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Ascham, Antony, d. 1650. / [1649] A Combate betweene tvvo seconds. One for obeying the present government, the other, the second part of a demurrer, undeservedly called religious.
Asgill, John, 1659-1738. / [Anno Dom. 1700] An argument proving, that according to the covenant of eternal life revealed in the Scriptures, man may be translated from hence into that eternal life, without passing through death altho the humane nature of Christ himself could not be thus translated till he had passed through death.
Ashburnham, John, 1600-1648. / [Printed in the yeer 1648] The true copie of a letter from Mr Ashburnham, to a friend, concerning his deportment towards the King in his late attendance upon His Majesties person at Hampton-Court, and the Isle of VVight.
Ashburnham, John, 1600-1658. / [1647] A letter written by John Ashburnham Esquire, from Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight, Novemb. 26. 1647. to William Lenthall Esquire, Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons.
Ashby, Richard, 1614-1680. / [1672] Some generall observations upon Dr. Stillingfleet's book, and way of wrighting with a vindication of St. Ignatius Loyola, and his followers the Iesuits, from the foul aspersions he has lately cast upon them, in his discourse concerning the idolatry, &c. : in four letters, written to A.B.
Ashby, Richard, 1663?-1734. / [1699] The true light owned and vindicated, and the believers in it defended and blasphemy and blasphemers justly detected
Ashby, Richard, 1663?-1734. / [1699] The folly of a libeller made manifest being some brief observations upon a libel, lately published, and abusively entituled, The dangerous imposture of Quakerism : wherein the envious abuses of that author are detected / by Richard Ashby.
Ashby, Richard, 1663?-1734. / [1699] The defence of the people called Quakers: being a reply, to a book lately published by certain priests of the county of Norfolk, under the pretended title of The Quakers challenge. And containing, some brief and modest animadversions upon the book it self. Several certificates, which detect the errors in those of West-Dereham, and clear the people called Quakers of the said challenge. The letters that passed between them and the priests.
Ashe, John, Esquire. / [1642] A perfect relation of all the passages and proceedings of the Marquesse Hartford, the Lord Paulet, and the rest of the Cavelleers that were with them in Wels. With the valiant resolution and behaviour of the trained-bands and other inhabitants of those parts, for the defence of themselves, the King and Parliament. As also what helpe was sent from Bristoll to their ayd; with the manner of the Lords and Cavaleers running out of the towne. And many other things very remarkable. As it was sent in a letter from the committee in Summersetshire to both Houses of Parliament. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament, that this letter be forthwith printed and published. J. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Ashe, John, Esquire. / [anno Domini 1654] An answer to divers scandals mentioned in a certain pamphlet, entituled, The humble remonstrance of Sr. Iohn Stawell. Written by John Ashe Esquire, 1654.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [M.DC.XLIV. 1644] A true relation, of the most chiefe occurrences, at, and since the late battell at Newbery,: untill the disjunction of the three armies, of the Lord Generall, the Earle of Manchester, and Sir William Waller, together with the London brigade, under the command of Sir Iames Harrington. Published upon necessity, both to undeceive the mistaken multitude, and to vindicate the Earle of Manchester, from many undeserved aspersions commonly cast upon him, either through ignorance or prejudice. / Penned by Simeon Ash, who as his chaplaine did waite upon his Lordship, in the westerne expedition.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [M.DC.XLVI. 1646] Religious covenanting directed, and covenant-keeping perswaded: presented, in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable Thomas Adams Lord Major, and the right worshipfull the sheriffs, and aldermen his brethren, and the rest of the Common-Councel of the famous City of London, January 14. 1645. Upon which day the solemne League and Covenant was renewed by them and their officers, with prayer and fasting, at Michael Basing-shaw, London. / By Simeon Ash minister of the Gospel.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1645] Reall thankfulnesse, or, A sermon preached in Pauls church, London, vpon the second day of November, 1645 at a publike thanksgiving for the taking in of the towns and castles of Caermarthen and Mounmouth in Wales, it being the first Lords-day after the inauguration of the Right Honourable Thomas Adams, now lord major of that famous city / by Simeon Ash ...
