A letter from the Assembly of Divines in England, and the commissioners of the Church of Scotland,: written, and sent by order of the honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, to the Belgick, French, Helvetian, and other reformed churches. Translated into English, and now published with the severall inscriptions to those churches. By order of the said House.
Westminster Assembly, Lauderdale, John Maitland, Duke of, 1616-1682., Church of Scotland. General Assembly., England and Wales. Parliament.
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Die Mercurii, 22 Novemb. 1643.

It is this day Ordered by the Commons House of Parliament, That the Assembly of Divines bee moved to write Letters unto some Divines or Churches of Zealand and Holland, and to the Protestant Churches in France, Switzerland, and other Reformed Churches, to informe them against the great Arti∣fices and Disguises of his Majesties Agents in these parts, of the true state of our affaires, and of the constant imployment of Irish Popish Rebels, and other Papists to bee Governours, Comman∣ders and Souldiers, the many evidences of their intentions to introduce Popery, their indevour to hinder the Reformation here intended, and condemning other Protestant Churches, as unsound, because not Prelaticall. And that the Scots Com∣missioners bee desired to joyn therein: And likewise that the Committees of the Lords and Commons, and of the Divines may advise with the Scots Commissioners in the Premises.

H. Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.