents of the booke.
Carew, Thomas, 1595?-1639? / [1634] Cœlum Britanicum: A masque at White-Hall in the Banquetting-House, on Shrove-Tuesday-night, the 18. of February, 1633.
Carew, Thomas, Preacher. / [1605] Foure godlie and profitable sermons preached by Maister Thomas Carevv, the first against popery or false religion. Mathew .16.18 ...
Carew, Thomas, Preacher. / [1603] Certaine godly and necessarie sermons, preached by M. Thomas Carew of Bilston in the countie of Suffolke ...
Cargill, Donald, 1619?-1681. / [1691] A letter from Mr. Donald Cargill to his paroch of the Baronny Kirk in Glasgow. March the 27th 1681.
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1606] A sermon preached before the Prince, at Richmond, this present yeere. 1606. By B: Charier, D: of Diuinitie, and one of the Prince his chaplaines
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1649] A missive to His Majesty of Great Britain, King James written divers yeers since by Doctor Carier ; conteining [sic] the motives of his conversion to Catholike religion ; vvith a notable fore-sight of the present distempers both in the church and state of His Majesties dominions, and his advice for the prevention thereof.
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1615] A copy of a letter, vvritten by M. Doctor Carier beyond seas, to some particular friends in England. VVhereunto are added certaine collections found in his closet, made by him (as is thought) of the miserable ends of such as haue impugned the Catholike Church. To which also is annexed a briefe exhortation to perseuere constantly in the said Catholike Church, what opposition soeuer may occurre, and the danger of liuing out of the same; and lastly, a few examples of the admirable prosperity, of such as haue defended the Catholike Church
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1632] A carrier to a king. Or Doctour Carrier (Chaplayne to K. Iames of happy memory) his motiues of renoncing the protestant religio[n] & imbracing the Cath. Roman. Directed to the sayd K. Maiesty.
Carion, Johannes, 1499-1537 or 8. / [ca. 1550] A wonderfull prophecye contynuyng tyll the yere of our Lorde, M.D.LX made by the famous and excellente clerke, Master Iohn Caryon, astronomer of the prince electour of Brandenborgh, for a glasse or example to them that understand and are wyse, and for a disdayne and reprofe to them that are folysh ; translated out of Doutch into J[n]glysh by Anthony Scoloker.
Carleill, Christopher, 1551?-1593. / [1583?] A breef and sommarie discourse vpon the entended voyage to the hethermoste partes of America: Written by Captaine Carleill in Aprill 1583. for the better inducement to satisfie suche marchauntes of the Moscouian Companie and others, as in disburcyng their money towardes the furniture of the present charge: doe demaunde forthwith a present returne of gaine: albeit their saied perticuler disburcements are required but in verie slender sommes: The highest beeyng twentie and fiue pounde. The second at twelve pound ten shillynges. And y[e] lowest at sixe pound fiue shillinges.
Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675. / [1629] The deseruing fauorite. As it was lately acted, first before the Kings Maiestie, and since publikely at the Black-Friers. By his Maiesties seruants. Written by Lodovvicke Carlell, Esquire, Gentle-man of the Bovves, and Groome of the King and Queenes Priuie Chamber.
Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675. / [1639] Arviragus and Philicia As it was acted at the Private House in Black-Fryers by his Majesties servants. The first and second part.
Carles, Thomas, 1625 or 6-1675. / [1661] A sermon preached at the Cathedral Church in Gloucester, upon St. Georges Day on which day His most sacred Majesty Charles the Second, was most solemnly crowned / by Tomas Carles ...
Carleton, Dudley, Viscount Dorchester, 1573-1632. / [1618] The speech of Sir Dudly Carlton Lord Ambassadour for the King of Great Britaine made in the Assembly of the Lords the Estates Generall of the vnited Prouinces of the Low Countries. Being assembled at the Haghe. Touching the discord and troubles of the Church and policie, caused by the schismaticall doctrine of Arminius. Exhibited the 6. of October. 1617. Set forth by authoritie.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1615] Directions to know the true church. Written by George Carleton, Doctor of Diuinitie
Carleton, Mary, 1642?-1673. / [MDCLXIII. 1663] The case of Madam Mary Carleton, lately stiled the German Princess, truely stated with an historical relation of her birth, education, and fortunes; in an appeal to his illustrious Highness Prince Rupert. By the said Mary Carleton.
Carleton, Tho. (Thomas) / [printed in the year of our Lord 1684] The confider in falshood confounded. Being an answer to an abusive book lately published by William Wright of Dublin, against Thomas Carleton his tenant in the first place: And Will. Edmondson, John Burnyet, Abraham Fuller, and Franc. Randall, arbitrators, in the second place; equally chosen to end some difference between the said William Wright and Thomas Carleton, &c.
Carleton, Tho. (Thomas) / [1668] The captives complaint, or, The prisoners plea against the burthensom and contentious title of tythes with a true relation of the prisoners spiritual progress, & travel towards the new and heavenly Jerusalem ...
Carleton, Thomas, 1636?-1684. / [printed in the year, 1694] The memory of that faithful servant of the Lord Thomas Carleton, reviv'd. Being a collection of several of his vvritings in the ensuing volume as a testimony of his zeal for promoting the blessed truth and establishing of Friends therein. : Also some testimonies concerning his faithfulness and perseverance in the way of the Lord, unto the finishing of his course here with joy, which was the 18th day of the ninth month, 1684.
Carleton, Thomas, 1636?-1684. / [1676] A general epistle containing wholsom admonition & advice to friends in Ireland and elsewhere
Carliell, Robert, d. 1622? / [1618] Britaines glorie, or An allegoricall dreame: with the exposition thereof. Containing [brace]the heathens infidelitie, the Turkes blasphemie, the popes hypocrisie, Amsterdams varietie, the Church of Englands veritie [brace] in religion. And in our Church of England, [brace] the kings excellency. His issues integritie. The nobles and gentries constancie. The councels and iudges fidelitie. The preachers puritie. The bishops sinceritie. / Conceiued and written by Robert Carlyle gent. for the loue and honour of his king and country.
Carlingford, Francis Taaffe, Earl of, 1639-1704. / [1697] The case of Francis Earl of Carlingford humbly offered to the honourable the House of Commons.
Carlisle, James Hay, Earl of, ca. 1612-1660. / [Printed in the year 1655] Collonel James Hays speech to the Parlament upon the debate concerning toleration. As it was taken by Anonimus a Member of the House, and sent to the press with this epigram on the author. [dagger] Fælix fifa suis cælebrata Catonibus eheu! clodius in miseros furit, & Catalina Britannos. [dagger] Henderson ...
Carmeni, Francesco. / [1653. i.e. 1652] Nissena, an excellent new romance: / written originally in Italian by Francesco Carmeni; and now Englished by an honorable anti-socordist.
Carmichael, Alexander, d. 1676. / [1677] Believers mortification of sin by the Holy Spirit, or, Gospel-holiness advanced by the power of the Holy Ghost on the hearts of the faithful to which is added the authors three last sermons, on Gen. 3.15 / by the learned and pious Alexander Carmichael ... ; published by his own copy.
Carolan, Neal. / [1688] Motives of conversion to the Catholick faith, as it is professed in the reformed Church of England by Neal Carolan ...
Caron, R. (Redmond), 1605?-1666. / [printed in the year, 1660] A vindication of the Roman Catholicks of the English nation. From some aspersions lately cast upon them. In a letter from a Protestant gentleman in the countrey, to a citizen of London.
Carpenter, Agricola. / [1652] Pseuchographia anthropomagica or, a magicall description of the soul: wherein is set forth the nature, genesis and exodus of it. By Agricola Carpenter.
Carpenter, Henry, 1605 or 6-1662. / [1653] A sermon preached at the assizes in Salisbury upon Saturday, July 23. 1653 By Henry Carpenter, vicar of Steeple-Ashton in Wiltshire.
