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Author: Marius, John.
Title: Advice concerning bills of exchange. By John Marius, publick notary.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK) :: Text Creation Partnership,
2011-12 (EEBO-TCP Phase 2).

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Print source: Advice concerning bills of exchange. By John Marius, publick notary.
Marius, John.

London: Printed by I.G. and are to be sold by Nich. Bourne, at the south-entrance into the Royall Exchange, 1651.
Subject terms:
Bills of exchange -- England -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The CONTENTS of this Book.
Advice on Bills of Exchange.
Pair, or Money for Money.
How the Exchange is valued.
Hamburrough stile.
Venice and Hamburrough Usances.
No three Dayes for ac∣ceptance.
24. Houres for acceptance.
Bill drawn on two persons.
Verball acceptance.
Accept for part.
Note on your Bill the time when it will fall due.
Keepe or returne Bills ac∣cepted.
The Deliverer is Master.
Dayes sight.
An accepted Bill lost.
No revoking acceptance.
Acceptance for longer Time.
Receive part.
Bill accepted by an other Man.
How to reckon the Time.
Halfe Usance.
Three dayes after due.
Protest must bee made though the three Dayes are expired.
Bill payable at a prefixt Day.
Acceptance by Wife, or Servant.
A Bill drawne on one place, and payable at an other.
The Taker bound to the De∣liverer, and the Acceptor bound to the party to whom payable.
Better Security.
Protest in the Day-time.
Protest returned.
Bill of Exchange lost, left to be accepted.
Bill indorsed in blanke.
Accept for Account of Drawer.
Bill paid upon Protest.
Put Bill in Letter Case, or Almanack.
Bill must not be paid be∣fore due.
Second Bill with an Assign∣ment.
Party dead which accepted.
Party dead to whom payable.
Bill without an assignment.
No such man to be found.
No body at home.
No avoyding a Protest.
How to bring French Crownes into Starling Money.
Short Instructions how to keepe Merchants Books of Ac∣compt after the Italian Manner.