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Author: Tanner, John, ca. 1636-1715.
Title: The hidden treasures of the art of physick;: fully discovered: in four books. 1 Containing a physical description of man. 2 The causes, signes, and cures of all diseases, incident to the body. 3 The general cure of wounds, tumours, and ulcers. 4 A general rule, for making all kind of medicines; with the use and nature of distilled waters, juyces, decoctions, conserves, powders, elestuaries, plaisters, &c. To which is added three necessary tables, 1 sheweth the contents of the four books. 2 Explaineth all the terms of art which are used in physick and chirurgery. 3 Explaining the nature and use of simples, what they are, and where they grow. A work whereby the diligent reader may, without the help of other authors, attain to the knowledge of the art above-named. / By John Tanner, student in physick, and astrology.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: The hidden treasures of the art of physick;: fully discovered: in four books. 1 Containing a physical description of man. 2 The causes, signes, and cures of all diseases, incident to the body. 3 The general cure of wounds, tumours, and ulcers. 4 A general rule, for making all kind of medicines; with the use and nature of distilled waters, juyces, decoctions, conserves, powders, elestuaries, plaisters, &c. To which is added three necessary tables, 1 sheweth the contents of the four books. 2 Explaineth all the terms of art which are used in physick and chirurgery. 3 Explaining the nature and use of simples, what they are, and where they grow. A work whereby the diligent reader may, without the help of other authors, attain to the knowledge of the art above-named. / By John Tanner, student in physick, and astrology.
Tanner, John, ca. 1636-1715.

London: Printed for George Sawbridge, at the sign of the Bible on Lud-gate-Hill, 1659.
Subject terms:

title page
To my truly honoured, and worthily respected Friend, Mr. William Beal, of Little Missenden, in the County of Buckingham;
A general Table of all the principal Contents of this Book.
The Table of the First Book.
The Table of the Second Book.
The Contents of the Third Book.
The Contents of the Fourth Book.
book 1
CHAP. I. A Physicall Description of Man.
CHAP. II. A more particular description of the Body of Man.
CAAP. III. A Description of the Head.
CHAP. IV. Of the parts belonging to the Head.
CHAP. V. Of the Stomach and its faculties.
CHAP. VI. Of the Heart.
CHAP. VII. Of the Lungs, Liver, &c.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Reines and Kidneys.
CHAP. IX. Of the Generative parts.
CHAP. X. The Conclusion.
The Second Book.
CHAP. I. Of the Nature of Physick, and the Office of a Physician.
CHAP. II. Of Diseases of the Head.
Of inveterate Head-ach, •…d the Megrim.
The Cause.
The Sign.
The Cure.
CHAP. III. Of the Frensie.
Symptoms and Signes.
The Cure.
CHAP. IV. Of Madnesse.
CHAP. V. Of the Apoplexy, Lethargy, and Sleepy-disease.
The Cure.
CHAP. VI Of the Vertigo, and Falling-sickness.
The Sign.
The Sign.
The Cure.
CHAP. VII. Of the Palsie.
The Causes.
The Signs, and Cure.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Covulsion.
CHAP. IX. Of a Catarrh or Desluxion.
CHAP. X. Of Diseases of the Eyes, and first of the Diseases procee∣ding from Obstruction in the Optick Nerves.
CHAP. XI. Of a Cataract.
CHAP. XII. Of the enlarging, and dilating: of the straitening or contracting of the Pupilla.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Pin and Web.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Inflammation of the Eyes.
CHAP. XV. Of the Cancer, and Rupture of the Cornea.
CHAP. XVI. Of the Diseases of the corners of the Eyes and Eye-lids.
CHAP. XVII. Of the diseases of the Eares.
CHAP. XVIII. Of the Diseases of the Nostrils.
Of bleeding at the Nose. CHAP. XIX.
CHAP. XX. Of the diseases of the Tongue.
CHAP. XXI. Of the Diseases of the Teeth.
CHAP. XXII. Of the Diseases of the Gums.
CHAP. XXIII. Of the Ulcers of the mouth.
CHAP. XXIIII. Of a loose Columella, and the inflammation thereof, and diseases of the Tonsils.
CHAP. XXV. Of the Quinzie.
CHAP. XXVI. Of the Asthma.
CHAP. XXVII. Of the Pleurisie, and inflammation of the Lungs.
, Or
CHAP. XXVIII. Of Empyema.
CHAP. XXIX. Of spitting of Bloud.
CHAP. XXXI. Of the Consumption or Ptisick.