Carpenter, Henry, 1605 or 6-1662. / [1657] The deputy divinity or, inferiour deity and subordinate God in the world, Conscience, I say, 1 Cor.10.29. A discourse of conscience, being the substance of two sermons, delivered: one of them at the Temple-church in London: the other in the countrey. / By Henry Carpenter, Minister of the gospel at Steeple-Ashton in Wilts.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1588] Time complaining, giueth a most godly admonition, and very profitable instruction to England in this our dangerous tyme Whereunto is added a comfortable prayer to be vsed in this tyme. By Iohn Carpenter.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1599] The song of the beloued, concerning his vineyard Modulated, and applied to moue men to know and embrace that, which belongeth to their peace, in this their time. By Iohn Carpenter of Norleigh in Deuon.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1606] Schelomonocham, or King Solomon his solace. Containing (among many thinges of right worthy request) King Solomon his politie, his true repentance, and finally his salvation, first presented to the Kinges most excellent Maiestie, and afterward published.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1588] Remember Lots wife Two godly and fruitfull sermons verie conuenient for this our time: lately preached on a Sunday in the Cathedral Church of S. Peters, in Excester: the one, in the forenoone: the other, in the afternoone the same day. By Iohn C.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1597] A preparatiue to contentation conteining a display of the wonderfull distractions of men in opinions and straunge conceits: and of the seuerall discontentations which are incident to euerie particular vocation and condition of men in this life, with the causes and inconueniences of the same: also how they may be either salued or qualified, pacified or eased. Consected applicatorie, especially to this people and time, as an argument most necessary and profitable to be vrged. By Iohn Carpenter.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1607] The plaine ma[ns] spirituall plough Containing the godly and spirituall husbandrie. Wherein euery Christian ought to be exercised, for the happie encrease of fruite, to eternall life. By I.C. preacher of the word.
Carpenter, John, d. 1621. / [1601] Contemplations for the institution of children in the Christian religion. Collected and published by Iohn Carpenter.
Carpenter, Richard, 1575-1627. / [1617] Three profitable sermons. 1. A pastorall charge. 2. Christs Larum-bell. 3. The soules sentinell Preached at seuerall times vpon sundry occasions, by Richard Carpenter pastor of Sherwill in Devon.
Carpenter, Richard, 1575-1627. / [1623] The conscionable Christian: or, The indeuour of Saint Paul, to haue and discharge a good conscience alwayes towards God, and men laid open and applyed in three sermons. Preached before the honourable judges of the circuit, at their seuerall assises, holden in Chard and Taunton, for the county of Somerset. 1620. By Richard Carpenter, Doctor of Diuinity, and pastor of Sherwell in Deuon.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1663] Rome in her fruits being a sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1662, near to the standard in Cheapside : in the which sermon the author sets up his standard in opposition to the fruits and practices of Rome, and likewise answers in brief a late pamphlet, entitled Reasons why Roman Catholicks should not be pe[r]s[e]cuted / by Richard Carpenter.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1652] The perfect-law of God being a sermon, and no sermon;-: preach'd,-, and yet not preach'd;-: in a-church, but not in a-church; to a people, that are not a people-. / By Richard Carpenter. Wherein also, he gives his first alarum to his brethren of the presbytery; as being his-brethren, but not his-brethren.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1656] The last, and highest appeal. Or, An appeal to God, against the new-religion-makers, dresters, menders, or venders amongst us. Wherein is evidenced, amongst other things, that they have not true faith, true repentance, or true charity. Likewise, that the seven heads of sin, commonly called, the seven deadly sins, are manifestly apparent in the lifes of their preachers. / By Richard Carpenter.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1656] The Iesuit, and the monk: or, The serpent, and the dragon: or, Profession, and practice. Being a sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1656. / By Richard Carpenter.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1641] Experience, historie, and divinitie Divided into five books. Written by Richard Carpenter, vicar of Poling, a small and obscure village by the sea-side, neere to Arundel in Sussex. Who being, first a scholar of Eaton Colledge, and afterwards, a student in Cambridge, forsooke the Vniversity, and immediatly travelled, in his raw, green, and ignorant yeares, beyond the seas; ... and is now at last, by the speciall favour of God, reconciled to the faire Church of Christ in England? Printed by order from the House of Commons.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1644] The downfal of Anti-Christ, or, A treatise by R.C.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1657] Astrology proved harmless, useful, pious. Being a sermon / written by Richard Carpenter.
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1653] The Anabaptist washt and washt, and shrunk in the washing: or, A scholasticall discussion of the much-agitated controversie concerning infant-baptism; occasiond by a publike disputation, before a great assembly of ministers, and other persons of worth, in the Church of Newport-Pagnall, betwixt Mr Gibs minister there, and the author, Rich. Carpenter, Independent. Wherin also, the author occasionally, declares his judgement concerning the Papists; and afterwards, concerning Episcopacy.
Carr, Alan, d. 1668. / [1665] A peaceable moderator, or, Some plain considerations to give satisfaction to such as stand dis-affected to our Book of common prayer established by authority clearing it from the aspersion of popery, and giving the reasons of all the things therein contained and prescribed / made by Alan Carr ...
Carr, Robert, fl. 1686-1696. / [1690] An antidote against lust: or, A discourse of uncleanness, shewing its various kinds, great evil, the temptations to it, and most effectual cure. By Robert Carr, minister of the Church of England
Carr, William. / [Printed in the year, M.DC.LXVII 1667] An occasional dialogue at a coffee-house, between Philanax Britannicus, and Calophilus Anglus, two loyal English gentlemen, sincere lovers of justice, truth, and their nations honour / authore Coffo-Philo.
Carre, James. / [August. 5. 1644] A letter by the Lord Generals direction, from Collonel Carre governour of Plimouth, to the Lord Admirall. Allo [sic], good news from Ireland, of Inchiqvins declaring himself against the rebels, and 14000 Scots marched towards them, and other passages from thence. And, Hastings forces routed in Derbyshire; 1.Sergeant Major, and 1.Captain slain. 30. other commanders and common men slain also. 140, taken prisoners whereof 80. at Egington. Many wounded. And 60. horse taken, besides armes. Printed according to order. August. 5.
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [1651] A treatise of subiection to the powers. Preached almost a yeer since, and now copied out for the presse; yet not to flatter any, but to inform all. : To the powers I say as Jehosaphat did, 2 Chron. 9.6 ... : To others I say in the words of the apostle, I Pet. 2.13 ... / By Tho. Carre.
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [1665] Sweete thovghtes of Iesvs and Marie, or, Meditations for all the feasts of ovr B. Saviovr and his B. Mother togeither with Meditations for all the Sundayes of the yeare and our Sauiovrs Passion : for the vse of the daughters of Sion : diuided into tvvo partes / by Thomas Carre ...
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [M.DC.LXV. 1665] A proper looking glasse for the daughters of Sion or St. Augustines life abbridged, and reduced into points of meditation VVith meditations for a spirituall exercise at clothings and professions. By Thomas Carre their confessour.
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [1666] Pietas Parisiensis, or, A short description of the pietie and charitie comonly [sic] exercised in Paris which represents in short, the pious practises of the whole Catholike Church / by Thomas Carre ...
Carre, Thomas, 1599-1674. / [anno Dom. 1646. With permission & approbation] Occasionall discourses 1. Of worship and prayer to angells and saints. 2. Of purgatorie. 3. Of the Popes supremacie. 4. Of the succession of the Church. Had with Doctor Cosens, by word of mouth, or by writing from him. By Thomas Carre confessour of the English nunnerie at Paris. As also, An answer to a libell written by the said Doctor Cosens against the great Generall councell of Lateran under Innocentius the third, in the yeere of our Lord 1215. By Thomas Vane Doctor in Diuinity of Cambridge.
Carrey, Edward. / [1688?] A serious meditation for sinners vvhich is set forth in several discourses, which passed between a soul at her departure, and the members of the body : in three parts / by Edward Carrey.
Carstairs, John, fl. 1646-1660. / [Anno 1691] A song for this sad times; composed by one of the now many wanderers, when much separated from the society of men, and somewhat incommodat for other works to divert him from vain ravings, and for to humble and recreat his own spirit. / By Mr. Jo. Castairs, Minister of the Gospel at Glasgow, when under imprisonment.
