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Avaux, comte d' (Jean-Antoine de Mesmes), 1640-1709. / [1688] Memorials lately presented by the French and English ambassadors to the States General of the United Provinces.
Avaux, comte d' (Jean-Antoine de Mesmes), 1640-1709. / [1684] A memorial of His Excellency the Count D'Avaux, Ambassador Extraordinary from His Most Christian Majesty Presented to the States General of the United Provinces on the 29th of April, 1684.
Avaux, Jean-Antoine de Mesmes, comte d', 1640-1709. / [1684] An exact copy of a letter from the Count d'Avaux, His Most Christian Majesties ambassador at the Hague dated the 9th of January 1684 and directed to the King his master which was intercepted by the Marquess de Grana governour of the Spanish Netherlands : as also the copies of other three letters relating to the same affair.
Avaux, Jean-Antoine de Mesmes, comte d', 1640-1709. / [1689] Declaration du comte DÁvaux, ́Jean Antoine De Mesmes Chevalier Comte DÁvaux Seigneur de bazocheis longueual et autres lieux, confeiler détat provost grand maistre des ceremonies et Commandeur des Ordres du Roy et Ambassadeur Extraordinaire de sa Majeste auprez du Roy de la Grand Bretagne,
Averell, William. / [1583.] A wonderfull and straunge newes, which happened in the countye of Suffolke and Essex, the first of February, beeing Fryday, where it rayned wheat, the space of vi. or vii. miles compass: a notable example to put vs in remembraunce of the iudgements of God, and a preparatiue, sent to moue vs to speedy repentance. / Written by William Auerell, student in diuinitie..
Averroës, 1126-1198. / [1695] Averroeana being a transcript of several letters from Averroes an Arabian philosopher at Corduba in Spain, to Metrodorus a young Grecian nobleman, student at Athens in the years 1149 and 1150 : also several letters from Pythagoras to the King of India, together with his reception at the Indian court, and an account of his discourse with the King, and his gymnosophists, and his rules and precepts : his account of the power and efficacy of numbers, and magical uses thereof : to which is prefixt, a Latin letter by Monsieur Grinau, one of the Messieurs du Port Royal in France, to the ingenious Monsieur Gramont, merchant at Amsterdam, concerning the subject of these papers, and how they came to his hands : the whole containing matters highly philosophical, physiological, Pythagorical and medicinal, the work having been long conceal'd is now put into English for the benefit of mankind, and the rectification of learned mistakes.
Avery, J., 17th cent. / [Febr. 14. 1643 i.e. 1644] Two letters of great consequence, sent from Hamborough; which were intercepted going to Oxford. The one, to the Lord Digby; the other, to Sir Thomas Rowe; exactly relating the proceedings of the wars between the Swedes and the King of Denmark. In which letters appears the excellent successe of those noble Swedes in their severall defeats against the Danes. Read in the House of Commons this 13. of February, 1643. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that these letters be forthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Avila, Juan de, Saint, 1499?-1569. / [1631] Certain selected spirituall epistles written by that most reuerend holy man Doctor I. de Auila a most renowned preacher of Spaine most profitable for all sortes of people, whoe seeke their saluation.
Avila, Juan de, Saint, 1499?-1569. / [M.DC.XX. 1620] The audi filia, or a rich cabinet full of spirituall ievvells. Composed by the Reuerend Father, Doctour Auila, translated out of Spanish into English.