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Author: Hamilton, Patrick, 1504?-1528.
Title: [Paitrikes places]
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: [Paitrikes places]
Hamilton, Patrick, 1504?-1528., Frith, John, 1503-1533, tr.

[Antwerp: S. Cock, 1531?].
Subject terms:
Bible -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800.

Iohan Frith vnto the Christen Reader.
Patrikes Places
¶ Of the lawe.
¶ He that loveth god and his neyghboure kepeth all the commaundementes of god
¶ He that loueth god / loueth his neyghboure.
¶ He that loueth his neyghboure as him selfe kepeth all the commaundementes of god
¶ He yt loveth god kepeth al ye cōmaundmētes
¶ He that hath the faith kepeth all the commaundementes of god
¶ He that kepeth one commaundement of god kepeth them all.
¶ He that kepeth not all the commaunde mentes of god kepeth not one of thē.
¶ It is not in oure power to kepe anye of the commaundementes of god
The lawe was geuē to shew vs oure sinne
The lawe biddth vs do that thinge wh¦ych is impossible for vs.
Off the gospell.
The nature of the lawe and the gospell.
A dysputacyon betwene the lawe and the gospll
¶ Of fayth.
¶ He yt beleueth not goodes word / beleueth not god hym selfe.
¶ Fayth is the gyfte of god▪
¶ Faith is not in oure power
¶ with out faith it is impossible to pleace god
He that hath the faith wotteth well that he pleaseth god▪
Fayth is a surenesse.
A man is iustified by fayth
Of the fayth of christ
He that beleueth in Christ shall be saued
He yt beleueth not in christ shalbe cōdēpned
They that beleue in Iesu christ are the son¦nes of god.
He yt beleueth yt christ is ye sōn of god is safe
He yt beleueth god. beleueth the gospell.
¶ He that beleueth not the gospell beleveth not god.
He yt beleveth the gospell shall be saffe.
A comparison betwene faith and vnfaith fulnesse or incredulyte.
Of hope
We shulde put oure hope and trust in god alonlye and in no nother thinge
Of cherite.
The rule of cherite is this.
Of workes
No workes make vs vnrightwyse.
None of oure workes neyther saue vs nor condempne vs.
He that thinketh to be saved by his workes calleth him selfe Christ