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Adair, John, ca. 1650-1722. / [1695] Representation unto His Grace His Majesties High Commissioner and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament, anent the survey of the Kingdom of Scotland, and navigating the coasts and isles thereof.
Adair, John, ca. 1650-1722. / [1694?] Queries, in order to a true description; and an account of the natural curiositys, and antiquities / by Mr. Adair.
Adam, Melchior, d. 1622. / [1641] The life and death of Dr Martin Luther: the passages whereof haue bin taken out of his owne and other godly and most learned, mens writings, who liued in his time.
Adam, Simon. / [1663] Concerning the observation of the First Day to be kept above any other day, which is the world's old idol, wherein they satisfie their lusts in pride and idleness.
Adams, Frank, fl. 1559-1601. / [Anno. Domi. 1594] Writing tables vvith a kalender for xxiiii. yeeres, with sundry necessarye rules.
Adams, John, 1662-1720. / [1696] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margarets Westminster, November the fifth, 1696 by J. Adams ...
Adams, John, 1662-1720. / [1695] A sermon preached at White-hall on Sunday, the 17th of February, 169 4/5 before the right honourable the lord chamberlain, ladies of the bedchambers, and others of the houshold to our late gracious Queen Mary, of blessed memory / by J. Adams ...
Adams, John, 1662-1720. / [1695] A sermon preach'd at White-Hall on Sunday, September 8, 1695 being the day of thanksgiving for the taking of Namur, and the safety of His Majesty's person / by J. Adams ...
Adams, John, 1662-1720. / [1700] A sermon preach'd at St. Clement-Danes, the 29th of Septemb. 1700 occasion'd by the recantation of Mr. Clement Joynes, (lately a Quaker) / by J. Adams ...
Adams, Mary, fl. 1652-1676. / [Printed in the year, 1676] A warning to the inhabitants of England, and London in particular for so it rise often in my heart to write, even a warning that the inhabitants might hear and fear the judgments of the Lord, that are ready to fall upon this nation speedily, unless they repent of the evil of their doings, and return from their iniquities, that God may yet shew mercy upon this poor nation. By M.A.
Adams, Mr. (John), fl. 1680. / [1682?] Proposals for the actual survey of all the counties in England and Wales: by Mr. Adams of the Inner-Temple
Adams, Richard, 1626?-1698. / [1699] The earthly and heavenly building opened in a sermon on 2d. Corinthians, Chap. V. Verse 1, at the funeral of the late ... Henry Hurst ... / by Richard Adams ...
Adams, Richard, 17th cent. / [1648] A true and terrible relation from Maletravis in Maligo, an island belonging to the King of Spaine, of a sad accident that befell the whole citie, it consisting of seven and thirtie thousand families and how they were destroyed all in one night by a fog or damp that rose upon them, which destroyed both men, women, and children, except five persons ... : this relation was sent to a merchan in this citie ...
Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. / [1625] Three sermons preached 1. In Whitehall, March 29. being the first Tuesday after the departure of King Iames into blessednesse. 2. In Christs Church, at the trienniall visitation of the right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of London. 3. In the chappell by Guildhall, at the solemne election of the Right Honourable the Lord Maior of London. / By Tho: Adams.
Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. / [1624] The temple A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the fifth of August. 1624. By Tho. Adams.
Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. / [MDCXXXIII. 1633] A commentary or, exposition vpon the diuine second epistle generall, written by the blessed apostle St. Peter. By Thomas Adams
Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. / [1623] The barren tree a sermon preached at Pauls crosse October 26. 1623 / by Tho. Adams.
Adams, William, 1650-1685. / [1679] The necessity of the pouring out of the spirit from on high upon a sinning apostatizing people, set under judgment, in order to their merciful deliverance and salvation as it was delivered in part, upon 21. 9. 1678 being a general fast throughout the united colonies of N.E. / by William Adams ...