CHAP. XXXII. Of the Palpitation of the heart.
CHAP. XXXIII. Of Swooning, or Syncope.
CHAP. XXXIIII. Of want of Appetite.
CHAP. XXXV. Of a depraved Appetite.
CHAP. XXXVI. Of the Thirsty Disease.
CHAP. XXXVII. Of evill Digestion.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Of the Hiccough.
CHAP. XXXIX. Of Vomiting.
CHAP. XL. Of Cholera.
CHAP. XLI. Of Pain in the Stomach.
CHAP. XLII. Of the Inflammation, Ulcer, and Impost∣hume of the Stomach.
CHAP. XLIII. Of the Chollick.
CHAP. LXIIII. Of the Iliack Passion.
CHAP. XLV. Of the Flux, Lientery, and Coelick Passion.
CHAP. XLVI. Of the Flux Diarrhaea.
CHAP. XLVII. Of the Dysentery, or Bloody Flux.
CHAP. XLVIII. Of Tenasmus.
CHAP. XLIX. Of the Flux of the Liver.
CHAP. L. Of the Worms.
CHAP. LI. Of the immoderate Flux of the Haemorrhoids.
CHAP. LII. Of the pain of the Haemorrhoids.
CHAP. LIII. Of a hot distemper of the Liver.
CHAP. LIV. Of the Inflammation of the Liver.
CHAP. LV. Of the Obstruction of the Liver.
CHAP. LVI. Of the Schirrus of the Liver.
CHAP. LVII. Of the Jaundice.
CHAP. LVIII. Of the Dropsy.
CHAP. LVIII. Of the Obstruction, Inflammation, and Tumor of the Spleen.
CHAP. LX. Of Hypocondriack Melancholy.
CHAP. LXI. Of the Scurvy.
CHAP. LXII. Of the Stone in the Kidneys.
CHAP. LXIII. Of the Stone in the Bladder.
CHAP. LXIV. Of the Inflammation of the Reins and Bladder.
CHAP. LXV. Of the Ulcer of the Reins and Bladder.
CHAP. LXVI. Of extraordinary Pissing.
CHAP. LXVII. Of involuntary Pissing.
CHAP. LXVIII. Of the Stoppage of Urine and Strangury.
CHAP. LXIX. Of the Scalding of the Urine.
CHAP. LXX. Of Pissing of Blood.
CHAP. LXXI. Of the Green-sicknesse.
CHAP. LXXII. Of the Stoppage of the Terms.
CHAP. LXXIII. Of the immoderate Menstruall Flux.
CHAP. LXXIV. Of the Whites.
CHAP. LXXV. Of the Mother.
CHAP. LXXVI. Of the Inflammation, Ulcer, and hard Swel∣ling of the Womb.
CHAP. LXXVII. Of the Womb swelled by Wind or Water.
CHAP. LXXVIII. Of the falling down of the Womb.
CHAP. LXXIX. Of Barrennesse.
CHAP. LXXX. Of Miscarriage.
CHAP. LXXXI. Of hard Travel in Child-birth.
CHAP. LXXXII. Of the Gout and Sciatica.
CHAP. LXXXIII. Of one day-Feaver.
CHAP. LXXXIV. Of the Feaver Synochus non-putrida.
CHAP. LXXXV. Of continuall putrid Feavers.
CHAP. LXXXVI. Of the Hectick Feaver.
CHAP. LXXXVII. Of the Tertian Ague.
CHAP. LXXXVIII. Of the Quotidian or every day-Ague.
CHAP. LXXXIX. Of the Quartane Ague.
CHAP. XC. Of the Pestilence.
CHAP. XCI. Of the Small Pox and Measels.
The Third Book.
CHAP. I. Of a Green Wound.
CHAP. II. Of a contused wound, and a Bruise.
CHAP. III. Of a Wound by biting, or stinging of any Creature venemous, or not.
CHAP. IV. Of a Wound in the Nerves, Tendons, Ligaments, Veins, and Arteries.
CHAP. V. Of Luxations and Fractures.
CHAP. VI. Of Accidents commonly happening to woun∣ed persons.
CHAP. VII. Of Sanguine Tumors.
CHAP. VIII. Of Cholerick Tumors.
CHAP. IX. Of Flegmatick Tumours.
CHAP. X. Of Melancholly Tumors.
CHAP. XI. Os ulcers.
CHAP. XII. Rules for Vomiting and Purging.
CHAP. I. Of Distilled Waters.