Carstares, William, 1649-1715. / [1685] A full discovery of the late fanatical plot in Scotland, or, The Deposition of Mr. William Carstares when he was examined before the Lords of Secret Committee given by him and renewed upon oath, upon the the 22 of December, 1684, in presence of the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council.
Carswell, Francis, d. 1709. / [1684] The state-reformer inquired into, in a sermon before the honourable judges at Ailesbury assises in Bucks, March 3. 1683/4 / By Francis Carswell, D.D. chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty.
Carte, Samuel, 1653-1740. / [MDCXCIV. 1694] A dissuasive from murmuring Being a sermon on 1 Cor. X. 10. Preached by Sam. Carte, M.A. Imprimatur, May 14. 1694. Geo. Royse.
Carter, Bezaleel, d. 1629. / [1618] The wise King, and the learned iudge in a sermon, out of the 10. verse of the 2. psalme: lamenting the death, and proposing the example, of Sir Edvvard Levvenor, a religious gentleman. Preached vpon a lecture-day at Canham in Suffolke. By Bezalell Carter.
Carter, Bezaleel, d. 1629. / [1615] A sermon of Gods omnipotencie and prouidence
Carter, Bezaleel, d. 1629. / [1621] Christ his last vvill, and Iohn his legacy In a sermon preached at Clare in Suffolke, by Bezaleel Carter preacher of the word of God at Canham neere to Saint Edmunds Bury.
Carter, John, 1554-1635. / [1628] Winter-evenings communication with young novices in religion. Or Questions and answers about certaine chiefe grounds of Christian religion wherein every answer, rightly understood, hath the force of an oracle of God. By Iohn Carter, preacher of Gods Word.
Carter, John, 1554-1635. / [1627] A plaine and compendious exposition of Christs Sermon in the Mount contayned in the 5.6.7. chapters of Saint Matthew. Being the substance of sundry sermons. By Iohn Carter minister at Belstead neare Ipswych:
Carter, Oliver, 1540?-1605. / [1579] An ansvvere made by Oliuer Carter, Bacheler of Diuinitie: unto certaine popish questions and demaundes
Carter, R., 17th cent. / [1662] Life & death offered to the choice of the sons and daughters of Adam, or, A doctrinal essay towards the discovery of the broad way that leadeth to destruction, and also the narrow path that leadeth unto life being the substance of several sermons preach'd on Matth. 7, 13, 14 : in the entrance of which discourse you have something spoken occasionally touching judging of others, and also touching the giving of holy things to dogs, and casting pearls before swine.
Carter, Richard, 17th/18th cent. / [1695] A beneficial proposal, wherein all adventurers are gainers: for exchanging the blank tickets, and 10l. benefit tickets in the Million-Adventure, by making them much more valuable than now they are, to all persons that shall bring them into this proposal, made by R. Carter, and others. As likewise shewing, the great difference betwixt those proposals made by Tho. Neale, and Dalby Thomas, Esquires, and this now proposed; which last will appear to be much more the advantage to the adventurers than that formerly proposed by T.N. and D.T.
Carter, Thomas, d. 1646. / [1643] Prayers prevalencie for Israels safety. Declared in a sermon preached in Saint Margarets Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, at the late solemne fast, June 28. 1643. / By Thomas Carter, minister of Dynton in Buckingham-shire. ; Published by order of that House.
Carter, Thomas, of London. / [1627] Carters Christian common vvealth; or, Domesticall dutyes deciphered
Carter, W. (William) / [1685] To the merchants and clothiers of England
Carter, W. (William) / [1685] A summary of certain papers about wooll as the interest of England is concerned in it by W.C.
Carter, W. (William) / [anno. Dom. MDCLXXXIX. 1689] Englands intrest [sic] in securing the woollen-manufacture, of this realm Against the artiffices, and designs of France, asserted and made evident to all true lovers of their country. To which is added a reply to some objections formerly made to the same subject.
Carter, W. (William) / [1672] A brief advertisement to the merchant and clothier about the present state of the woollen manufactures of this nation by William Carter.
Carter, W. (William) / [1700] An alarum to England to prevent its destruction by the loss of trade and navigation; which at this day is in great danger. Submitted to consideration in time.
Carter, W. (William) / [1685?] An account of some proceedings, lately made, for an effectual prohibition of the exportation of wooll, &c. recommended to the woollen manufacturers of this kingdome.
Carter, W. (William) / [1694] An abstract of the proceedings of W. Carter being a plea to some objections urged against him.
Carter, William, 1605-1658. / [1648] Light in darknesse: discovered in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, November 24. 1647. being the day of their publick fast. / By William Carter, minister of the Gospel. Published by order from that House.
Carter, William, 1605-1658. / [M.DC.XLII. 1642] Israels peace with God Beniamines overthrow A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, August 31. 1642. By William Carter. Published by order from that House.
Carter, William, 1605-1658. / [1654] The covenant of God with Abraham, opened. Wherein I. The duty of infant-baptism is cleared. II. Something added concerning the Sabbath, and the nature and increase of the kingdome of Christ. Together with a short discourse concerning the manifestations of God unto his people in the last dayes. Wherein is shewed the manner of the spirits work therein to be in the use of ordinary gifts, not by extraordinary revelations. / By William Carter minister of the gospel in London.
Cartigny, Jean de, 1520?-1578. / [1661] The voyage of the wandring knight shewing the whole course of man's life, how apt he is to follow vanity, and how hard it is for him to attain vertue / devised by John Cartheny, a French man ; and translated out of French into English by W.G. of Southampton, merchant ...
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1658] A practical and polemical commentary or exposition on the whole fifteenth Psalm wherein the text is learnedly and fruitfully explained, some controversies discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, more especially that of usurie : many common places succinctly handled ... / by Christopher Cartwright ... ; the life of the reverend and learned author is prefixed.
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1647] The magistrates authority, in matters of religion; and the souls immortality,: vindicated in two sermons preach'd at York. / By Christopher Cartvvright, B.D. and Minister of Gods Word there.
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1650] The doctrine of faith. Or, The prime and principall points which a Christian is to know and believe. Handled in sundry sermons upon texts of scripture selected and chosen for the purpose. Wherein the method of the creed, (commonly called the Apostles Creed) is observed; and the articles thereof are confirmed, explained and applied, for the instructing of the ignorant, and the establishing of all in the truth. / By Christopher Cartwright, Minister of the Word at York.
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1649] A brief and plain exposition of the creed, commonly called the Apostles Creed. By Christopher Cartwright minister in York.
Cartwright, George, fl. 1661. / [1660?] Upon the just judgement of His Majesties unjust judges
Cartwright, Johanna. / [1649] The petition of the Jewes for the repealing of the Act of Parliament for their banishment out of England. Presented to his Excellency and the generall Councell of Officers on Fryday Jan. 5. 1648. With their favourable acceptance thereof. Also a petition of divers commanmanders [sic], prisoners in the Kings Bench, for the releasing of all prisoners for debt, according to the custome of other countries.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1616] A treatise of Christian religion. Or, the whole bodie and substance of diunintie. By T.C.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1602. Cum priuilegio regio] Syn theōi en christōi the ansvvere to the preface of the Rhemish Testament. By T. Cartwright.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [M.D.LXXV. 1575] The second replie of Thomas Cartwright: agaynst Maister Doctor Whitgiftes second answer, touching the Churche discipline
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [M.D.LXXVII. 1577] The rest of the second replie of Thomas Cartvurihgt [sic]: agaynst Master Doctor Vuhitgifts second ansvuer, touching the Church discipline
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1573] A replye to an ansvvere made of M. Doctor VVhitgifte Against the admonition to the Parliament. By T.C.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1622] A plaine explanation of the vvhole Revelation of Saint John Very necessary and comfortable in these dayes of trouble and affliction in the church. Penned by a faithfull preacher, now with God, for more priuate vse, and now published for the further benefit of the people of God.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1612] A commentary vpon the epistle of Saint Paule written to the Colossians. Preached by Thomas Cartwright, and now published for the further vse of the Church of God
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1611] Christian religion: substantially, methodicalli[e,] [pla]inlie, and profitablie treatised
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1596] A brief apologie of Thomas Cartwright against all such slaunderous accusations as it pleaseth Mr Sutcliffe in seuerall pamphlettes most iniuriously to loade him with.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1686] A sermon preached upon the anniversary solemnity of the happy inauguration of our dread soveraign Lord King James II in the Collegiate Church of Ripon, February the 6th. 1685/6 / by Thomas Cartwright ...