Adamson, John, d. 1653. / [1623] The trauellers ioy: or, A sermon on the third verse of the second chapter of Salomons song. By Master Iohn Adamson, minister of the Word of God at Liberton.
Adamson, Patrick, 1537-1592. / [1646] A declaration made by King James, in Scotland; concerning, church-government, and presbyters.:
Addamson, William, 17th cent. / [1656] An answer to a book, titled, Quakers principles quaking: subscribed by the name of one Ralph Hale, with an epistle (so called) to the reader, subscribed with the name of one Zachariah Crofton. A principle of darkness, deceit, and confusion in Ralph Hale, and his fellow labourer in Sathans work Zachariah Crofton, is discovered by the Quakers principle, and the Quakers principle doth stand against the power of darkness, and all the false principles in the world, them to discover and lay open. The book was said to be modestly propounded by Ralph Hale, but in it I found so many lies, slanders, and false accusations, with confused, vain, and frivolous words, as many of them is not worth mentioning; yet, lest the author should boast in his mischief, I shall lay down somthing in answer to some few of them, in respect of the number of them. / A servant to the least in the houshold of faith, and the lest amonst his brethren, whose name in the flesh is William Adamson.
Adderley, Thomas, b. 1648 or 9. / [1679] The care of the peace of the church, the duty of every Christian in a discourse upon Psalm 122, 6, wherein the main pleas, for separation are examined and the true causes thereof shewed ... / by Tho. Adderley ... ; to which is annexed a letter, briefly shewing the great danger and sinfulness of popery, written to a young gentleman (a Roman Catholick) in Warwick-shire.
Adderley, William. / [1688] The case of William Adderley esq; duly elected a burgess to serve in Parliament for the burrough of New Windsor in the county of Berks. Sir Christopher Wren, Henry Powle esq; William Adderly esq; competitors.
Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703. / [1677] A modest plea for the clergy wherein is briefly considered, the original, antiquity, necessity : together with the spurious and genuine occasions of their present contempt.
Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703. / [1682] An introduction to the sacrament, or, A short, plain, and safe way to the communion table being an instruction for the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper / collected for and familiarly addressed to every particular communicant.
Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703. / [1696] Christos autotheos, or, An historical account of the heresie denying the Godhead of Christ
Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703. / [1698] The Christians daily sacrifice duly offer'd, or, A practical discourse teaching the right performance of prayer by Lancelot Addison.
Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703. / [1691] The Christian's manual in three parts ... / by L. Addison ...
Adee, N. (Nicholas), d. 1701. / [1685] A plot for a crown in a visitation-sermon, at Cricklade, May the fifteenth, 1682 : being a parallel between the heir and husband-men in the parable, and the rightful prince and his excluders in Parliament / by N. Adee ...
Adis, Henry. / [1661] A fannatick's testimony against swearing; being an ansvver to four books, published by John Tombes, Jeremiah Ives, and Theophilus Brabourne; but more especially to that by Henry Den. By Henry Adis, a baptized believer, undergoing the name of a free-willer; and also most ignomineously by the tongue of infamy, called a fannatick, or a mad man.
Adis, Henry. / [Printed in the year, MDCLXVIII. 1648] A cup for the citie, and her adherents. Collected by Henry Adis, prisoner in Tower chamber of the Fleet by an arbytrary power.:
Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585. / [1653] A description and explanation of 268. places in Jerusalem and in the suburbs thereof, as it flourished in the time of Jesus Christ Answerable to each of the 268. figures that are in its large, and most exact description in the map; shewing the several places of the acts and sufferings of Jesus Christ, and his holy Apostles. As also of the Kings, prophets, &c. Very useful for the more clear and fuller opening of very many places in the prophets (as also in Josephus, and other histories) especially in the Gospels, and the Acts of the Apostles. Translated by T.T. Reviewed, and in many places rectified according to the Holy Scriptures, and some things further cleared: with additions of many scripture proofs: by H. Jessey. Imprimatur Joseph Caryl.