Spiritus & aqua Absynthii minus composita. The Spirit and Water of Wormwood, the lesser Composition.
Spiritus & aqua Absynthii magis composita. The Spirit and Water of Wormwood the greater Composition.
Spiritus & aqua Angelicae magis Composita. The Spirit and Water of Angelica the greater Composition.
Spiritus Lavendalae Compositus; The Compound Spirit of Lavender.
Spiritus Castorei: Spirit of Castor.
Aqua Petasitidis Composita. The Water of Butter bur Compound.
Aqua Raphani Composita. Radish Water compound.
Aqua Peoniae Composita. The Compound Water of Peony.
Aqua Bezoartica. Or Bezoar Water.
Aqua & Spiritus Lumbricorum Magistralis. The Magistral Water, and Spirit of Earth-Worms.
Aqua Gentianae Composita. Gentian Water Compound.
Aqua Gilberti, Gilberts Water.
Aqua Cordialis frigida Saxoniae.
Aqua Theriacalis; Or, Treacle Water.
Aqua Brioniae Composita; Or, Briony Water Compound.
Aqua Caponis; Or, Capon-Water.
Aqua Limacum Magistralis; Or the Magi∣stral Water of Snails.
Aqua Scordii composita; Or, Compound Water of Scordium.
Aqua Imperialis, and Aqua Mariae.
Aqua Mirabilis.
Aqua Papaveris composita; Or, Poppy Water compound.
Aqua Cinnamomi, Cinnamon Water.
Aqua Caelestis.
Aqua Melissae, Bawm Water.
Aqua Menthae, Mint Water.
CHAP. II. Of Syrups.
Syrupus Acetousus, simplex vel compositus; Syrup of Vi∣negar, simple or compound.
Syrupus de Agno Casto; Or Syrup of Agnus Castus.
Syrupus de althaea; Syrup of Marsh mallows.
Syrupus de Ammoniaco; Syrup of Ammoniacum.
Syrupus de Artemisia; Syrup of Mugwort.
Syrupus de Betonica compositus; The compound Syrup of Betony.
Syrupus Bizantius, Simple and compound.
Syrupus Botryos; Syrup of Oake of Jerusalem.
Syrupus Capillorum Veneris; Syrup of Maidenhaire.
Syrupus Cardiacus, a Cordial Syrup.
Syrupus infusionis Caryophillorum, Syrup of Clove Gilly-flowers.
Syrupus de Cinnamomo, Syrup of Cinamon.
Syrupus aceto sitatis Citriorum, Syrup of the Juyce of Citrons.
Syrupus corticum citriorum, Syrup of Citron Pills.
Syrupus è corralliis simplex & compositus. The Syrup of Corral, simple and compound.
Syrupus Cydoniorum, Syrup of Quinces.
Syrupus de Erysimo, Syrup of Hedge-Mustard.
Syrpus de Fumaria, Syrup of Fumitory.
Syrupus Glycyrrhiza. Syrup of Liquoris.
Oxy-Saccharum Simplex, Syrup of Pomegranates with Vinegar.
Syrupus de Hysopo, Syrup of Hysop.
Syrupus Jvae arthriticae, sive Chamaepityos. Syrup of Chamepitys, or Ground-Pine.
Syrupus Jujubinus, Syrup of Jujubes.
Syrupus de Meconio, vel Diacodium, & de Meconio, compositus. Syrup of Meconium, or Diacodium, and of Meconium, compound.
Syrupus Melissophylli, Syrup of Bawm.
Syrupus de Mentha, Syrup of Mint.
Syrupus de Mucilaginibus, Syrup of Musilages.
Syrupus Myrtinus, Syrup of Myrtles.
Syrupus Florum Nymphae, simplex & compositus. Syrup of Water Lilly-flowers, simple and compound.
Syrupus de Papavere Erratico, Syrup of Erratick Poppies.
Syrupus de Pilosella, Syrup of Mouse-Ear.
Syrupus Florum Paeoniae, vel de Paeonia compositus: Syrup of Peony Flowers, or the compound Syrup of Peony.
Syrupus de Pomis Alterans, Syrup of Apples.
Syrupus de Prasio, Syrup of Hore-hound.
Syrupus de quinque Radicibus, Syrups of the five opening Roots.
Syrupus Raphani, or Syrup of Rhadishes.
Syrupas Regius, vel Julepium Alexandrinum: Julep of Alexandrina.
Syrupus de Rosis siccis, Or Syrup of Dryed Roses.
Syrupus Scabiosae, Syrup of Scabius.
