Popular errours.: Or the errours of the people in physick, first written in Latine by the learned physitian James Primrose Doctor in Physick. Divided into foure bookes. viz. 1. The first treating concerning physicians. 2. The second of the errours about some diseases, and the knowledge of them. 3. The third of the errours about the diet; as well of the sound as of the sick. 4. The fourth of the errours of the people about the use of remedies. Profitable and necessary to be read of all. To which is added by the same authour his verdict concerning the antimoniall cuppe. Translated into English by Robert Wittie Doctor in Physick.
Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659., Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659., Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684., Cross, Thomas, engraver. fl. 1632-1682,
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CHAP. XI. That the common proverbe is false, Milke must be washed from the Liver.

BEcause this so familiar, and ordina∣ry Proverbe is not of any great mo∣ment, we will speake but little of it. Many when they eat Milk → , do presently Page  167drink Beere or Wine → , and say → that Milk → must be washed off the Liver.

For which saying there is no reason; [ 1] for then the Milk → is not yet come to the Liver, but is contained still in the sto∣mach, and therefore there is no sence why it should be washed off the Liver. But they must rather stay three or foure houres after the taking of the Milk → ; for then is the first concoction of the sto∣mach finished, and the milk → is in the Li∣ver, that it may be turned into blood.

Secondly, [ 2] no reason enforces why milk → should be washed from the Liver rather than other meats, for there is the same reason of all meats, which necessity ur∣ges to be contained in the Liver, that they may be changed into blood.

Thirdly, [ 3] it is sure, that by this meanes the Milk → is curdled in the Stomach, * and so is afterward more easily corrupted, more slowly concocted, and burdens the stomach; for Milk → curdled in the Sto∣mach, is reckoned among poysons, and I knew a man, that by this meanes dyed suddenly. Let them therefore observe it, that use to eat milk → , that they doe not unadvisedly drinke Wine → or other liquours that dissolve milk → , seeing that by the use of them milk is soon corrup∣ted Page  168in the stomach, waxes sowre, and be∣comes hurtfull.

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