Two letters of great concernment, with their answers.: The one, from the Scotish Commissioners at London, to the Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland. Together with the answer of the aforesaid Generall Assembly to the said Commissioners. The other, from the synod of Divines in England, to the Generall Assembly of Scotland. Together with the answer also of the aforesaid Generall Assembly in Scotland, to the said synod.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly., Westminster Assembly
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The Assemblies Answer to their Commissioners at London.

Reverend and beloved Brethren,

THese sweet Fruits of your long continued Labours in the Work of the Lord entrusted to you, brought to us at this time by these two of your number, whom you were pleased to send, were received by us with no small joy and rejoycing, as being, in great part, the satisfaction of our Souls desire, in that so much longed for, so much prayed for happy Uniformity of these Kirks and Kingdoms: And an evident Demonstration to us, that the Lord hath not, even in this time of his seen and felt dis∣pleasure, so covered himself with the cloud of his anger, that our Prayers should not passe through.

The great and main difficulties through which the Lord hath carried this Work, as we do acknowledge, ought mainly to be made use of, for the praise and glory of his power, who is the great worker of all our works for us; So your overcoming of them is to us no small Demonstration of your zeal, wisdom, and faithfulnesse, which without great injury both to the Lord the prime Worker, and to you his Instruments, we cannot but ac∣knowledge, hath been much manifested in the whole managing of this work in your hands.

The full answer to all the particulars you write of in your Let∣ters, we leave to the Relation of those that come from you, and are now appointed to return to you: And as with much thank∣fulnesse we acknowledge your fidelity in what ye have done al∣ready; Page  15so we have again renewed your Commission for the con∣tinuance of your Imployment there, for the perfecting of the Work so happily begun: For the furthering whereof, as we shall not be wanting in our prayers to God for his blessing upon your labours, so for your help and assistance, we have appointed a Com∣mission to sit at Edinburgh, to which at all occasions you may have your recourse, as the exigence of the Work shall require.

How satisfactory that Directory of Worship presented to us by our Brethren from you, was to us, we leave it rather to their relation at their return, being ear and eye-witnesses to the mani∣fold expressions of our joy and gladnesse, then offer to represent it to you in a Letter: The Act herewith sent, and ordained to be prefixed unto the Directory, will sufficiently declare our hearty approbation of it: Our judgement also concerning the proposi∣tions of Government and Ordination, and our earnest desire to have the Work of Uniformity promoved and perfected in that particular also, will appear to you by the other Act which here∣with you will receive: Our zeal and desire to have that Work fully closed with so much harmony as becometh the work of God, will appear to you in our resolution and answer to that par∣ticular in the point of Excommunication, concerning which you write.

These particular differences hinted at in the Assemblies Letter, for Uniformity with that Kirk so much endeared to us, we have resolved to lay aside, and have taken course for preserving harmo∣ny amongst our selves, whereof our Brethren will give you more particular account. Anent your desire of Mr Alexander Henderson his attending the Treaty, we are consident ere this you have recei∣ved our resolution.

Amidst the many difficulties wherewith it pleaseth the Lord to presse us, as we thought it necessary to publish and send forth a Warning to all sorts of Persons in this Kirk and Kingdom, con∣cerning the present affliction of this Nation, and their sins pro∣curing the same; So we thought it incumbent to us in duty, as the best Testimony which we can give at this present to his Majesty, to remonstrate unto him faithfully The great and growing dangers his Majesty is now under, and the causes thereof. This Remon∣strance we have sent to you, to be presented to his Majesty, by such Page  16means, and at such time, as you who are there upon the place shall judge fittest.

And now dear Brethren, go on with cheerfulnesse in the Work of the Lord: Let no discouragement or opposition make your heart to faint, or your hands wax feeble: Perswade your self the Lords hand shall still be made known toward his Servants, and his indignation against his Enemies. Remember the Work is his, who useth not to begin, but also to make an end, and is abundant∣ly able to supply all your need according to the riches of his glory. Be confident therefore of this thing, that he who hath begun this good Work by you, will also in due time accomplish it to his own praise. To his gracious assistance we heartily recommend you.


Edinburgh,13 Feb. 1645.

It is earnestly desired That the Dire∣ctory for Worship be sent to Ire∣land, and that you recommend to the Honourable Houses of the Parlia∣ment, To think upon the best way for the establishment and practice of it in that Kingdom. And that the like course may be taken with the Government, and other parts of the Ʋniformity, so soon as they shall be agreed upon.

Subscribed in name of the Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scot∣land, by the Modern∣tor of the Assembly.