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Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735. / [1697] An examination of Dr. Woodward's account of the deluge, &c. with a comparison between Steno's philosophy and the doctor's, in the case of marine bodies dug out of the earth / by J.A. ... ; with a letter to the author concerning an abstract of Agostino Scilla's book on the same subject, printed in the philosophical transactions by W.W. ...
Arcaeus, Franciscus, 1493-1573? / [1588] A most excellent and compendious method of curing woundes in the head, and in other partes of the body with other precepts of the same arte, practised and written by that famous man Franciscus Arceus, Doctor in phisicke & chirurgery: and translated into English by Iohn Read, chirurgion. Whereunto is added the exact cure of the caruncle, neuer before set foorth in the English toung. With a treatise of the fistulae in the fundament, and other places of the body, translated out of Iohannes Ardern. And also the description of the emplaister called dia chalciteos, with his vse and vertues. With an apt table for the better finding of the perticular matters, contayned in this present worke.
Archer, Henry. / [1641] A treatise of carefulness wherein is set forth the symptomes of dangers by arguments against means to prevent overcharging cares. By the late faithfull preacher of Gods Word, Henry Archer, sometimes preacher in London.
Archer, John, Master of Art. / [1645] Instructions about right beleeving: severall sermons leading unto Christ, directing unto faith, and incouraging thereto. Shewing the nature, measure, and necessitie of the sense of sinne. Christ the bread of life, a sufficient remedy for mans misery; with the way and meanes to obtain him; as also incouragements to come to him, from his abilitie and readinesse to give full soule-satisfaction. / By John Archer, Master of Art, sometime preacher of All-hallowes Lumbard-street. London.
Archer, John, Master of Art. / [1645] Comfort for beleevers about their sinnes & troubles. In a treatise shevving. That true beleevers, how weake soever in faith, should not be opprest, or perplext in heart; by any thing whatever befalls them; either in sinne, or afflictions. Together with divers other comfortable observations; gathered out of that counsell, given by Christ to his Apostles: and in them, to all beleevers. In John chap. 14. verses 1,2,3,4. / By John Archer, Master of Art, sometime preacher of All-hallowes Lumbard-street. London.
Arderne, James, 1636-1691. / [1687] The Dean of Chester's speech to His Majesty August the 27th. 1687.
Aretine, Peter. / [1660] Strange & true nevves from Jack-a-Newberries six windmills, or, The crafty, impudent, common-whore (turned bawd) anatomised and discovered in the unparralleld practises of Mris Fotheringham ... with five and twenty orders agreeed upon by consent of Mris Creswell, Betty Lawrence ... with divers others for establishing thereof / published by way of admonition to all persons to beware of that house of darkness ... by Peter Aretine, cardinall of Rome [pseud.]
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Earl of, 1629-1685. / [1685] The Declaration and apology of the Protestant people that is, of the noblemen, barrons, gentlemen, burgesses, and commons of all sorts, now in armes within the kingdom of Scotland.
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Earl of, 1629-1685 / [Septemb. 18. 1645] Right honourable, the Lord hath this day, here at Philiphauch ... appeared gloriously for his people
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Earl of, 1629-1685 / [1661] Edinburgh, at the Parliament-House, February 13. 1661.
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. / [1661] My Lord Marquis of Argyle his speech upon the scaffold, the 27 of May 1661 as it was spoken by himself, and written in short-hand by one that was present.
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. / [Printed in the Year 1661] The Marquess of Argyle his petition to the parliament of Scotland;: craving a precognition of his case, containing many weighty reasons urging the necessity thereof. / Presented to the parliament, February 12, 1661.
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. / [Printed in the year, 1661] The Marquess of Argile his answer to his charge sent unto him in the Castle of Edinburgh, the 28. of January.:
Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. / [16. Octob. 1648] A declaration of the Marquesse of Argyle, with the rest of the Lords, and others of the Estates of the kingdom of Scotland, concerning the Kings Maiesty, and the treaty; and their desires to the Parliament of England. Also their propositions to Lieutenant-Generall Cromwell, and the army in England. With a discovery of the late designe put in practice by some English and Scots against both kingdoms, and their further advice thereupon.
Arias Montano, Benito, 1527-1598. / [1685] The practical rule of Christian piety containing the summ of the whole duty of a true disciple of Christ. Written originally in Latin by Benedictus Aria Montanus, and translated into English by A. Lovel, M.A.
Arias, Francisco. / [With permission of superiours, Anno 1630] A treatise of patience. Written by Father Francis Arias, of the Society of Iesus, in his second part of the Imitatio[n] of Christ our Lord. Translated into English.
Arias, Francisco. / [1630] A treatise of benignity written by Father Francis Arias ... in his second parte of the Imitation of Christ our Lord ; translated into English.
Arias, Francisco. / [1602] The litle memorial, concerning the good and fruitfull vse of the sacraments Wherein be handled such defects as some persons commit in the vse of them, and the remedies therein to be practised. Composed in Spanish, by the R. Father Francis Arias of the Society of Iesus, and newlie translated in to our English tongue.
Arias, Francisco. / [Permissu superiorum, 1621] The iudge wherein is shewed, how Christ our Lord is to iudge the world at the last day to the extreme terrour of the wicked, and to the excessiue comfort of the good. With a preface, which it willbe necessary to read before the booke. Translated into English.
Armin, Robert, fl. 1610. / [1600] Quips vpon questions, or, A clownes conceite on occasion offered bewraying a morrallised metamorphoses of changes vpon interrogatories: shewing a litle wit, with a great deale of will; or in deed, more desirous to please in it, then to profite by it. Clapt vp by a clowne of the towne in this last restraint, hauing litle else to doe, to make a litle vse of his fickle muse, and carelesle carping. By Clunnyco de Curtanio Snuffe. ...
