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Author: Sowerby, Leonard.
Title: The ladies dispensatory,: containing the natures, vertues, and qualities of all herbs, and simples usefull in physick. Reduced into a methodicall order, for their more ready use in any sicknesse, or other accident of the body. The like never published in English. With an alphabeticall table of all the vertues of each herb, and simple.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The ladies dispensatory,: containing the natures, vertues, and qualities of all herbs, and simples usefull in physick. Reduced into a methodicall order, for their more ready use in any sicknesse, or other accident of the body. The like never published in English. With an alphabeticall table of all the vertues of each herb, and simple.
Sowerby, Leonard.

London: Printed for R. Ibbiston, to be sold by George Calvert at the Halfe-Moon in Watlingstreet, 1652 [i.e. 1651]
Subject terms:
Herbs -- Therapeutic use

title page
To His very good Friend, Mr. Gabriel Taylor.
To the Reader.
Simples serving for the Head.
Against paines of the Head arising from Cold.
Against paines of the Head, proceeding from heate.
To purge the Braine.
To mittigate the Head-ach.
Against the Lethargy.
To provoke sleepe.
To cause horrible dreadfull Dreames.
To cause Sneezing.
Against Vertiginosities.
Against the Apoplexie.
Against the Falling-sicknesse.
Against the Frensie.
Against inflamations of the braine.
Against Melancholly.
To prevent Drunkennesse.
Against Catharres and Rheumes discending from the head.
To fortifie the brain.
Against the Scurfe, and Vlcers flowing in the head.
Simples serving for the Sinewes.
Against the Spasme.
Against the Palsie, and resolution of the Sinewes.
Against trembling of the Sinewes.
Against Rheumes fallen upon the Sinewes.
Against Aches, and weaknesses of the Sinewes.
For cut sinewes.
To subtilize the Sinewes.
Simples serving for the Eyes.
To restraine falling of Haire from the Eye-lids.
For sharpnesse of the Eyes, and Eye-lids.
Against the inflamations of the Eye-lids.
To make the Eye-lids thin.
To heale the Itch of the Eye-lids.
To take spots and blemishes out of the Eyes.
To take skarres out of the eyes.
Against dimnesse and darknesse of Sight.
To take a Web out of the Eye.
For hurts and fresh wounds of the Eyes.
For Ʋlcers of the Eyes.
Against Erosions happening in the corners of the Eyes.
Against Fistulaes, and hollow ulcers of the Eyes.
To retire the eyes standing too farre forth of the head, and to take away spots, or buds that grow in the eyes.
Against Inflamations of the eyes.
For paines of the Eyes.
For persons which are pur-blinde.
Against the Pinne, or Web in the Eyes.
Against weaknesse of sight.
Against Catarres and Rhumes of the eyes.
Against Blear-eyednesse.
Against dazeling of the Eyes.
Simples serving for the Eares.
Against paines of the Eares.
Against interiour inflammations of the eares.
Against Impostumes and swellings which grow behind the eares.
For eares full of ordure and filth.
For eares that are bruised or crushed.
For Vlcers of the eares.
Against deafnesse of the eares.
Against ticklings and noise of the ears.
Against worms in the Eares.
Simples serving for the Nose.
To staunch the bleeding at the Nose.
To cause one to bleed.
Against Pimples of the Nose, and Noli me tangere.
Against Cankers and Ʋlcers of the Nose.
Against stench of the Nose.
Against dropping and distillations of the Nose.
To purge the Humors of the Braine by the Nose.
To provoke sneesing.
Simples serving for the Mouth and Tongue.
Against Cancers and corrosive Ʋl∣cers.
To sweeten the Breath.
For sharpenesse of the Tongue.
Simples serving for the Teeth.
To make the Teeth clean.
For the Tooth ach.
To cause viciate teeth to fall out.
To fasten loose teeth.
For teeth set on edge.
To stay watering of the Gums.
For rotten putrified Gums.
Simples serving for the Neck and Throat.