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1654] Living loves betwixt Christ and dying Christians A sermon preached at M. Magdalene Bermondsey in Southwark, near London, June 6. 1654. At the funeral of that faithful servant of Christ Mr. Jeremiah Whitaker, Minister of the Gospel, and pastor of the church there. With a narative of his exemplarily holy life and death. By Simeon Ashe, his much endeared friend and brother. Together with poems and elegies on his death, by divers ministers in the city of London.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [M. DC. LV. 1655, i.e. 1654] Gray hayres crowned with grace. A sermon preached at Redriff, Aug. 1. 1654. at the funerall of that reverend, eminently learned and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ Mr Thomas Gataker.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1642] Good courage discovered, and encouraged: in a sermon preached before the commanders of the military forces, of the renowned citie of London. In the parish church of Great St. Helens. May the 17. 1642. By Simeon Ash, preacher in London.
Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. / [1654] Christ the riches of the Gospel, and the hope of Christians. A sermon preached at the funerall of Mr William Spurstow the only childe of Dr Spurstow at Hackney near London, Mar. 10. By Simeon Ashe preacher of the Gospel, and lecturer there.
Ashe, St. George, 1658?-1718. / [1694] A sermon preached in Trinity-College Chappell before the University of Dublin, January the 9th, 1693/4 being the first Secular Day since its foundation by Queen Elizabeth / by St. George Ashe ...
Ashe, Thomas, fl. 1600-1618. / [1693] The law of obligations and conditions, or, An accurate treatise, wherein is contained the whole learning of the law concerning bills, bonds, conditions, statutes, recognizances, and defeasances ... : to which is added a table of references to all the declarations and pleadings upon bonds, &c. now extant : also another table to the forms of special conditions which lie scattered in our president [sic] books ... : with an index of the principal matters therein contained / by T.A. of Grays-Inn, Esq.
Ashenden, Thomas, 1648 or 9-1723. / [1681] Some reflections upon a late pamphlet in a letter to J.H.
Ashenden, Thomas, 1648 or 9-1723. / [1681] The Presbyterian Pater Noster, creed, and Ten Commandments
Ashenden, Thomas, 1648 or 9-1723. / [1682] No penalty, no peace in a sermon preached at the assizes held at Leicester, August the 10th, 1682 / by Thomas Ashenden ...
Ashfield, Thomas, Sir. / [1693] The case of Sir Thomas Ashfeild of Chesham in the county of Bucks, Knight:
Ashhurst, William, 1617-1680. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] The speech of William Ashhurst Esquire; one of the commissioners of the Parliament of England, at Edenborough, the 28 of Febr. 1647 Upon their first hearing by a committee of Lords and others, appointed for that purpose by the committee of estates of Scotland; as it was taken by one that was then present.
Ashhurst, William, 1617-1680. / [1659] Reasons against agreement with a late printed paper, intituled Foundations of freedome, or, The agreement of the people whereby it doth appear that the particulars proposed in the said paper are not foundations of freedom but of tyranny and slavery to the people, being destructive to religion, laws, liberty, and government against our Covenant and Protestantism, and very dangerous and unsafe for the kingdome / by William Ashhurst.
Ashton, Captain. / [1642] April 6. Nevves from the VVest of Ireland relating what hapned to Captain Weldon and Captain Ashton after their passage from Bristol to the Fort of Duncannon in the mouth of the river of Waterford, with many particular enterprises performed against the rebels in those parts, to the terrour of our enemies, the glory of God, and the honour of all brave English commanders : with a letter sent from the Maior of Waterford to Caption Ashton in excuse of his rebellious designes, with Captain Ashtons sharpe and worthy reply sent in a letter to the said maior / Published by the consent of a worthy member of the House of Commons.