Armin, Robert, fl. 1610. / [1605] Foole upon foole, or, Six sortes of sottes. A flat foole, a leane foole, a merry foole, [brace] and [brace] a fatt foole, a cleane foole, a verrie foole. Shewing their liues, humours and behauiours, with their want of wit in their shew of wisdome. Not so strange as true.
Arminius, Jacobus, 1560-1609. / [1657] The just mans defence, or, The royal conquest being the declaration of the judgement of James Arminius, Doctor of Divinity in the University of Leyden, concerning the principall points of religion, before the States of Holland and VVestfriezland / translated for the vindication of truth, by Tobias Conyers, sometimes of Peter-house in Cambridge.
Armitage, Timothy, d. 1655. / [1656] The Son of God walking in the fire with the servants of God in nine sermons upon Dan. III. XXV / by that precious and holy man, Mr. Timothy Armitage ... ; unto which is added another sermon preached by him upon Eccles. 9.10 at the entrance of one of the mayors there into his office.
Armitage, Timothy, d. 1655. / [1678] Sermons preached upon several occasions by Timothy Armitage.
Armour, James, fl. 1702-1722. / [1700] A proposal to supply the defect of money, and relief to the poor. To his grace, James Duke of Queensberry, his Majesty's high commissioner; and to the most honourable, the three estates of Parliament:
Armstrong, Thomas, Sir, 1624?-1684. / [1684] Some remarkable observations on the proceedings against Sir Thomas Armstrong in His Majesties court of Kings-Bench at Westminster, upon an outlawry for high-treason &c. : as also on what passed at his execution at Tyburn and the paper then delivered to the sheriffs of London and since published.
Armstrong, Thomas, Sir, 1624?-1684. defendant. / [1684] The proceedings against Sir Thomas Armstrong, in his Majesties Court of Kings-Bench, at Westminster, upon an outlawry for high-treason, &c. As also an account of what passed at his execution at Tyburn, the 20th. of June 1684. Together with the paper he delivered to the sheriffs of London, at the same time and place.
Armuthaz, Bollicosgo. / [1663] The coffee-mans granado discharged upon the Maidens complaint against coffee. In a dialogue between Mr. Black-burnt and Democritus; wherein is discovered severall strange, wonderful, and miraculous cures performed by coffee, (the like never heard of since the creation.) with the names of the persons, and places of their abode, who were cured when left off by the physitians. Also some merry passages between Peg and Cis, two merry milk-maids of Islington, touching the rare vertues of chocolate / written by Don Bollicosgo Armuthaz.
Arnaldus, de Villanova, d. 1311. / [ca. 1550] The defence of age, and recouery of youth translated by the famous Clarke & ryght experte medycines, Arnolde de noua Villa ; very profytable for all men to knowe.
Arnauld, Henri, 1597-1692. / [Printed in the year MDCLXVIII 1668] An extract out of a pastoral letter of the Bishop of Angers in France, concerning a late miracle done in the parish called in French, Des Ulmes de St. Florent, near to the town of Saumur, on the second day of June 1668. At what time those of the reformed church (as they call themselves) held their sinod in the said town of Saumur.
Arndt, Johann, 1555-1621. / [1646] Mr. John Arndt (that famous German divine) his book of Scripture declaring that every child of God ought and must 1. daily die to the old Adam, but to Christ live daily, 2. and be renewed to the image of God day by day, 3. and in the new-birth live the life of the new creature / translated out of the Latine copie by Radulphus Castrensis Antimachivalensis.
Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659. / [1660] Theanthrōpos; or, God-man: being an exposition upon the first eighteen verses of the first chapter of the Gospel according to St John. Wherein, is most accurately and divinely handled, the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ; proving him to be God and man, coequall and coeternall with the Father: to the confutation of severall heresies both ancient and modern. By that eminently learned and reverend divine, John Arrowsmith, D.D. late Master of Trinity-Colledge in Cambridge, and Professor of Divinity there.
Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659. / [1659] Armilla catechetica. A chain of principles; or, An orderly concatenation of theological aphorismes and exercitations; wherein, the chief heads of Christian religion are asserted and improved: by John Arrowsmith, D.D. late master both of St Johns and Trinity-Colledge successively, and Regius professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. Published since his death according to his own manuscript allowed by himself in his life time under his own hand.
Artaxerxes I, King of Persia, d. 425 or 4 B.C. / [1661] The folly and wisdom of the ancients:: in tvvo letters wonderfully preserved for almost 2000 years. Translated out of the Greek copy, and recommended to the judicious, to consider how far the case therein exprest, may concern our present times, either prophetically or parallel. Being two letters of Artaxerxes that great king, as they are recorded by Josephus, in his 11th. book, and 6th. chap.
Arundel, Philip Howard, Earl of, Saint, 1557-1595. / [1606] A foure-fould meditation, of the foure last things viz. 1. of the houre of death. 2. Day of iudgement. 3. Paines of hell. 4. Ioyes of heauen. Shewing the estate of the elect and reprobate. Composed in a diuine poeme by R:S. the author of S. Peters complaint.
Arundell of Wardour, Henry Arundell, Baron, 1606?-1694 / [1679?] Verses made by the honourable Lord Arundel of Warder
Arundell, Thomas, fl. 1662. / [1695] The holy breathings of a devout soul, in meditations, contemplations, and prayers
Arwaker, Edmund / [M DC XC VIII 1698] God's king the people's blessing. A sermon preached on the day of thanksgiving for peace, at St. Ann's Church in Dungannon, in the diocese of Armagh. / By Edm. Arwaker, rector of Drumglass, and chaplain to his grace the Duke of Ormond.