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Author: Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.
Title: Solitarinesse improved, in occasionall meditations upon several subjects. By D.L.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Solitarinesse improved, in occasionall meditations upon several subjects. By D.L.
Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.

London,: Printed for John Rothwell., [ca. 1640]
Alternate titles: Objectorum reductio, or, Daily imployment for the soule
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1800

title page
MEDITATION. 1. Vpon the sight of a IEW.
MEDITATION. 2. Vpon PILATE, washing h Hands.
MEDITATION. 3. Vpon the sight of a Toade.
MEDITATION. 4. Vpon hearing a Woman die in child-bed.
MEDITATION. 5. Vpon SAVLS going from Heirusalem to Damascus.
MEDITATION. 6. Vpon DAVIDS Adultery.
MEDITATION. 7. Vpon CAINS murthering his brother ABEL.
MEDITATION. . pon the good Samaritan and the wounded Man.
MEDITATION. 9. Vpon Demas leaving Saint Paul.
MEDITATION. 10. Vpon the two Disciples going from Hierusalem to Emaus.
MEDITATION. 11. Of a Dogge in a Chaine
MEDITATION. 12. Vpon a beautifull and pu•… Virgin.
MEDITATION. 13. Vpon seeing a Man arrested, and carried to Prison.
MEDITATION. 14. Vpon the sight of an Hive of Bees.
MEDITATION. 15. Vpon a Mans shadow.
MEDITATION. 16. Vpon the sight of the Raine-bow.
MEDITATION. 7. Vpon a Winter day.
MEDITATION. 18. Vpon the Sunne.
MEDITATION. 19. Vpon the sight of a Brave new House without Land or Meanes to it.
MEDITATION. 20. Vpon the sight of a Butche killing a Lambe.
MEDITATION. 21. Vpon a Doore, turning upon his Hinges.
MEDITATION. 26. Vpon the sight of a Sword.
MEDITATION. 23. Vpon a virtuous Wife, havi many Children.
MEDITATION. 24. Vpon the sight of a Grashopper.
MEDITATION. 25. Vpon the sight of a dead Man.
MEDITATION. 26. Vpon the sight of a Lottery.
MEDITATION. 27. Vpon a great Candle in a fa•… Candle sticke.
MEDITATION. 28. Vpon a dead Coale.
MEDITATION: 29. Vpon seeing the Sunne setting.
MEDITATION. 30. Vpon a Stone in a River.
MEDITATION. 31. Vpon the ill, and neglige•… Servant, Mat. 25.27.
MEDITATION. 32. Vpon the Soldiers that watcht the Sepulchre of our Saviour.
MEDITATION. 33. Vpon the Aethiopian Eunuch converted by Philip.
MEDITATION. 34. Vpon seeing a Bird caught a Snare.
MEDITATION. 35. Vpon the sight of a Thorne Tree, full of Blossomes.
MEDITATION. 36. Vpon visiting a Rich man, in time of his sicknes.
MEDITATION. 37. Vpon Hearing a faire Shippe come home Richly laden.
MEDITATION. 38. Vpon the sight of an Infant fed with Milke.
MEDITATION. 39. Vpon the sight of the Moone.
MEDITATION. 40. Vpon the falling of in Autumne.
MEDITATION. 41. Vpon Reubens divisions. Iudg. 5.15.16.
MEDITATION. 42. Vpon Sleepe.
MEDITATION. 43. Vpon the sight of a faire Garden.
MEDITATION. 44. Vpon Fire.
MEDITATION. 45. Vpon the sight of a poore maBegging.
MEDITATION. 46. Vpon the sight of a Frontiere Garrison.
MEDITATION. 47. Vpon a King, and Traytors.
MEDITATION. 48. Vpon the Angels.
MEDITATION. 49. Of a Physitian.
MEDITATION. 50. Vpon a Soldier.
MEDITATION. 40. Vpon seing a Man looking upon the Sunne with his Eyes Immediately.
MEDITATION. 52. Vpon seeing a Tent Pitcht up, and suddenly Re∣moved.
MEDITATION. 53. Vpon the covetous Rich Ma▪ Luk. 12.16,17,18,19,20.
MEDITATION. 54. Vpon the sight of a Pismire.
MEDITATION. 56. Vpon the Fish in the Sea.
MEDITATION. 57. Vpon Saul sparing Agag, and the rich, and best of the Booty 1 Sam. 15.
MEDITATION. 45. Vpon his owne Thoughts by way of conclusion.
MEDITATION. 59. Vpon his reading the Oc∣casionall Meditations of the Reverend Doc∣tor Hals Com∣position.