Against the Squinancie.
For inflamation of the jawes.
To put up and fasten the Ʋvula.
Against Rheumes of the throat.
Against sharpnesse of the Throat, and passage to the Lungs.
Simples serving for the Breasts and Lungs.
For those which spit, and vomite Bloud.
For the Tisick.
For Apostumes of the Lungs,
For difficulty and shortnesse of breath.
Against a Cough.
Against sharpenesse of the breast.
To clear the voice.
Against Pleurisies.
Against paines of the Sides without a Feavor.
For inflamations of the Lungs.
For those which spit putrified matter.
To helpe difficulty of breathing,
To expell excrements difficult to spit.
Against Rheumes falling down into the Breast.
Against all maladies of the Breast.
Simples serving for the Heart.
For swoundings of the Heart.
For panting and throbbing of the heart.
Against hardnesse of the Mideriffe
Against inveterate inflamations of the pre∣cordiall parts.
Simples serving for the Teats or Duggs.
For inflamations of the Duggs.
To draw forth the Duggs of Women lately delivered.
To dissolve and mollifie hardnesse of the Duggs.
For ulcerated Duggs.
To resolve Milk curdled, and clottered in the Duggs.
To put the Milke away.
To increase Milk abundantly.
To defend Milk from setling in the Breasts.
To keep the Duggs from growing.
Simples serving for the Stomack.
Against turnings of the Stomack, and to prevent vomitting.
Against waterishnesse and rheumes which fall downe into the Stomack.
To cause Vomitting.
Against paines of the Stomack.
Against gripings of the Stomack.
Against inflamations of the Stomack.
Against wind in the Stomack.
Against the Hickop, and Yexing.
Against sharpe belching.
To resolve Milke and Bloud, fixed and clotted in the Stomack.
Against inflamations of the Stomack.
To procure an appetite.
To help Digestion.
Against the flowing downe of humours upon the stomacke.
Simples serving for the Liver.
Against stoppings and obstructions of the Liver.
Against the Jaundise.
Against the Dropsie,
To heat the Liver.
For pains of the Liver.
Against hardnesse of the Liver.
Simples serving for the Spleen.
Against hardnesse of the Spleen.
To open the Spleen.
Against inflammations of the Spleen.
Against paines of the Spleen.
To diminish and extenuate the Spleene.
Simples serving for the Guts.
For the Collick.
For the Belly-ach and wormes.
Against the Bloody Flix, and the Dysemerie.
To bind the Belly.
Against inveterate Fluxes of the Belly.
To loosen the Belly.
Against wind in the Guts.
Against long wormes.
Against round Worms.
Against Fluxes caused by Laxative Medicines.
Against wounds of the Guts.
Against Ʋlcers of the Guts.
Simples serving for the Fundament.
To heale Clefts and Chaps of the Fundament.
For Ʋlcers of the Fundament.
Against Apostumes of the Fundament.
Against inflammations of the Fundament.
To resolve Tumours of the Fundament.
For the falling of the Fundament
For a great desire of going to stoole, without doing any thing.
Against Warts growing on the Fundament.
To cause Emeroids come forth.
To stay the Flux of the Emeroids.
To heale Emeroids.
Simples serving for the Reines.
For paines in the Reines.
For the Stone, and gravell of the Reines.
To heale Ʋlcers of the Reines.
To remove obstructions of the Reines.
Simples serving for the Bladder.
To expell Ʋrine.
For those which pisse with difficulty and paine.
For the Strangury.
To heale Ʋlcers of the Bladder.
For wounds of the Bladder.
To void the stone of the Bladder.
To breake Stones in the Bladder.
For those which cannot keep their water.
Against the Itch of the Bladder.
For those which pisse small clots of bloud.
For persons which pisse bloud by reason of stones broken in the Bladder.
Simples serving for the genitall Members and secret parts.
To cause standing of the Yard.
To augment Sperme and naturall Seed.
To binder standing of the Yard.
For those which lose their Seed.
