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Author: Crasset, Jean, 1618-1692.
Title: A new form of meditations for every day in the year. Written originally in French by F. John Crasset. And put into English at the request of several persons of honour and quality, by a well-wisher to devotion.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: A new form of meditations for every day in the year. Written originally in French by F. John Crasset. And put into English at the request of several persons of honour and quality, by a well-wisher to devotion.
Crasset, Jean, 1618-1692.

London : Printed for William Grantham, in Cock-Pit Alley, near Drury-Lane: , MDCLXXXV [i.e. 1685]
Alternate titles: Nouvelle forme de méditations. English
Subject terms:
Meditations -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The AUTHOR's Necessary Advertisements FOR The better Use of the ensuing MEDITATIONS.
table of contents
A TABLE OF THE Meditations Contain'd in the First TOME.
The First PART. For the Purgative Life.
The Second PART OF THE MEDITATIONS For the Illuminative Life.
The Second TOME.
The Third PART. Of the Principal Mysteries of the Life and Death of the Son of God, and of his Holy Mother.
The Fourth PART. For the Ʋnitive Way.
A TABLE OF THE Meditations For the whole Year.
A TABLE OF MEDITATIONS. For the chief FEASTS of the Year.
book 1
part 1
The FIRST Meditation. Of the End for which Man was made.
II. MED. Of the Dominion of God over his Creatures.
III. MED. Of the care of our Salvation.
IV. MED. Of disengagement from Creatures.
V. MED. Of the Will of God.
VI. MED. Of the Obligations we have to love and serve God.
VII. MED. Profitable thoughts fit for to draw us off from the World.
VIII. MED. Of Death.
IX. MED. Of the Death of the Just.
X. MED. Of the Death of Sinners.
XI. MED. Of the last Judgment.
XII. MED. Of Hell.
XIII. MED. Of the two Eternities.
XIV. MED. Of Mortal sin.
XV. MED. Of Venial Sin.
XVI. MED. Of Pennance.
XVII. MED. That we ought not to differ our Conversion.
XVIII. MED. Of the Conditions of a true Pennance.
XIX. MED. Of the flight from Occasions and evil Companies.
XX. MED. Of a good, and a bad Conscience.
XXI. MED. Of the peace of the Soul.
XXII. MED. Of vain Desires.
XXIII. MED. Of Tepidity.
XXIV. MED. Of the hatred of the World.
XXV. MED. Of the small number of the Saved.
XXVI. MED. Of Scandal, or bad Example.
XXVII. MED. Of outward Pennance and Mortification.
XXVIII. MED. Of the excellency of Mortification.
XXIX. MED. Of the Profit and necessity of Temptations.
XXX. MED. Of the causes of our Temptations.
XXXI. MED. Of the troubles and pains of Mind.
XXXII. MED. Of natural Inclinations.
XXXIII. MED. Of Aversions.
XXXIV. MED. Of Presumption.
XXXV. MED. Of the good use of Time.
XXXVI. MED. Of Persecutions.
XXXVII. MED. That it is necessary to be afflicted and persecuted.
XXXVIII. MED. Of Human Respect.
XXXIX. MED. Of Slander or Detraction.
XL. MED. Of Sadness.
XLI. MED. The ill effects of Sadness.
XLII. MED. Remedies against Sadness.
XLIII. MED. Of Pride.
XLIV. MED. Of the pardoning of Injuries.
XLV. MED. Of the Judgment of Men.
XLVI. MED. Of Avarice.
XLVII. MED. Of Relapse.
XLVIII. MED. Of Customary Sins.
XLIX. MED. A Preparation to Death.
L. MED. How to resolve for Death.
LI. MED. The Affections of a just Soul at the ap∣proaches of Death, which we should cause to be read to us in our last sickness.
LII. MED. A Paraphrase on our Lord's Prayer, for the comfort of the sick.
LIII. MED. Of the care of our Perfection.
LIV. MED. Of Prayer, and the Difficulties that occur therein.
LV. MED. Of Faith.
LVI. MED. Of the Conduct of Faith.
LVII. MED. Of Hope and Confidence in God.
LVIII. MED. Of Charity.
LIX. MED. Of Purity of Intention.
LX. MED. Which is the noblest Intention.
LXI. MED. Of the Marks of a pure Intention.
LXII. MED. Of Humility.
XLIII. MED. Of Patience.
LXIV. MED. Of the Exercise of Patience.
LXV. MED. Of the Cross: or several Motives of Patience.
LXVI. MED. Of Conformity to the Will of God.
LXVII. MED. Of the love of our Neighbour.
LXVIII. MED. Of the duty of Fathers to their Children, and of Masters towards their Servants.
LXIX. MED. Of Mildness and Choler.
LXX. MED. Remedies against Choler.
LXXI. MED. That we ought to do all our Actions well.
LXXII. MED. Of fidelity in small things.
LXXIII. MED. Of good Works.
LXXIV. MED. Of Alms.
LXXV. MED. Of the Condusts of God.
LXXVI. MED. Of the benefit there is in leaving our selves to the Conduct of God.
LXXVII. MED. Of the hurt there comes by straying from the ways of God.
LXXVIII. MED. Of Dryness and Aridities.
LXXIX. MED. Of Silence.
LXXX. MED. Of Sickness.
LXXXI. MED. Of Modesty.
LXXXII. MED. Of Divine Inspirations.
LXXXIII. MED. Of the Word of God.
LXXXIV. MED. Of the Happiness of a Religious State.
LXXXV. MED. Of Poverty.
LXXXVI. MED. Of Chastity.
LXXXVII. MED. Of Obedience.
LXXXVIII. MED. Of Religious Discipline.
book 2
THE THIRD PART. OF THE Principal Mysteries of the Life and Death of the Son of God, and of his Holy Mother.
