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Author: Varet, Alexandre-Louis, 1632-1676.
Title: The Christian education of children: according to the maxims of the Sacred Scripture, and the instructions of the fathers of the church / written and several times printed in French, and now translated into English.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: The Christian education of children: according to the maxims of the Sacred Scripture, and the instructions of the fathers of the church / written and several times printed in French, and now translated into English.
Varet, Alexandre-Louis, 1632-1676.

At Paris: By John Baptist Coignard ..., 1678.
Alternate titles: De l'education chrestienne des enfans. English
Subject terms:
Christian education

title page
THE Authours Address TO HIS SISTER.
THE Authours Advice TO THE READER.
THE Approbation of the Doctors.
OF The Christian Education Of CHILDREN.
The Preface.
CHAP. I. Of the Excellency of Christian Marriage.
CHAP. II. That the Education of Children is one of the most considerable employs of Christi∣anism: And of the first Errour which makes it to be neglected, which is, the mean Idea Parents have of the Christian Life.
CHAP. III. Of the second Errour, which causes the Neglect of the Education of Children, which is, the little care Parents have to preserve them in Innocency.
CHAP. IV. How far forth Fathers and Mothers are in∣terested in the Christian Education of their Children: and in particular, of what Importance it is to Mothers.
CHAP. V. Wherein particularly consists the Obligation which Parents have to endeavour the Christian Education of their Children.
CHAP. VI. With what Dispositions Parents are to la∣bour in the Christian Education of their Children.
CHAP. VII. What Idea's or Forms they ought to propose to themselves for their Imita∣tion in the Christian Education of Children.
CHAP. VIII. An Introduction to the Maxims which Christians ought to follow in the Edu∣cation of Children.
CHAP. IX. The Maexims which ought to be followed, to render the Education of Children Christian.
Maxims drawn from the Sacred Scripture.
Maxims drawn from St. John Chrysostom.
Maxims concerning the manner how Pa∣rents are to love their Children.
4. Maxims concerning the care they ought to take to disintangle children from the World, and to instil into them Christian sentiments and feelings.
5. Maxims concerning the search Pa∣rents should make of the predominant Inclinations of their Children.
6. Maxims touching the Instruction of Children.
7. Maxims touching the Motives where∣by to engage Children to labour, and to do what one desires of them.
8. Maxims touching the care Parents ought to take for their Childrens health, and for what concerns their bodies.
9. Maxims touching what is particularly to be avoided in conversation before Children.
10. Maxims touching the correction of Children.
11. Maxims touching the differences and disagreements which children ordina∣rily have with the domesticks, and the liberties they take with them.
12. Maxims touching the freedom which is to be given to children to express their thoughts and their opinions.
13. Maxims touching the patience wherewith Parents are to support their children, and to moderate their re∣sentments of injuries received from others.
14. Maxims touching the Equality which Parents are to keep among their Chil∣dren.
15. Maxims touching the lodging of Children.
16. Maxims touching the Complacency which Parents have in their Chil∣dren.
17. Maxims touching the Plays and the Recreations of Children.
18. Maxims touching what company ought to be permitted to Children.
19. Maxims touching the care which is to be taken to induce children to do what they ought to their Fathers.
CHAP. X. Important Advices for the Christian Education of Children.
1. Advice. Concerning the Excesses and the Orna∣ments of the World.
2. Advice. Concerning Worldly Songs.
3. Advice. Concerning Romances.
4. Advice. Touching, Balls, Dancings, and publick meetings.
5. Advice, Concerning Comedies, and Stage-Plays.
6. Advice. Against Gaming, and against the soft and idle life of Worldlings.
7. Advice. That in the Education of Children, Pa∣rents should particularly propose to themselves, to induce them to conse∣crate themselves to God and to serve him.
CHAP. XI. At what age these Maxims and these Ad∣vices are to be applied.
CHAP. XII. That these Maxims and these Advices are principally to be followed in the Education of such children as are de∣signed for the World.
CHAP. XIII. The means which facilitate the applicati∣on of these Maxims and these Advi∣ces in the Christian Education of Children.
The first Means. Speech, Words, or Discourse.
The Second Means. Lecture or Reading.
The Third Means. Example.
The Fourth Means. Prayer.
CHAP. XIV. What is most opposite to the Application of these Maxims and of these Ad∣vices in the Christian Education of Children.