For Ʋlcers of the secret parts.
For inflammations of the Genitalls.
Against itching of the Genitalls.
Against hardnesse of the Genitalls.
For those which have no Prepuce
For Corrisive Vlcers of the Geni∣tall Members.
Against Warts growing on the genitall Members.
Simples serving for the Matrix.
For the suffocation of the Matrix.
To provoke Womens monthly Purgations.
To restraine great excesse of Womens monthly Purgations.
To expell the after birth.
To cause abortion.
To hinder Conception.
To cause Conception.
To deliver a woman of a dead Child.
To preserve the Childe till the limitted time.
For Women in Labour.
Against loathing of meate of women with Child.
Against inflammation of the Matrix.
For Ʋlcers in the naturall places of women.
To mollifie bardnesse of the naturall parts of Women.
Against Wind in the Matrix.
Against falling and relapsing of the Matrix.
Against paines, and gripings of the Matrix.
Simples serving for the Armes and Leggs.
For the Gout of the Leggs, and Feet.
For the Sciatica.
Against the Gout of the hands, and paines of the joynts.
For bruised joynts.
Against knobs and nodosities growing on the joynts.
To heale Kybes on the heeles.
Against blisters and inflammations of the feet, caused by the shooes,
To heale clefts, and chaps of the Feete.
Against Ʋlcers which grow on the ends of the Fingers, and divide the skin from the Nayles.
Against Apostumes which grow in the roots of the Nayles.
To cause rough Nayles fall off.
To take away loose Nayles.
For bruised Nayles.
To take away Cornes.
For Veines puffed and swelled with bloud.
Against paines of the sides.
Against Kernells and Inflamations of the Groine.
Against burstings, and falling downe of the Guts.
Against Windy ruptures.
Simples serving generally a∣gainst many Maladies, and first of those which serve a∣gainst Feavers.
Against Tertian Feavers.
Against Quartane Feavers.
Against long inveterate Feavers.
Against Feavers Epiales.
Against intermitting Feavers, returning at certaine times.
Against languishing Feavers,
Against shaking of Feavers.
Against pestilentiall Feavers.
Simples serving against Apostumes, Swellings and Tumours.
Against inflammations, and rednesse of any diseased part.
Against Carbuncles.
Against fellons, and small Apostumes.
To prevent Gangrenaes, and releive diseased parts, tending to St. An∣thonies fire.
Against the Holy fire, burning sharpe In∣flammations, and St. Anthonies fire.
Against the Shingles.
Against Wheales, Pushes and red Spots.
For the Kings Evill.
Against flat Apostumes, called in Greek Panos.
To resolve all Apostumes and Tu∣mours.
Against hard, or almost unsensible swellings between the flesh and the skin, called Scirrhus.
For Cankers.
To dissolve all swellings.
Against Apostumes which yeeld an oiley fat matter.
Against Apostumes which yeeld matter like Hony.
Against swellings caused by Blowes.
Against bruises, and prints of strokes.
Simples serving for Wounds.
To heale Wounds.
To stench bleeding of a Wound.
To stench bloud descending from the Braine.
To resolve clotted Bloud.
To heale wounds caused by venemous shot.
To re-incarnate Bones destitute of Flesh.
To heale Wounds in the pellicles of the Braine.
Against the inflammations of Wounds.
To draw out Splinters, or other things which stick in wounds.
To take away all superfluous flesh.
To Cicatrise a Wound.
Simples serving against Vlcers.
Against corrosive Ʋlcers.
Against old inveterate Ʋlcers.
Against maligne Ʋlcers.
Against hollow Fistulaes and Ʋlcers.
Against the bardnesse and Callocities of Ʋlcers.
Against Ʋlcers caused by corrosive things.
Against the Scurfe, and to kill Lice.
Against filthy salt Ʋlcers.
Against Burnings.
Against Ʋlcers dropping matter like Hony.
Against Scabs, or red Sores growing in the Fundament.