Ashton, John, d. 1691. / [1691] De ventre inspiciendo: or, Remarks on Mr. Ashton's answerer in a letter to a friend.
Ashurst, Henry, 1614?-1680. / [1695] Some remarks upon the life of that painful servant of God, Mr. Nathanael Heywood minister of the Gospel of Christ ... who died in the 44th year of his age ... / by Sir H. Ashurst.
Ashwell, George, 1612-1695. / [1663] Gestus Eucharisticvs, or, A discourse concerning the gesture at the receiving of the Holy Eucharist or Sacrament of the Lords Supper by George Ashwell ...
Ashwell, George, 1612-1695. / [1653] Fides Apostolica or a discourse asserting the received authors and authority of the Apostles Creed. Together with the grounds and ends of the composing thereof by the Apostles, the sufficiency thereof for the rule of faith, the reasons of the name symbolon in the originall Greeke, and the division or parts of it. Hereunto is added a double appendix, the first touching the Athanasian, the second touching the Nicene Creed. By Geo. Ashwell B.D.
Ashwood, Bartholomew, 1622-1680. / [1678] The heavenly trade, or the best merchandizing the only way to live well in impoverishing times. A discourse occasioned from the decay of earthly trades, and visible wastes of practical piety in the day we live in, offering arguments and counsels to all, towards a speedy revival of dying godliness and timely prevention of the dangerous issues thereof impending on us. By Bartholomew Ashwood Minister of the Gospel.
Ashwood, Bartholomew, 1622-1680. / [1681] The best treasure, or, The way to be truly rich being a discourse on Ephes. 3.8, wherein is opened and commended to saints and sinners the personal and purchased riches of Christ, as the best treasure, to be pursu'd and ensur'd by all that would be happy here and hereafter / by Bartholomew Ashwood.
Askew, Egeon, b. 1576. / [1605] Brotherly reconcilement preached in Oxford for the vnion of some, and now published with larger meditations for the vnitie of all in this Church and common-wealth: with an apologie of the vse of fathers, and secular learning in sermons. By Egeon Askevv of Queens Colledge.
Askham, Anthony, fl. 1553. / [M.D.L. 1550 the laste daye of Januarye] A treatyse of the state and disposition of the worlde with the alteracions and chaunginges therof through the great coniunctions of the iii hyest planetes, called Maxima, Maior, Media, and Minor : declaringe the very tyme, the day, houre and minute, that God created the sonne, moone, and sterres, and the places where they were fyrst set in the heauens, and the beginning of their inouynges and so contynued to this day wherby the world hath receyued influe[n]ce as [s]hal be declared by example from the creation unto this present yere, and also to the yeare of our Lorde, M.D.LVIII. to come.
Askham, Anthony, fl. 1553. / [M.D.L. the xx. day of Marche 20 Mar. 1550] A litell treatyse of astrouomy [sic] very necessary for physyke and surgerye, declarynge what herbes, and all kynde of medecynes are appropryate and vnder the influence of the planetes, sygnes and constellacyons : and also the partes and members of the bodye thereto correspondynge, and howe ye shall brynge the vertue of the heuens aud [sic] nature of the sters to euery parte of mans bodye beynge deseasad or sycke to the soner recoueraunce of helth : and also howe to chose the most luckey dayes and tymes for the aboue sayde, the whiche shal be appoynted by the almanacke yerelye, accordynge to the course of the moone, passynge by all the signes and sterres in one reuolucion / gathered and set forth by Anthony Askham physicio[n] ...
Aslakss²n, Cort, 1564-1624. / [1623] The description of heaven. Or, A diuine and comfortable discourse of the nature of the eternall heaven the habitation of God, and all the Elect. Composed in Latine, by Cunradus Aslachus. And conuerted into English, by Raph Iennings.