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1684] A sermon preached to the gentlemen of Yorkshire at Bow-Church in London, the 24th of June, 1684, being the day of their yearly feast by Tho. Cartwright ...
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1676] A sermon preached July 17. 1676. in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York, before the Right Honourable Sir Francis North, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas; and the Honourable Vere Bertie Esquire, one of the barons of the Exchequer; His Majesties judges of assize for the Northern Circuit By Thomas Cartwright D.D. and Dean of Ripon, chaplain in ordiary to His Majesty.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1676] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, January the 9th 1675[/]6 By Thomas Cartwright, D.D. chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty. Published by His Majesties special command.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1659] The good man's epitaph briefly explained & applyed in a sermon at the funeral of Mr. John Drury. By Thomas Cartwright, M. of A. of Queens College Oxon, and now vicar of Waltham-stow in Essex.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1682] A sermon preached at Holy-Rood House, January 30. 1681/2. before Her Highness the Lady Anne. Tho. Cartwright ...
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1659 i.e. 1658] God's arraignment of Adam: declared in a sermon preach'd at St Pauls, Septemb 5. 1658. before the right honorable the Lord Major, aldermen, and Common-Council. By Thomas Cartwright, M.A. of Queens Coll. Oxon. and now vicar of Walthamstow in Essex.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1662] The danger of riches discovered in a sermon / preach'd at St. Pauls, Septemb. the 28th 1662 before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor by Thomas Cartwright ...
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [Printed in the Year 1685] Verses made upon the several festivals of November and remarkable days in the Whiggish-calendar by way of remembrance to all Loyalists and caution to all Turks, infidels, Jews and other dissenters / by Merlynnius Redivivus.
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1652] An off-spring of mercy, issuing out of the womb of cruelty. or, A passion sermon preached at Christs-Church in Oxford, by that late renowned ornament of the University, William Carwright.
Carwardine, Daniel, b. 1600 or 1601. / [1652] A briefe discourse touching a broken heart: In which the nature, causes, and signes of it are solidly treated of; as also, its acceptablenesse to God; together with many other motives pressing us to labour after the procurement of it, and the means leading thereunto: Being the summe and substance of certain sermons preached by Mr. Daniel Carwardine, late minister of Eling in the county of Middlesex. And since his death put forth by S.R. a friend of his. Whereunto is annexed, a confession of faith by Mr. Samuel Rowles, late fellow of Trinity-Colledge in Cambridge. And now minister of Thistleworth in the county of Middlesex.
Cary, Edward, d. 1711. / [Printed in the year, 1681] The catechist catechiz'd: or, Loyalty asserted in vindication of the oath of allegiance, against a new catechism set forth by a father of the Society of Jesus To which is annexed a decree, made by the fathers of the same Society, against the said oath: with animadversions upon it. By Adolphus Brontius, a Roman-Catholick.
Cary, John. / [1700?] A reply to a paper delivered to the right honourable the lords spiritual and temporal, entituled, The linnen-drapers answer to that part of Mr. Cary's essay on trade that concerns the East-India trade.:
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1698] A vindication of the Parliament of England, in answer to a book written by William Molyneux of Dublin, Esq., intituled, The case of Irelands being bound by acts of Parliament in England, stated by John Cary ...
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1696] A discourse concerning the trade of Ireland and Scotland, as they stand in competition with the trade of England being taken out of an essay on trade / written by Mr. John Cary, merchant in Bristol, and printed at Bristol, anno 1695.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1699] A discourse concerning the East-India-trade. A discourse concerning the East-India-trade, shewing how it is unprofitable to the kindome of England. Being taken out of an essay on trade; written by Mr. John Cary, merchant in Bristol, in the year 1695. To which are added some observations of Sir Jos. Child and of the author of the Essay on ways and means relating to trade. And also, a copy of the French King's decree, concerning printed callicoes.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1696] A discourse concerning the East-India trade shewing it to be unprofitable to the kingdom of England : being taken out of a essay on trade / written by Mr. John Cary ...
Cary, Mary. / [1647] A vvord in season to the kingdom of England. Or, A precious cordiall for a distempered kingdom.: Wherein are laid down things profitable, and usefull for all, and offensive to none that love the truth and peace. / By the meanest of the servants of Jesus Christ, M. Cary.
Cary, Mary. / [1651] The little horns doom & dovvnfall or A scripture-prophesie of King James, and King Charles, and of this present Parliament, unfolded. Wherein it appeares, that the late tragedies that have bin acted upon the scene of these three nations: and particularly, the late Kings doom and death, was so long ago, as by Daniel pred-eclared [sic]. And what the issue of all will be, is also discovered; which followes in the second part. By M. Cary, a servant of Jesus Christ.
Cary, Philip. / [MDCXC 1690] A solemn call unto all that would be owned as Christ's faithful witnesses, speedily and seriously, to attend unto the primitive purity of the Gospel doctrine and worship, or, A discourse concerning baptism wherein that of infants is disproved as having no footing nor foundation at all in the Word of God, by way of answer to the arguments made use of by Mr. William Allen, Mr. Sidenham, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Burthogge, and others for the support of that practice : wherein the covenant made with Israel at Mount Sinai ... : together with a description of that truly evangelical covenant God was pleased to make with believing Abraham ... / by Philip Carey ...
Cary, Philip. / [1684] A disputation between a doctor and an apothecary, or, A reply to the new argument of Dr. R. Burthogge, M.D. for infants baptism wherein the novelty in which it glories is justly censured and its harmony proved to be no better than self repugnancy and a manifest abuse of scripture / by Philip Cary, a neighbouring apothecary ...
Cary, Thomas, 1648 or 9-1711. / [1691] A sermon preached in the parish-church of St. Philip and Jacob, in the city of Bristol on Wednesday the 15th of July, 1691. Being the monthly-fast. By Thomas Cary, M.A. Vicar of the parish of St. Philip and Jacob, in the city of Bristol.