Syrupus de Scolopendria, Syrup of Harts-Tongue.
Syrupus de Staechade, Syrup of Staethas.
Syrupus de Symphyto, Syrup of Comphry.
Syrupus Violarum, Syrup of Violets.
Syrupus de Portulaca, Syrup of Purflane.
Syrupus Tussilaginis compositus, The Compound of Syrup Coltsfoor.
Syrupus de Eupatorio, Syrup of Eupatorium.
Purging Syrups.
Syrupus de Cichorio cum Rhabarbaro, Syrup of Succory, with Rhubarb.
Syrupus de Epithymo; Or, Syrup of Epithymum.
Syrupus è Floribus Persicorum, Syrup of Peach Flowers.
Syrupus de Pomis, Purgans & Magistralis, Syrup of Apples, Purging and Magistcal.
Syrupus de Rhabarbaro, Syrup of Rhubarb.
Syrupus Rosaceus Solativus, & è Succo rosarum, Syrup of Roses Sclutive, and of the Juyce of Roses.
Syrupus Rosaceus Solutivus cum Agarico; Syrup of Roses Solutive, with Agarick.
Syrupus Rosaceus solutivus cum Helleboro: Syrup of Roses solutive, with Hellebore.
Syrupus Rosaceus solutivus cum Sena: Syrup of Roses solutive with Senna.
Syrupus de Spina Cervina, Syrup of Purging Thorns.
Syrups made with Vinegar and Honey.
Mel Authosatum, Honey of Rosemary Flowers.
Mell Helleboratum, Honey Helleborated.
Mel Mercuriale, Honey of Mercury.
Mel Nuceum, Honey of Nuts.
Mel Passulatum, Honey of Raisins.
Mel Mororum, Honey of Mulberries.
Mel Rosatum soliatum, sive colatum; Common Honey of Roses or strained.
Mel Rosatum solutivum; Honey of Roses solutive.
Mel Scilliticum, Honey of Squils.
Oxymel simplex, Simple Oxymel.
Oxymel Compositus, Oxymel compound.
Oxymel Helleboratum, Oxymel Helleborated.
Oxymel Julianizans.
Oxymel Scilliticum simplex, the simple Oxymel of Squils.
Oxymel Scilliticum compositum, the compound Oxymel of Squils.
Syrupus de Peto, simplex & compositus; Syrup of To∣bacco, simple and compound.
CHAP. III. Of Decoctions and Juyces.
Decoctum Epithymi: Or, a Decoction of Epithymum.
Decoctum Sennae; The Detoction of Senna.
Decoctum pectorale; A pectorall Decoction.
Decoctum commune pro Clystere; A common decoction for a Clyster, and a carminative Decoction.
CHAP. IV. Of Lohochs.
Lohoch de farfara. The Lohoch of Coltsfoot.
Lohoch de papavere; Lohoch of Poppys.
Lohoch è passulis; A Lohoch of Raisins.
Lohoch è pino; A Lohoch of Pine-nuts.
Lohoch è portulaca; A Lohoch of Purslane:
Lohoch è pulmone vulpis; A Lohoch of Fox-Lungs.
Lohock Sanum & Expertum, a sound and well experienced Lohoch.
Lohoc Scilliticum. a Lohoch of Squils.
Lohoch Caulium, a Lohoch of Coleworts.
CHAP. V. Preserves, Conserves, Sugars, and Lozenges.
Diacodium Solidum, sive Tabulatum.
Saccharum Tabulatum simplex & periatum.
Saccharum Tabulatum Compositum. Lozenges of Sugar compound.
Saccharum Penidium, Sugar Penies.
Saccharum Rosatum, Sugar of Roses.
CHAP. VI. Of Troches.
Trochisci de absynthio, Troches of Wormwood are thus made.
Agaricus Trochiscatus, Agarick Trochiscated.
Trochisci Albi, the white Troches.
Trochisci Alexiterii, Troches against Poyson.
Trochisci Alhandal.
Trochisci Aliptae Moschatae.
Trochisci Alchelengi, Troches of Winter Cherries.
Trochisci Bechici, Albi & Nigri, Pectoral Rouls, white and black.
Trochisci de Berberis, Troches of Barberies.
Trochisci de Camphora, Troches of Camphire.
Trochisci de Capparibus, Troches of Capers.
Trochisci de Carabe; Or, Troches of Amber.
Trochisci Cypheos.
Trochisci de Eupaterio, Troches of Maudlin.
Trochisci Galliae Moschatae.