Aspin, William, 1635 or 6-1714. / [1684] The envious man's character a sermon preached at S. Mary's Church in Cambridge / by William Aspin ...
Aspinwall, William, fl. 1648-1662. / [1655] The work of the age: or, the sealed prophecies of Daniel opened and applied. VVherein is plainly proved that all the governments in the world, except the government of Christ, are but images, or parts of Nebuchadnezzars image, and shall be suddenly broken in pieces by the little stone cut out of the mountain without hand: together with the means how Christ will effect all this. Shewing also that image-government, and image-worship have always been companions. Explaining likewise Daniels mystical numbers, and discovering some misprisions about the little horn, both in the translation and application of the same. Amending sundry places in our common translation, and clearing some chronological points from the common errours. / By William Aspinwall.
Aspinwall, William, fl. 1648-1662. / [1655] Thunder from heaven against the back-sliders and apostates of the times. In some meditations on the 24 chapter of Isaiah. / By W.A.
Aspinwall, William, fl. 1648-1662. / [1656] The legislative povver is Christ's peculiar prerogative. Proved from the 9th of Isaiah, vers. 6.7. / By W.A.
Aspinwall, William, fl. 1648-1662. / [1653] A brief description of the fifth monarchy, or kingdome, that shortly is to come into the world.: The monarch, subjects, officers and lawes thereof, and the surpassing glory, amplitude, unity, and peace of that kingdome. When the kingdome and dominion, and the greatnesse of the kingdome under the whole heaven shall be given to the people, the saints of the most high, whose kingdome is an everlasting kingdome, and all soveraignes shall serve and obey him. And in the conclusion there is added a prognostick of the time when the fifth kingdome shall begin. by William Aspinwall, N.E.
Assarino, Luca, 1602-1672. / [1651] La stratonica, or, The unfortunate queen a new romance / written in Italian by Luke Assarino and now Englished by J.B.
Asserter of the authority of the late general assemblies of Dundee and Edinburgh. / [1653] A letter from the protesters with an answer thereunto, from an asserter of the authority of the two late general assemblies, at Dundee and Edinburgh.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1696] A theological discourse of last vvills and testaments by William Assheton.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1700] A sermon preached before the honourable Society of the Natives of the County of Kent November the 21th, 1700, at St. Mary-le-Bow, London / by William Assheton ...
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1685] A seasonable discourse against toleration with a preface wherein the nature of persecution in general and the unjust complaints of the dissenting parties concerning it in particular are distinctly considered.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1684] The royal apology, or, An answer to the rebels plea wherein the most noted anti-monarchial tenents, first, published by Doleman the Jesuite, to promote a bill of exclusion against King James, secondly, practised by Bradshaw and the regicides in the actual murder of King Charles the 1st, thirdly, republished by Sidney and the associators to depose and murder His present Majesty, are distinctly consider'd : with a parallel between Doleman, Bradshaw, Sidney and other of the true-Protestant party.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1688] The plain-man's devotion. Part. I. Being a method of daily devotion. Fitted to the meanest capacities. By the author of the Plain-mans reply to the Catholic missionaries
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1697] A method of daily devotion fitted to the meanest capacities / by W. Assheton.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1694] A discourse against blasphemy being a conference with M.S. concerning 1. the rudeness of atheistical discourse, 2. the certainty and eternity of hell-torments, 3. the truth and authority of the Holy Scriptures : published pursuant to Their Majesties injunctions to suppress atheism and irreligion / by William Assheton.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1692] A discourse against 1. drunkenness, 2. swearing & cursing published (pursuant to His Majesty's injunctions) to suppress debauchery and profaneness / by William Assheton ...
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1673] The danger of hypocrisie a sermon preached at Guild-Hall Chappel, August 3d, 1673 / by William Asheton ...
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1699] An account of Dr Assheton's proposal (as improved and managed by the worshipful Company of Mercers, London) for the benefit of widows of clergymen and others, by settling joyntures and annuities at the rate of thirty per cent
Astell, Mary, 1668-1731. / [1697] A serious proposal to the ladies. Part II wherein a method is offer'd for the improvement of their minds.