Cary, Thomas, 1648 or 9-1711. / [1691] A sermon preached in the parish-church of St Nicholas, in the city of Bristol, August the 27th, 1691 Being the anniversary festival of the natives of that city. By Thomas Cary, M.A. and vicar of the parish of St Philip and Jacob, in the city of Bristol.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1642] The workes of Ephesus explained in a sermon before the honovrable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, April 27th 1642 / by Ioseph Caryl ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1662] The white robe, or, The undefiled Christian clothed in a vvhite garment held forth in a farewel sermon / preached by Mr. Joseph Caryl at Magnus, August the 17, 1662.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1657] A sermon pressing to, and directing in, that great duty of praising God. Preached to the Parliament at Westminster, Octob: 8. 1656. Being the day of their solemn thanksgiving to God for that late successe given to some part of the fleet of this Common-wealth against the Spanish fleet in its return from the West Indies. / By Joseph Caryl, minister of the Gospel at Magnus near London Bridge.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1644] The saints thankfull acclamation at Christs resumption of his great power and the initials of his kingdome. Delivered in a sermon at Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, upon the day of their solemne thanksgiving unto God, for the great victory given our armie, under the command of the noble Lord Fairfax, at Selby in Yorke-shire and to other the Parliaments forces in Pembrock-shire, April 23d, 1644. By Joseph Caryl preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes-Inne.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] The present duty and endeavour of the saints. Opened in a sermon at Pauls upon the Lords day December, 14th. 1645. / By Joseph Caryl, minister of the Gospell at Magnus neere London-Bridge.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1651] The oppressor destroyed. As it was delivered in a sermon at Pauls Septem. 21. 1651. Preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Right worshipfull the aldermen and the sheriffs his brethren. It being a sermon in commemoration of the 3d of Sept. on which day it pleased the Lord to vouchsafe a wonderfull victorie to the Parliaments forces before Worcester, in the total defeat of the enemie, By Joseph Carryl, Minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London-Bridge.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1643] The nature, solemnity, grounds, property, and benefits, of a sacred covenant. Together with the duties of those who enter into such a covenant. Delivered in a sermon at Westminster, at the publique convention, (ordered by the Honourable House of Commons) for the taking of the Covenant, by all such, of all degrees, as willingly presented themselves, upon Friday, Octob. 6. 1643. By Ioseph Caryl, preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes-Inne.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1673] The nature and principles of love, as the end of the commandment declared in some of the last sermons of Mr. Joseph Caryl ; with an epistle prefixed by John Owen ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] Memorable dayes and workes of God, in the yeare past. 1645. Or A catalogue of the cities, castles, townes, and forts, that have beene taken by the Parliaments forces since Ianuary last.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] Ioy out-joyed: or, Joy in overcoming evil spirits and evil men, overcome by better joy: set forth in a sermon at Martins in the fields, to the Right Honourable the Lords assembled in Parliament, upon the day of their solemn rejoycing and praising God, for reducing the city of Chester by the forces of the Parliament, under the command of Sr William Brereton, February 19. 1645. / By Joseph Caryl minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London Bridge.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] Heaven and earth embracing; or, God and man approaching: shewed in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons upon the day of their publike fast at Margarets Westminster, January 28. 1645. By Joseph Caryl minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London Bridge.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1675] Gospel-love, heart-purity, and the flourishing of the righteous being the last sermon of the late reverend Mr. Joseph Caryl.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1655] An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth chapters of the book of Job being the summe of thirty-seven lectures, delivered at Magnus near London Bridge. By Joseph Caryl, preacher of the Word, and pastour of the congregation there.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1661] An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the thirty second, the thirty third, and the thirty fourth chapters of the booke of Job being the substance of forty-nine lectures / delivered at Magnus neare the Bridge, London, by Joseph Caryl ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1650] An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of the book of Job being the summe of twenty three lectures delivered at Magnus neer the bridge, London / by Joseph Caryl.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1647] An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the eighth, ninth and tenth chapters of the book of Job being the summe of thirty two lectures, delivered at Magnus neer the bridge, London / by Joseph Caryl ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1664] An exposition with practical observations continued upon the thirty-fifth, thirty-sixth, and thirty-seventh chapters of the book of Job being the substance of thirty-five lectures / by Joseph Caryl ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1666] An exposition with practical observations continued upon the thirty-eighth, thirty-ninth, fortieth, forty-first, and forty-second, being the five last, chapters of the book of Job being the substance of fifty-two lectures or meditations / by Joseph Caryl ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1656] An exposition with practical observations continued upon the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chapters of the Book of Job being the substance of XXXV lectures delivered at Magnus near the bridge, London / by Joseph Caryl.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1646] Englands plus ultra both of hoped mercies, and of required duties : shewed in a sermon preached to the honourable Houses of Parliament, the Lord Major, Court of Aldermen, and Common-Councell of London, together with the Assembly of Divines, at Christ-Church, April 2, 1646 : being the day of their publike thanksgiving to Almighty God for the great successe of the Parliaments army in the West, especially in Cornwall, under the conduct of his excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax / by Joseph Caryl, minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer the bridge, London, and a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1643] Davids prayer for Solomon, containing the proper endowments and duty royall of a king, with the consequent blessings upon a kingdome. Delivered in a sermon at Christ-Church London, before the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the right worshipfull the aldermen his bretheren, together with the worshipfull companies of the said city, upon the 27th. of March, 1643. Being the commemoration of his Majesties inauguration. By Joseph Caryl, preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes Inne. It is this present eight day of Aprill, anno Domini, 1643. Ordered by the Committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this sermon intituled (Davids Prayer for Solomon, containing, the proper endowments and duty royall of a King, &c.) be printed and published. John White.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [M.DC.XLV. 1645] The arraignment of unbelief, as the grand cause of our nationall non-establishment: cleared in a sermon to the Honourable House of Commons in Parliament, at Margarets Westminster, upon the 28th. of May, 1645. being the day of their publike fast. / By Joseph Caryl, late preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes-Inne, now pastor at Magnus neer the bridge, London.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1660] A vindication of the Lords prayer, as a formal prayer, and by Christ's institution to be used by Christians as a prayer: against the antichristian practice and opinion of some men. Wherein, also their private and ungrounded zeal is discovered, who are very strict for the observation of the Lords Day, and make so light of the Lords prayer. By Meric Casaubon, D.D. one of the prebandaries of C.C. Canterb.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1645] The originall cause of temporall evils. The opinions of the most ancient heathens concerning it, examined by the sacred Scriptures, and referred unto them, as to the sourse and fountaine from whence they sprang. / By Meric Casaubon D.D.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1669] A letter of Meric Casaubon D.D. &c to Peter du Moulin D.D. and prebendarie of the same church concerning natural experimental philosophie, and some books lately set out about it.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1646] A discourse concerning Christ his incarnation, and exinanition. As also, concerning the principles of Christianity: by way of introduction. / By Meric Casaubon. D.D.
Case, John, Dr. / [1692] Read, try, judge, and speak as you find. At the Black Ball and Old Lillys Head, next door to the Feather shops that are within Black-Friers Gate-way, which is over against Ludgate Church, just by Ludgate in London (through God's mercy to do good) now liveth J. Case, who succeeds in the room of Mr. Tho. Saffold lately deceased, who is an approved and licensed physician and student in astrology. Of him the sick may have advice for nothing.
Case, John, Dr. / [1695] A most infallible, and sure, cheap, secret, safe, and speedy cure for a clap, any heat of urine, pricking pain in making water, matter issuing from the yard, running of the reins, of the French-pox.
Case, John, Dr. / [between 1690 and 1700] A chymical physician. Who cures all diseases curable incident to mankind, easeth all afflicted spirits; and in fine, performs all that may be in astrology and physick with that infallibility, that never yet any has done; ...
Case, John, Dr. / [1690-1700] At Lily's Head, over against Ludgate Church, within Black Fryars Gateway, next door to the feather-shop you will find your old physian [sic], J.C. of 22 years practice, ...
Case, John, fl. 1680-1700. / [between 1690 and 1700] Dear friends, let your disease be what God will, pray to him for a cure, try Case's skill; who may be such an healing instrument, as will cure you to your own heart's content.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1647] Spirituall vvhordome discovered in a sermon preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, upon the solemn day of humiliation, May 26. 1647. / By Tho. Case, preacher in Milkstreet, London; and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1645] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at Westminster, August 22. 1645. Being the day appointed for their solemn thanksgiving unto God for his several mercies to the forces of the Parliament in divers parts of the kingdome, in the gaining of the towns of Bath and Bridgewater, and of Scarborough-Castle, and Sherborn-Castle, and for the dispersing of the Clubmen, and the good successe in Pembroke-shire. By Thomas Case, preacher at Milkstreet, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1644] The root of apostacy, and fountain of true fortitude. Delivered in a sermon before rhe [sic] Honourable House of Commons, on their late day of thanks-giving for the great victory given to Sir William Waller and the forces with him, against the army of Sir Ralph Hopton. By Thomas Case, Preacher at Milk-street, London, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1644 i.e. 1643] The quarrell of the covenant, with the pacification of the quarrell. Delivered in three sermons on Levit. 26. 25. and Jere. 50. 5. / By Thomas Case, preacher of the Word in Milk-street, London; and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1670] Movnt Pisgah, or, A prospect of heaven being an exposition on the fourth chapter of the first epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, from the 13th verse, to the end of the chapter, divided into three parts / by Tho. Case ...