Trochisci Gordonii.
Trochisci Hedichroi.
Trochisci Hysterici, Troches against the Mother.
Trochisci de Ligni Aloes, Troches of Wood of Aloes.
Trochisci è Myrrha, Troches of Myrrh.
Trochisci de Plumbo, Troches of Lead.
Trochisci Polyidae,
Trochiscide Rhabarbare, Troches of Rhubarb.
Trochisci de Santalis, & Spodio, Troches of Sanders and Spodium.
Trochisci de Scilla ad Theriacam, Troches of Squils for Treacle.
Trochisci de terra Lemnia, Troches of Earth of Lemnos.
Sief de Thure, Sief of Frankincense.
Trochisci de Violis Solutivi, Troches of Violets Solutive.
Trochisci de Agno Casto, Troches of Agnus Castus.
Trochisci de Anniso, Troches of Annis-seeds.
Trochisci Diarhadon.
Trochisci de Lacca, Troches of Lacca.
Pastilli Adronius, & Musae.
Croco Magma of Damocrates.
Trochisci Ramich.
Trochisci de Rosis, Troches of Roses.
Trochisci Diacorrallion.
CHAP. VII. Of Pills.
Pilulae de Agarico; Or, Pils of Agarick.
Pilulae Aggregativae.
Pilulae Alaphanginae.
Pilulae de Aloe Rosata.
Pilulae de Aloe Lota.
Pilulae Aurea.
Pilulae Cochiae, the greater.
Pilulae Cochiae, the less.
Pilulae ex duobus; Or, Pills of two things.
Pilulae de Eupatorio, Pills of Eupatorium.
Pilulae Faetidae, Stinking Pills.
Pilulae de Hermodactyls;
Pill. de Hiera cum Agarico, Pills of Hiera with Agarick.
Pilulae Imperiales, Imperial Pills.
Pilulae de Lapide Lazuli; Or, Pills of Lapis Lazul.
Pilulae Macri.
Pilulae Mastichinae; Mastick Pills.
Pilulae Mechoacanae; Pills of Mechacan.
Pilulae de Opopanace, Pills of Opopanax.
Pilulae Rudii.
Pilulae Russi.
Pilulae sine quibus, Pills without Which.
Pilulae Stomachicae, Stomach Pills.
Pilulae Stomachicae cum Gummi, Stomach-Pills with Gums.
Pilulae de Succino, Pills of Amber.
Pilulae Turpeti aureae.
Pilulae Azaiereth.
Pilulae ex Bdellio, Pills of Bdellium.
Pilulae de Rhabarbaro, Pills of Rubarb.
Pilulae Arabicae.
Pilulae Arthriticae.
Pilulae Fumariae. Pills of Fumitory.
Pilulae Indae.
Pilulae Luis Majores.
Pilulae de Euphorbio; Pills of Euphorbium.
Pilulae Scribonii.
Pilulae de Cynoglosso, & de Styrace; Pills of Hounds-Tongue, and Styrax.
Laudanum & Nepenthes Opiatum.
CHAP. VIII. Of Powders.
Aromaticum Caryophyllatum.
Aromaticum Rosatum.
Puluis ex Chelis Cancrorum composiuts; Or, the Pouder of Crabs Claws compound: Other∣wise called Gascoins Pouder.
Species Cordiales Temperatae.
Diacalaminth, Simple and Compound.
Pulvis Radicum Ari compositus: Powder of Aaron Roots compound.
Diaires Simplex; Or, Pouder of the Root of Flowerdeluce.
Pulvis Cardiacus Magistralis.
Diamargariton Frigidum.
Diamoshu dulce & Amarum.
Species Dianthus.
Diarrhodon Abbatis.
Diatraganthum Frigidum.
Diatrion Piperion.
Diatrion Santelion.
Pulvis Haly.
Pulvis Laetificans.
Pulvis Bezoardicus Magistralis; A Bezoartick Powder Magisterial.
Species confectionis Liberantis.
Pulvis Saxonicus.
Pulvis Antilyssus.
Rosatae Novellae.
Pulvis Thuraloes.
Species Electuarii de gemmis frigidi.
Pulvis contra casum; A Powder for those that are bruised by a Fall.
Species Electuarii Diamargariton calidi.
Pleres Arconicon.
Pulvis contra Pestem: A Powder against the Pestilence.
Pulvis contra Vermes: A Powder against the Worms.
Purging Powders.
Pulvis Hermodactylorum compositus; Powder of Hermodactyls compound.
