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Author: Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664.
Title: Of baptisme.: The heads and order of such things as are especially insisted on, you will find in the table of chapters.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Of baptisme.: The heads and order of such things as are especially insisted on, you will find in the table of chapters.
Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664.

[Amsterdam?: s.n.], Printed in the yeare 1646.
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These escapes the Reader is desired to correct, before he read the ensueing discourse.
CHAP. I. Wherein, of the first and great end of that or∣dinance, the sealing up of our union with Christ, and more particularly, of the most illustrious tipe of Baptismeall sealing, in the Baptisme of Christ.
CHAP. II. Wherein of the second great use and end of Baptisme, assuring us of our Iustification in the remission of all our sinnes, together with certain corollaries and inforcements.
CHAP. III. Wherein of a third great use and end of Bap∣tisme, whereby is sealed our communion with Christ in his holines, to wit, a death unto sinne, and a rising to newnesse of life.
CHAP. IV. Wherein is shewed the report which the cere∣mony of Baptisme hath, to the forementio∣ned ends and uses of that ordinance; also some Corollaries.
CHAP. V. In which the proper ceremony of Baptisme is vindicated by the force of the word, Scrip∣ture practise, the suffrage of learned men, and the use of ancient times.
CHAP. VI. Wherein is shewed the agreements and diffe∣rences that the word preached hath with the Sacraments, together wïth certain Co∣rollaries giving light to the present contro∣versy.
CHAP. VII. In which is layd downe the relative and per∣sonall qualifications by which infants are usually intituled to Baptisme, by our most considerable Protestant Divines.
CHAP. VIII. In which are contained severall queries and considerations, raised from the premisses, declaring what little ground there will ap∣peare from their owne principles and con∣cessions to conclude for Infant Baptisme.
CHAP. IX. In which entrance is made into the considera∣tion of the great argument for Infant Bap∣tisme, drawne from the circumcision of In∣fants, by way of answer whereunto five particulars are handled, the first whereof is treated on in this Chapter, namely what circumcision was to the Iewes, and whether the qualification requisite to it was regene∣ration, or the infusion of gratious habits.
CHAP. X. In which is handled the second particular, pro∣posed in answer to the argument drawne from Circumcision, to wit, how farre the or∣dinances of the old Testament should reg∣late and determine by way of rule and in∣stitution those of the New.
CHAP. XI. Wherein is discussed the third particular in answer to the argument drawne fom cir∣cumcision; s••. Hw we are ingrafted into Abrahams covenant, and by what title wee are call'd Abrahams children.
CHAP. XII. Wherein is handled the fourth Question, pro∣posed to answer the argument drawne from Circumcision, to wit, How farre the Iewes by vertue of their being the sonnes of Abra∣ham, could pretend to new Testament Ordi∣nances, wherein also, besides severall others, that much agitated place is opened & con∣sidered of, Acts 2.38.39.
CHAP. XIV. In which is considered that famous and much urged place of 1. Cor. 7.14. Else were your children uncleane, but now are they holy.
CHAP. XV. In which the authority of the Fathers, and the practise of antiquity, touching the subject of Baptisme, is considered.
CHAP. XVI. In which is handled, whether Baptisme be to be repeated; but more especially, whether such as were baptized in infancy, should be accounted baptized, or are to have that or∣dinance administred to them.
CHAP. XVII. In which is considered the time and ranke that Baptisme is to hold in the order of Ordi∣nances.
CHAP. XVIII. Wherein by way of conclusion, is treated of the Minister of Baptisme, and shewed where that power rests, which is to conveigh to us that blessed Ordinance, which hath bene all this while the subject of our discourse.
The heads of the Chapters.