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1655] The morning-exercise, or some short notes taken out of the morning-sermons which divers reverend ministers of the gospel, in the city of London preached in Giles in the Fields, during the moneth of May 1655. / By Tho. Case, minister of Gods word.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1660] The morning exercise methodized; or Certain chief heads and points of the Christian religion opened and improved in divers sermons, by several ministers of the City of London, in the monthly course of the morning exercise at Giles in the Fields. May 1659.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1646] A model of true spiritual thankfulnesse. Delivered in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, upon their day of thanksgiving, being Thursday, Feb. 19. 1645, for the great mercy of God, in the surrender of the citie of Chester into the hands of the Parliaments forces in Cheshire, under the command of Sir William Brereton. / By Tho. Case, preacher in Milkstreet London, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1666] Hagio-mimesis The imitation of the saints : opened in some practical meditations upon the death of Mrs. Anne Browne, late wife of Mr. Peter Browne of Hammersmith / by Thomas Case ...
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1642] Gods vvaiting to be gracious unto His people together with Englands encouragements and cautions to wait on God. Delivered in certaine sermons at Milk-street in London, by Tho. Case, minister of Gods Word, and lecturer there.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1644] Gods rising, his enemies scattering; delivered in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, at their solemne fast, 26. Octob. 1642. But, through many occasions and hinderances, not printed till this 25. of May 1644. By Thomas Case, preacher, at Milk-street, London, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1659] The excellent woman a sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Scott ... on the 16 of Decemb. 1658 / by Tho. Case ...
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1658] Eliah's abatement: or, Corruption in the saints. Discovered and distinguished in a sermon, preached at Chatham in Kent, at the Funeral of that faithful minister of the Gospel, Mr. Gaulter Roswell, M.a. late preacher there. / By Tho. Case, M.A. and rector of Giles in the Fields.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1646] Deliverance-obstruction: or, The set-backs of reformation. Discovered in a sermon before the Right Honourable the House of Peers, in Parliament now assembled. Upon the monthly fast, March 25. 1646. / By Tho. Case, preacher in Milkstreet London, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1652] Correction, instruction or, a treatise of afflictions: first conceived by way of private meditations: afterward digested into certain sermons, preach'd at Aldermanbury. And now published for the help and comfort of humble suffering Christians. By Tho. Case, M.A. sometimes student of Ch. Ch. Oxon. now preacher of the Gospel in London.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1698?] The case of several of His Majesties subjects in Ireland, commonly called protectees most humbly offer'd to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament.
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1655] Asarkokaukēma, or The vanity of glorying in the flesh,: open'd in a sermon preached at the funeral of Kingsmel Lucy, Esq. Eldest sonne to Francis Lucy, Esq. / By Tho. Case ...
Case, William, 1584 or 5-1634. / [1616] A sermon of the nature and necessitie of godly feare Preached in the Cathedrall Church of Chester, in September, 1614.
Case, William, 1584 or 5-1634. / [1616] A sermon of the nature and end of repentance shadowed in the ministerie of Iohn the Baptist. Preached the Sunday afore Lent. 1613.
Casimir, John. / [1682] [Catalogus medicamentorum cymicorum] or, The treasury of chymical medicaments being a catalogue of medicines carefully and exactly prepared / by John Casimir, German chymist & physitian.
Casmann, Otto, d. 1607. / [1606] Vade mecum. = Goe vvith mee deare pietie, and rare charitie. VVhose flame is stirred vp, to dispell the cold out of the minde. By Otho Casmanne, preacher at Stoade. Translated out of Latine, by H.T. minister. The contents appeare in the page following.
Cassini, Giovanni Domenico, 1625-1712. / [1697] A prognostication concerning the frost: by Monsieur Cassini, the French king's astrologer. ; Translated from the French copy.
Cassius Dio Cocceianus. / [1657. i.e. 1658] An oration of Agrippa to Octavius Cæsar Augustus, against monarchy.: Taken out of the LII. book of Dion the philosopher, Cælius, S.C. being the interpreter. Printed at Basil after the end of Nichol. Machiavels Prince, anno M.D.XXC. / And now put into English by A.R.
Castell, William, d. 1645. / [1642] The Iesuits undermining of parliaments and Protestants with their foolish phancy of a toleration, discovered, and censured.: Written by William Castle, for the confirmation of wavering Protestants, and the reducing of seduced papists.
Castellion, Sébastien, 1515-1563. / [1679] A conference of faith written in Latin by Sebastianus Castellio ; now translated into English.
Castillo Solórzano, Alonso de, 1584-1648? / [1700?] The life of Donna Rosina a novel : being, a pleasant account of the artifices and impostures of a beautiful woman, who jilted and cheated the most experienc'd sharpers, and made all persons unhappy, that thought her handsome / originally a Spanish relation, in three parts, done into English, by the ingenious Mr. E. W. ...
Castle, George, 1635?-1673. / [1667] The chymical Galenist a treatise, wherein the practise of the ancients is reconcild́ to the new discoveries in the theory of physick, shewing that many of their rules, methods, and medicins, are useful for by George Castle ...
Castlehaven, Mervyn Touchet, Earl of, 1592?-1631. / [1642 i.e. 1643] The arraignment and conviction of Mervin Lord Audley, Earle of Castlehaven,: (who was by 26. peers of the realm found guilty for committing rapine and sodomy) at Westminster, on Monday, April 25. 1631. By vertue of a commission of oyer and terminer, directed to Sir Thomas Coventry, Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, Lord high Steward for that day, accompanied with the judges. As also the beheading of the said Earle shortly after on Tower Hill.
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1681] The Earl of Castlemain's manifesto
Caswell, George, d. 1691. / [1691] The confession of George Casvvell Gent executed at Tyburn, on Monday the 21st of December 1691 for the murther of Andrew Hickson. With a true copy of a paper delivered by him at the place of execution.
Cater, Gerrard. / [1695] On the crowing cock and lyon couchant, or, A poem to express the gallantry of our royall chanticlere. The uncertainty of war & cock-fighting. The magnanimity of a brave general and judicious cocker: / writ on the news of the surrender of Namur, in encomium of unparallel'd fortitude and true English valour, recorded in the parable of the game cock, to congratulate his Majesties happy return to London, leaving future success to the disposal of divine providence.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1672] A salutation in the love of God and in the fellowship of the work of His blessed truth ... with a word of exhortation and counsel ... also a warning unto all them that have long known the truth but have not, neither obey it with all their hearts ... / by Samuel Cater.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1683] The liberty of an apostate conscience discovered being a plain narrative of the controversie long depending between Francis Bugg, an officious agent in William Rogers's behalf and quarrel, on the one part, and Samuel Cater and George Smith, prisoners for the testimony of Jesus in Ely goal [sic] on the other part : with their answer to his Painted harlot, &c. ... / published for the information of all friends of truth, and others concerned, and for caution to all such agents as have promoted or spread the late books of Fr. Bugg and W. Rogers.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1676] The innocent cleared and the guilty made manifest being a reply to a printed paper ... titled, Apostacy of the people called Quakers from the faith once delivered to the saints, subscribed by Francis Houlcroft and Joseph Oddey ... also a testimony of the universal love of God in Jesus Christ ... / by a servant of truth ... Samuel Cater.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1680] A general epistle to all Friends who are convinced of the truth.: With a word of exhortation to Friends, to be diligent in keeping their mens & womens meetings, for the service of truth; with a testimony to the same. : Also, an invitation to all that come to our meetings to hear the truth declared, no to rest in hearing, but to come into obedience thereunto, that so their souls may be saved. / By Samuel Cater.
Catherall, Samuel, 1661?-1723. / [1692] A sermon preach'd at the funeral of the Right Honourable the Lady Viscountess Dowager Cholmondeley at Malpas in Cheshire on the last day of February, 1691/2 / by Samuel Catherall ...
Catholic Church. / [Anno domini .M.D.xxxiii die quarta Nouembris 1533] This prymer of Salisbury vse is set out a long withoutony serchyng, with many prayers, [and] goodly pyctures in the kalender, in the matyns of our lady, in the houres of the crosse, in the vij. psalmes, and in the dyryge.
Catholic Church. / [The yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC.xxvj. 1526 the xv. daye of February] The martiloge in englysshe after the vse of the chirche of salisbury [and] as it is redde in Syon, with addicyons.
