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Author: Jarrige, Pierre, 1605-1660.
Title: A further discovery of the mystery of Jesuitisme in a collection of severall pieces representing the humours, designs, and practises of those who call themselves the Society of Jesus.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A further discovery of the mystery of Jesuitisme in a collection of severall pieces representing the humours, designs, and practises of those who call themselves the Society of Jesus.
Jarrige, Pierre, 1605-1660., Schoppe, Kaspar, 1576-1649. Discourse of the reasons why the Jesuits are so generally hated. , Well-wisher to the Jesuits. Discovery of the Society in relation to their politicks.

London,: Printed for T. Dring, and are to be sold at the George in Fleet-street ..., 1648. [i.e. 1658]
Subject terms:
Beaufés, Jacques.
Jesuits -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.

title page
title page
The Author's DEDICATORY, To the High and Mighty, The STATES GENERALL OF THE United Provinces.
table of contents
CHAP. I. Discovering a Custome (fatall to themselves) which the Jesuits have, ever to meddle with those, who, they feare, will reveale their crimes.
CHAP. II. An Impeachment of High-Treason against the Jesuits.
CHAP. III. An enditement of Encroachments and Anti∣dates put in against the Jesuits.
CHAP. IV. The J suits arraigned at the Barre for the mur∣ther of abundance of little Children whereof they have the oversight.
CHAP. V. An information put in against the Jesuits of thIncontinency they are guilty of in theiClasses.
CHAP. VI. A second Bill put in against them for their Im∣purities in their Visits.
CHAP. VII. A third Bill, of villanies, committed by the Jesuits in their Churches.
CHAP. VIII. A fourth Bill of Venereall uncleannesses com∣mitted by the Jesuits in their Houses.
CHAP. IX. A fifth Enditement, of the lascivious Villanies committed by the Jesuits in their Itinerancies, and Country-Houses.
CHAP. X. A sixth charge of Obscenities committed by the Jesuits in their conversations with Nuns, in their Convents.
CHAP. XI. A Bill of Indictment brought in against the Jesuits for Coyning.
CHAP. XII. Discovering the Ingratitude and exasperation of the Jesuits, against those that had highly obliged them.
CHAP. XIII. Reflections upon the twelve precedent Discour∣ses.
REFLECTION V. and last.
Psal. XVII.
title page
To the Reverend THE PASTORS AND ANCIENTS Of the FRENCH Reformed Churches, gathered together in the united Provinces of the Low-Countries.
CHAP. I. Shewing the reason of my writing after the ex∣cellent Refutation, publish'd on my behalf by Monsieur Vincent.
CHAP. II. A character of James Beaufés, as to his abilities in point of Learning.
CHAP. III. A character of James Beaufes in relation to his life and manners.
CHAP. IV. Giving an account of the proceedings of the Jesuits against me.
CHAP. V. Discovering the cheats and evasions of the Ie∣suits, in their prosecution.
CHAP. VI. Containing an Answer to the Accusation put in against me by the Jesuits.
CHAP. VII.iscovering the childish inventions of Beaufes to make my Letters contradictory one to an∣other.
CHAP. VIII. Discovering how that in the Society of Jesus men are perpetually subject to repining and discontent.
CHAP. IX. Other grounds of discontent among the Iesuits proceeding from the conduct of their Su∣periours.
CHAP. X. Assigning other undenyable causes of discontent among tht Jesuits, taken from the injustice of their Superiours.
CHAP. XI▪ Producing severall reasons of discontent ∣rising from the Syndications among the Jesuits.
CHAP. XII. Shewing the falsifications of the Jesuits in t impressions of my Letters.
CHAP. XIII.y way of Answer to the two convictions which Iames Beaufes pretends to draw from the precedent Letters.
CHAP. XIV. Wherein James Beaufes is found guilty of a notorious imprudence, tending very much to the dishonour of his Brethren.
CHAP. XV. Wherein observation is made of another impru∣dence of Iames Beaufes, prejudiciall to the domestick peace of their houses.
CHAP. XVI. Discovering Beaufes to be a notorious Lyar.
CHAP. XVII. Demonstrating that their accusations contribute to my Ʋindication.
Psalme LIV.
title page
Of the strange discovery of these Secret INSTRUCTIONS.
The Principall Heads of the Instructions.
SECT. I. Discovering how the Society ought to behave it self immediately upon some new Founda∣tion granted them in any place.
SECT. II. What course is to be taken to insinuate into the favour and familiarity of Grandees and Princes.
SECT. III. What we are to expect from such Grandees as being much behind hand as to matter of mo∣ney, are neverthelesse of great esteem and au∣thority in the Common-wealth, and may o∣therwise very much oblige us.
SECT. IV. Of the principall design of such as are Prea∣chers and Confessors to Princes and Great men.
SECT. V. How we are to behave our selves towards those Religious Orders, which pretending to the same designe with us, do very much derogate from us.
SECT. VI. How to cajoll rich VViddowes into a venerati∣on of the Society.
SECT. VII. Of the wayes of persuading Widdowes to per∣severance in a single life; as also of the dispo∣sall of their Revenues.
SECT. VIII. Of certain expedients whereby it may be effe∣cted that the Sons and Daughters of such wo∣men as have resigned themselves to the con∣duct of our Society, may embrace a Religious condition of life.
SECT. IX. Of the wayes whereby the Revenues of our Col∣ledges may be improved.
SECT. X. Of the necessity there is to make some osten∣tation of the severity of discipline in the Society.
SECT. XI. How the Fathers of the Society are generally to behave themselves towards those that are dismissed.
SECT. XII. Of the choice of young Lads for the Society, and the wayes whereby they are to be re∣tained.
SECT. XIII. Of the Nurnes.
SECT. XIV. Of reserved Cases, and other causes of Dismis∣sion out of the Society, then what have been mentioned before.
SECT. XV. What persons of the Society are the most to be che∣rished and encouraged.
SECT. XVI. Of the contempt of Wealth.
title page
To the READER.
A Discourse of the REASONS WHY THE JESUITS Are so generally HATED.
title page
To the READER.
A DISCOVERY Of the SOCIETY In relation to their POLITICKS, &c.