LXXXIX. MED. Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ.
XC. MED. Of the Virtue, of Jesus compared to our Vices.
XCI. MED. Of the Nativity of JESƲS Christ.
XCII. MED. Affections of tenderness towards the Infant Jesus.
XCIII. MED. Of the Poverty of the Infant Jesus.
XCIV. MED. Of the Humility of the Infant Jesus.
XCV. MED. Of the Divine Humiliations in the Mystery of the Incarnation.
XCVI. MED. Of the Holy Name of Jesus.
XCVII. MED. Of the Kingdom of God.
XCVIII. MED. Of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and that of Satan.
XCIX. MED. Of the Passion of JESƲS Christ in general.
C. MED. Of the Sadness of the Son of God in the Garden of Olives.
CI. MED. On the Prayer of our Lord in the Garden.
CII. MED. Of the Outrages that our Lord suffered in Anna's and Caiphas's house.
CIII. MED. Of the Contempt that Herod used Jesus Christ with, and that Jesus Christ shewed of Herod.
CIV. MED. Of the Preference of Barabbas before JESVS Christ.
CV. MED. Of the Flagellation of Jesus Christ.
CVI. MED. Of the Crowning with Thorns.
CVII. MED. On Jesus Christ's journey in carrying of his Cross.
CVIII. MED. Of Jesus Crucified.
CIX. MED. On the first Word of Jesus Christ on the Cross.
CX. MED. On the Repentance of the good Thief, and the Impenitence of the bad one.
CXI. MED. Of the Passion of the B. Virgin.
CXII. MED. Of the Dereliction of our Lord.
CXIII. MED. On the Thirst of our Lord on the Cross.
CXIV. MED. On the sixth Word of our Lord on the Cross.
CXV. MED. On the last Word of JESƲS Christ on the Cross.
CXVI. MED. Of the Death of the Son of God.
CXVII. MED. In form of Prayer on the seven Stations of the Sufferings of the Son of God.
2. STAT.
3. STAT.
4. STAT.
5. STAT.
6. STAT.
7. STAT.
CXVIII. MED. On the Burial of Jesus Christ.
CXIX. MED. Of the Resurrection of our Lord.
CXX. MED. Of our Lord's Wounds.
CXXI. MED. Of the good Shepherd.
CXXII. MED. Of the Sheep of Jesus Christ.
CXXIII. MED. Of the Ascension of our Lord.
CXXIV. MED. Of the coming down of the Holy Ghost.
CXXV. MED. Of the most Sacred Trinity.
CXXVI. MED. In form of a Dialogue. Of the Institution of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.
CXXVII. MED. Of the Love of JESƲS Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar.
CXXVIII. MED. Of the Holy Communion.
CXXIX. MED. In Form of Prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ: which may serve for a Thanks∣giving after Communion.
CXXX. MED. Of Devotion towards the B. Virgin.
CXXXI. MED. Of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin.
CXXXII. MED. Of the Purification of the B. Virgin.
CXXXIII. MED. Of the Annunciation of the B. Virgin.
CXXXIV. MED. Of the Humiliations of the Son of God, and the Elevations of Mary, in the Mystery of the Incarnation.
CXXXV. MED. Of the Visitation of the B. Virgin.
CXXXVI. MED. Of the Death of the B. Virgin.
CXXXVII. MED. Of the Resurrection of the B. Virgin.
CXXXVIII. MED. Of the Assumption of the B. Virgin.
CXXXIX. MED. Of the Nativity of the B. Virgin: and of the Name of Mary given to her.
CXL. MED. Of the Presentation of the B. Virgin in the Temple.
A Protestation of Service to the B. Virgin, which ought to be made on all Holy-Days and Communion Days.
CXLI. MED. Of the Love of JESƲS.
CXLII. MED. Of the Ʋnity of Love.
CXLIII. MED. Of the Presence of God.
CXLIV. MED. Of Solitude.
CXLV. MED. Of the leaving of our selves.
CXLVI. MED. How we ought to leave our selves.
CXLVII. MED. Of Annihilation.
CXLVIII. MED. Of the five degrees of Perfection.
CXLIX. MED. Of the Divine Perfections.
CL. MED. Of the Amability of God.
CLI. MED. How God loves men: and how men ought to love God.
CLII. MED. Of the Incomprehensibility of God.
CLIII. MED. Of Simplicity.
CLIV. MED. Of the fulness of God's Riches.
CLV. MED. Of Heaven.
CLVI. MED. Of Divine Ʋnion.
A Prayer to the B. Trinity for to obtain the grace of Ʋnion.
Spiritual Canticles FOR HOLY SOULS
Words of the Holy Scripture for the chast Spouses of the Son of God.
Words of Love taken out of the Book of the Following of Christ, for Souls that aspire to Ʋnion.