Catholic Church. / [1498] Hore beate marie virginis secundum vsum Sarum
Catholic Church. / [1687] The compleat office of the Holy Week with notes and explications / translated out of Latin and French ; published with allowance.
Catholic Church. / [1687] The catechism for the curats, compos'd by the decree of the Council of Trent, and publish'd by command of Pope Pius the Fifth / faithfully translated into English.
Catholic Church. / [1623] The abuses of the Romish church anatomised. By a vvelwiller to Sion, and to all them that loue the truth in the truth
Catholic Church. / [ca. 1475?] [Breviarium ad usum Sarum].
Catholic Church. / [1506] [[H]ore diue virginis Marie.]:
Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France (1688) / [1688] Proceedings of the French clergy against the Court of Rome, or, Acts of the assembly of my lords the archbishops and bishops that were in Paris held by the kings order in the arch-bishoprick, on Thursday the thirtieth of the month of September, 1688. S.N. / translated from the French.
Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France. / [1677] A remonstrance of the popish clergy of France, to their present King Lewis XIV. Wherein is attempted an utter suppression & subversion of the Protestant religion in that King's dominions and conquests. Translated into English by a person of quality, for the public benefit.
Catholic Church. Cancellaria Apostolica. / [M.DC.XXV. 1625] A mittimus to the iubile at Rome: or, The rates of the Popes custome-house Sent to the Pope, as a New-yeeres-gift from England, this yeere of iubile, 1625. And faithfully published out of the old Latine copie, with obseruations vpon the Romish text, by William Crashavv, Batchelor of Diuinity, and pastor at White-Chappell.
Catholic Church. Pope (1523-1534 : Clement VII) / [1529] Frater Joha[n]nes Brocden de Tellisforde wygornien[sis] dioc. sancte Trinitatis et redemptionis captiuorum terre sancte ...
Catholic Church. Pope (1559-1565 : Pius IV) / [1672] The Popes bull, or, Papal creed made at Trent and promulgated at Rome by Pope-Pious Fourth demonstrated to be antichristian whereunto is added a discourse between an English Protestant and a popish Jesuit who endeavoured to seduce some persons in London to the imbracing of popery : necessary to be seen by all that would know the present faith of Rome, especially in these our nations where they conceal it.
Catholic Church. Pope (1605-1621 : Paul V) / [1688] The famous bull in Cœna Domini published at Rome every Maunday Thursday against hereticks and all infringers of ecclesiastical liberties with a preface containing some reflections on the bull, and animadversions on the late account of the proceedings of the Parliament of Paris.
Catholic Church. Pope (1623-1644 : Urban VIII) / [Decem. 7. 1643] The Popes brief: or Romes inquiry after the death of their Catholiques here in England, during these times of warre:: discovered by two commissions; the one sent from the Pope that now is: the other from the Bishop and Duke of Cambrey, to severall commissioners in England: whereby the death of such Catholiques may be returned to the See of Rome, to be determined of (as may be fit for the glory of God.) Together with a catalogue of the vicars generall, and archdeacons under the Bishop of Calcedon, for the setling of the popish hierarchy in England. With divers letters concerning the same. Also severall letters and papers of the Lord Inchiquines in Ireland, intercepted by the Earl of Warwick, and sent to the House of Commons; wherein is discovered the ungratefull and perfidious dealing of the said Lord with the Parliament of England. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that the said Commissions, together with the Hierarchy, and severall letters and papers intercepted, be forthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Catholic Church. Pope (1676-1689 : Innocent XI) / [1681] The Popes threatning letter to the French King, or, The present grand controversie between Pope Innocent the XIth and the most christian King Lewis the XIVth about the regalia, &c.
Catholic Church. Pope (1676-1689 : Innocent XI) / [1681] The Pope's third breve threatning to excommunicate the most Christian king together with the French clergies reply upon the subject of that breve / faithfully translated from the originals ; giving an exact account of the grand controversie concerning the regalia.
Catholic Church. Pope (1676-1689 : Innocent XI) / [1688] The Pope's curse being an excommunication of the Church of Rome, against the hereticks in England.
Catholic Church. Pope (1676-1689 : Innocent XI) / [1678] Decrees of our Holy Father, Pope Innocent XI containing the suppression of an office of the Immaculate Conception of the most Holy Virgin and of a multitude of indulgences : according to the copies at Rome, from the printing-press of the Most Reverend Apostolick Chamber / translated into English out of the French copy, to which the Latine was adjoyn'd, as also here it is, by the direction of an eminent person of honour.
Catholic Church. Pope (1676-1689 : Innocent XI) / [1679] A decree made at Rome, the second of March, 1679 condemning some opinions of the Jesuits and other Casuits
Catholic Church. Pope (1691-1700 : Innocent XII) / [1700] The pope's bull against the archbishop of Cambray's book, in full length: Innocent XII. Pope, ad perpetuam rei memoriam.
Catholick-Christian. / [1667] Pyrotechnica Loyolana, Ignatian fire-works, or, The fiery Jesuits temper and behaviour being an historical compendium of the rise, increase, doctrines, and deeds of the Jesuits : exposed to publick view for the sake of London / by a Catholick-Christian.
Catlin, Zachary. / [1633] The hidden treasure opened in tvvo sermons preached by Zachary Catlin minister of Gods word at Thurstone in Suffolke: upon Matthevv 13. 44.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1659] The sea-mens invitation, with a passengers observation in some particular things which concern them that practice navigation. 1 Their remarkable deliverances; and the use they make of them. 2 Their tempting and provoking of God about the winde, which obeys the Lord. 3 Their abusing themselves and their liberty when they go a shoar, whereby the creature suffers. 4 Something in particular to the captains and masters, and to all their inferiour officers. 5 How little the sea-men (with the souldiers in the fleet) are profited by their chaplains that in the year do get several groats out of their wages. And a more excellent way of teaching shewn then that of their chaplains. / By a servant of the truth, and a lover of righteousnesse, called William Caton.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [Printed in the year 1664] Newes out of the east, of the common enemy, who is yet in being in Hungaria and Austria. Or, a true account of the tryals and sufferings, jeopardies and tortourings, which Iohn Philly and William Moore passed through of late in the aforesaid countries
Cats, Jacob, 1577-1660. / [1684] Triumphant chastity, or, Josephs self-conflict when by his mistress he was inticed to adultery shewing the powerful motions betwixt the flesh and the spirit : a divine poem illustrated with several copper-plates and emblems suitable to the subject / by Jo. Quarles.
Caumont, Jean de. / [M.D.LXXXXI. 1591 Cum gratia & priuileg. Reg. Maiest] The firme foundation of Catholike religion, against the bottomles pitt of heresies wherin is shewed that only Catholiks shalbe saued, & that all heretikes of what sect so euer are excluded from the kingdome of heauen. Compyled by Iohn Caumont of Champany: and translated out of French into English, by Iohn Pauncefote the elder Esquyre, in the tyme of his banishement.
Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651. / [an. Dom. 1638] The unfortunate politique, first written in French by C.N. Englished by G.P.
Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651. / [1650] The holy court in five tomes, the first treating of motives which should excite men of qualitie to Christian perfection, the second of the prelate, souldier, states-man, and ladie, the third of maxims of Christianitie against prophanesse ..., the fourth containing the command of reason over the passions, the fifth now first published in English and much augemented according to the last edition of the authour containing the lives of the most famous and illustrious courtiers taken out of the Old and New Testament and other modern authours / written in French by Nicholas Caussin ; translated into English by Sr. T.H. and others.
Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651. / [1661] Entertainments for Lent first written in French and translated into English by Sir B.B.
Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651. / [M.DC.XXXII. 1632] The Christian diurnal Written in French by Fa. Nic. Caussin of the Soc. of Iesus. And translated by T.H.
Causton, Peter. / [MDCLXXXVI 1686] Tunbrigialia P.C. merc. Lond. ad G.F.
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [1679] A sermon preached in a country-audience on the late day of fasting and prayer, January 30 by a priest of the Church of England.
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [1679] A sermon preached at the assizes in Leicester, July 31, 1679 by John Cave.