Pulvis Senae compositus major.
Pulvis Senae compositus minor: Or, the Powder of Sene, the lesser composition.
Diasenae; Or, Pulvis Sanctus: The Holy Powder.
Diaturbith cum & sine Rhabarbaro: Diaturbith with, or without Rhubarb.
CHAP. IX. Of Electuaries.
Antidotus Analeptica.
Confectio Alkermes.
Electuarium è Sassaphras; Or, Electuary of Sassaphras.
Electuarium de baccis Lauri, Electuary of Bay-Berries.
Diacapparis; Or, a Consection of Capers.
Diacinnamomum, A Composition of Cinamon.
Diacoralliou, A Composition of Coral.
Diacydonium, Simplex & compositum; A Confection of Quinces, Simple or Compound.
Confectio de Hyacintho.
Antidotum Haemagogum.
Electuarium Diaspermaton.
Electuarium Pectorale.
Theriata Diatessarion.
Methridatum; Or, Methridate.
Phylonium persicum; Magistrale, & Romanum.
Electuarium de Ovo; An Electuary of Eggs.
Theriaca Andromachi; Venice Treacle.
Theriaca Londinensis; London Treacle.
Athanasia Methridatis.
Electuarium è Scoria serri.
Confectio Humain.
Diaircos Salominis.
Magnum Antidotum Mathioli, &c. Mathiolus his great Antidote against Poyson and the Pestilence.
Electuarium Reginae Coloniens.
Purging Electuaries.
Benedicta Laxativa.
Caryo costinum.
Cassia extracta pro Clysteribus; Cassia extracted for Clysters.
Electuarium amarum majus & minus; the Greater and Lesser bitter Electuary.
Diacassia with Manna.
Casia extracta sine & cumfoliis Senae; Cassia extracted without and with the Leaves of Sena.
Diaprunum Lenitive.
Diaprunum Solutive.
Electuarium de Citro Solutivum; the Solutive Electuary of Citrons.
Electuarium Elescoph.
Confectio Hamech.
Electuarium Lenitivum; the Lenitive Electuary.
Electuarium passulatum.
Electuarium è succo Rosarum, An Electuary of the Juyce of Roses.
Hierapicra Simplex.
Hiera cum Agarico; Hiera with Agarick.
Hiera Logadii.
Hiera Diacolocynthidos.
Triphera Solutive.
CHAP. X. Of Oyles.
Oleum Benedictum; Or, Blessed Oyl.
Oleum de Capporibus, Oyl of Capers.
Oleum Castorei compositum, the Oyl of Castor compound.
Oleum Catellorium, Oyl of Whelps.
Oleum Costinum, Oyl of Costus.
Oleum Crocinum, Oyl of Saffron.
Oleum de Euphorbio, Oyl of Euphorbium.
Oleum Excestrense, Oyl of Exceter.
Oleum Hirundinum, Oyl of Swallows.
Oleum Hyperici compositum, Oyl of St. Johns Wort Compound.
Oleum Irinum, Oyl of Orris.
Oleum Majoranae, Oyl of Marjarome.
Oleum Mandragorae, Oyl of Mandrakes.
Oleum Moschelaeum, Oyl of Musk.
Oleum Nardinum, Oyl of Nard.
Oleum Nicodemi.
Oleum Vulpinum, Oyl of Foxes.
Oleum de Piperibus, Oyl of Pepper.
Oleum Populeon.
CHAP. XI. Of Oyntments,
CHAP. XII. Of Plaisters.
Emplastrum de Cerussa, A Plaister of Ceruss.
Emplastrum ex Cicuta cum Ammoniaco, A Plaister of Hemlock with Ammoniacum.
Emplastrum è Cinnabari, Eats off dead flesh.
Emplastrum è Cymino, A Plaister of Cummin.
Diachylon compositum; Or, Emplastrum è Mucilaginibus, A Plaister of Musilages.
Emplaftrum Divinum; A Divine Plaister.
Emplastrum Epispasticum.
Flos Vaguentorum, The Flower of Ointments.
Emplastrum Gummi Elemi, A Plaister of Gum Elemi.
Emplastrum de Minio Simplex & compositum; A Plaister of Red-Lead, Simple or Compound.
Emplastrum Metroproptoticon.
Emplastrum è Ranis, A Plaister of Frogs.
A Table explaining the Terms of Art and other Words, which are not in the reach of Ʋulgar Capacities.
A Table, explaining the Names of such Sim∣ples as are unknown to the Vulgar.