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Author: Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667.
Title: Vnum necessarium. Or, The doctrine and practice of repentance.: Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. And rescued from popular errors. / By Jer. Taylor D.D.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: Vnum necessarium. Or, The doctrine and practice of repentance.: Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. And rescued from popular errors. / By Jer. Taylor D.D.
Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667., Lombart, Pierre, engraver. 1612-1682,

London: Printed by James Flesher for R. Royston, at the Angel in Ivy-lane, 1655.
Subject terms:
Christian life

title page
TO The Right Honourable and Noblest Lord, RICHARD Earl of Carbery, &c.
THE PREFACE To the Right Reverend and Religious FATHERS, Brian Lord Bishop of Sarum, AND John Lord Bishop of Rochester, And to the most Reverend and Religious Clergy of England, my dear Brethren.
The CONTENTS of the Chapters and Sections con∣tained in this Book.
CHAP. I. The foundation, and necessity of Repentance.
§. 1. Of the indispensable necessity of Repentance in re∣medy to the unavoidable transgressing the Cove∣nant of Works.
§. 2. Of the possibility or impossibility of keeping the Precepts of the Gospel.
§. 3. How Repentance and the Precept of Per∣fection Evangelicall can stand together.
§. 4. The former Doctrine reduc'd to Practise.
Matter for Meditation out of Scripture, according to the former Doctrine.
The Old Covenant, or the Covenant of Works.
The New Covenant, or the Covenant of Grace.
CHAP. II. Of the nature and definition of Repentance; And what parts of duty are signified by it in holy Scriptures.
§. I.
§. 2. Of Repentance in generall; or Conversion.
§. 3. Descriptions of Repentance taken from the holy Scriptures.
The indispensable necessity of a good life, represented in the following Scriptures.
A Penitentiall Psalm, collected out of the Psalms and Prophets.
S. Paul's Prayers for a holy life.
A Penitentiall Prayer.
CHAP. III. Of the distinction of sins Mortal and Venial, in what sense to be admitted; and how the smallest sins are to be repented of, and expiated.
§. 1.
§. 2. Of the difference of sins, and their measures.
§. 3. That all sins are punishable as God please, even with the pains of Hell.
§. 4. The former doctrine reduc'd to practice.
§. 5.
§. 6. What repentance is necessary for the smaller or more Venial sins.
A Psalm to be frequently used in our Re∣pentance for our daily sins.
CHAP. IV. Of Actual, single sins, and what Repentance is proper to them.
§. 1.
§. 2. Whether every single act of these sins puts a man out of Gods favour?
§. 3. What repentance is necessary for single acts of sin.
A Prayer to be said in the dayes of Re∣pentance for the commission of any great Crime.
CHAP. V. Of Habituall sins, and their manner of Era∣dication or Cure, and their proper instruments of pardon.
§. 1. The state of the Question.
§. 2. 1. Every man is bound to repent of his sin as soon as he hath committed it.
§ 3. A sinful habit hath in it proper evils, and a proper guiltiness of its own, besides all that which came directly by the single actions.
1. Of the Natural capacity of sinful habits.
2. Of the Moral capacity of sinful Habits.
3. Of the Relative capacity of sinful Habits, in reference to God.
§. 4. Sinful habits do require a distinct manner of Repentance, and have no promise to be pardon'd but by the introduction of the contrary.
§. 5. Consideration of the objections against the former Doctrine.
§. 6. The former Doctrine reduc'd to Practise.
The proper Repentance and usage of sinners, who return not till their old age.
The proper Repentance and usage of sinners who repent not until their death-bed.
Meditations and Prayers to be used in all the foregoing cases.
A Prayer for a sinner returning after a long impiety.
A Prayer for an old person returning after a wicked life.
Ejaculations and short Prayers to be used by dying or sick Penitents after a wicked life.
CHAP. VI. Of Concupiscence, and Original sin, and whe∣ther or no, or how far we are bound to repent of it.
§. 1.
§. 2. Consideration of the objections against the former doctrine.
§. 3. How God punishes the Fathers sin upon the Children.
§. 4. Of the causes of the Universal wickedness of Mankinde.
§. 5. Of liberty of Election remaining after Adams fall.
§. 6. The practical Question.
§. 7. Advices relating to the matter of Ori∣ginal sin.
§. 8. Rules and measures of deportment when a curse doth descend upon Children for their Parents fault, or when it is feared.
Prayers and Meditations.
A Prayer to be said by a Matron in behalf of her husband and family, that a blessing may descend upon their posterity.
CHAP. VII. Of sins of Infirmity.
§. 1.
§. 2.
§. 3.
§. 4.
§. 5. How far an Unregenerate man may goe in the ways of piety and Religion.
§ 6. The Character of the Regenerate estate, or person.
§. 7. What are properly and truly sins of Infirmity, and how far they can consist with the regenerate estate.
§. 8. Practical advices to be added to the fore∣going considerations.
CHAP. VIII. Of the effect of Repentance, viz. Remission of sins.
§. 1.
§. 2. Of pardon of sins committed after Baptism.
§. 3. Of the difficulty of obtaining pardon: The doctrine and practice of the Primitive Church in this article.
§. 4. Of the sin against the Holy Ghost; and in what sense it is or may be Un∣pardonable.
§. 5.
§. 6. The former Doctrines reduc'd to Practise.
CHAP. IX. Of Ecclesiasticall Penance, or, The fruits of Repentance.
§. 1.
§. 2. Of Contrition or godly Sorrow.
§. 3. Of the natures and difference of Attrition and Contrition.
§. 4. Of Confession.
§. 5. Attrition, or the imperfect repentance, though with absolution, is not sufficient.
§. 6. Of Penances, or Satisfactions.
§. 7. The former doctrine reduc'd to practice.
§. 8.
§. 9.