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [1683] King David's deliverance, and thanksgiving applied to the case of our King and nation, in two sermons, the one preached on the second, the other on the ninth of September, 1683 / by John Cave ...
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [1681] The Gospel preached to the Romans, in four sermons two on the 5th of November, and two on the 30th of January, 1680 / by John Cave ...
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [MDCLXXXII 1682] The duty and benefit of submission to the will of God in afflictions discovered in two sermons delivered upon a special occasion at Stapleford in Leicester-shire / by John Cave ...
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] Christian tranquility, or, The government of the passions of joy and grief in a sermon preached at Shenton in Leicestershire, upon the occasion of the much lamented death of that hopeful young gentleman, Mr. Francis Wollatson ... / by John Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1680] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Alderman and citizens of London, at S. Mary-le-Bow on the fifth of November, 1680 by William Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, on Sunday, January 18th, 1684/5 by William Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1683] Ecclesiastici, or, The history of the lives, acts, death & writings, of the most eminent fathers of the church, that flourisht in the fourth century wherein among other things an account is given of the rise, growth, and progress of Arianism, and all other sects of that age descending from it : together with an introduction, containing an historical account of the state of paganism under the first Christian emperours / by William Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1676] A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, January xxiij. 1675/6 by William Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1677] Apostolici, or, The history of the lives, acts, death, and martyrdoms of those who were contemporary with, or immediately succeeded the apostles as also the most eminent of the primitive fathers for the first three hundred years : to which is added, a chronology of the three first ages of the church / by William Cave ...
Cavendish, Richard, d. 1601? / [1571?] The image of nature and grace conteynyng the whole course, and condition of mans estate written by Richard Caundishe. Seene and allowed.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1651] Vindiciae vindiciarum, or, A further manifestation of M.J.C., his contradictions instanced in Vindiciae clavium being a rejoinder to his reply (to some few of those many contradictions) in his last book called, The way of Congregationall churches cleared, part 2 / by D.C.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1645] Vindiciæ clavium: or, A vindication of the keyes of the kingdome of Heaven, into the hands of the right owners. Being some animadversions upon a tract of Mr. I.C. called, The keyes of the kingdome of Heaven. As also upon another tract of his, called, The way of the churches of Nevv-England. Manifesting; 1. The weaknesse of his proofes. 2. The contradictions to himselfe, and others. 3. The middle-way (so called) of Independents, to be the extreme, or by-way of the Brownists. / By an earnest well-wisher to the truth.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1641] Three sermons viz. 1. A commission for an assise, granted to the saints, 2. A close hypocrite discovered, 3. The lawfulnesse of doing good out of hope of reward / by Daniel Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1652] A sober ansvver, to a serious question. Propounded by Mr. G. Firmin minister of the church in Shalford in Essex. viz. Whether the ministers of England are bound, by the Word of God, to baptise the children of all such parents, which say, they believe in Jesus Christ: but are grosly ignorant, scandalous in their conversation, scoffers at godliness, and refuse to submit to church-discipline, the negative is not sufficiently defended. Which may serve also as an appendix to the diatribe with Mr. Hooker, lately published, concerning the baptisme of infants, of parents not confœderate. By Daniel Cavvdrey pastour of the church at Great Billing in Northampton-shire. Licensed, printed, and entred, according to order.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1645] Sabbatum redivivum: or The Christian sabbath vindicated;: in a full discourse concerning the sabbath, and the Lords day. Wherein, whatsoever hath been written of late for, or against the Christian sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature, and religious reason. / By Daniel Cawdrey, and Herbert Palmer: members of the Assembly of Divines. Divided into foure parts. 1. Of the decalogue in generall, and other laws of God, together with the relation of time to religion. 2. Of the fourth commandement of the decalogue in speciall. 3. Of the old sabbath, 4. Of the Lords day, in particular. The first part.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1655] A late great shipwrack of faith occasioned by a fearful wrack of conscience discovered in a sermon preached at Pauls the first day of July, 1655 / by Dan. Cawdrey.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1658] Independency further proved to be a schism, or, A survey of Dr Owens review of his tract of schism with a vindication of the authour from his unjust clamours and false aspersions / by D. Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1657] Independencie a great schism proved against Dr. Owen, his apology in his tract of schism : as also an appendix to the former discourse, shewing the inconstancy of the Dr. and the inconsistency of his former and present opinions / by D. Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [MDCLI 1651] The inconsistencie of the independent way, with Scripture and it self. Manifested in a threefold discourse, I. Vindicia vindiciarum, with M. Cotton. II. A review of M. Hookers Survey of church-discipline. The first part. III. A diatribe with the same M. Hooker concerning baptism of infants of non-confederate parents, cap. 2. Of his third part. / By Daniel Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1624] Humilitie, the saints liuerie; or, The habit of humilitie, the grace of graces fetched out of the wardrobe of Saint Paul. As it was deliuered (for substance) in two sermons at Blacke-Fryers in London, the one, September 22. the other, October 6. 1624. By Daniel Cavvdrey minister of the Word of God, at little Ilford in Essex.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1643 i.e. 1644] The good man a publick good, 1. passively, 2. actively. As it was manifested in a sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons, at the late solemne fast: January 31. 1643. By Daniel Cavvdrey, minister of the Gospell at Great Billing in Northhamptonshire, and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1656] Family reformation promoted in a sermon on Joshua, chap. 24. ver. 15. and by short catechismes fitted for the three-fold relations in a family of 1. Children and parents, 2. Servants and masters, 3. Husband and wife / by D. Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1654] Diatribe triplex, or, A threefold exercitation concerning 1. Superstition, 2. Will-worship, 3. Christmas festivall, with the reverend and learned Dr. Hammond / by Daniel Cawdry ...
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1649] The depths of Satan discovered: or, the Jesuits last design to ruine religion. Being, some observations upon a pamphlet, called, The swords abuse asserted: by John Vernon. Presented to the consideration of the Armie. Citie. Kingdome. / By Philopatrius Philalethes.
Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. / [1658] The account audited and discounted: or, a vindication of the three-fold diatribee, of [brace] 1. Supersition, 2. Will-worship, 3. Christmas festivall. Against Doctor Hammonds manifold paradiatribees. / By D.C. preacher of the Word at Billing-Magn. in Northamptonshire.
Cawdrey, Zachary, 1616-1684. / [1684] The certainty of salvation to them who dye in the Lord a sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable, George Lord Delamer, at Boden, in the county-palatine of Chester, September the 9th, 1684 / by Zachary Cawdrey ...
Cawdrey, Zachary, 1616-1684. / [1683] A calm answer to a bitter invective called A letter to the late author of The preparation for martyrdom by that author.
Cawdry, Robert. / [1600] A treasurie or store-house of similies both pleasaunt, delightfull, and profitable, for all estates of men in generall. Newly collected into heades and common places: by Robert Cawdray.
Cawdry, Robert. / [1609] A table alphabeticall contayning and teaching the true writing and vnderstanding of hard vsuall English wordes, borrowed from the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine, or French &c. : with the interpretation thereof by plaine English words, gathered for the benefit and help of all vnskilfull persons : whereby they may the more easily and better vnderstand many hard English words, which they shall heare or read in Scriptures, sermons, or elsewhere, and also be made able to vse the same aptly themselues / set foorth by R.C. ; and newly corrected, and much inlarged by T.C.
Cawley, William, of the Inner Temple. / [1680] The laws of Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles the First concerning Jesuites, seminary priests, recusants, &c., and concerning the oaths of supremacy and allegiance, explained by divers judgments and resolutions of the reverend judges : together with other observations upon the same laws : to which is added the Statute XXV Car. II. cap. 2 for preventing dangers which may happen from popish recusants : and an alphabetical table to the whole / by William Cawley of the Inner Temple, Esq.
Cawton, Thomas, 1637-1677. / [1670] Balaam's wish: a sermon Wherein the vanity of desires without endeavours, in order to the obtaining the death of the upright, and their last end, is opened and applyed. First occasionally preached, and now at the request of some published. By an unworthy messenger of Christ.