The Protestants thanks for the downfall of popery, or, Madam popery rocked to sleep
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The Protestants Thanks for the Down∣fall of Popery, or Madam Popery rocked to Sleep.

ALL you whose Eyes did use to weep,
And Hearts with Sorrows was prest full deep,
Cheer up, for now Madam Popery's asleep.
Sing Lullaby Popery, Hush! Proud Popery, Lullaby
Popery, Oh! Lullaby.
Madam POPERY once she sat at her Ease,
And all her Projectors they did what they please,
But now the curs't Crew can us no more tease.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
The NƲNCIO is gone, and sail'd over the Main,
He was sent over hither, their Cause for to gain,
And I protest I don't know when he will come again.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
Their Game is quite done, and the Cards are thrown by,
And the Knave of Spades PETERS looks now very shy,
He is gone into FRANCE in a Corner to Cry
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
The Irish Teagues from hence are all gone,
Who our Throats would have Cut, had they been let alone,
But they are packing sent home to sing a-hone, a-hone.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
POPISH Chappels and Altars we shall no more need,
Nor in any great haste will be built up with speed,
And Wild-House do's now look like Wild-House indeed.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
And he that was PRINTER to Houshold and Chappel,
Will have no Occasion to print POPISH Tattle;
For Bell, Book, and Candle has now had a Rattle.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
All Trayterous JUDGES must now go to Pot,
And so must that Bell-weather Bawling Great SOT,
For I dreamt that a Rope would fall to their Lot.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
His HOLINESS now by this Time is fall'n Sick,
His Mouth's out of Taste, he an ORENGE can't lick,
And his Pulse, I hear say, do's beat monstrous quick.
Sing Lullaby Popery, &c.
Madam POPERY is gone, and the Devil go with her
And Six-pence, that's Money and Comp'ny together,
And I hope she'll ne're more return again hither.
Sing Lullaby Popery, Hush! Proud Popery,
Lullaby Popery, Oh! Lullaby.

London, Printed for J.C. near Fleet-bridge. 1689.

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