Against gallings which happen by chafing betweene the Thighes, or else-where.
Against inflammations of Ʋlcers.
To incarnate hollow Ʋlcers.
To cicatrise Ʋlcers.
Simples serving for Ruptures, and Dislocations.
For members out of joynt.
For broken Bones.
To draw out broken Bones,
For persons which have had great falls.
For persons which are bursten.
Simples serving against ve∣nome and poysons, and also a∣gainst the biting and sting∣ing of venemous Beasts.
Against the stinging and biting of venemous Beasts.
Against the bitings of Vipers.
Against the bitings of Serpents, and Aspes.
Against the bitings of the Serpents called Emourrous.
Against the bitings of horned Serpents, called Cerastes.
Against the bitings of Scolopendra.
Against the bitings of the Serpent called Dryinus.
Against the bitings of a water Adder.
Against the bitings of the Serpent called Genchrus.
Against the bitings of shrew Mice:
Against the stinging of the Fork fish, sea Scorpion, and sea Dragon.
Against the bitings of Weesils.
Against the bitings of Cockatrices.
Against the biting of Lizards.
Against the bitings of mad Dogs.
Against the bitings of Dogs.
Against the stinging of the Spider calledPhalangium.
Against the bitings of the Lizard called Stellio.
Against the bitings of Crocodiles
Against the bitings of all four footed beasts.
Against the stinging of Scorpions.
Against the stinging of Waspes, and Bees.
To drive away all venomous Beasts.
Against all sorts of Poysons.
Against the poyson of the Sea Hare.
Against the Venomes and Poysons of Toades and greene Froggs.
Against Long-leggs, and Caterpillars that breed upon Pine Trees.
For persons which have swallowed Horse-Leeches.
For those which have drunkCan∣tharides.
For Persons which have drunke Salamander.
To dissolve milke and bloud clottered and co-agulated in the stomach.
Against the malignity of Meddow Saffron.
Against sleepy Night-shade,
Against Henbane.
Against Aconitum.
Against Yew.
An addition to the Simples serving against poysons.
Against the juyce of black Poppy, and of horned Poppy.
Against Hemlock.
Against the Gum of Carline Thistle.
Against Coriander.
Against Flea-bane.
Against Apium risus.
Against Mandragore.
Against Tad-stooles.
Against Plaster.
Against Ceruse.
Against Lithargy.
Against Quick-silver.
Against unslecked Lime, red Arsenicke, and Orpine.
Simples serving to Embellish the Body.
Against the shedding of Haire.
To cause shedding of the Hair.
To cleanse the head from Dandriffe and Scurfe.
To colour haire yellow.
To colour hair black.
To kill Lice and Nits.
Against Sun-burne.
To make the Face smooth, and to give it a luster.
To cause a good colour.
To take wrinckles out of the Face.
To take Moles out of the face.
To rase Pocke-holes and Scars out of the Face.
To take blemishes and red pimples (caused by the Sun) out of the face.
To take away Freckles.
To rase out Moles naturally printed in the Body.
To keep the body faire.
To take away Scarres.
Against the Leprosie, and St. An∣thonies fire.
Against Tetters, and Ring-worms.
Against Blisters, Wheales, and Heat Pushes.
Against Morphew, and other blemishes of the face.
Against the wilde Scab.
Against the Scurfe.
Against the Scurfe, and scabbinesse, tending to the wild scab.
Against the Itch.
Against the Leprofie.
Against hardnesse of the skinne, and Warts.
Against Cornes.
Against the stench of the Armc-holes.
Against clefts and chaps in the Lips.
To provoke sweat.
To binder sweating.
To make the skinne thin.
Simples serving to evacuate Humours, either upward, or downward.
To purge Choller.
To purge Phlegme.
To Purge Melancholy.
To cause vomiting.
For the Dropsie, and to expell water being between the skin and the flesh.
To loosen the Belly.
A note of the VVeights and Measures used in this Book.
The Contents.
A Table of the vertues of the Simples contained in this Booke.