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Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [The. 13. day of December. Anno. do. 1565] The fraternitie of uacabondes. As wel of rufling uacabonds, as of beggerly, as wel of wemen as of men, and as wel of gyrles, as of boyes, with their proper names and qualityes. Also the. xxv. orders of knaues, otherwyse called a quatren of knaues. Confirmed thys yere by Cocke Lorel. ...
Awdelay, John, fl. 1559-1577. / [1563?] An epitaphe vpon the death [of] Mayster Iohn Viron preacher
Awdeley, Lewis. / [July 8. 1648] July 8. 1648. A true relation sent to the Honorable committee at Derby-House of the great victory of the Parliaments forces against those of Surrey: where was about twenty slain, amongst whom the Lord Francis is one, and two or three eminent persons, one hundred taken prisoners, and two hundred horse, and their carriages. Die Saturni, 8 Julii, 1648. At a committee of Lords and Commons at Derby-House. Ordered, that this relation be forthwith printed and published. Gualther Frost Secr'