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Author: Steinhöwel, Heinrich, 1412-1482?
Title: Kynge Appolyn of Thyre.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Kynge Appolyn of Thyre.
Steinhöwel, Heinrich, 1412-1482?, Copland, Robert, fl. 1508-1547.

Enprynted in the famous cyte of London: in the fletestrete at ye syne of the sonne by Wynkyn de worde., In the yere of our lorde. M.v. and.x. [1510]
Alternate titles: Apollonius. English
Subject terms:
German literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Early works to 1800.

title page
¶The prologue of the translatoure.
¶Here after foloweth the table of this present boke.
¶How ye kynge of Anthyoche begate on his wyfe a fay∣re doughter / at whose byrthe his wyfe deyed. Ca. j.
¶How by lechery and temptācyon of the deuyll the kyn∣ge voyled his doughter. Ca. ij.
¶How kynge Appolyn assoyled ye questyon of kynge An¦thiogus of Anthyoche. Ca. iij.
¶How ye kynge of Anthyoche sent his stuarde towar¦de kynge Appolyn of Thyre for to putte hym vnto dethe. Ca. iiij.
¶How kynge Appolyn mounted secretly on ye see. Ca. v.
¶How Appolyn aryued at the cyte of Tharcye. Ca. vj.
¶How kynge Appolyn mette with an aeged man and of theyr deuyses. Ca. vij.
¶How kynge Appolyn delyuered the cyte of Tharcye fro grete famyne and honger. Ca. viij.
¶How kynge Appolyn of Thyre sayled towarde the cy∣te of Terme where as his shyppes peryshed nygh vnto the porte / and all his men drowned and he onely preser∣ued by a fyssher. Ca. ix.
¶How kynge Appolyn poorely arayed entred within ye cyte of Terme and played with the kynge. Ca. x.
¶How kynge Appolyn souped in the kynges hall. Ca. xi.
¶How Appolyn fell in conceyte with the kynges dough∣ter of Terme for playenge on the harpe. Ca. xii
¶How Archycastres was loue seke for Appolyn. Ca. xiii
¶How two kynges sones came to haue had Archicastres in maryage. Ca. xiiii.
¶How Appolyn bare lettres vnto the kynge. Ca. xv.
¶How kynge Appolyn espoused ye fayre damoysel Archy¦castres the kynges doughter of Terme. Ca. xvi.
¶How tydynges came by a galey to kȳge Appolyn that the kynge of Anthyoche was deed. xvj.
¶How kyng Appolyn entred the see with his wyfe / and how she was delyuered of a doughter. Ca. xviij.
¶How after that Archicastres was delyuered she was cast in to the see in an arche of leed. Ca. xix.
¶How Archycastres was foūde and made hole / and af∣ter went in to a monastery of Dyane. Ca. xx.
¶How Appolyn aryued at Tharcye and left his dough¦ter with Tranyuyle and Dyonyse his wife. Ca xxj.
¶How the nouryce recounted to the chylde Tarcye who was her fader and who was her moder and how her nouryce dyed. Ca. xxij.
¶How Dyonyse Tranquyls wyfe ymagyned the dethe of Tarcye kynge Appolyns doughter. Ca. xxiij.
¶How after that the galey had away Tarcye ye esclaue tolde Dyonyse that she had slayne her / and of the fayned sorowe that Dyonyse made. Ca. xxiiij.
¶How the galey mē solde Tarcye to a ruffyen in the cy∣te of Mylytayne. Ca. xxv.
¶How Tarcye gaue her money to the ruffyen / and how he wolde haue made his esclaue to lye wt her. Ca. xxvj.
¶How kynge Appolyn came to the cyte of Tharcye for to se his doughter. Ca. xxvij.
¶Of the lamentacyon of kynge Appolyn. Ca. xxviij.
¶How kynge Appolyn aryued at Mylytayne / and how his doughter luted afore hym / & other maters. Ca. xxix.
¶How Tarcye cōplayned of her mysfortunes before kyn¦ge Appolyn for hurtynge of her knee. Ca. xxx.
¶Of the Ioye bytwene Appolyn & Tarcye. Ca. xxxi.
¶How the ruffyen that kept Tarcye was brent. Ca. xxxii
¶Of the maryage of Anthygoras prynce of Mylytayne and of Tarcye kynge Appolyns doughter. Ca. xxxiij.
¶How Appolyn and his doughter went to the temple of dyane where as his quene was abbesse. Ca. xxxiiij.
¶Of the Ioye that was betwene Appolyn and his wyfe in the temple of Dyane. Ca. xxxv.
¶How Appolyn was crowned at Anthyoche / & after re∣torned to the cyte of Tharcye & caused execucyon to be done vpon Tranquyle & Dyonyse his wyfe. Ca. xxxvi
¶How Appolyn was crowned kynge of Penthypolytay¦ne / after his wyfes fader. Ca. xxxvii.
¶How kynge Appolyn dysceased and his wyfe also / and how theyr sone possessed theyr realmes. Ca. xxxviii.