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Author: Mitchell, William, 17th cent.
Title: A sober ansvvere to an angry pamphlet, or, Animadversions, by way of reply, to Robert Barclays late book (entituled, Truth cleared of calumnies) in answere to A dialogue between a Quaker and a stable Christian: by VVilliam Mitchell.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A sober ansvvere to an angry pamphlet, or, Animadversions, by way of reply, to Robert Barclays late book (entituled, Truth cleared of calumnies) in answere to A dialogue between a Quaker and a stable Christian: by VVilliam Mitchell.
Mitchell, William, 17th cent.

Aberdene: Printed by Iohn Forbes, An. 1671.
Subject terms:
Society of Friends
Society of Friends -- Doctrines.
Barclay, Robert, -- 1648-1690. -- Truth cleared of calumnies.
Mitchell, William, -- 17th cent. -- Dialogue between a Quaker and a stable Christian.

title page
An Epistle to ROBERT BARCLAY, VVhich may serve for an Admo∣nition to the Quakers in and about ABERDENE.
The Epistle to the Reader.
I. HEAD. Wherein the Lawfulness of Salutations is justified.
SECT. I. Concerning Salutations by Gestures.
SECT. II. Concerning Salutations by Words.
SECT. III. Containing an Answer to the Quakers Objection.
II. HEAD. Wherein is warranted our way of speaking, in Opposition to the Quakers Thou and Thee.
III. HEAD. Shewing that the Quakers depar∣ture from us, is not to be jus∣tified by our departing from Papists.
IV. HEAD. Concerning the Light, and their Union with CHRIST, that have Saving Grace and Light in them.
SECT. I. The Danger of Asserting Saving and Sufficient Light to be in all.
SECT. II. The necessity of the Know∣ledge of Christs out∣ward Crucifixion.
SECT. III. The tendency of the Quakers Principle, to introduce Paganisme.
SECT. IV. The Light GIVER must not be confounded with the Light given.
SECT. V. There is a Consistency between Mans Lapsed State, and the Remainders of the I∣MAGE of GOD in him.
V. HEAD. Concerning the Scriptures.
SECT. I. Shewing how the Quakers vilify the Scriptures.
SECT. II. Proving the Scriptures to be the Word of GOD.
SECT. II. Clearing the Scriptures to be the Rule.
SECT. III. Shewing that the Spirit within is not the Rule.
SECT. IV. The Quakers way is ineffectual to convince an Opposer.
SECT. V. Quakers have learned their Lan∣guage about the Scriptures from Papists.
VI. HEAD. Concerning Iustification.
SECT. I. Wherein is cleared the Quakers agreement with Papists in the Doctrine of Iustifi∣cation.
SECT. II. That Works are not Meritorious of Iustification.
SECT. III. We are not justified by good and Gracious Works wrought in us.
SECT. IV. Iustification is not by inherent Righteousness, but by the imputed Righteousness of IESUS CHRIST.
VII. HEAD. Concerning the Quakers ground∣less magnifying of their Sect.
VIII. HEAD. Proving the Quakers to be guilty of Equivocating.
IX. HEAD. Wherein the Quakers Objections (against our singing of Psalms) are answered.
X. HEAD. Concerning Baptism.
SECT. I. There is no Substantial difference between IOHNS Baptism, and CHRISTS.
SECT. II. Shewing that Baptism with Wa∣ter is an Ordinance of CHRIST and to be continued in the Church.
XI. HEAD. Concerning the LORDS Supper.
SECT. I. The Ordinance of the SVPPER is not abolished, but to be continued till the com∣ing of CHRIST.
HEAD. XII. Concerning the MINISTRY.
SECT. I. Quakers are against a Mediate Call to the MINISTRIE: And an immediate Call they have not.
SECT. II. Proving the continuance of the MINISTRIE.
XIII. HEAD. Concerning the SABBATH.
SECT. I. The observation of the SABBATH is warranted by the fourth Command.
SECT. II. The first day of the Week is set a part for the Service of GOD by Divine Au∣thority.
HEAD. XIV. Concerning Original Sin which Quakers deny.
HEAD. XV. Concerning the perseverance of the Saints, which Quakers are against.
HEAD. XVI. Concerning the hazard and danger of Quakerism.
SECT. I. It tends to the neglect of that Worship which is due to GOD.
SECT. II. Quakerisme tends to render Mor∣tification of sin useless.
HEAD. XVII. Wherein Truth is cleared of Calumnies.
HEAD. XVIII. The Quakers tenents are pleasing to the Wicked.