The way to save wealth: shewing how a man may live plentifully for two-pence a day. Likewise how to make a hundred noble dishes of meat, without either flesh, fish, or fowl. To make bread of roots, herbs, and leafs of trees. To brew good cheap liquor, without malt or hops. To make shoes last long. To make coals last long. To save soap in washing. To save cloth in cutting out a shirt. To make coffee of horse-beans To feed cattel well, without hay, grass, or corn. To save candles. To know any one's mind by signs; if there be twenty in company, they cannot apprehend it. To order bees aright. To settle your estate with Christian prudence. To know Scripture-weights and measures. Of dreams. To cure wounds by sympathy. The way to live long. To make spring-potage. To cure all sorts of cattle for 12 d. charge. To improve land, order and cure all deseases in singing birds. To kill vermin. To brew pale ales. To make wines, and all sorts of liquor, and an easy way to fine, and order them. With divers other curious matter
Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703.
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Butter affords good Nourishment; the best that is for the Stomach, is made from May to August it's very wholsom, if eaten moderately with Bread or with Herbs, Roots, or the like. Take good Butter and melt it thick, and put it to your Hrbs, as you do Oil, and it eats as well and pleasant, and can scarce be di∣stinguish'd from Oil: This (I believe) a great many may have cause to thank me for: All Butter ought to be well seasoned with Salt.