Astell, Ralph. / [1660] Vota non bella New Castle's heartie gratulation to her sacred soveraign King Charles the Second on Hisnow [sic] glorious restauration to his birth-right-power / by Ralph Astell.
Astley, John, d. 1595. / [1584] The art of riding set foorth in a breefe treatise, with a due interpretation of certeine places alledged out of Xenophon, and Gryson, verie expert and excellent horssemen: wherein also the true vse of the hand by the said Grysons rules and precepts is speciallie touched: and how the author of this present worke hath put the same in practise, also what profit men maie reape thereby: without the knowledge whereof, all the residue of the order of riding is but vaine. Lastlie, is added a short discourse of the chaine or cauezzan, the trench, and the martingale: written by a gentleman of great skill and long experience in the said art.
Aston of Forfar, Walter Aston, Baron, 1584-1639. / [1619?] El illustrissimo Señor Don Gualter Aston Cauallero de la Noble Orden del Balneo, y Varoneto, Gentilhombre de Camara en ordinario al Serenissimo Iacobo Rey Primero desse nombre de la Gran Bretaña ...
Aston, R. / [MDCLXI 1661] Placita latinè rediviva: a book of entries;: containing perfect and approved precedents of counts, declarations, barrs, avowries, replications, pleas in abatement, issues, judgments, as well in actions real as personal, and sundry other entries; useful for all clerks, attorneys, and practisers in the courts at Westminster, and inferiour courts: not heretofore published in print: collected in the times, and out of some of the manuscripts, of those famous and learned protonotaries, Richard Brownlow, John Gulston, Robert Moyl, and Thomas Cory, esquires, and now digested into an exact method; with a table. / By R.A. of Furnival's-Inn.
Aston, Thomas, b. 1649 or 50. / [1685] A sermon preached to the loving society at St. Dunstans in the west; on Wednesday the 1st. of July. 1685. And published at their desire. By Thomas Aston, M.A.
Aston, Thomas, b. 1649 or 50. / [1685] A sermon preached in the parish church of Hackney on the fifth of July, 1685 being the day before the battle and victory over the rebels in the west / by Thomas Aston ...
Aston, Thomas, b. 1649 or 50. / [1691] A sermon preached at Westminster-Abby by Thomas Aston, M.A.
Aston, Thomas, Captain. / [1642] July 22. 1642. A brief relation of the late passages that happened at His Majesties fort of Duncannon, in the county of Wexford in Leinster, since the 8 of June, 1642.: With the taking and burning the town and castle called Dunmore, being a place of shelter for the rebels, with divers other matters of note. Written by Captain Thomas Aston, imployed in that service under command of the Lord Esmond; and by him sent to a gentleman of good credit in London.
Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645. / [1641] Two petitions to the honourable Court of Parliament in behalfe of episcopacy. One delivered by Sir Thomas Aston from the County Palatine of Chester. The other from the citties of L. and W.
Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645. / [1641] A remonstrance, against presbitery. Exhibited by divers of the nobilitie, gentrie, ministers and inhabitants of the county palatine. of Chester with the motives of that remonstrance. Together with a short survey of the Presbyterian discipline. Shewing the inconveniences of it; and the inconsistency thereof with the constitution of this state, being in its principles destructive to the laws and liberties of the people. With a briefe review of the institution, succession, iurisdiction of the ancient and venerable order of bishops. Found to bee instituted by the Apostles, continued ever since, grounded on the lawes of God, and most agreeable to the law of the land. / By Sir Thomas Aston baronet.
Asty, Robert. / [1683] A treatise of rejoycing in the Lord Jesus in all cases and conditions ... together with a Christians hope in heaven, in one sermon, and freedom from condemnation in Christ, in two sermons being the last preached / by Robert Asty.